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  1. Huh thats news to me. The world needs more Zim though.
  2. He and others like him are probably the only ones making consistent cash out of cryptocurrency. When there's a gold-rush, sell shovels.
  3. Ah I was assuming we were strictly talking about bitcoin. It is still profitable to mine for other coins on GPUs from what I've heard, though I haven't heard about that particular one (etherium). I'd wonder how long it'll stay like that though. The specialized systems can't be far behind if the coin gains any kind of traction in the way bitcoin has. In some senses until there's a paper trail it's hard to prove there's anything to tax whichever way you want to classify it. There'd be more incentive to keep the investment in the coin unless you were worried about the volitility of the currency. I'd be skeptical about any predictions that anyone makes though.
  4. I was under the impression that miners had moved away from GPUs to ASIC systems.
  5. For all it did I'd hardly call it trash. I really don't understand why it wasn't just left in orbit but I'm sure there's a good reason, and there'll likely be some science done in its final moments.
  6. They were still showing Batman on early-morning kids tv when I was growing up. (Filming a candle and using it for the inbetween program voiceover bits was RTE's idea of high-production values at the time.) Original Batman still holds a nostalgic place in my heart. Younger forum-goers might know him better from Family Guy. RIP
  7. Excel, Libreoffice or GNUplot should handle it quite nicely. Probably better off with one of the first two though.
  8. Sorry to hear about your dog. At first glance I would have sworn your avatar was a silhouette of... well something else.
  9. I remember the preview builds Will Wright & co showed off when it was in development. Then I got the game day one, played all the way through to the space stage in a single 12 hour session and more-or-less walked away in disappointment. It's still a decent enough game, but so much got cut for release. Sad really.
  10. My advice would be to keep a close eye on this. Look in your system logs for disk errors, run full chkdsk scans once a week for the next couple of weeks and definitely make sure you have anything important backed up. There is a not-insignificant chance that your hard disk may be on the way out.
  11. Some just use coin flips. But yeah, I was only giving a single example - you'd look for as many sources as possible.
  12. You would be far better probing the hardware for things like cpu temperature etc imo... and then you don't have to convince people that your keylogger is totally not a security risk.
  13. Would it be truly random? Not a mathematician but I'd reckon probably not. People use keyboards to type meaningful things that will very frequently feature patterns. Might be better than pseudorandom routines like Mersenne Twister, might be 'random enough' for some applications, but truly random? I'd be interested to hear the input of someone better versed in the subject. The 'keylogger' aspect of it makes it sound extremely unattractive tbh as well... sets off all kinds of 'only good things can come of this' alarms in my head from a security point-of-view. EDIT: also your 'anti-spam' idea might actually reduce the randomness rather than increase it.
  14. Didn't spot the free DLC at the time but went back and had a look at the DLC section for the game, and the free DLC is still available - seems to be the campaign for the original game remade in the new engine so essentially if you took them up on the offer you got two games for free. Well they did release the next entry in the series 5 days ago, so essentially I'd assume they're hoping the giveaway will act somewhat like a demo and entice you to buy the latest one. FWIW I generally keep a reasonably close eye on the pcgamer website - their news section does a pretty good job of highlighting giveaways on steam/gog/humble bundle.
  15. Should be, I've yet to see a device that didn't obey the standard, but it's admittedly not beyond the realms of possibility.