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  1. I have already translated most of the configs into a new module
  2. Yes, I made an automatic resource switch, depending on the availability of the DRE mode. But, I can not test the functionality of this feature now, since the current version of the DRE mod does not work in KSP 1.3 Ok, Most likely, I agree with you. Apparently I overdid it with this "retro-look".
  3. Sorry to bother you here, but I'm new and I can't send pm
    Are you still working on on an update fot your ERS mod?


    1. alexustas


      Yes, i'm working on it right now.

  4. @DennyTX What about a small customizable information window with data, such as slope, time to touchdown , landing speed etc?
  5. It was basically an experiment. Only proof of concept. The resulting config code was extremely complicated and cumbersome. So I decided to remove this feature
  6. In earlier versions of KSP/FAR/RPM these features worked fine . But the current version of the RPM may not work with FAR because.. no. In most cases I do test flights. As a small help, I bring the values of the variables I need to the MFD to have good, clear readout for control
  7. Yes, PartTools ignore texture replacement setup and use default texture on spawn. Flaps and Spoiler are require FAR mod --------------------------------------- I highly recommend first carefully read the RPM Wiki to understand how all these things work --------------------------------------- I'm not really sure that I understand your question.
  8. You need to set FULL RES
  9. @Crimeo I'm not really sure I understand your problem. But I made a quick video just in case
  10. to all IVA builders I spent the last few weeks on a complete redesign and refinement of such an important prop as a toggle switch and I started working on a similar concept related to Push-Buttons Modular Toggle Switch complete guide preview: Modular Push-Button early WIP guide preview: DL: ASET Props Dev build
  11. describe your problem in more detail, please If to be brief, then: Requests number 1 and 2 require modifications to the Part model Requests number 3, 5 and 6 - a significant revision of the RPM plug-in №4 was discussed here
  12. I do not know, sorry All stock IVAs I worked with was correctly aligned
  13. The position of prop is very strange. Looks like props are spawned somewhere very far outside the cockpit
  14. To create a new navaid facility, you need to do the following steps: go to "\GameData\ASET\ASET_Avionics\ModernPack\ASET_NAV_1_Radio" folder and 1. declare the station by specifying its frequency, name and ID in the file "01-ASET_NAV_1_StationSelect_CUSTOMs.cfg" 2. Add an entry of the latitude, longitude and altitude of the new station in files "02-ASET_NAV_1_StationLatitude_CUSTOMs.cfg" , "03-ASET_NAV_1_StationLongitude_CUSTOMs.cfg" and "04-ASET_NAV_1_StationAltitude_CUSTOMs.cfg" respectively 3. Depending on the type of station, add it to the list of NDB, VOR or ILS stations by adding an entry to the corresponding file ("08-ASET_NAV_1__NDBs_CUSTOMs.cfg"," 09-ASET_NAV_1__VORs_CUSTOMs.cfg" or "11-ASET_NAV_1__LOC_GP_CUSTOMs.cfg" ) If required, repeat same steps for NAV2 radio. Please be aware that the NAV2 receiver is capable of receiving only NDB and DME signals In order to add marker beacons to other runways, you need to add their description to a file "ASET_NAV__Markers_CUSTOMs.cfg" in the "\GameData\ASET\ASET_Avionics\ModernPack\ASET_NAV_1_Radio\"