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  1. You have an OLD version of the "ASET Props". Delete existing folder and install new one (v 1.4)
  2. @enaud As I know, the IVA modification is not affected by career progression
  3. @silentvelcro Hmm ... I do not see anything suspicious Can you please repeat the same workflow with this option? and can you remove "LonesomeRobots" folder for more cleaner logs? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- more likely what "NavUtil" mod is outdated
  4. @RangeMachine Keep in mind, if you add a "GroundProx" warning light, then you also need to add a "swTumbleGPWS_ON" toggle switch. Otherwise players can not turn off the Proximity warning when landing with a parachute
  5. OK. I suggest you do the following experiment. 1. move the "Control" folder outside of the game folder. Delete KSP.log file. Start KSP and try to launch a capsule. Copy KSP.log file 2. move the "Instruments" folder outside of the game folder and put "Control" folder back into "ASET_Porps". Delete KSP.log file. Start KSP and try to launch a capsule. Copy KSP.log file 3. repeat the same steps with "MFD", "Misc", "Sounds" and "SpaceFoodPack" 4. Give me all log files for situations where the game crash
  6. No, RPM is not supported by TAC-LS @xv323 @silentvelcro @Stone Blue Remove existing "ASET Props" folder and put into "GAMEDATA/ASET/" this one: And tell me whether you managed to launch the flight
  7. ok
  8. Hi Alex. I downloaded your mod ASET Avionics Pack v 2.0 and noticed a small flaw in ASET_ALTIMETER module. It did not work arrow x1000 and I found a solution. In ASET_ALTIMETER.cfg file is missing a line "controlledTransform = ALT100_arrow" in VARIABLESET block after the comment "// x1000". After making this change my height index earned properly. Sorry for my English.

  9. I've already cleaned out most of the "garbage" textures, so I have to deal with the textures for MFD
  10. To all users of my ERS add-on, which still have interest in it. I am glad to inform you that now I am actively working on an update of the ERS. has been done: wheels has been fixed (using the stock module). Also, I will do a mm-config using 'KSPWheel' plug-in as an option. ERSCabin IVA finalized. CrewModule IVA has been created. all models has been recompiled under Unity 5 overlay models for ERSCabin and CrewModule has been created. ERSCabin's glazing has been modified, the thickness of the glass was significantly increased. Work to restore 'JSIPartUtilities' plug-in efficiency is under way , which is necessary for the normal operation of the ERS. @DennyTX was kind enough to agree to do this for me. So, I hope that soon I can start testing the updated add-on. If you have interest to participate in the testing, let me know via PM. Album
  11. @Siminator 1. Try to spawn 'IndicatorPanelRPM' prop. and tell me what happened 2. Try to spawn 'LanderCabinSmall_ASETinternal' internal. and tell me what happened 3. What other props are not spawned?
  12. @Siminator Which version of Unity and PartTools you use? I'm using Unity 5.3.4 f1 and PartTools 23
  13. and a few hours of guesswork and it looks like everything is working as it should, well, almost as it should DOWNLOAD