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  1. Nice! did you tried yourself, i wonder if it'd cause to any incompabilities.
  2. I got inspired from re.2005 but couldnt make it similar because lack of parts. It resembles mc.202 a bit too since most italian planes look rather similar (g.55, re.2005,mc.205 etc.
  3. @blackheart612 Hey man, i was getting some inspiration from tail you made and made italian plane but sadly it didnt fit to it. But something came to my mind so i decided to share it.; Can you make a control surface like this? It'd be extremely useful when making prop planes, lot of ww2 planes use similar elevators too; A mix of them all would solve lot of problems tho, mine is just an idea, you're free to do whatever you please. Also other opinions would be welcome.
  4. Modders like you (and blackrack of course) are legends mate. My ksp looks awesome and i can create whatever i want, i hope you guys update your mods till 2050s so i can create planes in virtual reality with photorealistic graphics
  5. I was working on armored personel carrier vehicle today, had lot of fun with it. and made two coup with funny moments i had.
  6. Just shameless self advertising
  7. I made a coup today.
  8. I plan to make b-52s with it, not f22s )))
  9. Im quite suprised because of that part, it'll be useful for boarding kerbals and rescue stuff. What im wondering is, do you plan to make a bomb bay like this for size 2 parts
  10. While waiting for you to come, my mind will be busy with this rotor idea I think this would be better as an electric-powered engine, for smaller sized crafts. Im still thinking about other uses for this engine but i'd like to hear your and other players opinions.
  11. Thanks, i'll try share with you after finishing it.
  12. I was working on a vtol recently, still needs bit more polishing but rather close to finishing. I added tweakscale config for tilt rotor, since it's bit small and underpowered
  13. Hmm, sorry didnt noticed krx parts. Try disabling sas on rotor, maybe some parts conflicting with eachoters.
  14. Yeah, it's because heli rotors doesnt have reaction wheels inside, i think @blackheart612 will look to it later. Rotors should be able to provide more control over crafts.