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  1. And that's where opinions differ. Consider, for instance, the Flightsim market. There are many simmers who've spent 10-20× the value of FS9/10 (or Prepar3d) on DLC. And the funny thing is... most of the planes they've bought are available for free! So why do they spend $50 on, say, a P51D Mustang they can download for free? The magic words are added value; and for them the added value the DLC offers easily outstrips the price. Here's a couple of reasons: Insane quality. DLC can represent many more hours in design and build time than most modders are willing to invest in their products. Why would a modder painstakingly improve features of her mod she doesn't care about? For commercial DLC the incentive is quite obvious. This likely will not apply to Squad's DLC, although one can argue that consistency in design style and guaranteed integration in current and future game features could be considered something similar. Continuity. Love Porkjets inflatable habitats? I do! With each release they work less and less satisfactory. If you're building a long running career you will care if your mod will be there three releases from now. A modder can quit for many reasons (career, study, ragequitting due to modpacks/ckan or users in general, and so on). Commercial DLC is much less likely to suffer from those effects. No dependencies on mods that might disappear. “This mod requires parachutes X, or VarySizeY mod”—adding functionality and/or parts you're not asking for. And those mods might quit on you, one day (see above). Setting standards. If a mod/DLC is popular enough, the added functionality it is adding might be picked up by other mods. It's not unreasonable to expect mission packs based on the first DLC pack. And I'm sure there are other reasons (based on personal preferences/opinion). Are these valid reasons to run out and buy the DLC? That depends on how you quantitatively judge the added value, and on what Squad will be charging for it. Obviously $5 will resonate “worth it” with a lot more users than $25 will. But there are undeniable intangibles that offer extra value for Squad DLC over free mods and depending on the price point I expect it to sell well.
  2. we don't even know what they're going to ask for it yet.
  3. If promises by Squad are to be interpreted on a historic basis, we don't know if we'll see the DLC at all.
  4. There's a subtle difference between mods and DLC: their status. Will your favorite mod be supported by other mods? Will it still work when the next KSP version comes out, or will the author have thrown in the towel for various reasons? Will it support localization from the fround up and other features to be added to the game in the future? of course there's no guarantee Squad's DLC will do that but it's not unreasonable to expect it does. That alone makes it different from regular mods. And if this is the way functionality like Infernal Robotics or KER will become "stock" in the future then I will happily pay for that, too.
  5. This discussion will be relevant when we know the price. It might be so low that it's not even worth discussing it.
  6. You don't need a camera mod. What you need is the navball alignment indicator mod, and then just fly primarily in map mode, occasionally switching to the regular view for things like selecting docking ports and such, but not for flying.
  7. Kerbal Engineer Redux gives you the readouts you'll need without being an autopilot. It might be the compromise you are looking for.
  8. I can't help but smile at the irony of that.
  9. “There's a mod for that” has never been a strong argument (if practically everyone is running certain “essential” mods, shouldn't it be part of the game then?) but the minute Squad released console versions that argument went out of the window. Unless the console versions are significantly cheaper, console players should have a similar experience as PC/Mac users and not be left hanging with “use a mod” for essential mechanics. If you're selling a product on a global market it's no longer the author but the public who gets the say in wether the product is finished or not. Surely KSP has evolved in something that went beyond what Felipe set out for, but it's also selling at high price point (especially for Indy software). With that, expectations come, and those aren't met yet. For the game to be finished I would expect to see: The game is complete The most glaring and annoying bugs have been fixed For the game to be complete my expectations are: Most “essential” mods to be bundled or included in the game. Module manager, chatterer, mechjeb (I'm more a KER dude but I can live with the MJ readouts), and visual improvements come to mind I don't think we need full blown KAS and IR implementations but something that allows large craft to be sent up in pieces and not being sent up as a grotesque challenge to real world aerodynamics. Dmod's EVA struts are a start (see: include essential mods) The Gallileo planet pack painfully unveils that there's a lot left to be done in the KSP universe. A game that is about space exploration doesn't have a ringed planet? We get a bazillion space plane parts each release and yet all runways are confined to a 10km circle on the planet? Career mode. 'Nuff said. I doubt we will ever see any of that. But from a player perspective, despite how Squad feels about it, the game is far from “finished.”
