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  1. But...but...but... KSP is my religion!
  2. I'll join you in your efforts, but it will have to wait until tomorrow...
  3. There are also a forum member I've added in a few chapters - @obney kerman! So he actually is now a part of Kerny's crew...
  4. Ha, I'm already there... @Just Jim
  5. Jeb's a fugitive in mine...
  6. hehehe.... what do you mean we cannot use those parts like that! You know we always never read the instructions!
  7. Banned for banning two forum members at one time.
  8. "Roger, Mission Control... we are requesting permission to revert the mission..."
  9. Welcome to the forum. Share your pictures. [My generic greeting for new forum members]
  10. Welcome to the forum, @Alan sheepherd! Study...shmuddy...! Seriously, this game does have a pretty steep learning curve. If you're willing to spend time on YouTube (search for Scott Manley videos ) and don't hesitate to read random pleas for help on the forum, you'll do fine. Once you've figured out the basics - such as achieving orbit, docking, and rendezvous with other craft, you'll do fine. A few things this forum likes are pictures and take plenty and share!
  11. Quote of the day:

    "If Earth is considered a closed system, there will be less for all forever. The frontier is closed, the wilderness is gone, nature is being destroyed by human consumers, while billions are starving. The future indeed looks grim, and there are, ultimately, no really long-range, positive solutions, nor motivation for making the sacrifices and doing the hard work needed now, unless we understand that we are evolving from an Earth-only toward an Earth-space or universal species."

    Barbara Marx Hubbard
    (Dec 22, 1929 -                   )
    As quoted in an editorial, Distant Star, 1997 (Electronic Magazine of the First Millennial Foundation)

    Barbara Marx Hubbard is a futurist, author and public speaker. She is credited with the concepts of ‘The Synergy Engine’ and the 'birthing' of humanity. A Jewish agnostic, her father was toy maker Louis Marx. In her youth she attended the Dalton School in New York City. She studied at L'Ecole des Sciences Politiques at La Sorbonne in Paris during her junior year of college, and received a B.A. cum laude in Political Science from Bryn Mawr College in 1951. (Wikipedia Commons)

  12. @Dman979: See what happens when I'm not supervised by a moderator? No telling what ideas I will bring to the forum!
  13. Yeah, it's one of those mornings today! But I had to ask...
  14. I have a question - since in science and other science-related fields, there are direct opposites, can the forum have "anti-moderators?"