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  1. well then - that was my very first thought as soon as my brother showed me his earliest playable demo one day. I remember, I was at work at the time, and I had arrived earlier than anyone else in what was then a very small company of four ppl... back then I was married even - whole other life - anyways, since there was nobody around in the office, I was merrily working on my G42-200 addon instead of what I was actually there to do (this is not related to how that job ended, my modder habits have been so far harmless to my career, I think) so well, just then, my brother came up on skype and had something he wanted to show me - he had shared a few things before, like the first perlin-noise terrain tests he made, and some other loose stuff that would eventually come together in the first version of the game... and this was just that, he had a playable build for me to see that day this was somewhat similar to the first version we have posted on the wiki, but earlier, with less features and more bugs - the kind of child only a programmer could love and I played around with it for a few minutes and it struck me - there is no ACTUAL reason this HAD be 2D, seeing that he had gone to many troubles in order to forcibly constrain one axis of the physics simulation while rendering a 3d world, and many bugs had resulted from that so right then, I made what a suggestion that just might have changed the fate of the game forever -- I told him: if the point of this is to just go as far as possible before you inevitably explode, then one might as well make it a full-range simulator - the "how far can you go" mechanic remains unchanged, though all kinds of far-fetched possibilities appear for players who somehow DON'T explode as far as I recall, that was the very argument I gave him -- and that day, he listened! even if simply because, there was only one thing holding him back from doing exactly this, which he had also thought about by that point - and that was that it would be extremely difficult for anyone to steer the ship looking from outside in full 3d, whereas in 2d it could all be handled in "screen space" luckily for us all - the very thing I was working on just then for my G42, was the backup mechanical nav-ball instrument in its cockpit, see: that's the familiar-looking gauge right above the dog... which is there because, uh... reasons (I rly dunno why there's a dog on that pic, I just got it off google... prob'ly reasons) anyways - I sent him the texture I had used there, and told him how to go about rotating the ball with the ship and whatnot... not long after, the next version he showed me was fully 3d and featured the NavBall as we all know so well by now and that is the story of how KSP became a simulator, instead of a 2D build-and-burn, how-high-can-it-go style game funny how things turn out
  2. yes... that would be perfectly reassuring and confidence inspiring for everybody around, right?
  3. that's the furthest I've gotten so far whilst being able to maintain near total stability and performance... load times are between 5 and 10 minutes depending on whether MM can load patches from cache or not (having the console open significantly slows it down, so I just alt+tab and let it run its course, it's a single threaded process anyways, and my 2x6-core hyperthreading CPU can easily do anything else in the meantime) once all is loaded, the RAM footprint sits in the vicinity of 10GB - which is fine, with a 16GB physical maximum before windows even has to begin paging stuff to "disk" (mind the quotes, there are no moving parts for storage on my PC anymore)... mind that windows always does this anyways, any sections of ram not in frequent use will be paged, unless disabled by rather obscure settings, the kind you might mess up your PC by fiddling with - with an SSD, this is not as noticeable as it was back in the days of mechanical disk drives also, if you've noticed the "hidden" folders, those are really just a method I was using for identifying problematic mods by removing chunks of troublemaking candidates and visually identifying those who had been already checked, once I found the issue, I just left them as they were, so that's why half of them appear that way - this has no impact in how the game operates, so without such features as "folder tags" on windows, (few gripes with win7 I got) marking a folder as "hidden" is a decent enough workaround (icons have to be set one at a time, alas - otherwise, they'd work even better) I've then evolved my maintenance procedures to work around the concept of a "quarantine folder" - then I can use that to isolate a potential troublesome "chunk" and painstakingly reduce the group to a culprit by a process of trial, error and research (I usually google the current "chunk" for known issues as the game takes its sweet time to load) lately with this method, I've so far been able to clear out issues that had in the past been causes of "great derps" and could only be resolved by a full mod-hoard reset, which as we all know, is quite a traumatic event - this is my all time record in bulk mod assembly with no cost besides requiring some patience while it loads
  4. actually, there is one -- it's so much older than any of the oldest ones, it'd have to be a negative version number even I've recently found it on a loose flash drive I had around - here's where I posted a link to it:
  5. if it fails - you can very easily just remove that argument and continue with business as usual... it's very unlikely that it should cause problems which are you cannot remove by simply removing that flag - so might as well try and see what happens and let us know, maybe you find something cool (like free extra performance)
  6. I call mine MoachCraft.... it remains a linguistic mystery how that name came about, some experts suggest it may be a combination of "Moach" and "Craft" - but discussions on the subject have filled many a book without consensus -- I guess it's just another Kerbal thing... like how they all have the last name "Kerman" and that's simply one of those things that one comes to accept as being "normal around here" - he who dares ask why, ends his day with more questions than he had before
