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  1. Which mods in particular? Other than LBP, tweakscale, NAS
  2. Tried using this in 1.3, the hangar go away button works fine, but the hangar limits are still applied
  3. Holy Fatherland Deutscheman!!! Can I haz Kraft files Bitte?
  4. I may need a new laptop, all these missiles just might be too much for it!!
  5. Using multiple space station parts from multiple packs, I have nearly finished the Eclipse station, just two modules to go. One on the Multi-Dock modules may be removed, seems redundant as its exactly the same as the one with the Gemini docked to it
  6. looking around all the available weapon packs, there seems to be a shortage of Russian/Soviet anti-ship and anti-tank missiles, despite there being quite a lot IRL (types and variants) also looking for non-US western missiles, MILAN, Swingfire, HOT, StarStreak, Skyflash, Matra Magic 500, Sea Eagle, Komorant, ALARM and the like
  7. Ho boy. Been waiting for this!!!
  8. Ah damn, my Almost-But-Not-Quite-HMS Queen Elizabeth has 2 of them...
  9. Holy Amazeballs Batman!
  10. Yup, that's the one. You planning on adding any Russian Anti-Ship missiles? AFAIK across all the mods there is the P-800 and the Harpoonski, but nothing surface launched. May be slightly redundant with the US 5" gun but some of the 4.5" gun variants (twin mount Mk.6, original Mk.8 and the 'Kryten Gun' Mk.8 mod 1) may be a nice addition. Also, would side mounted covered boat decks/gantries be possible, like the ones on the Type 45? I work/live on one, so it would be nice to build something close to it in KSP
  11. Could I request a radar like the S1850M? The big flat PESA radar fitted to Type 45 DDG, Horizon and Orizzonte FFG?
  12. Some Things I made (repost from other thread)
  13. A few pics of stuff i made for your perusal
  14. Holy Mother of Guns I cant wait to download this!!!!
  15. Is the Dream Chaser in the works?