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  1. 3x rescale mod today: Launched a probe to moho (ejection completed, plane change burn still needed.... and a really long capture burn with an ion engine needed unless its a flyby) Launched a 7x RA-100 relay into an orbit at kerbin SOI edge (to boost the connection with the moho relay which is only carrying an RA-15). Then installed the final module on my Mun base at the poles. Also designed an even bigger surface base to send to my mod planet rald with a shuttle that can take longer modules, but I think I'll hold off on launching it and arranging for any transfer to Rald until after my duna base gets set up (which may be never to be honest)
  2. I do it for a burn time calculation - particularly while playing a 3x rescale of kerbin (but only a 1.25x rescale of the atmosphere). The dV requirements are much higher, and as a result my TWR is often much lower to achieve the higher dV needed, so it can be handy for calculating burn time and comparing to time to apoapsis
  3. Many things suggested are already provided by mods, which makes a paid DLC dubious. However, there is value in establishing a standard when there are multiple competing mods (as with life support mods, or mods that provide some sort of electric fan/prop propulsion) I'd like a career overhaul - perhaps with yearly budgets rather than contracts, with budgets that decrease over time and doing things to increase rep increases the budget.. or something like that... just... something other than the contracts system I know its provided by mods - but more customization of the starting system. One could have like 3 solar systems to choose from when starting a new game, in each solar system one gets to choose the starting planet (or at least from a selection of bodies... like Kerbin, Duna, Laythe for the current solar system) scale selection (like 1/9th scale, 1/3rd scale, full scale) I do think a mission builder and mission selector could be nice... as long as a mission can have a bit more to it than the current scenarios, where its just basically a normal save file. Maybe some challenge missions like complete scenario X using as little fuel as possible or the shortest time possible. maybe an in game way of creating the sort of challenges that we see on the forums, and evaluating&sharing those challenge results. It may not be multiplayer, but competing for score could be fun for the more competition oriented.
  4. You have to pay to hire them. The cost is ridiculous - for the cost of hiring 1 kerbal I can buy a resuable SSTO capable of delivering >100 tons to orbit. Each kerbonaut is paid enough to have their own personal SSTO. Imagine getting paid enough to buy a reusable falcon rocket from spaceX!!! thats on the order of 100 million. I suppose you could argue that the ones you rescue don't get paid... but you paid them with their lives... they owe you one
  5. Not just today, but: 3x resizes gameplay. Tweaked the atmosphere to only be 1.25x stock based on the wiki saying "The atmosphere of Kerbin is patterned after Earth's U.S. Standard Atmosphere (USSA), though with the vertical height scale reduced by 20%" Anyway, I finally got around to "completeing" the KSS I had started construction of a long time ago by adding a faux centrifuge module: But as with most space stations around kerbin orbit, I lost interest in it as I can just launch on demand if I need fuel or life support for kerbals. I instead decided to use it as a ship, and had it depart for minmus (whose orbit is swapped with Mun in my game) for refueling. The surface-orbit shuttles for Duna and Rald are fully fueled and in orbit of minmus awaiting departure windows, as is the interplanetary vessel that will serve as a fuel depot and orbital hab (with its engine section detachable as a heavy duty tug/ejector stage). I had already launched the interplanetary LV-N tug... all that was needed was the modules for a modular surface base, so I launched those, connected them to the IP tug, and sent it all to minmus for refeuling (just so that I'd have oodles of dV to spare upon arrival). 4 modules (+1 fuel depot module already in the shuttles/dropships) instead of the 3 I sued for the minmus and Mun base. Also the modules were longer/bigger than the Mun/Minmus modules (the shuttle bays are longer) because the destination is so much farther away, I can't add something on a whim/on demand, so I'm bringing more than for my Mun/minmus base. Speaking of the Mun base. Its construction was halted for a long time due to insufficient fuel for the dropship to return to orbit, load the ISRU module, and then bring the module back down to the surface to support further flights. I had to send extra fuel for it, which took a long time to arrive (remember, 3x resize, and orbit swapped with Minmus). Well, it arrived while I was doing all the other stuff preparing for a Duna-Rald mission, and I found that only the poles of Mun had water. This then came with the challenge of finding a spot that was in perpetual light rather than perpetual darkness, but I think I found it. I had tested the dropship with a ~40 ton payload to the surface and back previously, but I found these much lighter payloads on one way trips gave me much lower margins than I wanted - I had tested equatorial deliveries when it was in a closer orbit (tidally locked = faster rotation the closer it is). The polar orbits used more dV, and then I needed even more to rdvz with the module carrier. Ah well. unloading the ISRU: Unloading the main habitat and command module (with 1 small container greenhouse and 1 algae farm) initial connection of the module: The Munbase is online, but the dropship needs to be refueled one more time to go up and retrieve the greenhouse that will allow the base to indefinitely support 8 kerbals instead of the way it is now where it can only provide enough food to sustain one kerbal (even though I've got 2 kerbals in there). I already have 2 additional crew for the base waiting in orbit of Mun The mun surface base as it is now, with the rover parts flanking the fuel tank, because I still need to fill that tank and transfer the fuel into the nearby dropship 2 more times before its ready to get the greenhouse module. I doubt I'll bother to add a science module and to expand the hab and greenhouse space - no need to increase part count any more when it already has all the functionality that I desire. My minmus base again, for comparison, with fuel tanker:
  6. as people have said in this thread before, its a matter of kerbin not being Earth. Its really small, yet its atmosphere isn't so small. Earth has as 10.6x bigger radius than Kerbin, but its atmosphere is only ~1.25x larger by radius for a given atmospheric pressure/density. On top of this, there is no residual drag after a certain point, so no need to reach a higher orbit than 70km, whereas on Earth an "equivalent" altitude of 87.5 km will decay very very rapidly. So while getting into the thin atmosphere, one must go proportionately much higher, but then one can circularize much lower. The result is that an optimal ascent results in you going much faster in a much thicker atmosphere (proportionately speaking), and this one gets shock heating on ascent.
