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  1. New cab, landing legs (jacks) and landing engines similar to the one in kpbs?
  2. I will download plug in and let you know. Bug appears only on one vehicle (only one I have in current game). Again a game full restart solved the issue. However I did capture the ksp log. before rebooting and will post on dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/s/200btbn6mok0s1q/output_log.txt?dl=0
  3. It started again pretty much intermittent will attempt to capture log files
  4. Nils have anyone reported getting inoperable message on the accordion joint. Built a rover in the vab. if I right click I get the standard locked, unlocked dialog switch. Press the launch button , and when the vehicle appears on launchpad and I right clickcl on the joint just reads inoperable. rafael ****************************** Self Corrected with a restart***************************** Will let you know if it happens again
  5. Star waster and muppet9876' thanks for updating usi-ls cfg. Especially figuring out the error. Did not catch it when I wrote it.
  6. I can do localization in Spanish if needed
  7. Nils sent me a copy of @bice translation to ensure I do KSPedia using more or less the same language nuances he is using
  8. Nils let me know if you need fur translated also
  9. Never had any issues, i play slightly modifies stock, and heavily modified. Here is the slightly modit has kpbs, usi-ls, and mech jeb all rocket parts are stock
  10. Nils I am about 2/3 complete on KSPedia in spanish rafael
  11. tried it downloaded in 1 second versus 2 hours through ckan. I also reported the issue on spacedock
  12. Anyone experiencing slow download speed on ckan when getting mods from spacedock. I tested my connection and it is not on my end.
  13. Ill try to have the encyclopedia translated by tommoroow