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  1. [reaction] WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?!! [/reaction] Allow me to moderate.... Please, let us quit it now, while we're (scarcely) ahead of now inevitable horrific-gruesome-disaster-doom-brutal-death-murder -- this is a textbook example of escalating forum warfare and well, given how rapidly these things tend to devolve into caveman-type manners -- I shall now end this Fire Hazard of a thread before anyone loses an eyeball and/or naively rested limb May The Force be with us! started good... turned bad... must end before "ugly" and no, trust me -- there's no recovering from here... this thread is deep stalled below minimums
  2. This is how your post looks to a moderator
  3. I've been in airplanes several times and enjoyed the ride (dude, you're FLYING!) thoroughly on each and every instance side effects have so far included dryness of my airways (at FL350+, no wonder), a one-time case of "underpressured inner ear" that lasted an uncomfortable couple of hours until I managed to make it go "pop" (must have been related to the pack of cookies I selfishly munched empty during most of the descent/landing on that flight) - and uh.... well, so far, no "death" or any death-related symptoms... even my dog, (my avatar loosely based on her) who flew on my lap (long story) and slept through most of the adventure of immigrating to Canada had no complaints about that fantastic Flying-Man-Machine, at least not after the point she became more or less generally convinced that the whole thing was not a most elaborate plot to get her to The Vet - and also took no part in schemes leading to the water-torture of what men call "Bath" she was kinda digging it by the time we turned final approach on runway 26R of CYVR... another very enjoyable flight... tho I'm biased to say, since I'm really into airplanes and flying things in general... (most passengers seem slightly unsettled by my giggling through moderate/heavy turbulence (quote ex-wife: "YOU FIND THIS FUNNY?!!" -- "yep! - lol!" - regarding a brief moment of near weightlessness aboard an A330-200)) anyways, flew several times.... engines were present in the majority of those flights... some hours of sailplane training to boast of, no poison gasses there (only those provided by the crew) ...haven't died ONCE! but most relevant of arguments that come to mind: don't airplanes have noxious gas detectors installed? -- by law? also -- with 300+ folks from all over and beyond aboard... may I dare poke at the little germaphobe in all of us by reminding that -- the engines and mythical engineer's-career-ending-blunder fumes therefrom are perhaps the LEAST worrisome of airborne things that could make you sick aboard a commercial airplane.... eeew, Globalized Cooties grosse....
  4. Spore? Spore?!! SPORE?!!!! SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There... *grunt* was.... NO!... *angry sound* Such.. Game... as.... <grudge> "spore" </grudge> *end scene* *begin actual intended comment* now, there's a video I must definitely watch! -- I long believed, and kinda hoped this would be the case, and nice to see a concurring development on the notion that games, much like their largely-less-awesome forefathers "movies", can have such a result as to affect the way of scientific pursuit in such ways this is really cool! cool.... *compulsively back to rant* ...very awesome: <gollum> Theyss ruined it! They Ssstole it from usss! </gollum> *grabs (figurative) bucket of popcorn* *watches video*
  5. OK, guys - Please do not turn this into a conspiracy theory vs. skepticism duel -- that's just, uh... lame - yeah, that's the technical term for it... lame... it's not very agreeable and it is bordering on a breech of forum rules (the "no politics please, thank you" rule, that is) -- so leave the "I think they're hiding stuff from us!!" arguments for whatever's left of what once was the "history channel" and let us do without turning on one another over a "I'm more right'er than you!" contest... those rarely ever lead to positive insights and more often than not don't fare any better than ultimately becoming the stuff that fills the carcass of a locked thread... ...and locked this shall be, (not now, of course - not YET) if it continues down the path I sense it to be headed down -- no harm thus far, but the "overtones" of this thread has my spider-sense tingling somewhy... so, no tangible evidence of the case being true -- well, tough break -- "airplane farts" is then a subject that perhaps needs more research, that's my belief -meaning... Bear with me* - Upon the case of there being credible claims that "airplane farts" may happen, I as King Commander of The Earth and All Things Upon It mandate that an unbiased group of individuals shall be assembled immediately (Ideally, comprised chiefly of forum-folk from the Internet, plus some Scienceâ„¢ people) - And this grand fellowship shall be encumbered the quest to delve into the matter wholemindedly and thus produce an undisputable decree on how we should rule the Earth upon the implications of their findings! * I have a BEAR with me, so listen! Earth King! -- Excelsior!! *end scene* that's just to demonstrate, by a crudely humorous mean of Reductio ad Absurdum, how I fear this debate will turn out if left unchecked, as judged by extrapolation of its growingly rueless trajectory of the nonce... which is my inelegantly long-winded, arguably effective, unavoidably creative way of saying: "Easy there, Cowboys!" be nice to each other or I'll have the Moderating Hammer of Topics Forever Locked swinging here way sooner than it'd take a small airliner to pump itself full of poisonous jet-fart-fumes... Cheers!