  7. It was great when it had water kerbillions of years ago. Make it great again: Maybe I should try that again with scatterer and its much better looking water On another note: you really think its more boring than Ike?
  8. Yes yes, some of you were quoting lines from that song with fonzi clones:
  9. No problem, as I said, I understand that these threads come from well intentioned posters who are excited about the game. But they come up so often, that I think we should have a sticky thread, or just one eclipse thread that isnt sticky, but stays at the top like the ~1350 page "What did you do in KSP today?" thread, due to frequent posts of eclipse pics (not just mun eclipses)
  10. We dont need a spaceplane category any more than we need a space rocket/capsule category. (Or non-space/ suborbital, if you prefer)
  11. Its best at kerbin sea level, but that is far from being "best". Look at @Yakuzi 's post. Its certainly not what I want to use on my return stage from moho, or a minmus lander. At Eve sea level, its Isp is worse than an Aerospike, in space and the upper atmosphere, its Isp is worse than an aerospike. It also lacks a bottom node, which is worth consideration. It performs better than any other rocket engine in a narrow atmospheric pressure range. If one were to use airbreathing SSTOs a lot, then by the time one needs rocket engines, the atmosphere is too thin to matter for Isp purposes, and the Mammoth's advantageous regime is gone. I use large cargo carrying SSTOs a lot, so often I never consider the Mammoth. I do consider the mammoth for my disposable launchers, but that isn't necessarily a majority of my flights. And that was done on a 3x rescale game , where one still has to spend about 4000 m/s to get to orbit after the airbreathing phase (one needs to get to >4,000 m/s orbital velocity, but due to the thicker atmosphere and drag being proportional to v^2, the drag losses are much higher). In stock I can launch even more payloads by SSTO
  12. but 2km seems like an excessive margin, and its one that you didn't even maintain for Kerbin. Hitting the upper atmosphere isn't like hitting the side of a mountain. You can have a stable on-rails orbit at 50km on kerbin, and much lower on Duna. There is already a huge margin. Even without time warp, Raise your PE to 90,050 on Eve, and you're good to go. I've seen and built plenty of eve landers that get to orbit with no fuel reserves, and run out of fuel before raising PE above 91km
  13. because these threads come up really really really often, and it would be nice if we had a sticky for them. Its a bit annoying to see so many eclipse threads by newer well meaning members who think they've seen something rare and special, but in reality KSP eclipses are so common that they are an annoyance. A sticky thread for eclipses would really help
  14. (3x size gameplay) After finally fueling my Rald and Duna orbit-surface-orbit shuttles, and finishing my Minmus surface base, I started thinking again about the mission/colonization of the Rald-Duna-Ike system. (I also launched a probe well before the transfer window, cutting inside Eve's orbit to make it to the system and scan the bodies well ahead of the arrival of the rest of the mission, and then become a communication sat (its got an RA-100). I think I'll start with Ike by sending an all in one mining/tanker vessel like my Minmus miner visible a couple pages back, so I can supply fuel if needed while organizing my stuff. Haven't launched it yet, haven't modified the minmus miner design yet, but should just be a tweak of the previous version. Then there's the surface bases for Duna and Rald to produce surplus food/water/oxygen. For RP purposes, I'm going to establish the Duna surface base first, as its a "dead" world, but rald is clearly not. So for RP, the base will be established on Duna to study the past conditions/look for remains of life (presuming Duna was once like Rald, and they swapped material in the past), before sending a base to rald (or perhaps, relocating the base modules to Rald, since I can use the cargo shuttles to move it module by module). I've got the cargo shuttles ready to go, each with a fuel depot module, but I still need a lot more modules: command module, greenhouse module, ISRU module, on one of these modules I've got to add some air filters (in contrast to the Minmus base modules), I'll also include a science lab module (I haven't got around to adding one to the minmus base), a second ISRU module which I've modded to produce Xenon gas from IntakeAtm (so I can do ISRU for Ion drives at Rald), and then probably another fuel truck for hauling xenon to orbit. So, I'm going to need to launch 6 additional modules, and get them to Rald/Duna. The modules dont mass that much, I can get them to orbit, but I'll need a tug to get them to Duna/Rald (I'll make a train out of them). So, I launched a LV-N Tug: no fairing, jut made it aerodynamic, as most LF fuel parts are: Can't really count the final mass in orbit as all payload, since the tug helped out a lot on ascent: Much mor Oxidizer than needed for the vernor RCS, but the module train will probably have some LFO engines to help with initial TWR, so that Ox wont go to waste Recovery of the SSTO for the nth time if anyone cares anymore:
  15. hoe do you figure that the lowest safe altitude for Eve is 92km if the atmosphere height is 90 km? (or 52km for duna, or 220 km for jool, or 51km for laythe? in fact you can put an object on rails for a "safe orbit" well inside the upper atmosphere) For those limited by terrain height, I assume there is some engine quirk that makes collision calcs less accurate if on rails, and you want a clearance of at least 1km from any terrain?