  7. keep in mind - only major releases are actually expected to cause mods to fail completely - that's the second number left-to-right in the version tag say, going from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 should not normally cause any major issues (not saying it doesn't happen, you know... Murphy's law) - but usually one can even get a very large percentage of mods across between a major update, like 1.2.x to 1.3.x, and no big deal problem is -- there are a FEW mods, which do fail - and a few of those few (Firespitter, for one) happen to be a dependency for many others - some of which, may even be a dependency for a third layer of fail.... THAT's where trouble starts as far as parts-only packs go, they are more or less impervious to aging - and one can run packs which have been around for eons and get away with it fine (albeit inefficiently, since newer parts can make better use of more recent and streamlined parts of the API) but let this fact never be lost from reckoning: THERE IS AN API, and it has been deliberately designed to facilitate and allow mods as widely as possible - sometimes this was extremely difficult to achieve, I recall my brother ranting - but it had always been, and hopefully shall continue to be an overriding priority in all development cycles, that if there's anything a player might look upon and think "that could maybe work better...." that he has all the resources to implement whatever he wishes without having to resort to hacking the game that is what allows mods to remain as mutually-compatible as possible, even in the face of updates throwing everyone off their feet in a jostle every now and then but take a game that actually DOESN'T have an API, and the difference is massive - for example, several years after the last "official" update to IL2:1946, most mods are allergic to each other unless painstakingly assembled into a pre-built collection (and good luck adding stuff on top of those) - when the team who still makes updates for that game do release a new one, it takes months, even years - definitely not days, before ANY mods port over - and any compatibility across them has to start again from scratch KSP mods take days, months at worse.... by then the (also deliberately devised) must-be-open-source policy ensures that anyone who's less patient than he is handy has all the freedom to solve his own problem, and publish the solution, provided he sticks to the original licensing terms
  8. I might have one version of KSP that is actually EARLIER than the very earliest one ever made and it was not made by, my brother HarvesteR - it was made by me it ran on <cringe> flash </cringe> - so you might need to go on chrome settings and allow flash to run if it doesn't work... also - it doesn't really do much, it just lets you drag parts onto the build area and recalculates the CoG and a few other things but I guarantee, with a last-modified date dating back to 04/09/2008 (two years before even the earliest unity versions) - this is THE EARLIEST EVER version of KSP wait WHUT?! -- does that mean?.... yes, it is proof that I would legally own 50% of the copyrights of the original KSP concept at the time the project was started this has some interesting legal implications, which creates perhaps a bit of an awkward situation... see, one cannot sell that which he does not fully own - and I was never consulted when my brother agreed to sign over full rights to the concept to Squad - including what was my equal share at the time (sure, he's done more NOW, but not back then he still hadn't) you see that this can cause several uh.... issues why did I not ever make a fuss about this? well, for the sake of the game actually being done, I had an informal agreement with my brother allowing him to go about it without the hassle of any paperwork, which at that initial stage, could have been a bit of a major hindrance, for we live in different countries - the hurtle of an international copyrights negotiation would have derailed the extremely-low-profile startup of KSP development thus it was my choice to just let him "get away with it" - given that KSP itself was seen as a greater good than any personal gains one might have had from a formal arrangement nevertheless - that agreement existed only between my brother and I - and I have never been contacted by squad at any time - mostly because as long as he was there, it was generally alright (minus that he never bothered adding my name to the credits under the "concept" header - because brothers, eh?) now - this is a curious situation, for once he left - he had no legal right to hand over MY share of the original concept.... that was not very nice how it happened also, I don't think he ever really mentioned this to his then employers, who were most likely assuming the concept was ALL his own.... now that, was perhaps not very foresighted I guess if I wanted to make a big deal out of it, that'd be some headache for a bunch of folks.... I do not fancy headache, and I still see KSP as the greater good here... so I hereby extend the "gentleman's agreement" that I had with my brother over to Squad themselves, so that they can freely go about their business with take-two and whatever - with only a handful of wishes to go with it: - first and foremost, that any new developments be done with the same spirit of the original game, in a way that never hinders or detracts the capabilities of the modding community - that the game would never offer sale of ingame currencies or any such infinite-demand-trade-cycle schemes (DLC is fine when it has a well defined, finite value, i.e: expansion packs) - and if possible, that PLEASE, someone finally add my name under my brothers in the credits under the "original concept" header - for I have been pestering him for years to do that, and he never got around doing it with those few wishes (not even necessarily binding conditions, because gentlemen don't need those) I offer a trouble-free solution to what could otherwise be a somewhat unpleasant situation, and this offer is presented here, in front of a hundred-and-seventy-thousand-and-something witnesses (current number of KSP forum users), to hold it in full effect so let my half of the original KSP concept be a gift of gratitude for the community that made it actually happen, and the people who believed in it back when it was just "a wild idea about little aliens not being very good at space" just take good care of it, eh? cheerz
  9. no worries - just thought I'd ask anyways - great stuff!
