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  1. I like the interior overlay concept introduced a while back, but it's kind of annoying how it makes a lot of the cockpit invisible. An alternate setting where the overlay just applies to the transparent windows would be a nice QOL improvement.
  2. Isn't that system less than a billion years old? Not a lot of time for life to evolve. EDIT: According to Wikipedia, actually 3-8 billion years. Not sure where I read <1...
  3. Ah, okay. I knew about that but thought yours was a window-only version. Still, thanks.
  4. How'd you get that transparent cockpit?
  5. Arthur C. Clarke's books mention a tenth planet (ninth being Pluto) called Persephone. I wouldn't mind that becoming Planet Nine's official name, even though it's Greek rather than Roman.
  6. Aaaaaaand it's gone. EDIT: Nope, they're tracking it above the clouds now.
  7. Oh yeah, I guess the new grid fins should've been a giveaway.
  8. Is this one another reused rocket?
  9. Not like RSS, I mean rescaling the actual parts so that crew cabins are more than 1m tall. I want the parts to be big enough to actually accommodate a human crew. Are there any mods that do this?
  10. That wasn't a reused rocket, though, was it? Just the Dragon.
  11. Did anyone else see something fly past the first stage just before the entry burn, or was that just me?
  12. Tartarus would be a fascinating (and frustrating) planet to reach in KSP.
  13. Could it be something, or a bunch of somethings, in our Oort cloud rather than in that system? There'd be a lot less light to block.
  14. Hey, wasn't there supposed to be an update on the ITS last month?