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  1. Best of luck to SpaceX and and SES!
  2. Yeah, well, I finished zoning out by residential area, so that gave room for the pop to explode. I got caught up in RL car shopping with the clock still running so things developed nicely. Road traffic didn't look too bad, I have several areas of heavy traffic in my city (too be expected with all that pop) but the only congested area was around my freight station loop.
  3. Yeah, kinda off-topic, but seems like a good place to put this...
  4. StupidAndy decided to kerbal instead and msg'd me that he'd CS tomorrow, so I'll grab the save again. I may not do much besides look around and let time run, I dunno yet Edit: I brought it up to year 2052, 114k population. Tinkered with my traffic a tiny bit, built schools in some other districts because we were falling behind. I meant to build a completely separate passenger rail loop to connect everywhere, but never got around to it.
  5. Got'em all!
  6. I think the question was about getting a hotkey to show the cutaway view - but thanks for answering!
  7. Ok, done, added a bunch of zoning and on/off ramps and a highway connection to the other side. Of course I get dragged away again before really looking around. E: didn't have time to post a screenshot, FWIW
  8. I'll grab the save now.
  9. That audio clip is totally "Centerfold." I grew up on J. Geils Band, but I never did see the video, thanks @XB-70A for posting that. Love that big 80's hair! Another hit of his from the same album was "FreezeFrame"
  10. Nope. How about @linuxgurugamer?
  11. Sorry, no water here (Atacama desert)...
  12. I seem to recall that years ago, someone found a kerbal (or kerbal helmet?) easter egg tucked away in a corner of a room in another game....
  13. That would have to have pretty high sides, for turbulence, banking and rotating for takeoff. But they could have a ton of wild wet fun with it doing zero-g parabolic arcs
  14. ANYTHING???!?!?!???? From this classic 1982 commercial, how many of you remember it?
  15. And that's all the time I get this morning, getting ripped away to go used-car shopping. Tinkered with traffic, added a subway loop within the just-renamed ThrintunVille, incinerators, crematorium. Connected Wink's sewer system; the sewage backup seemed to be easing. Didn't get a chance to look around any more. NEXT!