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  1. I did a two shuttle simultanious runway landing from 130km orbit last week
  2. Hi @Caviar , docking is one of the fine arts in KSP - it needs practice and patience (i asume that you are pretty new to KSP). My mistake in the beginning was to try it with heavy bulky craft. There is a great tutorial in the game. It also covers the rendevous part. (I think it also has a too heavy ship to practice docking) Most important tip is that the dockingports need to be alligned befor trying to dock so one should face 180 the other 0 and so on. Also the speed should be pretty low. Maybe this helps...
  3. Yep - according to @Felbourn's twitter account his real life job needs alot of attention at the moment (and maybe also Zelda). He is, by the way, technical director of a new secret big adventure at Blizzard.
  4. I finished building my Gilly Boring Station with my SkipperShuttle. This needed 6 shuttle launches. At last i had two shuttles side by side in 130km orbit - so i decided to deorbit and land them both simultaniously. More pics in the original posting.
  5. Why not apply for an STS Bagde with the Squad Challenge 'SkipperShuttle'? I made STS Rank 5 Commander (according to Wheaton's Law) but only have my Station/Gilly Base assembled at ~130km circular. But to counterbalance this maybe my flying skills do good. I managed to deorbit two shuttles simultaniously and land them both on the runway
  6. I just built a Gilly base in orbit with the SkipperShuttle i built inspired by this challenge. SkipperShuttle for the reason i didn't want to use those overpowered Vector engines The Shuttle turned out to be my best yet. Not so easy to launch and needs a bit of fuel pumping when hauling its max capacity of 24t fuel into orbit. But it just looks gorgeous On my anticipated last launch for the Gilly Base i decided for roleplay and safty reasons that another shuttle should launch and bring some more fuel and another pilot to get the first shuttle home. And these two pilots turned out to be true badSes. After leaving the station i flew the two shuttles in formation during reentry split them up in the landing approach and landed them both on the runway... Unfortunatley my approach had a too steep reentry to bleed off all the energy in a smooth way. Both had to fly nearly a Split S to land on runway 27. Of Course it took a few reloads before i managed it right. My first approach nearly worked but at 1km/s the timing is pretty critical to not exceed the 25 km limit. Also the SAS played tricks on me - best result was to set the pitch trim and let the aero forces stabilize the vessels. My savegame was about on the west coast of the KSC continent 26.000m rising and 1.4km/s surface vel. I allready was proud on my shuttle now i am a bit more All stock except for Kerbal Alarmclock and the transfer window planner. (I didn't use the installed WarpDrive mod here) Not all the pics are from one run - but the final seven are...
  7. it seems that your image(s) didn't work @swjr-swis. Heres my entry i found two during this carrier. Unfortunatly i had allready unlocked everything in the techtree. I am proud on the second craft - to land such a massive thing on tylo is thrilling.
  8. Just in terms of reliability and failure probability. With all the effort already provided, JWST must reach its L2 halo orbit in full operational condition.
  9. Now the launch of James Webb Space Telescope will be even more exciting. I recently watched a video showing its deployment . Our Ariane5 launcher should be man rated for this mission... I just wondered if the planets would also need a magnetic field like earth (provided by a rotating iron core) to hold on their atmosphere OR if the stars radiation push is so much smaller that it is not necessary to hold on H2. (thats the reason Mars is pretty much dried out - because gravity and magetic fields are so much weaker the solar wind carried away nearly all the H2)
  10. You are welcome.
  11. Great - Even had A-Team in it...
  12. What a great new episode: Especially the camera movement at marker 10 mins is great. Like in many beloved SciFi movies and even better than in Homeworld cinematics...
  13. Very funny. Also the 80's soundtrack ist großartig. I totally missed - A-Team and Night Rider theme... Congrats @Soda Popinski
  14. I can recommend you the MK3 SSTO Guide from Kerbal Space Command. Also watch Part2. I built an MK3 SSTO with 4 Rapiers one ShockCone Intake which gets more than 22ton into a 85km Orbit based on this design. The best hint i got from him is the 10° tilted Probe core - by activating 'Control from here' and 'Point Prograde' SAS you have a very nice reentry...
  15. I hope youtubers can progress with their carreers when major changes are around... Off Topic: nope - its my PC which hasn't enough RAM - so there is no need for me to try it. Maybe next year when StarCitizen arrives *cough* there will be a new system...