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  1. Took Kerbair 1 from KSC to BaikerBanur by way of the desert temple. Sorry for the brief post, not much time. I dropped the outboard engines in the ocean; they were only there to push more fuel around. I guess the Goliaths were mounted a little low, lost them on landing. There's a little 8-seat flatbus in the cargo hold, but I didn't have time to pull it out. Edit: Took the minibus for a spin.
  2. Thanks, forgot about that subtle oops. I stand corrected. We do and it does.
  3. A moon base, and the associated equipment to build it. Followed by SpaceBus loads of passengers and tourists. And supplies for them. Really, the only payload I can see sustaining a decent cadence is people-moving. and for that you need somewhere to take them to and bring them back from.
  4. Unfortunately, Blitworks isn't doing "a quick patch." They're doing a complete re-port of the game. As long as they're building a control scheme from scratch, they may as well do it right. It's a shame that Squad hasn't acknowledged that "early 2017" hasn't happened, but take solace that they appear to be taking the time to do it right, instead of rushing to meet an arbitrary deadline.
  5. Throttle always goes to zero after exiting warp. It can save some nasty surprises
  6. It's called a Thrint, and that friendly little guy is Kzanol. (World of Ptaavs, - Larry Niven)
  7. I was reading this spaceflightnow story about the new grid fins, and this quote caught my attention: I remember that the first attempted recovery of an F9 stage failed because it ran out of fluid in the open-loop hydraulic system, and their solution was to add more fluid for the next flights. Good to see they now have a more robust closed-loop system. Makes turnaround quicker as well.
  8. A bit, but then that's extra parts, throwaway or complex, and weight, probably not worth it the hassle or expense. The curve appears to be for aerodynamics.
  9. That's why I'm trying to nip it now.
  10. The only source I know for such a rumour is my PURELY SPECULATIVE statement/suggestion below. To my knowledge, there was never any official mention of a free expansion pack for console, and I believe I watch these forums close enough to know if there was.
  11. I don't remember what the mission name was, but it was the first landing attempt off Vandenberg and morning mist/fog caused the locking collett to ice up
  12. Sounds like some good work being done. I like this new release time for KSP Weekly, as I can read it while in the carpool home from work Oh sure, now there's a Kerbal Konvention at the CSC, when I was just there 2 weeks ago FYI, when I was there the Shuttle Exhibit was free (unless that changed for summer) but you were still supposed to reserve a ticket. Probably a crowd control thing, but they never asked for mine.
  13. Of course I was working during the launch. Glad to hear it was a total success. Those legs sure look flat, I'll guess that's there's no room underneath for the Foomba (Falcon Roomba). I'll watch the replays when I get home later, they should have full footage up if it's not already.
  14. or shorter landing gear...