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  1. if the textures for the old parts are still in the game this is just hypothetical but could you go into the game files and find the parts themselves?
  2. WHEN IS THIS GOING TO BE RELEASED!!! Finally stuff I have been asking for for ages since 2012. Yay New content!!!!!!
  3. I usually try to respond during 8-15 during 1st,lunch,3rd,and 4th and if I'm home I try to respond but I am usually busy at home. and for the past 3 day our 2ed block teacher has been absent and so I think she may be out for the week so we have ben just doing whatever
  4. For the helium balloon did it pop when it hit this altitude and low presure
  5. I had also had the concept of using a ballon and a video camera plus a parachute with gps locator I have been looking into kno3 and sugar mix but I would be helpful to list some more suggestions for rocket fuel
  6. Well gas I only need about 60 a month and I should be making 400 a month at 7.25 an hour 4 hours a day 5 days a week . Minus taxes do the math about a good 300
  7. I am only 16 and I get child support about 75 a week and I am trying to get a job this summer so I have to make the most of it
  8. I dont know I got to sell some stuff hoping to finish this 3d printer I am making out of cd from drives and ardunio and making a few hundred off of it
  9. Whenever I get more money.
  10. It was on suborbital trajectory but pilots experienced zero g
  11. Well orbital velocity is about 17500 mph so I think the x15 went about 5000 MPH and it got into space where you could feel no gravity I will take this Into consideration
  12. Delta v required to hit the edge of the atmosphere? And for drag and stuff just add more Delta v to last stage 100m/s maybe?
  13. That's ok I can tone it down to work with smaller rockets
  14. I can use that to get an ideal of how I need to separate the Delta v over 3 stages and then I build the rocket calculating the mass of the fuel and the volume needed to get the Delta v and the density/volume for the container for the fuel and the payload and all other parts that are unlisted. And I can repeat this for all other stages but adding the mass of the previous stages