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  1. Ok, I just updated the second post in this thread which is reserved for training videos. I just found a video made last month by Scott Manley and I can only describe it as: Things you're not supposed to do with a submarine. If there's one thing KSP teaches us it's no matter how much you INTEND for something to be used a certain way, somebody will find a way to... well... have fun with it.
  2. You mean a boat? I don't have planes in this mod.
  3. Thanks @Whitecat106. Any time you wanna come back, it's your baby. I'll just tinker with it. @linuxgurugamer I'm not sure what my schedule is gonna look like the next few weeks but if you can put this up some where and PM me the location, I"ll be sure to let you know when I grab it. Thanks.
  4. Should be in the latest version. Are they not?
  5. Updated the OP with a link to Maritime Pack on KerbalX. Some really... interesting ship designs there. Feel free to upload yours and share. I haven't been home in over a week so I haven't had the opportunity to work on the hovercraft. The code is... progressing. Unity has a unique way of adding force to vessels and hitting that sweet spot where it actually hovers instead of launching into orbit is a bit tricky.
  6. That dev thread is for my mod. It was started when i took a break by another person with my approval. Upon my return that dev thread was no longer needed. There is no current or active dev thread or dev library for Maritime Pack, only a release thread.
  7. Beta 4 released. This SHOULD include the aircraft parts as well as the Umbrella Drive. You may notice the Umbrella Drive has a thrust rating of 120. That's a bit misleading. If you decide to play with it, you'll notice that it hops a bit on the runway. The thrust is actually flipping between down.. and up. Thus, the 120 thrust. Enjoy.
  8. Hopefully I'll get an hour or two tonite to put the pack together and get it uploaded to curse. And it never has had rocket engine but this one will have wings, prop and the umbrella drive.
  9. Experiments: Code and part tests. 2 parts for the hovercraft, the square skirt section and the lifting engine. All of these have 4 lifting sections. I put the MP bridge on it to give you an idea of scale. The engines are a pair of pulse jets from the 1869 pack. The first three are flat land and water speed tests. And yes, that does say 328m/s hovering less than a meter off the water (thanks to @zitronen for that chunk of code). The last image is something I hoped would work, the ability to insert any part in between the skirt sections. And before you start drooling, there's still a lot of code work to do. It does work but it's pretty bouncy. I need to refine and dampen the lifting part of the code. And I need to get some at least partially decent textures on the parts. Anyway, that's the status so far.
  10. "Given enough thrust anything can be made to fly." - Northrup-Grumman ejection seat rep. "Only 2 things fall out of the sky. Bird excrements and fools." - US Army Infantryman.
  11. Correct thanks.
  12. Well I hadn't Thot of a landing pad. I'll see what I can do. As for the modelling, that's the easy part. There should be a link to @Beale 's tutorial in my op. Just follow that then make something simple that you want. My first part was a 90 degree elbow. Making plugins, that's a whole different ball game.
  13. I knew you would be excited. And like my other stuff it will be completely modular so you can put it together the way you want.
  14. Ya thanks. Applied force was the plan as well as an animated skirt. Going to have a couple different lift engines to handle more or less mass. Don't think I'll add in any ground drag, I'll just make the skirt sections drag a little more than normal. Thanks spanner. Well the system will be similar but a lot stronger and with less margin of error. An airship can tilt 90 degrees and still fly. You tilt a hover 90 degrees and you just made a plow. Plus an airship in RL depends on being lighter than air. A hovercraft depends on increased air pressure inside the skirt. But for ksp both effects are created using the same Unity function of applying or removing a downward force.
  15. Maritime Pack should not be on this list if this is for dead mods.