  10. I surely hope not! Mod authors wanting to grab attention with "their" buttons by giving them bright colors is bad enough, I can only imagine it will get worse when we have something blinking there. The buttons are a necessary evil, but I'd rather have them unobtrusively at the edge than some blinking police-cruiser flash light style attention-grabber. I'm sure you have the best intentions and are looking for a subtle rotating planets icon, but sadly once the flood gates are open other, less civilized restrained authors would jump on the opportunity. So I'm happy with the way it is.
  11. Exactly! I doubt there are any glaring errors for Mexican-Spanish speakers. In similar fashion, there are spelling errors in the English version of the game when looked at from a UK-English perspective as it's using US-English. I don't know Spanish but I have coworkers who do, and when we are writing brochures for the latin-American market we always have them proof-read by as many foreign offices as possible, because what are innocent Spanish words in one country can be vulgar slang in the next. Unless Squad releases different localizations of the Spanish edition that is not going to be fixed. I doubt it's because Squad is sloppy, it's just that Spanish has evolved differently in different countries over the years.
  12. According to the article, "The valuation is based on an independent review of our revenue projections, based on previous results, and results in a value per share of about €0.74, which is well above the current share price at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange." If I'm to interpret that correctly: the auditor was to give a value of the company based on the company's revenue projections. So whatever the revenue projections were, that is what was used to determine the "value" of the company. I'm sure that somewhere in the audit report it is mentioned that the revenue projections might not be realistic but that's not what was audited. Squad can claim to sell 3 billion copies of KSP next year and then get an "official, independent" valuation of their company (likely to be somewhere north of a billion dollars). That valuation is worth as much how correct the expectation of selling 3 billion copies is, but that is something they'll not mention of course, but if you check the report it'll be in there. As far as I can tell, their war chest is still only the $25M raised initially, the current "value" of the company doesn't change that. But if, even if, this somehow means that MO now magically has $380M... How are you going to fund a Mars colony with that? It's hardly enough for a first launch, let alone those non stop supply missions that are needed until the last of their volunteers has died that horrible death (which, according to an MIT review, would be within 60 days if I recall that number correctly. So perhaps resupply missions are not really that urgent) For a long time I chalked it up to stupidity and overoptimistic enthusiasm, but the longer this farce is going on, the more I get the feeling it's a scam. Numbers just don't add up at all and seem to diverge from reality more and more (instead of converging).
  13. The problem regarding "low effort mod packs" lies mainly with mod creators, for reasons. A Venn diagram showing "problems mod creators have with Mod Packs and with CKAN would look more like this: O than like this: OO
  14. One can only hope that Squad doesn't get encouraged by the entitled bunch that is outraged over the fact that Squad programmers have the audacity to want a roof over their head and some food everyday. Sure, eons ago Squad promised to never charge for DLC. That was stupid and shortsighted; I've felt that way about it since the second they made the announcement. Unless you sell the game as a subscription but I doubt anyone would like to pay, say, “only $5/mo” or maybe even “just $.10 for every hour played” because we all know how good the game is. That would simply cost a lot more. But haven't we all made mistakes and backtracked from ill-advised promises made in the past? Software development is expensive. It needs to be paid somehow and even if current sales still support ongoing development, that is going to stop somewhere in the future. I got tremendous value from Squad by buying KSP many, many years ago, and I'll happily pay for DLC to see continued development.
  15. That's a good point. Especially if it comes with a “bug fix: Kerbal falling from great heights will no longer incorrectly bounce, but rather disintegrate on impact” The correct way would be “Kerbals can safely disembark from any height, but expansion pack #1 will actually add a parachute animation”