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  1. Why the hell didn't I start using this sooner. I've seen Scott Manley using it and I never got around to trying it myself. Only just started using it, still figuring it out, but it looks like CKAN will make handling my mod-installs SO much easier! Thank you!
  2. Here's a pic. https://ibb.co/cj2Hva That lander-can is lighter and has a greater heat tolerance than the other one-man capsule which I could have used. I'm wondering if I put the shield in the wrong place - instead of placing it at the bottom of the science bay I should have put the science bay and other parts above the landercan and just put the shield on the landercan directly.
  3. One mundane mission turned out to be anything but. Here's how. FYI I'm running v1.1. In one mission that turned out to be extraordinarily epic and took me at least 8 hours to finally finish (contracts to get science from orbitting Duna and Ike) I just couldn't get him to survive Kerbin re-entry, so I let him escape Kerbin and go into a parked orbit whose AP was just past Duna. Actually this was my first attempt at returning from an interplanetary mission in v 1.1; I thought I had planned ahead. I was wrong. Because this pod had over 1000 science on it I wasn't going to give up easy. I also try to never, ever let a Kerbal die or go MIA. So I devised an interplanetary rescue mission (which worked first time to my amazement!) to salvage the pilot and his science. However, thinking I had learned my lesson from the last attempt at re-entry I had put several airbrakes and retractable radiators on this rescue pod, thinking it would work. But it didn't. On several attempts, at various altitudes, they burned up on re-entry. To be honest this was my first time using airbrakes and radiators of this type, I just didn't know how to use them. Regardless, they heated up way past their tolerances and quickly burned up. I then realised I had enough delta-v in this final stage with its lv909 engine to slow down sufficiently to get into a parked Kerbin orbit. And I did. However, even at Kerbin orbital speeds none of my radiators or airbrakes survived, so I let them burn up in the hope they would bleed off enough speed to let my pod survive. And it did. The pod landed safely, after what was for me a totally exhausting mission, and I got over 1200 science from it. So what the heck am I doing wrong here? How do you survive interplanetary re-entry?I know I could 'bleed' off speed but how do I do that when I burn up the moment I hit the upper atmosphere? Even if I try an aero-capture I have to survive long enough to do that, and I don't; I start encountering heat at about 58km and it just gets worse. I don't survive long enough to get captured. Believe me I tried everything, at all altitudes. It just wouldn't survive. For a one-man pod with a small tank and an lv909 engine there really isn't many options. I did think about using the 2.5m heat-shield...would that work better? Not only at deflecting heat but creating drag too. Prior to aerodynamics and re-entry heat being added proper to KSP I've done countless interplanetary missions; however, now that I'm playing v1.1 it's meant I have to re-evaluate and even scrap my previous designs. I'd love to hear what the more advanced KSP players do to deal with this problem! All advice welcome. Cheers, Tim UPDATE: After I wrote this, I tried recreating the entire mission in sandbox mode, this time using a single 2.5m ablator shield on my final stage, with no radiators. It worked brilliantly. Even with a Kerbin PE of 30km none of the instruments or other parts of the final stage experienced ANY heating at all, travelling at 3500m/s. My only issue now is working out the best way of incorporating the 2.5m shield into my 1.5m final stage design. Also, does this mean that if I want to send more than one Kerbal, and use a 2m pod, I will have to use an even bigger ablator shield? In the same way the 1m shield was useless, I'm guessing the 2.5m shield will be useless too. Unless the larger pods have a greater heat tolerance....
  4. I installed KSPRC to find that it messed up my save file, meaning I couldn't access any part of the KSC. The interface was unresponsive, and I got error message boxes saying some of my in flight missions couldn't be loaded. Then I installed SVE and it seems to work great, though the Mun has clouds on its surface which just look silly! The Mun is a lifeless rock, it has no atmosphere! I tried removing all Mun references in the configuration file, but the clouds/dust are still there. What do I have to do to remove it? What files, config file entries should I delete? SVE works great if it weren't for this little niggling thing that's bugging me! Just for future reference, could mod makers please stop adding dust and atmospheres to lifeless rocks, such as the Mun.
  5. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I never know where to put my posts! I'm running v1.1.1 and I'm trying to find high-res Kerbin cloud texture packs that work with E.V.E or TextureReplacer. I don't know whether the default E.V.E ones I'm using right now are installed properly but they're really low-res as seen from space and are quite pixelated even from orbit and especially the lower I get into the atmosphere. I always remember E.V.E in v0.90 looking really nice, whether from AP or PE, and I've tried converting the 0.90 cloud texture (longitudinal and latitudinal map which is higher-res than the 2046x2046 cubic ones in v1.1.1) into cubic projection (6 files cubeX, cubeY, etc) and just cannot get the damn things to map correctly. And even if I do, the texture looks uniformly white and untextured. It's driving me crazy, I guess I'm doing something wrong. So I was wondering if there are higher res cloud textures, maybe 4096x4096 out there for E.V.E? Or could any one recommend a pack they use that I could try? I've looked all over Google and Curse. I honestly don't care that much about mods that enhance gameplay or science or parts, though I do have a few. What matters to me is the visual look of the game. Yet mods for this seem lacking. Curse has so few, compared to other types of mods. Am I the only one who wants Kerbin to look nice and realistic from all angles and altitudes? Yes Scatterer and PlanetShine are brilliant, and really do help. But maybe I'm asking too much; it is harder to achieve, I would imagine. Just to illustrate, here's a EVE cloud comparison. https://www.dropbox.com/s/aff9043izywmq7v/KSPCloudComparison.jpg?dl=0
  6. I don't know if this is directly related to KSP graphics settings, or being caused by a specific mod, for example Scatterer 1.1.1. If I rotate the camera the visual artefacts go away, but if I rotate the camera back, they return. I've so far noticed it on the surfaces of Minmus and the Mun. I don't think I've seen it on the surface of Kerbin yet. They look like shadowing artefacts. In fact it's just occurred to me to turn off 'Terrain shadows' in the Scatterer options and see if that helps. Shadows artefacts
  7. I get this too. The only temporary fix as directed by the mod-maker is to hit Alt-f11, and in 'ocean settings' hit 'Rebuild ocean'. This clears it, but doesn't prevent it from happening again. I'm wondering if it's a video card, opengl issue. It only seems to happen coming in and out of ship/map/tracking station/KSC screens.
