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  1. This does kinda assume that the choice is the same to begin with. I remarked elsewhere how this isn't the case and why that might matter, but those posts have since been removed. Perhaps it's time to stop talking about each other's choices to buy or not to buy and get back to discussing the merits or otherwise of the hypothetical product. If you think people should buy it, surely the best thing to do is to comment on why you think it'll be a worthwhile investment. The best possible offer can still be turned down if it's simply too costly.
  2. You know that applies to every functional hatch in the game, right?
  3. I find this doubtful. More likely they have a pretty good idea, but it's not as soon as anybody asking will be happy with. If you can't give unhappy people good news (yet), you're best off not giving them any news at all (until you can). Based on nothing but conjecture and imagination, I suppose that Squad got shafted by FTE over the console port. I imagine that the effort just to make the console game playable is a protracted, tedious, unrewarding bughunt, and that BlitWorks' team of videogame gurus is being well compensated for their time and effort at that god-awful job - also out of Squad's pocket. I imagine that implementing new content patches to the console release (which are required to keep the majority player-base happy and keep the enterprise on the rails at all) at the same time as fixing the problems for console is only adding the problems and making things slower, but at this point it's probably vital to making the console endeavour credible again. I expect the only thing that's keeping KSP from flat failing right now is the overwhelming success it's already had on PC - those sales are likely all that's funding any ongoing development whatsoever right now, because I bet Squad hasn't come close to breaking even on the cost of the console version yet, and the deficit is still getting bigger the longer the process goes on. If KSP had been released to console first, it would probably have sunk like a stone.
  4. Actually I'm one of those who gets it for free, but my chirps were somewhat contrary and my posts got removed, presumably for being too controversial.
  5. @passinglurker I want some of my crafts to look a bit kitbashed, it makes them look more modular and functional. @regex I hear what you're saying, but the drab grey has never, ever bothered me even a bit. They look like what they are - drums full of fuel. There's also some appeal for me in the 'my dad made it on his workbench with a soldering iron and some old cans' look. I know that's not everybody's taste, but it was definitely part of what drew me in to KSP so fast back in the day.
  6. I don't understand why people want such a lack of diversity or imagination in the appearance of parts. As long as models and textures are of a consistent standard quality that's all I really care about. I'm all for raising the standard of the lowest to be in line with the rest, but in general styling I'm perfectly happy for some parts to follow one aesthetic theme and for others to follow another. Just look at this: Where is the consistency of which you speak? These two vessels look totally unlike each other - by the standards of most space sci-fi you would barely credit they were made by the same species - yet these were not only vehicles of the same species but of the same mission launched on the same rocket! I want diversity. I want parts that give me the range and freedom to make crafts that could have come from any era, be made for any purpose. Someone made a point about LEGO before - there are plenty of LEGO parts that simply do not belong together, don't look right together, don't work together. This is the same as the starting point for KSP. The magic is in making them work anyway.
  7. Congratulations winners and my fellow runners up, and commiserations to anybody who didn't do as well as they would have liked (myself included ). This competition was great fun, I think the best one yet. More please However if I could offer a little constructive criticism... I do think the competition would have been easier to manage and participate in if it had had its own designated forum topic from the get-go. It would also help a lot if we could be given clearly presented instructions including express deadlines (including a Time Zone). It didn't directly affect me, but after one submissions topic was closed articles were still being posted to the other for some time.
  8. The rocket science IS the learning wall. Understand it and you understand the (original) maneuvre node. I've made my point and frankly you're becoming a little too argumentative for me, so I think I'll bow out here. Bysie bye!
  9. I also didn't realise that the manoeuvre node's function had been changed. I expect that's another one of those undesirable changes that'll bug the hell out of me next time I start the game. The problem with it is it makes no sense. Aligning your ship to anti-normal and just lighting up the big booster doesn't roll your orbit over, ever, it results in a change in eccentricity and inclination. Which is exactly what happens in KSP, and exactly what the manoeuvre node used to indicate. The only way it does what your figure shows is if you are dynamically tracking the change in 'anti-normal', which might be an option now but wasn't back when Jeb was still in the pilot seat. This is just an example of dumbing down to shift a few more units. I don't mind it happening, but I wish they're leave me the option to keep my cherished gameplay unmolested. I don't want KSP to go easy on me after I've already climbed that learning wall.
