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  1. Blocked & reported. A really nasty case of global warming, if we were to go with the "omg progress" route. In a more optimistic scenario, we could finally put robots everywhere. Except Venus, because Venus is terrible. Balloons, I guess. This is where money blocks us the most right now — we have the tech to send a robot pretty much anywhere in the solar system, but we can't really do them all the time, and often have to compromise against cost. Gib more monies, get more and fancier robots. While putting meatbags in space is kinda silly, we could probably do crewed missions and long-term stays on the moon and high orbit, and move on to Titan (skip Mars,who cares about Mars anyway?) a bit later on.
  2. Well, there are ways to manage it. Freezing the entire lot until you build up the tunnel, keeping the seal between the drill and the tunnel edge, lots and lots of pump everywhere. It's not really easier than going through rock, though. But San Francisco could absolutely have a proper subway, just like Amsterdam has one :-P
  3. Hahaha no. Hell no. Modern TBMs for soft soils often have to freeze the ground around them so that it's possible to tunnel the thing properly. Anyhow, oh dear, Musk had an idea again :[
  4. So I noticed that the Bluedog patch is incomplete, in particular the geiger counter experiment is inconsistent with the Kerbalism one, and some of the probes that should have antennas don't. I made a very basic hackfix here. Note that it only pokes a few of the probes, and it has the issue with having both "extend antenna" and "deploy antenna" show up - but Explorer I and Mercury work now, the geiger counter uses the right experiment ID, and the geiger counter has a sensor, yay.
  5. Disappearing and displacing (!) shrouds are a stock bug, it should be somewhere in the bug tracker. It's... unpleasant. NecroBones' mods seem to attract the bug quite reliably for me, but it's been confirmed (in the bug reports) on pure stock installs.
  6. Anyone tried doing a 3.2 body size/6.4 orbit resize for Sigma Dimensions + OPM? I've been playing with that (I even asked on the other subforum), but my solutions are probably rather naive (i.e. they don't go beyond the obvious, and a massive upscale to top level tracking station and antennas). I'm particularly interested in bodies that should be exceptions, and other people's approach to antenna range scaling.
  7. I've been trying to set myself up with a game that uses Outer Planets Mod and rescales bodies 3.2x, and orbits 6.4x (as I remember reading people had good experiences with that setup, ages ago). I actually started on a config (here, for reference, note that OPM already does its own rescaling of antenna power, and it is very basic), but was wondering if anyone has something more developed than this. I do already find getting to Kerbin orbit a nice sweet spot between challenging and annoying, but I have a nagging suspicion I'd end up tweaking the config in all directions later on.
  8. It's similar to the disappearing shrouds thing in that it happened after a scene change. Probably a fault of a conflict, but I'm kinda hoping others hit it, as it's not 100% reproducible and thus a real pain to track down, and this mod introduces A Lot Of Shrouds that seem to trigger it. EDIT: ah, nevermind. It's a stock bug:
  9. So, uh, I know about the disappearing end-caps bug, but this is something I've seen for the first time: Not sure if it's the mods fault (if it's anything like the old end caps bug, it's not), just wondering if it's known/anyone else has seen it.
  10. I'm pretty sure (but not entirely sure) I remember @RoverDude mentioning on Reddit that there was an intent to make it possible for the communication net thing to be extended by RemoteTech. If that's the case, then maybe it's actually possible to hack extra restrictions on controls based on the snacks situation. Replacing ModuleCommand seems like a recipe for trouble, there's plenty of MM configs out there that look for it.
  11. Whew. I couldn't repeat it because I wasn't very bright and forgot to upgrade the astronaut centre. So, here's the image: Here's the save: and here's the log:
  12. For me the space station issue went away, but I also just got a hungry Kerbal (with 10k penalty) in my game. Right now my save is probably a bit too much of a mess, I'll see if I can get a basic version with just Snacks. EDIT: Ugh, having trouble to actually cheat myself into a rescue contract on a clean save :[
  13. Okay, so, here's a log: And, I see that the Kerbals waiting for Rescue don't actually cost me anything: They just complain.
  14. 1.4.5, that's latest AFAIK? (I do use MiniAVC, too, so I should be getting warnings if it's not the latest, right? I can't spot it in logs, and the messages blink out a bit too quickly, but I'll try to poke at it a bit more. Also, I have quite a bit of mods in this install (including most of yours), so I might have to try isolating (gah).
  15. Ah, same bug as Capt. Hunt here, + Kerbals waiting for rescue get quite unhappy.