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  1. Red Kerbal Underwear? Brown would be better if they have to use those EVA 'chutes...
  2. Let's see, LW starting at 7am Eastern, meaning 4am Pacific. Right when I'm on my way to work...
  3. It may not be the most optimal design overall, but it is apparently the most optimal with the components they already have developed and available. Saves a lot of R&D time and money. Given more R&D time and funding, they could probably come up with a more powerful, longer burning core stage for more payload. In the interim, this'll do, just like STS and its Block 1 second stage, with plans for a newer, more powerful second stage to be developed.
  4. And to stack contracts into one launch. If you can line up "Station in ..." or "Satellite in..." Kerbin, Munar, and Solar orbits, one station or satellite can rule complete them all. Throw in an easy part test or two, maybe piggyback a satellite or two, and one launch can finish many contracts.
  5. "Klaatu... Verata.... Nic*cough*cough*" "The contract to build the next-generation Lunar Lander has been awarded to Jeb's Junkyard and SpaceCraft Parts."
  6. Spaceplanes are my weak point, so I never even tried a Shuttle. I figured I'd give it a go for this challenge, trying to follow the basic design for the real STS. Many mods, but no TweakScale. The first launch went rather predictably, but even Bill seemed to enjoy the ride: Later iterations made it to dizzying heights of over 30km, with help from TCA. Unfortunately, after SRB separation, things got, um, a little too interesting. At least the drag chutes meant for landing (now that was optimistic!) were able to slow the descent enough for a survivable splashdown. Eventually the editor got wonky and wouldn't mirror the struts properly, so I gave up. The glide characteristics were worse than a brick anyways. I don't have the time or the patience to start from scratch on this again. Challenge: FAILED! At least I never destroyed the VAB. The flagpole and the launchpad, OTOH....
  7. 10/10 Love the pictures: Sheldon Coopers Guide to Love and Romance Dr. Sheldon Cooper takes a break from Big Bang theorizing to write a paper explaining the quantum physics responsible for creating feelings of love. With contributions from Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler
  8. I wonder if they'll try any fairing recovery on this one.
  9. Hey, nice avatar. You must be a Canadian living in Iowa
  10. Sure about that? We're humans, since when have we cared what was there before us? Oh right, just in the last few decades. But once we've proven that life arose on its own somewhere else, do we really need to worry about preserving the entire body for it? Or worrying about life somewhere else? It's not like those microbes are going to do anything. OTOH, once we wipe those unique ET microbes out, we'd never know that they harbored/produced the cure for cancer. Not like the pharma companies would really care, because the money is in treating cancer, not curing it. But I digress.
  11. Ah-ha! I have a chance to play and no one else has the save. What a coincidence! *grabs save* Mine! Mine, I tell you! All mine! Mwahahahaha! Edit: And done for now. Added a ghetto zone next to the spaghetti-rails behind my industrial zone to supply my expanded industrial sector with uneducated workers, which gave the population a nice little bump. Added to the water and electricity supply. Wanted to give the ghetto a commercial district nearby, but connecting it without running trucks through the ghetto would have been problematic, so I skipped it. Now back to trying to dominate the world with Emperor Montezuma in Civ6
  12. It sounds like 1.3 is nearly done, just doing some final tweaks and QA and is probably just weeks away.. MH, on the other hand, sounds like it is just finishing up design, now they have to implement it all. MH is months away, I'm sure
  13. This sounds like you're looking for feedback on this.... I'm just trying to put it into context, and it all depends on the failure mode. Is it limited to the Mission Builder? Pre-programmed failures as part of the mission are perfectly understandable, but random failures can get annoying when there's no reason for it. A reasonable way of implementing random failures would be based on the history of the part and the flight and/or usage hours logged. A just-unlocked or experimental part would be more likely to fail. as would a part that's been in space for years. A part model that has been used on many mission before should never fail when launching a brand-new rocket on a new mission.If you just want to see your rocket blow up, add a self-destruct to the right-click menu! Learning from catastrophic failures in KSP is learning about bad designs or piloting errors. By catastrophic failures I mean things that result in loss-of-mission and/or loss-of-crew and one would not be able to recover from it. Complete loss of the only engine on the ship would be LOM at the very least, but losing one engine in a cluster would be a pretty realistic experience, and the mission could go on. Parachute failure? Oh right, time to bail out and use those nifty new EVA 'chutes. Which reminds me, do kerbals always have EVA chutes, or would they need to be added?