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  1. PM away. I had no intention of not crediting you with the original idea ALSO: I came up with some possible other names that sound better: Kerbal economics program Kerbal capitalism program Kerbal politics program
  2. @quasarrgames, Yeah. If I'm hosting, I'll do launches way more frequently. I've been waiting weeks for the Xsat1 launch since:
  3. @Skylon I'm thinking about buying myself blacksilver.io, I would put the website there at /rlksp. I know HTML, CSS, and JS so I can write it.
  4. I think this is everyone involved: TL;DR: Should we start again? Hi everyone, So, it seems that this thread is a little bit dead. Or, at least, @TheEpicSquared is MIA. So, here's my evil plan. I'm going to take over and start a new thread. I've created a Strawpoll: Do you want to (A) Do this and start again, (B) Do this and start over, or (C) Not do this? We'll use the exact same rules, perhaps with a few changes that should have been there in the first place (Hindsight is an amazing thing). If anyone wants to make a badge, that would be cool too. I'll clean up the OP a little; I'll make it a nicer and easier to read. Perhaps we should make ourselves a dedicated wobsite so (a) we can avoid 2.2j and (b) have shiny graphs and stuff. Thanks for reading this whole paragraph. Vote below. EDIT: If you think no, why? Vote HERE. Results
  5. Good luck, @RatchetinSpace. No idea if this is possible. Ad Victoriam.
  6. If you wanted, you could make a ModuleManager patch to mess with Blast Awesomeness Modifier and increase it's max explosion.
  7. I think this is a really trivial problem. Do you have any pilots?
  8. Sarcasm! Another exam tomorrow.
  9. Exams. "Yay"
  10. Got my G1 license
  11. I keep these subassemblies on hand: Vector-III: Literally a 2.5m tri-coupler and three vector engines. Vector-V: S3-3600 tank with five "Vector" engines: Four (Gimbal-locked) outboard, one inboard Vector-VII: S3-3600 tank with seven "Vector" engines: six (gimbal-half) outboard, one inboard. I also sometimes use an unnamed cluster with an inboard gimbal-locked Mainsail and four (Full-Gimbal) Vectors
  12. We could make a challenge of this. Savefile with several hulks in orbit. More expensive hulks farther from Kerbin. You don't have to recover all the hulks Savefile is in science mode with basically-unlimited funds (say, ten million ) No ISRU When you're finished, your score = 10,000,000 - {-when-done} Lowest score wins - and negative scores are (theoretically) possible.