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  1. Tartarus would be a fascinating (and frustrating) planet to reach in KSP.
  2. Could it be something, or a bunch of somethings, in our Oort cloud rather than in that system? There'd be a lot less light to block.
  3. Hey, wasn't there supposed to be an update on the ITS last month?
  4. Only one webcast this time? Interesting... maybe not enough people watching the technical-only. I won't be watching this one live, sadly. Gotta catch up on my sleep.
  5. The Apollo 10 capsule was named Charlie Brown. And Elon wants to name the first ITS the Heart of Gold (from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). And the Falcon series of rockets is named after the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. For a class of ships, I agree a more professional name would probably be better. But for individual ships, I see no reason to hold back. If you're gonna be living in that tin can for months or years, you've damn well earned the right to call it what you want.
  6. I'd never heard of the Culture novels before SpaceX...
  7. Wasn't he the one that pioneered the term "rapid unplanned disassembly"?
  8. It went into safe mode, I forget why exactly. They got it back up and running well before the flyby.
  9. Guys, can we please stop beating that poor horse?
  10. One of the things I love about The Expanse is that, despite being set in a future where we have figured out most of that stuff, space itself is still arguably a bigger villain than the actual villians. It conveys a real sense of danger that just permeates every single scene.
  11. Burn to escape the moon and drop your perigee as low as possible. Then when you hit perigee, burn prograde and you'll already be going at close to escape velocity. Assuming you topped off your tanks at the moon, there would be a delta-v improvement over burning to escape from LEO.
  12. I don't really think "planet" should be have a formal definition at all. Just make it a generic term interchangeable with "world" and let people call them what they want. And a moon is just a world that orbits another world.
  13. This will be a launch to remember, one way or another.
  14. It just doesn't go off. The part is "armed"; I have an abort option, but clicking it does nothing and the part just doesn't explode.
  15. Well, crap. I'm either going to be driving to school or stuck in class when it launches.