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  1. That's normal behaviour for a private video. The video you thought was private when you downloaded it was probably just an unlisted video.
  2. I think the one with the Chaplin quote is 10. To be honest I also quite like that episode compared to the other stuff from that time. The experimental playlist is indeed public. I'm keeping work in progress or anything not quite fitting with the channel in there. Hope you enjoy it.
  3. I just gave that a go and fortunately it doesn't seem to work. If you can get it to work then please inform me. There's really no point watching the older videos. They were just a let's play with dumb music, not even any military action. I left a couple of them unlisted in the season one playlist without any audio if you'd like to see what I'm talking about.
  4. can you give a link to your ships in the vids? 

    1. Sidestrafe2462


      Meant download link, primarily for the Aegis

    2. Sidestrafe2462


      And also, how did you grt the HKA and GMI logos onto the craft? 

  5. Cheers Squad. That's actually really good of you, not a lot of companies would make a promise like that and keep it.
  6. No, it doesn't really matter. I do like to see them though.
  7. Thanks for offering those ships @panzer1b, but I'm not really keen to use particularly iconic replicas on the show. I see what you mean about the images loading. I'll often open the thread and get scrolled miles away from the post I opened because of all the images popping in. Still I'd rather not ask people to hide them as I like being able to take a quick glance at a submission and well placed images are great for presentation and make a very attractive submission.
  8. Thanks for linking to your submission. Very helpful .
  9. With the exception of BD Armoury I simply don't use part mods in the series. I don't like having anything with mod dependencies in the show unless it really needs it as well as mods making managing submissions that much harder. Procedural wing parts in particular would spoil a lot of destruction as the wings on planes or hulls of battleships vaporised instantly.
  10. Some time this week either early Thursday or late Saturday UTC.
  11. Started up a stream just to test things. I'd appreciate if anybody could give me technical feedback as I tweak things as well as any ideas.
  12. Is a short stream something anybody might be interested in? I recently got to five-thousand subscribers and I think it would be fun to answer some questions, look at craft and perhaps make a cinematic.
  13. Well it would be quite handy for me to have more drawn out engagements between less craft.
  14. Don't really want to endorse anything outside of what I do myself, just yet at least. If it's up to scratch with the episodes I've made and in line with my plans for the show then I could consider it.