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  1. I figured that out and pretty much said that in a later post Here's some other mountains that I properly resized... I started playing with my Rald planet 3x sized up, with mountain height set to 0.5... which makes the vertical slopes/ the vertical exaggeration actually quite close to the real thing.... also on to my post of what I did recently I abandoned my previous Rald SSTO design in favor of one with liftjets internally carrier (doubling wing area would be more mass efficient, but I don't want to clip parts too much, that many wings would be ugly, and it would be difficult to launch which comes into play later). I also wanted it to have some crew capacity, and an external docking port for easy non-claw refueling in orbit. So, here was the testing: I had hoped a fuel tank payload would enable the rald-ssto to make it to Kerbin LKO where it could be refueled... but I kept coming up short, and as I tweaked the design to try and make it into a kerbin-ssto, it became way too heavy and underpowered for a Rald landing/takeoff (underpowered because of thin air and a high takeoff speed, even small bumps in the terrain become catastrophic). It just couldn't make it to orbit on its own, no matter what I put in the payload bay. I think there were some drag problems wih the mk3 cargobay not properly shielding contents/ parts behind it from drag... but even ignoring that, I decided not to make more design compromises to enable it to SSTO from kerbin. I tried "strap on" recoverable SSTOs to attach to it like I've done for stock Duna transports and such... but in this 3x rescale, I couldn't make them work - each one barely being able to get itself to orbit, much less carry some payload. So... I stuck it on top of a rocket: The Lower SRB and mammoth stage I also began expanding my LKO station: With the station complete enough (plan to add a faux centrifuge section, and top off the tanks), I started preparing surface bases for Mun 3 modules lifted to orbit: I also did a crew transfer to the mining module I had sent to minmus, without a crew, it was mining really slow, and I needed it to top off the dropship that would carry those modules to the surface of Mun Also, some funny astronomy in this modified system... I swapped mun and minmus orbits... this is Mun: Believe it or not... that's about the size it should appear to be a proper moon analogue. Also, that's about the same angular size as Minmus is now that minmus orbits where Mun previously would... no longer is it just a few pixels in the skye I also rescaled the sun's diameter (and modified surface G to compensate), but normally its not visible due to the flare effects... well that is until there was a minmus eclipse: Minmus doesn't cast such a big shadow... but its big enough to block the sun almost completely ^ FYI, that craft is just a small tug for loading the surface modules into the mk3 service bays while the craft is in orbit.
  2. After coming back from a short vacation, yesterday I continued my 3x resize gameplay. I had calculated that I could SSTO still with a non-airbreathing rocket, but the margins are very very thin: I put my airbreathing SSTO design I had tested to use with actual payloads, not dummy payloads: I also launched the core module of a space station for LKO, or perhaps one that I may move to a moon of Kerbin (again, I swapped the orbits of Mun and Minmus) It was relatively light, and the SSTO had a good dV margin, still a few hundred m/s left with rapiers in closed cycle, and the LF reserves for the LV-Ns were still disabled so those aren't showing in the dV display. I also tried to develop a smaller SSTO using a mk3 cargobay rather than a payload fairing, as well as not using any nukes: It's performance was... disappointing: (yes, the design was changed from the pic on the runway). 364 m/s in orbit means that it does have some payload capacity... but it won't be much. I'm going to have to improve it a bit to have a SSTO for smaller payloads. Its about half the mass of my other SSTO, but not half the payload capacity it seems. I also launched my mk3 mun/minmus dropship, and sent it to Minmus orbit where it will refuel from the Minmus ISRU craft I also launched. The ISRU craft was launched via SSTO, the dropship was launched by a 1000 ton "conventional" rocket (ie, a staged crossfeeding design). I also tested my Rald Dropship design...I've got the design to the point where the landing speed before firing the vector is not ridiculous... and I also targeted Rald's "Ancient Airport" which has two strips of terrain that is "flat" (constant elevation), landed there... (since then, I've tweaked Rald's color a bit, that was at only 70% brightness, and not well illuminated). Perhaps I'll always use that, and make another craft that isn't capable of orbit for moving stuff from the airport to other locations. It makes orbit now with its test payload: I wonder if it can self launch from Kerbin using extra fuel stored in its cargobay...