  10. I was having a similar problem, crash on about 75% loaded, no proper reason it seemed I went through a chunk of mods at a time (got over a hundred here) - and the culprit turned out was AviationLights, which I can only guess was wrongly updated by CKAN to a state which was incompatible with 1.2.2 don't know if that's your problem - but the symptoms are much alike
  11. good advice to all -- we must preserve this state of KSP for a possible "community edition" for which there is non-negligible reason to worry may become necessary - big money has historically been almost always bad for games like this to say there's no need to worry is some wishful thinking - I say take precautions, and THEN allow yourself not to worry it's not that we don't trust them.... but uh, we don't necessarily do trust them simply, it would not be the first time - and contrary to widespread managerial-level belief, gamers are NOT gullible idiots - and we remember EVERYTHING, grudges duly held where applicable.... if this were to turn out for the best (as we all eagerly hope, now that backups have been secured) - it's not unfair to say that many of us would be seeing this event as a first... cause really, historically - big money = BIG trouble, and blunders are expected in exponential proportion to budget size - with an alarming >90% correctness ratio so basically - we're holding our breaths for an EXCEPTION to an otherwise very unpalatable rule of averages so there is our most eloquently put response to this announcement - we have backed up our games away from any devices which might alter it without our express consent, you know... just in case sorry for the less-than-warm welcome, but unlike the "ppl upstairs" have a often shown a tendency to believe, we take our game seriously we wish for the best nonetheless.... backups safely stashed
  12. these are very very great tools indeed! so extremely handy so much so that I must ask - any chance of a backport to 1.2.x? - it's gonna be a WHILE until 1.3 is actually standard, and there are a vast number of players, myself included, who have not made the switch, and probably won't until a reasonably long time when all the mods we cannot go without have been brought up I would reckon (as some modders have done) that there is enough of us making this choice as to warrant offering the backwards-compatible option... I understand that would be adding some extra work, but for many players this is keeping us from actually enjoying your wonderful work just thought I'd ask, for the lot of us
  13. I'd advise one to take this unique "quirk" as an opportunity to ensure that your landing gear setup is sound and can actually withstand an event somewhat less intense than a soft landing... for if it fails THAT test... one might perhaps reconsider the wisdom behind choosing to actually make this unlikely apparatus airborne there are mods that will ensure it starts with brakes on - so that it doesn't roll off from that, as it can often do... and you can minimize it by moving the whole job close to the SPH floor, then securing it with struts because safety first, right? I mean, first - and then of course, consequences - usually quite spectacular ones
  14. don't you dare suggest that! it goes against everything the modding community stands for and the most fundamental spirit of the game sale of ingame assets is a VERY controversial subject - and there is a very valid reason for us all to worry about the possibility of them infusing the game with C.A.N.C.E.R. (Commercially Abusive Novelty Coin Exchange Rookings) remember, Freemium isn't free - and it will destroy gaming as a thing worth pursuing if allowed to proliferate - we should all realize this and push for legislation rendering the sale of in-game currencies ILLEGAL this because that concept breaks the very foundations of capitalism, for every freemium game is in itself a localized total monopoly, in which the sole profiting party controls both supply AND demand, with zero possible competition - and mind that this is done knowingly, also using addiction-based methods as well to squeeze off >90% of revenues from an afflicted <10% of users, whom have been lured in and become victims of a yet-unrecognized form of exploitation so do NOT suggest, even jokingly, about being willing to "pay for this and that" because that is how it starts -- these are not game designers making these calls, they are hungry, greedy business people who "monetize" things until they become ghastly abominations, and get derelicted in favour of the next big fad also, for every company that succeeds in this grizzly affair - a hundred small, honest ones are harmed, or fail altogether as a result that investors are very susceptible to survivorship bias in their decisions, so they all want to "do it that way" because they think players actually enjoy this... little knowing that in order to get a greedy-grab title up to popularity, there are millions of dollars put into advertising it as an indie game developer, I say NAY! and make a proud stance that any game I shall have anything to do with must be C.A.N.C.E.R. FREE! - players unite for a C.A.N.C.E.R. FREE gaming industry! tell everyone - allow no greed to sully your favourite passtime not saying they'll do that... but if they did, it would be a very, VERY bad day for everyone
  15. afaik, Walkabout is exactly what the OP asks for - yet all the times I've tried it on 1.2.2 resulted in a crash... might be due to one of my other hundred-or-so mods conflicting somehow, I didn't really bother to check another way to do it no mods required, spawn in a pod and EVA the occupants, then recover the pod -- FASA has a launch tower clamp part that holds a number of crews inside - so that works too