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  1. ... you are a godsend :') thank you so much!
  2. Hm, @Claw is there a chance of recompiling one of the Stock Plus for version 1.3? I really miss right now is flaps auto-locking when in vacuum. I'd love to have that in a mod again.
  3. Yo! I've got a quick question... is this reading good or bad?
  4. Aye I've got a pre-release update right under the main download for the time being
  5. Wait do you get better FPS forcing DX11 or not adding that string?
  6. That looks even better I'll update WindowShine today or tomorrow
  7. How soon do you think the reflection shader fixes will make it into the official release? I ask because if it's within the week I can update WindowShine before going on vacation
  8. I'm doing a quick evening surprise stream and showing off what's done so far of Spectra v0.6 Hoping to have it released shortly after Blackrack has finished updating Scatterer to v1.3, as it re-adds EVE-Integration with planet glow effects. http://www.twitch.tv/avera9ejoe
  9. Cinematic compilation Hello everyone. In a nutshell Spectra is being designed with these players in mind: Film makers: This pack will be my interpretation of the greatest visuals in KSP. An ultimate cinematic suite. Streamers: While this Spectra is made to be pretty, it should be able to run on a high end* system for normal gameplay without too many compromises. Stock part purists: This will add visual/audio effects and no more. It will in in no way effect the stock colliders, parts, or physics. Nostalgic veterans: Many cloud mods have risen and fallen over the years and in making Spectra I plan to take the best concepts of each of these mods and applying them it to a an updated cloudpack reminiscent of the old days. The bottom of the page highlights this in more detail. *If you who don't have a high end PC (Core i7s and GTX 10 series) You might look at SVE or Sci-Fi Visual Enhancements if it's too laggy When finished, I will probably release Spectra as two or three separate mods: Spectra Visuals for aesthetics and Spectra Sounds for the custom sounds. It's possible I'll make a third for Career settings (Play Your Way, Tree Toppler, Construction time, etc) if people want that. v0.5 (Now out!) teaser: DOWNLOAD - Spacedock page of my progress so far. Please post any and all feedback you have. It's what I use to make it better. Thanks! KSPRC TEXTURE INSTALLATION: If you don't want to use any custom terrain textures, delete the spectra_terrain.cfg file from GameData/Spectra. Licensing: All mods included in Spectra are used with permission from their respective authors and are each licensed under their respective licenses. All files inside "GameData/Spectra" are made by me (Avera9eJoe) I give freely to edit and redistribute (I.E. the cubemaps, and configs) so long as you follow the licenses of other mods and give credit were credit is due. Thanks. Current step: Re-add ablation to Moho, figure out how Lightning works in new EVE. Planned: Reentry Particle Mod Re-add planetary glow after it's patched in Scatterer - *This feature (Layer2D) sadly isn't compatible with the current release of Scatterer so sadly it won't be included until that's fixed. Sunsets are more important right now. Done: EVE old-school planet glow* PlanetShine configs (Had to manually edit the configs since the sliders didn't go as high as I wanted ) WindowShine integration SPC part textures (Will probably update this mod in the future with more parts) Scatterer Atmospheres Distant Object Enhancement (With a custom flare) Notable concept (In no order): @Astronomer's visual packs (All of them) - I can't thank you enough for what you've done for your ground breaking work on the aesthetics of KSP Concept of bioluminescence on Laythe Lightning (unsure if current EVE supports it but I'll try) Concept for Auroras Cloud textures (Thank you!) @Proot's KSPRC v1.0.5. - concept image post by @drswagboss from December 2015. Focus your eyes on the textures from low-orbit. It's what I'm hoping to add with Spectra. Concept for ablation on Moho Concept for warped clouds on Laythe Original concept for a green-tinted Eve @Galileo's SVT and GPP - Phenomenal work on custom terrain for all planetary bodies and outstanding work in GPP Thanks for all of your help and advice Concept on cloud and particle effects Terrain textures (Thanks again!) @erona's and @Thesonicgalaxy's Better Atmospheres - The original cloudpack to add glow to non-atmospheric bodies. Blue Duna Cloud textures (Thanks again!) @panzer1b's Sci-Fi Pack - Your pack is incredible, and yet still simplistic enough to run on low end PCs If you can't run Spectra definitely try his pack. Thanks Proving that planet glow can still be done in new EVE, and look even better than before. My configss for planetary glow are built from those in Sci-Fi Visual Enhancements. Like I said above if your PC isn't strong enough for Spectra, definitely look at Sci-Fi Visual Enhamcements. @blackrack's Scatterer - Just when I think Scatterer is as good as it's going to get, you always add something else new and beautiful. Thanks for Sea foam, ocean, transparency, refraction (image post, current WIP) @Matchlight's Andromeda visuals - Your work here is incredible Best of luck with Andromeda! Keep in mind though that in using Astronomer's old configs you're missing out on a lot of the features being worked on in new EVE. It's possible his mod will go out of date in the near future, and I hope I can be of service in updating it if/when that happens. It's always a pleasure to see new faces in an old market Proved that Astronomer's pack can still run in 1.3 - formatting on the go
  10. That's so weird! :L I'm glad to know exactly when it is and isn't working though, if I recall correctly there was a similar bug in the very early stages of WindowShine as well, though I can't recall the parameters though. Thanks for keeping me posted, I'd love to know as much as you can tell about it.