  10. The direction of the icons is neither here nor there. The node calculates an impulsive manouvre based on acceleration on 3 axes/6 directions - anti/normal, anti/radial and pro/retrograde. Pulling a handles changes the amount of acceleration for that axis in the impulse calculation. The changing angle of the node helps you visualise how much acceleration has been applied to each axis at the node. You just have to remember the node represents an instant change, not the dynamic one you will actually burn through. If you've got this muddled, the manouvre node is the least of your problems. Not lately - I'm busy with an infant an a new job - but yes, many times, and without any extraordinary (well, Kerbally-speaking) grief.
  11. No, this works as intended and makes sense. Please don't change it.
  12. @UomoCapra @Badie I wanna vote already! Edit: Nevermind! I found it
  13. I am aware of this, but since Uomocapra has closed the competition now in the other thread I think it wise to draw his attention here.
  14. @UomoCapra looks like submissions are still being left here
  15. Slightly OT, but I'll bite. In KSP, the largest Class E asteroids are less than 4,000 tons, and in KSP there are no examples of larger natural solar satellites until Moho. Gilly (the next natural satellite of any kind larger than E-class) comes in at 1.2x1014 tonnes - much too big to be relevant to the ARM. However, mass is much less important to an asteroid impact than force. A smaller rock colliding fast enough could be far more destructive than the Chelyabinsk object, as was likely the case of the Chicxulub impactor. so I checked the numbers and yah, I'll shut up there. Lastly, Kerbin is not Earth. This is science-fiction. Edit: zut! I now see my error - thanks Relevant webpage here
  16. Unless you hate unicorns and pixie dust, yes it is.
  17. I heard a rumour that I can't share because it breaks forum rules. But if true, it's a goooood rumour. (HypeTM)
  18. ASTEROID DAY It’s another ordinary day. You set off for work at Mission Control. As you reach your office, a streak of light in the sky catches your attention – not another unauthorised test launch? No, this is no rocket. This is a 4,000 ton lump of rock and ice, and this is its day. Its light is bigger and brighter than the Sun, but you have barely gasped in awe when it disappears over the horizon. Moments later it impacts the ocean beyond Booster Bay and smashes kilometres-deep into Kerbin’s crust. The horizon turns red and the ground shakes beneath you as shockwaves travel through Kerbin’s mantle. The volcanoes deep beneath the mountains erupt into fiery activity, hurling rock and ash high into the stratosphere. Moments later, a hypersonic fireball of molten rock, burning earth, steam and smoke, hammers the shore. It blasts apart the Space Centre’s buildings. Luckily for you it is quickly over. Anyone more sheltered is now being cooked alive by the searing heat or bludgeoned to gory death by flying debris. Kerbin shudders violently beneath them, as tsunamis hundreds of meters high rush ashore to drown them. Then the rain of burning hot gravel begins. Only later will the deafening sound of the impact arrive, as a wall of 1000kph wind. Anyone not directly affected by the impact sees pieces of Kerbin fall back from space like the many glowing red tentacles of the Kraken. The sky grows dark, atmospheric dust and ash dispersing to eclipse the Sun’s warmth. For years, the sky stays dim, the world cold and dark. Almost nothing grows. Kerbalkind slowly chokes to death. Eventually, there are no more Kerbals anywhere… On this day, KSC’s Asteroid Redirect Mission prevented this. In thanks and remembrance, today is a global holiday. Today is Asteroid Day.
  19. This one? 195 words.
  20. We lose our hopes. Squad is playing a hugeous tease on us all. We never know what we're getting, but we do *think we* know that they're always working on something, and we find out what that is only when someone says something leading that they shouldn't really have said, *when it's said straight up in KSP Weekly*, or when a release comes out. And then we find out that though for months we've been hoping for x we're actually going to be given y. It's like people are asking and asking and asking for what they really want, always being told 'wait for your birthday!', and then their birthday comes round, and there's a huge big box with a bow on it, and you open the box aaaand... it's an Inflatable Jesus. Great. (Not that an Inflatable Jesus isn't useful to somebody, but it would really crap on my birthday hopes.) Squad doesn't need our trust, they have no use for it. What they do need is for customers to be pleased with what we get, and therefore to have low expectations and not feel disappointed about not getting something else. Since they need this, why play the tease? Just be honest about what you're working on and people's expectations become real, and people are no longer disappointed about not getting what you didn't say you were working on. Simples. In fairness, though, I do have to add that KSP Weekly has been hammering home the expectation of the ongoing localization project for MONTHS. Perhaps what's needed isn't more 'We're hoping to bring you (FEATURE)' announcements, but more 'We're definitely not going to bring you (FEATURE) this update' announcements, nice and early on so nobody gets all excited about something that just ain't happening.