  6. Dude! I did not know that! Great discovery! -- Who'd have thunk? Science got done! Cheers! reps++ to you!
  7. I really can't recall... it was a while ago, and among versions and mods they all kinda blur in retrospect what I can say is ALL versions performed wonderfully and were so greatly reliable up into the point where I started piling mods on top of mods and then mods for those mods, and so on.... there's gotta be a pattern there, somewhere
  8. I believe my work speaks for itself:
  9. To clarify (this is a bit dense, I reckon) That setting defines the Unity built in lower threshold for just how low FPS can force simulation time to "slow down" this is the point where your mission time display turns yellow - that means time is slowing down so that with a lower FPS rate, each frame doesn't need to represent such a large amount of "delta time" that would harm the precision of the simulation (aka: Release The Kraken!) so it makes a compromise and slows down the simulation, so that in a low fps condition, each frame still covers the less than the maximum delta-time specified that means the value of this setting is defined as the inverse of the minimum FPS you want to allow time to try to slow down and cover before the mission timer turns RED mind then, when you see red - then the engine has crossed the line where it will slow time down for the sake of simulation stability -- and that means physics will start taking larger leaps across the gaps left by one's meagre FPS and whatever happens.... well, you know so the higher you set that value, the less yellow it will allow before red (I hope I'm right on that, as this is just my own best reckoning of how it works) so you trade simulation stability (no Kraken) for time not to go into slow-motion as much (at your own risk of Kraken) and that's how I THINK it works [Citation Needed] Cheers
  10. could be perhaps z-fighting? usually it flickers while you pan the view around in such a case - and it would be caused by having an underlying set of faces that is too close to the backside of the surface faces - this would cause the GPU's inherent "rounding errors" to appear visibly in the form of parts of the model seemingly poking through each other... the way to solve that (in case this turns out to be the problem) would then be to give it a bit more room in between any co-planar faces there may be in there (can't tell from a picture that size) also, make sure you smooth out the normals on your mesh - not sure how blender works that out, (3dsMax has a modifier called "Smooth" and/or a button on the mesh editor panel that "merges" the normals of selected adjacent faces) -- but I'm sure there's some tool that does this for you... the result is a mesh that has a soft gradient of shading to it, instead of a clunky flat-faced "3D animation in the '80s" type appearance... and as said before -- make sure your texture has a few pixels to "breathe" around the mapped sections of the mesh queer things tend to happen otherwise, especially after squeezing your model through any file format conversions Good luck!
