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  1. Except for those who bought the game before April 2013. Hope that's clear.
  2. @galactictaco I don't think it would be so hard to make discovering a hidden world an engaging and intriguing puzzle-play element to KSP without detracting anything from the current game or being so obscure as to be unsolvable. I think the bigger problem would be internet spoilers giving the game away, which could only be partly avoided if the clues and associated world's orbit weren't predictable. Tricky, certainly, but even so I think it would be awesome to see it done well.
  3. I thought you were going to say "The spare part OR the road?" - which begs a far more profound question, if parachute technology could be found on Kerbin before the invention of the road... where did it come from?
  4. So, are you saying that an astronaut wearing his helmet can fit thru a 0.625 Clamp-O-Tron Jr docking port? Based on my impression of the internal diameter of those collars I find that doubtful. Or are you just saying they could fit thru a 0.625m-size hatch/without a docking port? Unless I'm missing something (quite possible - I've not played for a while awaiting 1.3's fixes), astronauts never ever actually move 'through' those hatches anyway, except through the wizardry of Crew Transfer, in which case, like Intake Air and EC, they can conduct through any attached part whatsoever anyway. So, unless you're hinting at some new unseen-before function or feature, no offence intended but this doesn't seem very newsworthy.
  5. @RoverDude would this also be assuming a squishy helmet? I am reminded of a story from a few years ago where it turned out it was possible for an entire human to fit thru a 5" hole and come out alive. Edit: Actually, it turns out the guy's head didn't go thru such a small hole. Perhaps there's been some similar Kerbal misunderstanding?
  6. This does kinda assume that the choice is the same to begin with. I remarked elsewhere how this isn't the case and why that might matter, but those posts have since been removed. Perhaps it's time to stop talking about each other's choices to buy or not to buy and get back to discussing the merits or otherwise of the hypothetical product. If you think people should buy it, surely the best thing to do is to comment on why you think it'll be a worthwhile investment. The best possible offer can still be turned down if it's simply too costly.
  7. You know that applies to every functional hatch in the game, right?
  8. I find this doubtful. More likely they have a pretty good idea, but it's not as soon as anybody asking will be happy with. If you can't give unhappy people good news (yet), you're best off not giving them any news at all (until you can). Based on nothing but conjecture and imagination, I suppose that Squad got shafted by FTE over the console port. I imagine that the effort just to make the console game playable is a protracted, tedious, unrewarding bughunt, and that BlitWorks' team of videogame gurus is being well compensated for their time and effort at that god-awful job - also out of Squad's pocket. I imagine that implementing new content patches to the console release (which are required to keep the majority player-base happy and keep the enterprise on the rails at all) at the same time as fixing the problems for console is only adding the problems and making things slower, but at this point it's probably vital to making the console endeavour credible again. I expect the only thing that's keeping KSP from flat failing right now is the overwhelming success it's already had on PC - those sales are likely all that's funding any ongoing development whatsoever right now, because I bet Squad hasn't come close to breaking even on the cost of the console version yet, and the deficit is still getting bigger the longer the process goes on. If KSP had been released to console first, it would probably have sunk like a stone.
  9. Actually I'm one of those who gets it for free, but my chirps were somewhat contrary and my posts got removed, presumably for being too controversial.
  10. @passinglurker I want some of my crafts to look a bit kitbashed, it makes them look more modular and functional. @regex I hear what you're saying, but the drab grey has never, ever bothered me even a bit. They look like what they are - drums full of fuel. There's also some appeal for me in the 'my dad made it on his workbench with a soldering iron and some old cans' look. I know that's not everybody's taste, but it was definitely part of what drew me in to KSP so fast back in the day.
  11. I don't understand why people want such a lack of diversity or imagination in the appearance of parts. As long as models and textures are of a consistent standard quality that's all I really care about. I'm all for raising the standard of the lowest to be in line with the rest, but in general styling I'm perfectly happy for some parts to follow one aesthetic theme and for others to follow another. Just look at this: Where is the consistency of which you speak? These two vessels look totally unlike each other - by the standards of most space sci-fi you would barely credit they were made by the same species - yet these were not only vehicles of the same species but of the same mission launched on the same rocket! I want diversity. I want parts that give me the range and freedom to make crafts that could have come from any era, be made for any purpose. Someone made a point about LEGO before - there are plenty of LEGO parts that simply do not belong together, don't look right together, don't work together. This is the same as the starting point for KSP. The magic is in making them work anyway.
  12. Congratulations winners and my fellow runners up, and commiserations to anybody who didn't do as well as they would have liked (myself included ). This competition was great fun, I think the best one yet. More please However if I could offer a little constructive criticism... I do think the competition would have been easier to manage and participate in if it had had its own designated forum topic from the get-go. It would also help a lot if we could be given clearly presented instructions including express deadlines (including a Time Zone). It didn't directly affect me, but after one submissions topic was closed articles were still being posted to the other for some time.
  13. The rocket science IS the learning wall. Understand it and you understand the (original) maneuvre node. I've made my point and frankly you're becoming a little too argumentative for me, so I think I'll bow out here. Bysie bye!