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  1. Thank you so much! That works the same way as the Planetary Base System? The OCD-hermit that lives inside my skull will be sooo happy with that!
  2. Unlikely, the amount of work it takes to morph KSP into a multiplayer wargame... Not to mention the risk T2 would take with alienating the proven audience of a succesful game. Succes in videogamrs is hard to predict, a d I doubt they are willing to jeapordize that. Now, what they can do, as they own the IP rights of everything Kerbal, is come up with a new game, “Kerbal Space Wars,” that does such a thing. It would hardly be more work then rewriting KSP into such a game, it wouldn't estrange the KSP fanbase (as KSP continues to exist) and open up a new revenue stream, free from critique about their revenue model (if you don't like it, don't buy it). And maybe they will do just that.
  3. Consider the other side though; the community has even less knowledge and visibility on what goes on at the moderating side of things. Power tends to corrupt, and not always in a grandiose Emperor Nero style, but sometimes in smaller, yes hardly noticeable actions. As a group, the moderators do a great job, but personalities can clash and we've all had some less satisfying experience with some moderators—this is a forum where members are passionate about what's discussed, after all, and emotions can flare up. We seen incidents in the past about deleted posts, not because of unacceptable content, but because of unwanted content. As others pointed out, it's Squad's forum, and in the end they can do what they want, regardless of the long-term health consequences for the forum as community communication platform. But then this happens: user posts something that is not in flagrant disregard of forum rules, nor is in any way offensive (I personally don't agree with the Take Two rhaaagh omg panic posts, but that's besides the point). Next thing we know, user is deleted from forum history. Occam's razor: means, motive, opportunity. This is not rocket science. Squad/Mods: it was an honest mistake, what do you hold is for? I find it hard to believe that this particular user got flagged as spam by accident. What I am willing to believe is that the moderator who flagged it did not realize what the results of such flagging were. “If I flag him now, he can't continue to post those aggravating posts, and then I'll unflag him an hour from now, when everything has cooled down.” That makes perfect sense to me. Obviously that was not what flagging as spam does, as the poor moderator found out. So yes, I'm willing to believe that the result was an accident—it was likely not the intention of the moderator to wipe the user from the forum's history. I doubt that the action was an accident though.
  4. It should be LiquidFuel; here's a line from one of my launch programs: fuel = vessel.resources.amount('LiquidFuel') I hope you solve the problem on your other computer. Getting things to work is a huge step forward though; now you have a working example of where it works, and getting the other one to work is merely a matter of figuring out where it differs. I would highly recommend diving into the Python language as well; it's a great programming language. If you have experience with other languages I recommend this book: It works its ways through the various subjects very quickly without wasting a lot of time. Python is an exceptionally elegant language but you miss out on a lot of it if you're doing things the way you're used to in C or Java. Python will let you write constructs the way you're used to do in C (or Java, C#, etc) but it'll result in code that is 3× as wordy as "pure Python." However, if you're new to programming it is very likely not the best choice (it assumes familiarity with lots of concepts), and an introductory book like this one is better: Finally, if you haven't done so, it's worth investing time in reading the kRPC documentation; it contains a lot of examples and it helps you to figure out how to do certain things. Make sure you understand the concept of reference frames, as getting information about your position/velocity/direction highly depends on the reference frame that you're using (the reference frame of the active vessel is great for measuring distance to other vessels, but not so great for your orbital velocity; your velocity in regards to the active vessel will be 0, after all). Good luck in your endeavours, and don't hesitate to ask any questions!
  5. Sadly no; the part that provides the connection inside KSP will/can break with new versions (because Squad is breaking the interface). On the other hand, breakage can in this instance be reduced to a single part, and once that's fixed you're good to go, so there's that. @ave369, this is what coding is all about. Try, fail, analyze, fix, repeat... You are making great progress. Like Art said, now it's just a matter of making it connect inside the game. You will have to activate the mod, and either make it automatically accept incoming calls, or manually confirm the connection. Don't give up, you're almost there. After that comes the next challenge: making your script do what you want it to do. That will be a whole different ballgame!
  6. Hi, Rename the file. If it's called "" things will not work. The krpc 0.3.9 folder... that goes "somewhere" in your Python folder. I'm vague on purpose, because that is not the preferred way of doing. Most libraries in Python are installable through pip, and it makes your life a whole lot easier to do so: You don't have to worry about where to put the files. Pip will take care of it. You don't have to worry about dependencies (krpc uses google's protobuf library. If you don't have it...) Pip will take care of it. You don't even have to download anything! Pip will take care of it. So, how to run pip on your computer? If you have a modern Python installation, pip already comes with it. Open a command prompt (with Admin rights, depending on how Python is installed you may or may not need that). Navigate to the folder where your python.exe is Type python -m pip install krpc Pip will take care of it!
  7. By naming your program you cause Python to look at your program when it's searching for a connect method. Rename your script into something else, say "" and things should work just fine (assuming you did install the KRPC module. If you didn't install krpc you can install it with a simple pip install krpc from the command prompt.
  8. I think you need to validate your claim that simulating weather systems doesn't take up much cpu power with meteorologists. It's not entirely inconceivable that their opinion diverges from yours. Of course, you could just pick a random vector for windshear and keep it static, but that will only result in a follow-up demand for realistic weather and then we're back at a cpu-cycle hungry monster.
  9. 1) remove all mods. KSP still crashing? Reinstall 2) add mods back one by one, until KSP crashes. Now you know what is causing the problem.
  10. Hahaha, that sounds like me doing it totally wrong. I will check it out. Thank you for your patience and politeness, and of course for the wonderful work in providing my Kerbals with some sleeping comfort away from home!
  11. Take a look at Shotcut. It's FOSS, and while not perfect, it allows you to produce what you want, the way you want it, with plenty of options for in/output and effects.
  12. Not always. Design is sometimes overestimated. Execution can be incredibly hard. A CEO of a successful bank once said: “Even if our grand strategy ends up in the hands of competitors, I wouldn't worry too much about. They're only plans. What really matters is execution and we do it better than them.” Sure, the Imagineers have a brilliant vision. But vision without execution is just that—vision. The ones that do the work deserve just as much credit.
  13. The rides are great, but the biggest factor in the success of the Disney parks are the people that work there. The commitment they have (or that Disney expects of them) is amazing, and the whole operation is a prime example of how one can use psychology to improve customer experience. From little things like placing garbage cans at the right spots, to things like training the staff ("cast") on how to answer "stupid questions" ("when is the 3 o'clock parade?") in such a way that the guests don't feel stupid.
  14. You left out evil. Ironically, if you ARE a software company, your goal in regards to the game is not to make money from it, but to RUIN it.
  15. I know this came up in the past, and I was pretty certain it was fixed, but despite my KPBS_config.cfg file looking like this: KPBSConfig { showModCategory = False separateFunctionFilter = True } The planetary base parts are not showing up under their own category filter in the parts menu. Am I misunderstanding something fundamentally here, or is it just a bug?