  11. THANK YOU GER_SPACE FOR SAVING WINDOWSHINE! Please view this post if you want to use the improved, 1.3/1.2.2 compatible versions of WIndowShine. I will be updating the full OP after TextureReplacerReplaced includes @Ger_space's shaders and improvements. Thank you @Teflon_Mike for the logo! Gif with GemFX and KSPRC v2 courtesy of @cobbman11 Video (-v2) Album on imgur Gif in VAB WindowShine is dependent on TextureReplacer managed by Shaw (Unofficially updated by RangeMachine) and ModuleManager maintained by Sarbian. Make sure to install them both first. Download: WindowShineTR-v12 (current) WindowShineTR-v13 (Beta, fixed highlighting/cabin lights/shaders) *Please read known issues before posting Installation instructions License: Link Mod Support: Many thanks to Nhawks17 and Nebuchadnezzar for createing even more mod-compatible packs! How to add reflections to your own mods Asteroid Day pack [1.0.5] K2 Command Pod pack - @cy4n Kerbal Planetary Base Systems pack - @Nhawks17 KSPRC pack Modular Kolonization Systems pack - Nhawks17 Near Future Solar pack Near Future Spacecraft pack - @nebuchadnezzar RLA Stockalike pack - cy4n Stockalike Station Parts Expansion pack - Nhawks17 Taurus HCV pack Ven's Stock Revamp pack - cy4n ??? *Using more than one pack that has same part can cause compatibility issues. Use with caution. Change log Known issues: *On parts with the added reflection shader/module, all other part shaders are ignored. I.E. Parts that have reflections added don't have edge highlighting, don't gray out when moved in editors, and lights do not turn on. This is sadly an issue with Shaw's reflection plugin built into TextureReplacer. Current fix unknown. Shameless plug! If you've enjoyed this mod you might also like Space Plane Color Corrections.
  12. Hm... Are using the support pack for any of those mods? I haven't updated their configs to the new shader so if you're using any of them that would definitely cause breakage. If not I'll look into it when I get home. I've got nothing on my schedule today thankfully
  13. No... what version are you using and can you take a screenshot of your GameData?
  14. Likewise you can also disable the ocean shaders; I've heard that fixes it as well
  15. I think they've always been there
  16. In all honesty if it means more easter eggs, I'm all for it. Likes wise I'd love Kerbal easter eggs in GTA or BioShock
  17. It probably works fine in 1.3 if you use the updated requirement mods. Could you test it out and report back?
  18. Sure I can tell you how Only reason I haven't updated the header is because Ger_space's edits haven't made it into the official TRR release yet as far as I know. Download this: WindowShineTRv13.0 (dropbox) And use the version of TextureReplacer from here pertaining to your version of KSP: Ger_space's Github link Merge the two and everything should work swimmingly
  19. The stock chase cam is unusable for VTOLs. This mod is a godsend.
  20. I'll give it a go when I'm next open Aye I feel as though the team dropped this mod when the stock chase cam was set to follow your COM/velocity. Sad thing is though that it's still completely unusable for VTOL's as your camera angle completely screws up if you turn quickly. I'd love to see this mod continued.
  21. You run so many mods man I bet they added those licenses just to keep you from getting overworked Moving on to seriousness though I feel your pain I'm sad that I can't maintain KSPRC or Astronomer's in any manner due to their licenses. Likewise with a number of other aesthetic packs.
  22. As much as I agree with you, I have to say no for the simple fact that KSP is special for it's lack of stock content. It's special as it lets anyone who plays to whatever they want with it One note to adding Scatterer though... it technically would be against copyright to include it into the stock game as it's using bits of code from other programs to run the ocean shaders. There's probably similar reasons for not including other such visual mods.
  23. New Avatar to match Spectra :) I also got reports of people worried they were going color blind watching my avatar fade to gray every few seconds...

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