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  1. I'm going all over the system. I'm gonna go to Dres or Gilly next.
  2. Wait, this should be in Mission Reports.
  3. I have never in my entire time playing KSP returned from Duna. Not once. I thought it was too hard. But that's OVER! Not only did i land on Duna and return in career mode, i also did it without using an orbiting return module or anything like that. Post your early first-time-ever-done pics. I want those stories.
  4. Sol and Alpha Centauri duke it out in the 31st century. No other colonized systems because magic radiation stops them. No FTL. Systems are completely colonized and exploited. War is to the death. How is the war fought? Who wins?
  5. Suppose two countries with all of the technologies we expect to have by the year 2150 exist on Ganymede and Europa. They cover the whole of their moons. They have giant vertical underground farms to sustain themselves and huge solar fields with almost 100% efficiency (virtually no energy (light, heat, vibration, etc.) is missed or wasted). They have mining running down to the cores. They have big cities like on Earth, mostly underground. And they go to war with eatchother. No prisoners. No survivors. No slaves. Total annihilation. How is it fought? What are the advantages of Europa over Ganymede?
  6. If you revert after killing, it doesn't count.
  7. Do they kinda wiggle them through or retract them into their heads?
  8. It doesn't look true but it looks like Titan is wrong color and it and Saturn are too close. I'm still spooked by it though.
  9. Couldn't the human just stick his arm in the Kerbal's mouth and break his neck with the other one?
  10. What about all the advancements we've made since the Venera probes? Also, the unobtanium must absolutely be mined no matter what or else humanity dies.
  11. It's 2100. For some reason technology has not progressed beyond 2017 tech. We have colonized the Moon, Mars and some of Jupiter's moons. Then a survey probe detects Exotic Useful Resource™ in high concentrations on Venus, in a pattern similar to iron concentrations on Earth. How would mankind go about mining Venus?
  12. and again and again and again until they give up.
  13. What about a war of extermination?