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  1. Hyperedit's not really that necessary for putting stuff in orbit anymore (provided it can't be launched via strap-on boosters), since there's the teleport to orbit function in the ALT-F12 menu now. Scatterer is worth waiting for though, at least in my opinion.
  2. Yes! Finally, a proper Expanse ship on the Exchange (nice Belter Creole, BTW- though I'm partial to Dusters myself). Quite tempted to try my hand at the Rocinante now myself...
  3. @Joseph Kerman, you do realize this thread dates back to summer of last year, yes? KSP's changed significantly since then and most, if not all, of my ships from back then are outdated. Now, if others consider that ship strong in terms of armor, I appreciate the compliment(s). But I never alleged that any ship is 'invulnerable'- nothing is, given how some aspects of KSP's parts list (like fairings...) and physics simulation can be abused to break things.
  4. Yeah agreed. I definitely feel like I'm starting to regain my old sense of fuel/propulsion/armament balancing now though, especially now that I've begun to re-modernize my active arsenal of stock munition designs I keep mounted on my ships.
  5. I'm not referring to the armor layering, but to the shaping of the hull. Depending on how you shape your ship, different levels of stress and impact resistance will be present. @MiffedStarfish has managed to make a ship that handles hard hits and impacts from projectiles designed to defeat armored hulls very well, while maintaining good aesthetics. Not everyone can achieve that (I myself have only made so many vessels that are truly difficult to severely damage, and normally not without bloating part count unnecessarily) while keeping the ship very functional, and the Hyperion nails that.
  6. Got even more new ships... Ion fighter inspired by @Spartwo's ion-engine recon ship; has ok-ish burn times, but recharges very quickly off of 2 fuel cells and a solar array in addition to RTGs. Carries weapons on 4 0.625m hardpoints. Another new warship based on the old Helios hull styling, and designed as an all-encompassing tech demonstrator equipped with 3 individual weapon systems- 1 I-beam pod, 1 1.25m AKITA missile, and 4 small compact, prototype guided anti-fighter missiles meant to provide a reasonable of level of protection from carrier-launched fighters and lightly-armored vessels.
  7. Went and took the Hyperion out for a spin earlier today- that's one well-made ship. It's got good looks and functionality, and despite my best efforts, I wasn't able to outright destroy it easily using some of my average military ship loadouts, so props to you for good armor and hull layout.
  8. Additionally, a proper tournament would be fun, maintain the traditional battle format, and using a bracket system would allow rounds to be done when time permits.
  9. Agreed. As a longtime battler, I've seen several attempts at having more than 2 players in one engagement, and most (if not all) haven't gone well just due to logistics and timing. It's partially due to the nature of the beast- turn-based takes more time to setup and complete than real-time combat (something we don't have currently), and as a forum game it's slowed down by the process of 'download persist -> take turn -> upload persist and screenshots -> make post with pics and persist DL link -> rinse/repeat'. Don't get me wrong, the system works and when it works well, it's a blast (pun intended). It's just not fast, and for more than 2 players in a battle that really starts to show.
  10. From what I understand, a good balance of aesthetics, functionality, and not being so complex per ship that the game turns into a lagfest while he's recording. Additionally, you don't necessarily need to make most of your vessels (this goes for everyone in here) arsenal ships carrying massive munition loads, but just enough to be effective. For example, most of my ships have 1 or more 1.25m guided missiles (but not much more than 3-5 normally), and perhaps some small i-beams or small guided anti-fighter weapons. Since I know my weapon designs can semi-reliably deal major damage on a direct hit to most ships out there, I tend to try and keep loadouts lean to reduce part count, which also gives me more room for armor, internals, and aesthetic areas of the outer hull, as less weapons = less space needed to store them internally. It also doesn't hurt to pay attention to your ships' range(s), as (minus a few instances with warp drives being used to advance the plot rapidly), most of the interplanetary travel in the series is done with actual burns, meaning a ship does need to be able to travel a decent bit without using up all of its fuel rapidly.
  11. Got new ships to field in my pipeline, some more ready to fight than others... My new vector-powered missiles ('AKITA', standing for Adv. Kinetic Impact Torpedo type A) pack a punch too, and with lower complexity per round parts wise than my old ASMs.
  12. @MiffedStarfish, that's a beautiful turret. Hopefully it works when the main release gets multi-vessel AGs; I'd love to make some point defense gun-style setups on vessels. That being said, I've been taking a look at some of the older ships I helped make for the series recently, one of them being the Helios. It's still a great ship aesthetically and flies well, but looking back at it and comparing it to more recent builds got me thinking... ^Carries up to 2 stacks of 1.25m, and has twin i-beam guns for line-of-sight shooting in addition to decoy probes. Crews 4. I'm calling this prototype the Osiris for now. If @HatBat is interested, I'd be happy to work on getting it series-ready. If not, I've no problem with continuing to service the Helios, as the ship is indeed still functional, but a bit dated design-wise now due to the insane rate of tech dev in KSP currently.
  13. Here's a couple recent builds of mine...
  14. Small SSTO
  15. Fairly heavy as of now, hovering a bit over 200 tons with nuclear engines, since the LFO options I tried weren't leaving me enough internal fuel storage to really take it anywhere beyond whatever local SOI it started out in. Seems you might have, though admittedly they do look nice and provide some minor protection from debris and small projectiles depending on a ship's design.