  21. I think you're forgetting update 1.1. Remember the one that BROKE THE GAME. Also, by posting the above you've identified yourself as one of the privileged class who (in context) already have it all and don't need other people to benefit from anybody's hard work. Lucky you.
  22. Decided to take the 'space race theme' a little more/less seriously this time ================================================================== 4 DEAD, 2 STRANDED Tragedy Strikes Jool-5 Anniversary Space Race Event KSC has announced the deaths of 4 astronauts following a serious 3-craft collision during a race amongst the moons of Jool, with 2 other crew now marooned. The event was immediately suspended, and efforts are now underway to recover all remaining contenders to safety as quickly as possible. The race was being held as part of a series of events celebrating the anniversary of Jool-5, the first single-ship mission to all 5 moons of Jool. The lost: Sterlyn Kerman/Cayko Kerman Team Belleton (6-time Champions of the Kerbin Spaceway Grand Prix) Ertom Kerman/Loos Kerman Team Tyrelli (3-time Victors of the Mun-Return Steeplechase) Contact was also lost with a third spacecraft, belonging to Team KSC and crewed by astronaut duo Valentina and Bill. Communication has since been restored, but with their ship disabled the pair are marooned on Laythe until a rescue attempt can be made. Early reports of the collision are sketchy, but it seems that the accident occurred as Team Belleton in first place ascended from Laythe, with Team KSC close behind. Tracking data shows that the Tyrelli team, trailing in sixth place and committed to an aggressive atmospheric braking manoeuvre, passed very close to the Belleton craft, followed immediately by the breaking up of both vessels. This created a large debris field on Team KSC’s ascent trajectory and the third ship was seriously damaged. They subsequently made a forced landing on a remote island. Racing team backers, including Belleton and Tyrelli, have come forward to offer any possible assistance in rescuing the stranded astronauts and analysing the accident. KSC has responded with gravity and gratitude, and has already directed Jebediah Kerman, piloting another anniversary event vehicle, the Tylo Turbo Tourbus, to collect them before returning home.
  23. I must admit I've stripped out a lot to keep within the 300 word limit, so it would be a little unfair for a longer article to win. On the other hand, curbing the creativity behind some of these articles would also be tragic - some of them are really inspired
  24. @ottothesilent my last is 293 words.
  25. Galactic Hitchhikers: A Guide by Douglas Kerman In the context of space exploration systems, a hitchhiker is a parasitic element that contributes little and rides for free. This guide for trainee astronauts constitutes a brief summary and comparison of some of the most common types. Tourists Freeloaders by any other name, tourists would be counted amongst the worst variety of hitchhikers were it not for their valued contributions to Space Agency balance sheets. As such, astronauts should go out of their way to accommodate them, even if that means giving up your seat in the descent vehicle and staying up for a few more laps. PPD-10 Hitchhiker Storage Container Since the invention of the probe core, the cargo bay, and the EAS-1 External Command Seat, habitation modules are simply no longer necessary on Kerbal space vehicles, and as such this is a hitchhiker that wants to bring its four little hitchhiker babies along with it. If the construction team must use a crew module they could at least pick one with fewer seats and more reaction torque. Crew (particularly Engineers) As mentioned above, probe cores can usually do anything crew can do, and if everybody just did their job right then there’d be no need for these space-janitors to fix anything. Stranded Crew The epitome of hitchhiking. Idiots. Alien Hitchhikers Somewhere on our world is a vehicle not-of-this-Kerbin. Its owners are apparently hitching a ride on our planet right now. Minmus Since Kerbin already has Mun, there’s really no need for Minmus way out there with its puny gravity and uninspired ice-cream landscaping. Certainly any low-gravity training is more convenient and more educationally conducted on Mun, and KSC just doesn’t have a role for Minmus. As such, Minmus is also considered a hitchhiker.