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  1. Wow, that looks like it will be good. Glad they're sticking with the oldschool techniques, it'd probably have been easier to go the cgi route.
  2. Sadly suicide has indeed been confirmed by the coroner. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/may/18/soundgarden-chris-cornell-killed-himself-coroner-says
  3. We've a few of them in Dublin. They seem to more-or-less be the McDonalds of sandwich companies, with an (ex) spokesman that turned out to be infinitely more creepy than the clown. The bread is nice. and the food is reasonable but I'd tend to go elsewhere for a sandwich given the option. Favourite? There's a spicy beef thing that they do, it's been so long since I've eaten in Subway that I don't remember the exact name for it - but that anyway with onions and barbecue sauce on honey oat iirc.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/may/18/chris-cornell-former-soundgarden-singer-dies-aged-52 The cause of death isn't currently known. Soundgarden were one of the bands that really defined the musical landscape of my generation. Sad to see him pass so young.
  5. What's 'normal' anyway? Have you ever seen a perfectly normal sunset?
  6. I'd tend to agree, the old 'never meet your idols' thing has held pretty true for me. I'll forever be grateful that I managed to catch their final gig in Dublin. Wasn't their best performance imho - Dublin Castle does host a lot of gigs but I've never heard of them using that particular part of the building for gigs and acoustically it's not really the most suitable - but the final track was awesome, an incredible (and oddly poignant) way to go out. Never been able to spot myself in the concert footage though sadly. I made contact with Sleazy through Myspace shortly after Balance died and he seemed like a perfectly lovely guy, so I suppose you could consider that I have technically met him, but I'd consider online interaction slightly out of the context of the thread so he stays on the list imo. If you want something Coil-related that might pose more questions then it answers, may I suggest looking up 'Did He Fall' by Thighpaulsandra. If I ever meet him I'll certainly be asking him about that song. I'd post the video, but possible forum rule infractions.
  7. Most of them are relatively obscure individuals in fairness, but not knowing who David Braben is... on a space-game forum... tut tut!
  8. These are the ones that first spring to mind: Dead: Robert Anton Wilson Terence McKenna Johnn Balance Peter Christopherson Hunter S. Thompson Living: Genesis P-Orridge Isabella Bunny Bennett Thighpaulsandra Clive Sinclair David Braben
  9. All I can say is whoever made it really likes the arpeggiator on their synth.
  10. So I don't want to drag politics into the forum, but if you were to search for recent news articles about Stephen Fry you might understand why (in the most sarcastic sense imaginable) I am so incredibly proud of my country and its lawmakers.
  11. Finally got round to playing through Tomb Raider (2013) which has probably been sitting in my Steam Library for a couple of years now. Reasonably impressed with it, and it's the first Tomb Raider game that I've finished. It's also the first one to feature QTE's that *didn't* make me want to throw the controller at a wall, which frankly is an achievement in itself. Seeing as Platinum decided to port Bayonetta to PC I picked that up and have been having a bash at it here and there. Good game and performs rather well to boot. Only minor criticism would be the save system.
  12. Same, I didn't watch every episode and the series became somewhat difficult to follow at some point. I've been meaning for years to go back and re-watch it but never got round to doing it.
  13. Two things spring to mind - Recovery from physical exhaustion, but also sleep tends to be when most healing seems to occur in the body. Mental stock-taking. No-one seems to know exactly why, but our brains need sleep more than the body itself. I can personally attest to the power of long periods of sleep-deprevation for bringing out the proper carnival-music kind of crazy once you pass beyond the 72-hours awake point. The real mystery to me is why we need so little sleep comparatively to get back on track, most I've ever really needed was a good 12-hour stint and I'm like it never happened.
  14. Ok this one's a bit of a doozy. Bought an XBOX1 pad to replace my 360 pad which is quite literally starting to fall apart. Now this being a MS thing, you'd think it'd be plug & play in Windows, right? Nope. So off I go and do some RTFM on the microsoft site, find some drivers and install them... driver not supported. It's taken *a week* of googling and faffing around, during which, though it's not explicitly stated, I get the distinct impression that the XB1 pad is only supported on Win8.1 and above. Finally I hit on a steam thread which directs me to the Windows Update Catalogue Page. I search for XBOX1 pad, find nothing. Search for XBOX Pad, up pops about 20 drivers for Win 7. Download the latest one, extract the .cab (another hurdle for the unaware) point windows in the right direction and the damn thing finally rumbles into life. I get that MS would like to politely suggest I update to the new OS but this seriously takes the cake. I'd actually be less annoyed by this whole rigmarole if it'd turned out that there just wasn't a driver for 7. (I'll also point out that I got the same device working in linux in about 10 minutes.)
  15. Not only will Socialblade let you correct the numbers of subscribers to your own youtube account they've now started crowdsourcing the endeavour.