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  1. Seen on tumblr, here: Readers: We'd really like an update. Writers: Yeah me too.
  2. Yay, a new chapter! And some nice designs (and pictures of them) in this one.
  3. Would Chandler's Law be applicable?
  4. I suggest that you have a look at (and post to) this excellent thread.
  5. Bon voyage, @sal_vager, and thanks for everything - including leaving us with one last verse.
  6. "We have met the enemy, and he is us."
  7. Are we still doing Firefly quotes? "Well. Here I am."
  8. "Imagine you were dying and a long way from home and in terrible pain. And just when you think it couldn't get any worse, you look up and see the face of the devil himself. Hello, Dalek."
  9. "Just get us on the ground." "That part'll happen pretty definitely."
  10. I'll see your .12 and raise you .10 (I think... hard to be sure, this far back), with some of my very first shots - before there was a Mun. (that's an old modded Mk I capsule, made to look like our current single-kerb Mercury knockoffs)
  11. You all need to STOP. Right now. This is Just Jim's story, not yours. Some of you have already been told this. You should not have to be told again.
  12. *watches gifv* "My god, Bones... what have I done?"