  3. Many times my ambitions turn into tedium.... Missions to every body... OK, did that a long time ago.... although I often didn't complete the mission: land on the body, return to orbit, confirm I've got the dV to get back.... ok, let me do other things before timewarping... never get around to it - even in new sandbox games made just for that one mission. In my careers, the only kerbonauts to go to another planet and return to kerbin ready for another mission went to Moho (I had one returning from Duna, but they never made it before I started a new career). Then my ambition became to establish ISRU at most planets (except Moho and Eeloo for some challenge). But for everything except Eve, Laythe, Tylo, and Duna, that's just sending the same ISRU design that I used on Mun to a new place. For those specific places (I didnt even see a point for Eve or Tylo), after designing the craft, I no longer had the ambition to launch all these ISRU craft. I tried new challenges: Return from Eve sea level... check... fully reusable mission to moho without ISRU, check. SSTO tylo Lander: check. E class asteroid into a circular non inclined orbit around kerbin: check (used a lot of gravity assists from Mun)... sort of abandoned plans to finish circularization and attach a station to it. 0.625m Juno powered SSTO: Check -> send similar SSTOs for use on laythe: lost interest Then I moved on to craft design challenges, For a long time I had been making large SSTOs to haul very large payloads to orbit (I[m talking 8m+ diameter payloads over 150 tons). I started designing modular mobile surface bases to be deployed out of mk3 cargo bays, orbital construction of large things rather than just making massive launch vehicles that can take it all in one go, submarines and a way to deliver them to laythe. I made shuttle designs. I made stock recoverable "flyback booster" designs in honor of SpaceX (although my flyback boosters were winged) I installed OPM to give me more destinations (Tekto being the most interesting, but its basically just a small low gravity Eve)... designed some missions to them, even sent craft on grand tour trajectories... abandoned the saves before they even reached them. - I did make an SSTO to carry cargo for Tekto and tested it there, but lost interest before making a whole mission where I'd use it to set up a surface base and deliver fuel to orbit, etc. (started to put components of the mission into orbit, but abandoned the save before the transfer window came up) I added TAC life support, and started constructing self sustaining modular bases on Mun, Minmus, and set my sights on other planets... after the designs were finished,... yep, abandoned those plans too. I modded my own planets, first a Duna with oceans and O2, then a larger mars based planet. For the last one, I did an "alien space program" mod for it based on this: yep... abandoned that save too (and the Duna and laythe space program saves I also tried). Now I'm playing with a 3x solar system rescale mod. It took me a while to adjust my designs for getting payloads to orbit (my airbreathing SSTO payload fraction dropped from 40+% to 10-11%, my SSTO rockets have payload fractions of less than 1%, and the staged rockets are only getting around 10% as well), and I designed a modular space station to construct in LKO as a staging point for colonization of this much bigger and more demanding system... but I know I can do it, each component is well within my launch vehicle's capabilities, and I just launched the core modules... but I'm starting to feel like actually finishing the station will just be tedious rendezvous and docking, then recover the SSTO that launched them. I just launched the mk3 cargo dropship to bring base modules down to Mun, but I'm thinking it would be tedious to build the Mun surface base just like the LKO station. I also launched my Minmus Mining vessel (in my modded system, in addition to the 3x enlargements of bodies and orbits, I switched the orbital parameters of Minmus and Mun) - its an all in 1 designs with no need for a kerbal and life support: 1 launch, no surface base... much less tedious than the modular Mun base and dropship that I was planning... but in this save, it takes ~1650 m/s to get an intercept, and several hundred more to capture and land. I had to launch a reusable transfer stage... but so far I havent gotten around to doing the rendezvous and docking (although I plotted the rendezvous maneuver). Basically.... I solve the design and perhaps piloting challenge a few times... and then I don't have the ambition to do it many more times to actually do the thing that I designed my craft to do. It used to be I had the ambition to complete interplanetary projects: Then stuff in kerbin SOI: ^ Part of a mission to laythe, I sent it and its buddies on intercept courses to Jool with gravity captures... they got out of Kerbin SOI, but never to Jool Now... I often barely get beyond LKO or even KSC before losing interest in taking the design to another planet:
  4. Still playing with 3x rescale of stock kerbin system + my mod planets. I've got rockets and SSTOs to kerbin orbit, a mk3 dropship for mun... so I started trying to make a SSTO for my planet Rald (which went from 450km radius to 1,350 radius). First attempt: Didn't have enough pitch authority to get a high enough angle of attack to have it maintain level flight below ~300 m/s in Rald's thin atmosphere... landings were unsuccessful, Went for liftjets, panther's dont do as well as turboramjets in the thin atmosphere: With a vector for the final phase of the landing, I was able to set it down: It came up short on dV to get to orbit (plenty of spare LF), and with all the turboramjets + the vector underneath, it kept wanting to tuck under during the closed cycle phase. Relocated the turboramjets to positions on the wings (so that it doesnt want to pitch down so much)/ mk3 canards, and changed out the 2x Mk3 Liquid Fuel Fuselage and changed it to 2x Mk3 Liquid Fuel Fuselage Short and 2x Mk3 Rocket Fuel Fuselage Short... it has the dV now, but i havent tested its flight performance or terminal landing characteristics.