  8. When it happens try hitting Alt-f11 and select 'Rebuild ocean'. That seemed to fix a similar issue I was having.
  9. I don't know if this is a scatterer config issue or what (I know nothing about coding or mods!) but every now and then when I go from the Map View to Ship View and back again I get this (see image). It seems to happen randomly, whether I am in low-Kerbin orbit, or in space. At the time of writing I am using the latest version 0.0246. I'm running KSP v 1.1.1 and the Spacedock mod page says it's for 1.1.2 so I don't know if this is anything to do with it. Screenshot
  10. My last post was a bit of a rant, mainly out of frustration at how difficult the game has got thanks to its aerodynamics. However, KSP being the great game that it is, forced me to improve and persevere. I've gone from barely being able to get into orbit, to going to the Mun/Minmus and back; rescuing Kerbals in orbit of Kerbin and the Mun. And I'm about to try my first 'ferry a VIP' contract. I suppose playing in old 'Science' mode made me a bit soft; I didn't have to worry in previous versions about aerodynamics, nor did I have to think about the most efficient way to build a rocket as a result of VAB, launchpad, tracking station limitations. So I think in that respect it's actually made me a better player. And that surely is the mark of a truly great game: a game that frustrates you like crazy, but keeps you coming back for more. and ultimately makes you better at it. Thanks for all your comments and replies to my last post! Tim PS: While I find getting into orbit less of a challenge now, I still get nervous about re-entry heat. It took Jeb 4 tries to return to Kerbin safely from Minmus before I managed to burn off enough velocity to stop him burning up! And I can't even imagine how I'm going to get them home from interplanetary journeys! In fact I don't even know how a return trip to Duna would work. How many heat shields would I need? One for the lander, one for the return to Kerbin? Where would I put them? Should I put the orbiter in orbit first, then send the lander and dock them (transferring samples is now possible in 1.1.1)? So many questions! It's a whole new game entirely, for me anyway. PPS: Oh and congratulations to Squad on how stable 1.1.1 has been so far. I haven't had a single crash, even with several mods installed! You finally did it!
  11. I've been sitting here for over 2 hours playing KSP and have accomplished absolutely nothing. I'm sorry, but I'm starting to hate Career Mode. I'm a KSP veteran, I've been there, done that. I've planted flags on pretty much every body in the system (in what I called proper Career Mode in that all you had to unlock were parts). But Career Mode in 1.1.1 makes me feel like a stupid noob, and I hate it. I can't even get a friggin ship into escape velocity for one simple mission. The aerodynamics make this damn game impossible. It's not fun. It just isn't fun. I don't play games for 'realism'; I play games to escape reality. Do I have to have a PHD to play this damn game now? How am I suppose to do anything when even the damn radial decouplers don't work properly? They detach on their own leaving behind the empty tanks they were attached to! I've checked 3 damn times in the VAB to see that the tanks are aligned correctly on the decouplers, and they are. So if it's aerodynamics doing this, why do they detach on their own and leave the boosters? Is that my fault, or the game's? I haven't a clue, and it's annoying as hell. This game has gone from fun and exciting, to damn right aggravating. I have had to cancel so many missions because I just cannot fulfil them. It just isn't fun. And yes I know I don't have to play Career Mode, but I preferred it when you just had to unlock parts, and maybe I'll go back to that mode instead. What is now called 'Science Mode' I think? Anyway Squad, please tone down your 'realism'. It just isn't fun. This is a GAME, remember? PS And as I write this I've quit KSP without even saving. That's how p**d off I am.
  12. This is embarrassing. I consider myself a ksp veteran, I should know how to do this. Apparently I never tried...using the spacebar in my previous attempts. Duh! Brain freeze, brain fart, call it what you will. Thanks guys, sorry for wasting your time.
  13. I'm playing v1.1.1 and I'm trying to do this simple contract "Test Rockomax Brand Decoupler landed at Kerbin". I just cannot get the damn thing to fulfil, even though it says both criteria have been met (both criteria - "Kerbin" and "Landed" - have a green tick beside them). I have tried attaching it to an actual ship and landing; I have tried just attaching it to a pod and testing it on the launchpad. Nothing works, it just sits there. Both criteria are met when I conduct the test yet it doesn't give me it. And no, there is no "start test" option on right-clicking the decoupler, there is only "decouple". And yes, it is the correct decoupler. Seriously, am I losing it, or have I found a bug? It's driving me nuts.
  14. I have 2x1GB AMD cards connected with SLi. Anyway, I guess I'll have to experiment. Thanks for all the help
  15. To be honest, I've never dual-boot before and the only OS I've ever used is Windows. But recently I downloaded Ubuntu, burned it to a boot DVD and tried to run KSP (the Linux version, obviously) under that...but nothing happened. I kept getting error messages, like something was missing. I didn't understand what it was saying. I'm still a noob when it comes to running alternative OSs. So is Ubuntu a form of Linux? If so I don't understand why the Linux version of KSP wouldn't work. I guess I need to read up more on how to use Linux/Ubuntu!