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  1. Given that tracks are notoriously hard to steer in large groups, and that Infernal Robotics joints don't have an auto-return to center, would it be possible to make a steering pivot, something that could be attached to the vehicle either on the track nodes or in the middle for articulation, that would allow heavy vehicles to have a better steering circle? While steering the tracks may be a bit out there, the one I want is more like you see on heavy construction equipment, like the bucket loaders, that pivot at a central point to steer.
  2. That just rung alarm bells and made me search through the thread for something I thought I saw mentioned earlier. And I think I found it. Could be a grasp at straws, but I'm fairly well known for chasing shadows when it comes to references in stories.
  3. I've done several runs just for fun after putting up my time, and the most fun I had was a run with the Dead Bug where I lost one of the rear wheels and ended up limping it to the end of Stage 4, dragging the back left corner the whole way. Sometimes it's more fun to complete a stage missing parts than it is to complete the whole event in one piece. It's the additional challenge to get to that stage that makes it more fun.
  4. Beetlecat's right, the idea I had in mind would be just a more industrial-looking critter crawler running on the new Kerbal Foundries / KSP Wheel plugin system. Essentially just animated legs that 'walk' instead of wheels that roll, still using wheel colliders to provide functionality but otherwise just behaving as really cool looking tracks.
  5. Well, if you're already planning some new parts to do later, mind adding some form of walker to that list somewhere? Obviously, very low priority, as making everything work should come first.
  6. I will admit, I'm not running the latest version, but I may be able to offer up a bit of assistance. This mod doesn't wipe out the old KF parts, which means that the old parts that won't work, and the new parts that do work, are both active at the same time. What I suspect has happened is you've unintentionally built your craft with the old KF parts. I don't know if it has been changed, but the ones I've used have "KSP Wheel" in front of them. They should work.
  7. Well, to be fair, I rolled the Dead Bug probably eleventy-billion times on my run, so it finished missing lights, missing structural tubes, missing batteries, etc. Just managed to not knock any wheels off this time, though I think at one point I had collapsed the rear suspension. I may still have a picture of that.
  8. It got that name after flipping the original Dead Bug and causing both Jeb and Bill to be flung out of their seats, collided with Kerbin, and both poofed while the rover proceeded to smash into pieces down the hill. If you catch Stage 3's hill going too fast... You've got a rover full of dead kerbals. Hence the name I gave it.
  9. For me, the fun of the challenge was simply to get a vehicle to finish the run. My 2-hour time is dismal compared to many of the Fuel/Electric Hybrids, and is beaten by a lot of the Electric-Only runners. But, I can say honestly that I had a lot of fun, I spent probably 30 minutes running Kerbals back to the Dead Bug after rolling it down a hill, and that it's definitely a mark of a good run to have 70% of a functional vehicle at the end. Even if your only source of light is the Kerbal's helmet lamps because every other light got smashed.
  10. Yeah... About that. The smaller you make the wheels, the less acceleration and braking power you'll have. Just something to consider before you get too far into that idea, because I've gotten vehicles stuck in Stage 3 because they couldn't climb out of the pit at the bottom of Dead Kerbal Hill.
  11. Something I config bashed myself. Swapped XenonGas for IntakeAir, cut down the electricity use so it's more efficient. Still weighs just as much, so it's a heavy piece of equipment to drag around.
  12. Dead Bug MK2 Intended as a mixed Propulsion/Electric rover, this machine ended up finishing the run pure electric after knocking off the FART (Fast Acting Reaction Thruster) part of the way into the run. Would've been my start, but I screwed up the nav-ball, so I wrote it off as a false start and began the timer later. All in all, I think I did pretty good as that was not like driving a Jumping Spider at all. Total Time, for those not looking in the screenshot spoiler: 2:09:27
  13. sticky

    Well, I'll admit, I'm not going to be making anything any time soon, but I am bumbling my way through Blender. Slowly. But maybe I'll set that as a goal, that this is the year I learn to use Blender and do something to give back for all the great mods here. I've got an idea of what I want to do, so the hardest part is converting from my somewhat old-school way of doing things to learning Blender. Because, let's face it, my ability to fold paper into models is a great strategy for seeing what something needs to look like, but it's hardly useful for KSP. I actually have to thank you for the link to that tutorial, because seeing how easy it is to work with Blender has actually inspired me to try, even if what I come up with looks bad to start with.
  14. sticky

    Yeah, I'd be interested in that. As for modularity, I understand. I like the idea of putting something together, personally, but I understand a lot of people don't like having to put pieces together to get the whole thing. I liked things like the PackRat rover back in the day, which was kinda the perfect amount of cool because it could be stuffed into storage containers and assembled in the field. I suppose things like that, and the idea that parts can be knocked off in the field and put back on with KIS/KAS are the reasons I want modularity in vehicles now. If I go over a jump and slam down hard on the suspension and knock half the front off of my rover, I'd have options. Do I want to try to pick up the pieces and rebuild, or leave them off and keep going? I liked the Muscle-Car parts mod that was around for 1.0.5, but sadly, while they come in pieces, they're not modular. Hence liking the idea of modularity. If I could take the same cab and attach a different engine (the Diesel engine or a Fuel-Cell Generator, etc) to the cab, a different cargo area (flat bed tray, truck box, or space for two seats and a trunk), and other parts like that, I could theoretically put parts into KAS compartments and assemble different rovers on the field instead of having to figure out how to protect the vehicle in flight. But I also respect that modding takes a lot of time and effort, and a lot of skill. I can't 3D model, so I'm stuck bouncing ideas off of people's heads who can 3D model in hopes something sounds good to them, too. Most I can do is config bash, and even at that, I'm far from good at it. I know a few tricks, but not many.
  15. sticky

    Well, I'll admit right off the bat that mine isn't quite stock anymore. However, for a nice "Add Seats and Go" platform, it's really quite nice. In fact, I honestly wish there were more of these kind of vehicles. Perhaps... If it wouldn't be too impractical, a sort of modular rover system allowing us to build several different designs of rover with a parts-kit. Fenders, main engine, cab unit, cargo tray or cargo box, that sort of thing. As it is, it's brilliant, it provides the perfect means to get around with two kerbals. I just wish there were more versions, more things to do with it. Granted, it's a great base for the Kerbal Dakar Rally, and I might be bold enough to try, after the Rally, for a KSC to Polar North run, but I somewhat wish there were more like this. Even if all we got was something like an old pickup truck, I'd be happy, as it'd give some storage space other than KIS/KAS storage. Sometimes you just need to be able to have a couple friends riding in the back, after all.