  5. I didn't go full RSS, but I'm now experimenting with a rescale mod and other kopernicus changes... Kerbin being 3,600km in diameter changes the game quite a bit... Just getting to Mun now is a major endeavor. >5,000 m/s needed to reach orbit, ,1650m/s to transfer to Mun, 300 m/s to capture, 1,000 m/s to land ...
  6. Well, continuing my 3x rescale fun, I confirmed that yes... the mountains were way too high. I set the terrain to 1.5x height... thinking that because the other rescale was set to 3, that they'd essentially be 1.5/3 = half as steep.... well... nope, it seems their height was multiplied by 1.5*3: So... I changed that multiplier to 0.5 instead of 1.5... much better and more realistic looking for the new more realistic looking planet kerbin (the curvature isn't so noticeable from low altitude/the mountain tops) Next, as there is no reason my surface rovers/base modules will behave any differently in the scaled up system, I scaled up mk3 dropships and used the alt-f12 menu to put them in Duna/Mun orbit with dummy 45 ton payloads... because I wasn't going to build a craft and launch them to Mun which is now much farther out and needs 1630 m/s dV to reach it: So... I cut out the frills like a mk3 cockpit, but I gave it plenty of TWR, probably too much, and a docking port Sr. so it can attach a reusable booster to get it to Mun I have to remember that the loading ramp is the front: anyway, it passed the dV and payload test: The Duna-Drop ship didn't fare so well, I gave it a lot of dV hoping that I could do propulsive landings and operate it without needing to re-pack chutes (and thus, no kerbals needed), but with all that fuel, landing it softly was a challenge even with the emergency chutes - my best result had it land soft enough to not disassmble right away, but it bounced on the gear a bit and knocked off a wing: I could still get it back to orbit on rocket thrust alone if I could just knock off the other wing. At least it would get the payload down intact. I put the duna drop ship on the back burner, and had another crack at a kerbin SSTO with a better payload capacity: Its got the same number of engines as my last design, but its packing a lot more fuel, and masses over 100 tons more. I tried two different ascent profiles, but got similar results: So for those completely full tanks (and thus can count as payload since their storage capacity wasn't needed for ascent), the empty masses are 4,2, and 1.79. 7096 liquid fuel is left, and 6781 oxidizer is left... which amounts to 69.385 tons of fuel/oxidizer in orbit... combined with the dry mass of the tanks that can count as payload, that's 77 tons to a 120x120 orbit, and a payload fraction of over 11% Meanwhile, I've concluded that a SSTO rocket (no airbreathing) carrying any sort of a payload is basically impossible under these conditions, assuming: 1.5 pad TWR and a 25:1 engine TWR, means that the enging will be at least 6% of the total mass of the rocket. Fuel tanks have a dry mass of 11.11% of their wet mass. For an atempt at an SSTO rocket is going to have a dry mass of at least 15% its wet mass, I'll assume an average Isp of 300... it could get a dV of 5500 m/s. Getting to orbit of stock kerbin has one lose ~1000 m/s to gravity and aero drag. This 3x bigger kerbin requires much faster speeds in the atmosphere, spending more time in the atmosphere, and 4,000 m/s horizontal speed once about the atmosphere. Anyway... I can reuse base modules/rovers from my previous saves, I've got a working Mun dropship, and a moderate lift SSTO... time to start colonization of kerbin's SOI
  7. Well, I'm sure its not KSP specific, that's why its in the lounge and not tech support. I have this same issue with other game folders
