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  1. IMPORTANT NOTICE Thank you @Teflon_Mike for the logo! Gif with GemFX and KSPRC v2 courtesy of @cobbman11 Video (-v2) Album on imgur Gif in VAB WindowShine is dependent on TextureReplacer managed by Shaw (Unofficially updated by RangeMachine) and ModuleManager maintained by Sarbian. Make sure to install them both first. Download: WindowShineTR-v12 (Dropbox) Installation instructions License: Link Mod Support: Many thanks to Nhawks17 and Nebuchadnezzar for createing even more mod-compatible packs! How to add reflections to your own mods Asteroid Day pack [1.0.5] K2 Command Pod pack - cy4n Kerbal Planetary Base Systems pack - Nhawks17 KSPRC pack Modular Kolonization Systems pack - Nhawks17 Near Future Solar pack Near Future Spacecraft pack - nebuchadnezzar RLA Stockalike pack - cy4n Stockalike Station Parts Expansion pack - Nhawks17 Taurus HCV pack Ven's Stock Revamp pack - cy4n *new* *Using more than one pack that has same part can cause compatibility issues. Use with caution. Change log Known issues: *On parts with the added reflection shader/module, all other part shaders are ignored. I.E. Parts that have reflections added don't have edge highlighting, don't gray out when moved in editors, and lights do not turn on. This is sadly an issue with Shaw's reflection plugin built into TextureReplacer. Current fix unknown. Shameless plug! If you've enjoyed this mod you might also like Space Plane Color Corrections.
  2. Progress is still progressing - I'm down to 1.17GB of music, spanning 130+ tracks and somewhere in the ballpark of 8 hours of playtime... Hoping to not get bored of in-game music once it's done - Still no ETA, though I'll have a solid 2 Hours of unadultered editing time on the bus back into town.
  3. Quickly, can you try removing the Ven's revamp pack? It's had issues that I've been overlooking
  4. Which engines are glossing over and what other mods are you using? Are you using any of the compatibility packs in the OP? Also just to make sure - could you tell me the version number of your TR version? The most recent version of TextureReplacer might not be officially listed on the TextureReplacer OP. RangeMachine has been updating it in Shaw's absence and so you may find a newer version on his github. I linked it in the WindowShine OP.
  5. Wait, does this not work any more? are you using the TextureReplacer version that's linked in the OP?
  6. xD - Huh. That isn't actually all that bad... I might just download that - thanks lol
  7. Hm , I've had issues with it running .mp3 files before. Try converting them all to .oggs and trying again? Audacity has a quick convert/export function you can use.
  8. If by reflection map you mean what tells the game "what should be reflective and what shouldn't" than yes - the transparency of the part decides how much it reflects (the more opaque it is the more it reflects). If by reflection map you mean "the 3D environment that is reflected through the part" then no; the reflection is determined by the part creating cameras and taking a 'snapshot' every few seconds of the surrounding world, which is then mapped onto a cube and reflected through the part. Hope that explains a bit? You need to know that I'm not the creator of the plugin - Shaw is the original inventor and Rangemachine is maintaining it.
  9. No sadly That'd be an interesting thing to ask Rangemachine/Shaw about though.
  10. This is beautiful All we need is a mod to replace Kerbals with Human models and it'd be like a whole new game
  11. Thank you so much Pizza I've got some work cut out to implement my playlists now...
  12. Reserving for the Volta
  13. Please complain about mismatched textures here! It's the only way for me to find and fix them. SPC - Spaceplane Corrections Hello everyone. Personally I've been pretty annoyed that the spaceplane pieces (and a number of other parts) don't all have matching colors or textures. They have a base white coat which is used for all splaceplane parts, but there are about five different shades that are used for wing trims. SO..... rather then complaining about it, I'm going to try and solve it. This mod is dependent on the Firespitter plugin maintained by RoverDude, ModuleManager maintained by Sarbian, and TextureReplacer currently maintained by RangeMachine. Thank you all so much for making this mod work. Images: FULL ALBUM Download: SPC v0.14 (Spacedock) License: This mod is published under the MIT lisense. View it here. Things to do *Tell people to keep compaining about things! It's the only way for me to find things to "fix". *??? Change logs Well, this is it for now folks. Thanks for the read, and see you all later. - Avera9eJoe
  14. It might... You can try the compatibility pack download but in short explanation Ven's Revamp breaks a lot of things with stock parts and I've had bad luck with it in the past
  15. You can also argue that the immense amount of electricity created from Jool could be creating enough Ozone to keep the atmosphere there - Ozone can be created through lightning and so it isn't out of the picture as a theory as well. And you could blame the liquid ocean on the water being heavily saturated with other chemicals, like Chlorine or other chemicals
  16. Sorry to say Alex but this mod is actually out of date and does not work with the most recent version of KSP. Even if you are installing it correctly the mod doesn't currently do anything in game.
  17. I think it would be a cool feature to make the initial loading screen run a randomized slideshow of the images in your screenshots folder. Give the geezers' a bit of nostalgia each load.
  18. That random jump is also probably caused by the wheels on your truck trying to jump on top of the trailer... There's a very annoying bug where if anything collides with the built in wheel suspension (or, just the wheel...), they will assume said 'thing' to be the ground and try to jump on top of it. See here
  19. Another question for you... Does the rear engine dock once it's lowered? You say you have full gimbal control on it once it's lowered but I don't see a docking port for it to attach too In all seriousness though this is one of the prettiest and most streamlined remake I've seen yet... Bravo
  20. Me too! That's amazing @paulprogart!
  21. I think I'll do the same for my swiveling VTOL as well - Sadly though I haven't seen any craft files with the hinge... I always like to start my hinges based off of ones that have already been tested for a better fitting. Have you guys seen the Volta - Switch before? I sadly don't think I have any twitch gods of it but it's a newer version of the Volta VI - Phantom but with swiveling VTOL engines. The only thing I regret with it is the excessive drag from the mechanism to rotate the engines
  22. The link should send you to spacedock now - sorry for the wait