  11. well, it's licence terms do read: LICENSE Do whatever you want as long as you mention that your stuff is based on this and ofc do whatever is inferred by licenses of 3rd party stuff used by this project. which is pretty neat, I guess - allowing pretty much anyone to take over it and continue on, as long as one mentions where it started and credits Faark (the original author) for it... I'd gladly take up this project myself, in case anyone's wondering... but I fear the upcoming months of stuff I got to do (work, you know, that annoying "real life" thing) wouldn't allow me give it the dedication needed to actually see it through completion which is why I thought of tossing the idea out for grabs... and anyone who makes this happen will rightfully be hailed "The Great Modbinder" -- The long sung hero of memory allocation for eons cometh! ...or somesuchwise there is the upcoming 64bit support to consider though... yet, many a mod has overlapped official new developments and continued on to expand in various ways in graceful cooperation (FAR, DeadlyReentry, to name a few) So for now, the challenge still stands, and here we have already a good starting point to go with! Cheers
  12. Hello all, lately I've been playing KSP as usual, in the only way I know how: With as many mods as I can cram into the limits of RAM overuse... ...needless to digress, the game crashes more than not - just as I pile on a mod heap I can begin to take proud in, I'm assailed by relentless memory allocation failures, brought on as the game haplessly shoves every single asset it finds under GameData into an unwitting <4GB swath of RAM sub-optimal? tell me about it.... problem here is -- a certain twin brother of mine is seemingly of the belief (or was at the time he decided this years ago) that "premature optimization is the root of all evil" -- a notion that as a fellow game programmer (not affiliated with Squad), I largely disagree to. whereas I'm sure by that he implied that optimization would come at a later point, it does seem our thirst for new shiny rocket parts has outraced development on that aspect which leads us to our problem/opportunity/challenge at hand: the problem: KSP loads every single bit of "this may be needed at some point" data it finds under the folder GameData - this is widely known, for it is also the sole principle of the game's exemplary moddability Alas, it does not account for the fact that a lot of people making a lot of awesome mods just may require more memory than one can write an address to in a mere 32 bits of binary digits -- and this is why the whole thing crashes like a house of cards in an earthquake as we earnestly satisfy our individual afflictions of the modder's addiction, and do so by uncompromisingly heaping great many unmetric tonnes of "MoAr AwEzUuhM" into our less-than-fully-prepared copies of the game (sorry, Simulator) The (potential) Solution: what if - KSP did NOT load every single part, internal space and cockpit decor (ok: flight instrumentation) prop it has stocked in PRIOR to actually needing them? what if, bear* with me here - It loaded only simple, easily allocatable THUMBNAILS of each part, along with it's relevant CFG information to display in the editor? -- then EXPANDED those stand-in definitions of such assets only as they are placed on your newly built deathtrap ground-breakingly designed vessel and/or upon encountering a previously launched vessel that contains them? * yes, I'll have a BEAR with me, a big, mean BEAR - All big and brown and covered with hair! - so you better listen to my point, since I have a BEAR, and it's WITH ME... - I think that's what the expression is meant to imply, no? well, then -- first noticeable thing: a heavily modded game would load in not much longer than a vanilla version... why - that's pretty good, no? and well - it quite simply, would NOT crash from running out of memory... not unless you somehow manage to heave such an unreasonably vast array of junk creative inventions up there that would collectively feature the sum of ALL the parts in your GameData catalog and that's not just unlikely -- it's also inadvisable, and a grandly foolish, fruitless endeavor that indeed, nobody could hope to benefit from (specially not your Kermans) so, crazy people aside -- the most remaining half of us would greatly gain from any one mod that be geared towards addressing the memory issue directly at it's core in such a way The challenge: (any prizes beyond "thanks and optional worship" purely imaginary, bragging rights: irrevocable and ever-lasting) To create a mod that overrides the KSP loading sequence -- allowing it to load "low res" versions of everything under GameData -- then substitutes it "on the fly" (quite literally) for the real thing, just as (and only if) it becomes needed how to accomplish that is up to The Challenger -- one may preprocess all assets into low-res format with an external app, storing the full versions elsewhere (or even compressed) for the plugin to pickup as needed... one could also try and see if it's viable to bypass the loading scene altogether, mayhaps even with an alternative KSP.exe file however one chooses to approach it - that is the mission now -- who dares do this most deftly deed? Cheers
  13. same as Zapman here -- CKAN.Registry.get_InstalledDlls() seems to be a no-go at some point in the code... too bad... CKAN is such a great tool, but I got far too many mods installed from "other sources" by now for it to be viable without functionality such as this would have provided
  14. so what's the difference, blasphemy or no?
  15. wanna hear something that simply feels "wrong"? (even though there's nothing particularly un-right with it) I'm all but surely positive that you can actually download a TI-83 or similar in the form of an app for your iThingy.... I'm really not sure how to feel about that -- anyone?