  8. Having gotten bored of Stock KSP... and all the mod planets too, but not quite ready for RSS because KSP parts are underpowered for a real scale solar system (I've tried before, I could get to orbit, but payload fraction was horrible), and I don't want to make the leap to real fuels and all the extra parts and downloads for an RSS overhaul. So, I finally got around to using Sigma Dimensions: I rescaled almost everything to 3x the size and 3x the SMA, Config details here: I'll ignore the changes I made to the rest of the system for now, as I was only playing around in kerbin's SOI. The most pertinent change here, is that I swapped the orbits of Mun and Minmus - Mun being where Minmus is actually makes it a much better analogue for Earth's moon. Minmus will probably end up being a major staging area for me in this game. I also turned heating way down because LKO orbital velocity is about 1.7x as fast, and with a V^3 relationship, I was expecting heating to be 5x higher. I had previously thought that with this rescale, I'd be able to get my old SSTO that had a payload capacity of something like 160 tons to get 60 tons to orbit.... Well aerodynamic drag was much higher than I anticipated, the wings needed to generate much more lift at the same air density, because of the difference in orbital velocity I figured I'd try a 72 ton payload and use fuel from the payload as needed.... I was disappointed in the result: So, I embarked on an "enhancement" program to get it to 1.5 orange tanks of payload (54 tons) to a 150km orbit (in this version, Kerbin's atmosphere ends at 105 km) More engines, slightly more fuel, 2x LV-Ns and 2x aerospikes for better vacuum performance: Didn't perform very well, LV-Ns didnt have a lot of excess LF to use. Aerospikes didn't give it enough TWR without the rapiers, and the top airbreathing speed was reduced... so, aerospikes gone, more LF, 4x LV-Ns ... still came up short, so I switched out the short mk2 to 1.25m adaptors for the long ones (more fuel, less drag), switching the back tank from the old "oil drum" to an orange tank, changed the chines on the front to the ones that carry 100 LF each, and some small aero surface changes: Success! 54 ton payload released, redocking the center section in progress: Redocked, just as it flies into the night: Daylight images: So... still, it didn't have much in the way of fuel left... going up to a 150km orbit was perhaps pushing it a bit. I used up all the LF lowering the perapsis to about 50km (this is equal to about 33km in normal KSP) I was able to deorbit well enough (there was no heating problem, gauges didnt even show, I guess I nerfed heating too much) that I landed it on the runway my first try (I think those mountains are too big) 531 tons takeoff weight, 54 tons into orbit... better than 10% payload fraction... Then I decided to do an apollo style mission. The first rocket: That was supposed to get it to orbit, and have fuel to get a Mun intercept (requires ~1650 m/s in this config)... looks like it may be a 1 way trip, as the service module propulsion used almost all of its fuel just getting the intercept, and the LEM descent stage fuel will probably be needed to capture. So I made a bigger rocket.4 LFBs instead of 2, with an extra orange tank on top of each one +an extra big white tank on the center stack. I need to reinstall KER, but it got the 3rd stage to orbit over half full, so I think its in buisiness. This staged rocket was 870 tons on the pad, and got 92 tons into orbit (subtracting empty tankage that was used to put it in orbit, but including the KR-2L that finished putting it into orbit, but was also going to be used to transfer to Mun)... so about 10% payload fraction as well. 10% is what SSTO rockets could easily get in stock KSP... this crossfeeding staged rocket is barely getting 10%... I like the increase in difficulty. Its put the fun and challenge back in getting to orbit, and doing a Mun landing. Although... I'm tempted to throw in my Rald Space Program config, to make it easier to start a game... with the 3x rescale, velocity in low Rald's orbit should be about the same as low orbit around stock Kerbin
  9. Awesome... but now the question of shielding must be raised... how much shielding would one need? I was wondering if we shouldn't have the mothership crack some of that water, and give the craft 2 cryogenic tanks that it could fill with water, or H2 and O2. Then it can come in and land "cold" using just chemical thrusters (sort of a pebble bed LANTR), allowing the crew to disembark with minimal radiation danger. The crew could then embark and be safe in the shielded cabin before starting up the reactor for liftoff. The pebbles would be exchanged and reprocessed in the mothership after each flight. Uranium by itself is easy to shield, and not very "hot", but after its been fissioning for a while with all those actinides and lanthanides building up... yowza..
