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  1. *WIP* SPECTRA PACK Goal: A single drag and drop download for the greatest visual mods KSP. My interpretation of the ultimate visual pack. Video from December WIP DOWNLOAD - Download from spacedock of my progress so far. Feel free to mess around and give feedback through PMs Current step: Throw out cloud configs, Integrate and customize clouds from GPP. Planned: Integrate and customize terrain from SVT (w/ inspiration from KSPRC). Reentry Particle Mod RealPlume Stock ??? Done: EVE old-school planet glow (the selling point of this pack) Planetshine configs (Had to manually edit the configs since the sliders didn't go as high as I wanted WindowShine integration SPC part textures (Will probably update this mod in the future with more parts) Scatterer atmospheres Chatterer settings and custom sounds Wheelsounds custom sounds Distant Object Enhancement Notable concept: @Galileo's SVT and GPP - phenomenal work on custom terrain for all planetary bodies. Though it's going to be dramatically modified in Spectra, the ground work for texturing is based from SVT. Thanks for everything Clouds and particle effects drawing concept from GPP Sandstorms Snow Dust Terrain textures (Thank you!) - with some personal modifications @Proot's KSPRC v1.0.5. - concept image post by @drswagboss from December 2015. Focus your eyes on the textures from low-orbit. It's what I'm hoping to add with Spectra. Concept for ablation on Moho @erona's Better Atmospheres - The original cloudpack to add glow to non-atmospheric bodies. Blue Duna Cloud textures (Thank you!) @panzer1b's Sci-Fi Pack - I thought that new EVE had removed planetary glow entirely, though Panzer came out with his sci-fi pack and proved me wrong. Thanks for the help and feedback Configs for planetary glow based off those in Sci-Fi Visual Enhancements. @Astronomer's visual packs (all of them) - Laythe: Clouds, color, and bioluminescence Lightning (unsure if current EVE supports it but I'll try) Auroras: Concept Cloud textures (Thank you!) @blackrack's Scatterer - distance-based light refraction and highly Sea foam, ocean, transparency, refraction (image post, current WIP) - formatting on the go
  2. Going live in a few minutes on twitch. I don't know how long I'll be live but I'm going to test out that new Scatterer preview that @blackrack posted inside Spectra - Also showing off the KSPRC textures by @Proot, which I'll be including instructions on installing them alongside Spectra with some custom configs and settings.
  3. I'll give it a test run with Spectra if you want? Should be home in a few hours
  4. Ah forgot to delete that .txt file It was a not to myself that I put in before I restarted and I just forgot to delete it. Everything is behaving the correct way in that file - just not finished and not refined.
  5. Hopefully not bad... can't say anything for sure though as it's not done ...
  6. :L It's probably going to be a PC melter... as much as one can be in 64 bit It's meant for my own and @HatBat's cinematics as well as normal play
  7. The DL at the top should already have it yes
  8. My desktop when combining SVT configs with KSPRC textures
  9. Likewise it's been a treat to learn through the (be it very basic) mods I've set out to run Hah, now that you mentioned it in your second point I've had the same findings with film and music ever since I started drumming and studying media arts. Once you learn how to do something, you never see it the way you did before. I feel it'd be fun to run through other games with you.
  10. It looks amazing! Impressive how fast you're making progress too
  11. Woo! Glad to see your Mac and Linux builds came out well Stretch marks - That bug is such an eye sore... at least I know I can't do anything about it means I can focus elsewhere Texture weighting - Hm, I've been using KSPRC textures which for the most part tile surprisingly well. This texture might be an exception though - I get that in order for things to not appear tiled like that you really need to have 'evenly weighted' textures and not just seamless on the edges. You need to have a balance in color throughout the texture or else it'll always have visible tiling. Sadly though that's not easily doable unless it's a solid color (Or like, a noise texture). Just means I need to work harder on tiling though. Thanks for all the info I can sleep a bit easier now - I think I'll be including an edited version of SVE (Just moving around filepaths, nothing more than that) within the Spectra download, but also having installation instructions on how to install KSPRC textures if users so want to. With KSPRC I can have a bit of old school fun, so to speak.
  12. Sweet - is there a chance you know what's causing textures to stretch sideways, or if there's a way to avoid that? I think it's just a Kopernicus bug but I could be wrong. Also another question.... (sorry) It's only really visible in brightly colored planets but is there a way to fix this other than just scaling up texture size from the surface? I'm surprised to see that the nearTiling doesn't appear to fully fade out at high altitudes, rather it just becomes harder to see unless the planet is fairly bright.
  13. Another quick q - Well, more like a I think I'm right but want to make sure sort of question: '[low/mid/high]NearTiling' = how how much close-up textures tile '[low/mid/high]MultiFactor' = how how much orbital/far away textures tile Also (I think) smaller numbers make the texture bigger - I'm not sure exactly what units it's measuring though?
  14. Ach - moving question to SVE I seem to mix those acronyms a lot
  15. I think I have a new favorite capsule
  16. Hm, it may have been fixed when they re-did water physics but it used to be that your camera would try and point straight up if you go into negative altitudes. I guess they removed that now?
  17. The real question though is will the camera behave when deep underwater...
  18. Awesome - I've got photoshop already so I'll just install the plugin and work from there. Thanks
  19. Hey, can I ask what it is that you use to make bump maps for your textures? I've got some pretty good textures though they don't have normal maps and it is really screwing with how they look on the surface. I've got a handful of plugins for paint.net but any settings I put in always turn out garbage
  20. Oh - those configs are outdated I should update them. Check back in half an hour? Reminder though that this is just WIP and not an official release
  21. This just keeps getting better and better... Blackrack is there a chance you can extinguish the crazy underwater view distance from stock?
  22. Yep I'm already planning on adding all of those (ty for reminding me of reentry particles!) except for Ven's revamp - as much as I love his models, I'm not including it it because it changes how parts behave. I'm running this modpack to work the same as a stock install, but with the most enhanced visuals I can make.
  23. I don't quite know what this means but judging by the like on the OP I'll take it as a complement?
  24. IMPORTANT NOTICE Thank you @Teflon_Mike for the logo! Gif with GemFX and KSPRC v2 courtesy of @cobbman11 Video (-v2) Album on imgur Gif in VAB WindowShine is dependent on TextureReplacer managed by Shaw (Unofficially updated by RangeMachine) and ModuleManager maintained by Sarbian. Make sure to install them both first. Download: WindowShineTR-v12 (Dropbox) *Please read known issues before posting Installation instructions License: Link Mod Support: Many thanks to Nhawks17 and Nebuchadnezzar for createing even more mod-compatible packs! How to add reflections to your own mods Asteroid Day pack [1.0.5] K2 Command Pod pack - @cy4n Kerbal Planetary Base Systems pack - @Nhawks17 KSPRC pack Modular Kolonization Systems pack - Nhawks17 Near Future Solar pack Near Future Spacecraft pack - @nebuchadnezzar RLA Stockalike pack - cy4n Stockalike Station Parts Expansion pack - Nhawks17 Taurus HCV pack Ven's Stock Revamp pack - cy4n ??? *Using more than one pack that has same part can cause compatibility issues. Use with caution. Change log Known issues: *On parts with the added reflection shader/module, all other part shaders are ignored. I.E. Parts that have reflections added don't have edge highlighting, don't gray out when moved in editors, and lights do not turn on. This is sadly an issue with Shaw's reflection plugin built into TextureReplacer. Current fix unknown. Shameless plug! If you've enjoyed this mod you might also like Space Plane Color Corrections.