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  1. Without a game log we wouldn't be able to tell, look at previous postings here it will tell you how to get the gamelog
  2. Yes it does download from github and replace the dll listed by star waster a few post above
  3. If you need me to modify the usi-ls life support.cfg let me know
  4. Try on an install without part commander
  5. Check game data folder stucture, I found that sometimes you get game data/ proceduralparts:proceduralparta
  6. Nils Lynx SEP Central station needs to be moved to science tab V/R rafi
  7. You master, me little grasshopper or in today's language I am just a padawan. Looking forward to it.
  8. Depends on what you call longer rovers, I have a rover that requires four pbs hangar sections to fit, and it works. I haven tried it with anything longer than this since I like it to look like a rover not a train
  9. I initially did something similar to your hitch on bumper solution, the only reason I finally went with the above designs was that when docked and performing crew transfers, it really looks that the kerbal fits thru the tunnel, (although jebediah claims that with a vacuum pump on the hangar side he can be sucked through the hitch just like soda thru a straw)
  10. Roll overs can be easily fixed on kerbin, mun, and other world with gravity lower than kerbin. Place a cargo section on the rover and inside place 3 15 torque SAS modules. ( if you do 60 torque total 4x15, you can make the rover break dance literally ) Rover cargo bay with 45 total torque ( 9x5 SAS modules) Turn rover upside down for launch Rover upside down on runway simulating roll over. Now press E key Rover ready to go. Note on lighter gravity planet/moons you can do this with as little as 15 torque., also the bigger the rover the larger the torque needed
  11. I went thru this extensively when alpha testing. It is not limited to FUR, but also to the buffalo and malemute rover (it is harder to observe in this since most of the parts that get stuck on the garage ceiling are integrated in the other rovers VS being discrete parts). Your best bet is not to put anything on the roof, except for the control unit on top of the cab. other things that help is to add struts to the cab and to lower only on side of the hangar when decoupling. Be careful cause these behavior might not occur in kerbin, but will occur under lower gravity. Here are some pics of designs that work and allow you to continually dock and undock.
  12. I wrote the proccedural life support tank cfg file for usi life support compatibility can you telll me what issues you are having
  13. Tester notes I had the unique pleasure of alpha testing the Lynx rover or as Jeb or Rafaelito Kerman call it the Ice Kream rover ( the origins of this is an running joke between Nils, me, and a couple of other guys in the KPBS development thread). And I must say it was a blast. First kudos to Nils, not only for the excellent beta mod, but also for having prepared an almost finished, fully functional alpha version. I also would like to thank him for his advice of just playing with the mod, rather than following an scripted testing program. I tested the mod on 2 different PCs ( a powerful gaming computer and a surface pro) and a Mac Pro. I ran a stock install, a lightly modified install, and a heavily modified install ( 51 mods). I had conversations with Nils about possible additions and was allowed to give ideas of my own. ( sorry guys not allowed to tell you some of the things in the pipeline) . However there were a few rules I decided to follow. First I would like to keep the part list small ( for user of less powerful computers) as such I would not recommend an addition to the mod that could be replicated by using stock parts. Secondly, I would compare the Lynx to other rovers mods to ensure that it was fairly balanced, thirdly, it must work with kpbs, and finally I wanted to recommend something that would make the mod unique a must have. Needless to say, during testing we found a few things. We found that the rover speed needed to be controlled, as the rover was able to attain formula one speed on kerbin. That the rover will bounce upon release inside the kpbs hangar ( don't put anything on top) At one time Nils wanted to add a stabilizer legs and a way for the rover to right itself. I recommended against it, one because you can do the same using stock landing legs, and the second because you can always right you rover with enough torque on reaction wheels. ( do try this and build the amazing dancing rover. Build a small rover and in a cargo section add enough reaction wheels for 60 torque, turn upside down and launch you'll be able to right the rover easily, but if you get up to speed and then start pressing keys at random the rover will dance) Finally I recommended something to make the rover different, and Nils did not agree as it did not fit his concept. But it is okay because what he built to make the rover unique ( the hitch and accordion) was a thousand times better In the end, in over 500 hours of alpha gameplay my kerbals visited moons, landed on duna and eve, got blown up and stranded, executed long traverses, parachuted out of planes and built boats, cranes, and flat beds all using the Lynx and It was great.
  14. I don't have any issues and I am cunning over 51 other mods. What version of ksp you are using 64 or 32 bits, also true this due a stock install add parts first see impact to fps, continue to add mos one by one until fps impacted
  15. I don't have any issues in 1.2.2 with 51 mods running