  10. Question... what is the difference between atmospheric height, and atmospheric depth? If I don't touch the atmo settings under "advanced settings" and just change atmo height by 3, may I assume that the atmosphere curve is the same, just with every height value multiplied by 3? or does it just raise the limit at which the game considers the atmosphere to end... leaving a large region of very very low drag atmosphere?
  11. I've tried everything to modify permissions ofthe file folder... they won't modify. I've followed all the guides, /checked/unchecked various permisssions, the changes aren't applied. I just tried to revert from the 1.2.9 prerelease to be able to use mods, and steam cant do it because of file permissions. I can make an entire copy of the game folder... but deleting the old one requires me to manually delete every single sub folder before I can delete a folder... I'm going through, deleting it now so I can reinstall, but it is very very tedious. pics: I am at a loss here...
  12. It can be, but potassium is mainly intracellular, whereas sodium is mainly extracellular. Sweat, being an extracellular fluid, contains much more sodium than potassium. Proportionately speaking, you'll lose a greater % of your sodium reserves than your potassium reserves when sweating.... Of course... in theory, you could lick your own sweat after it has dried... I used to run a lot, and I'd have salty deposits on me after running, particularly on my brow/face... when first showering... I could taste that the water coming off of my head was salty... also... this may be a bit gross but... my cat liked to lick my skin when there was a lot of salt from dried sweat... I didn't worry much about eating too much, or having too much sodium in my diet back then... running 10 miles a day in a semi-arid climate (California... not some humid place where the sweat just stick to you and doesn't really evaporate) resulted in secreting a lot of salt... I loved to eat chips and salsa afterwards... particularly spicy salsa that encouraged drinking a lot of ice water. Chips(mostly carbs)-> replenish glycogen, salt on chips-> replenish lost salts, spicy salsa + water = drink a lot of water -> replenish lost water.
  13. I've got this new idea: We could put humans on mars using rockets! Seriously... this idea is 50 years old. Its been suggested for the Moon, for Mars, even for Earth (with the end of the railgun elevated quite a bit so that the muzzle is high in the atmosphere in thinner air - although many other similar designs that don't use EM propulsion have been proposed like this as well). There was some saying I was trying to find, buy my searching only found a song with a similar title... here are some of the lyrics:
  14. In that case: Its not that you're drinking water, its that you're sweating and losing water AND minerals. Drinking plain water solves the water loss problem, but not the mineral loss. That is why gatorade was developed ("Its got electrolytes!" - I hope people get this reference ). In the case of gatorade, high sugar content makes some sense. A common low cost treatment for diarrhea in 3rd world countries is the so called "Oral Rehydration Therapy" - people also lose a lot of water and minerals when suffering from diarrhea. The treatment is to give them what is essentially gatorade until the bout of diarrhea is over. There is a specific process called "Glucose coupled sodium transport" The large amount of sugar in some sports drinks actually makes sense if you are really active and sweating large amounts... but its not something you should be drinking while lounging around just because you like the sweet taste. Also see: If you aren't sweating, you don't need to replace lost sodium, and most food has more than enough. If you aren't doing something that rapidly dehydrates you, then plain water is fine, and you don't need glucose enhanced uptake of water and sodium to replenish your water/sodium stores at a faster rate.
  15. What I do is buy carbonated water, and some lime juice. Like this stuff: Add lime juice to the carbonated water, and drink that instead of commercial soda, or many fruit huices that have way too much sugar added.