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  1. I too am a 5-13 victim ! seem to remember reading the contract at the store how I would never be charged for any further updates. Guess I read it wrong! Nether the less, this is just wrong.
  2. What a great idea ! I'd buy a set, imagine, all the KSP planets and moons hanging in the room where you KSP !
  3. Nailed it !
  4. Okay, someone wipe the drool off my chin.
  5. Burn the mother down
  6. What a refreshing rant! No negativity here, nothing but prograde.
  7. Just completed a contract for extracting 900 units of ore from Minmus. ( didn't have to bring it back or anything ) Refined some of it to fill the tank for return to Kerbin. Still have like 500 units left over. Here comes the stupid question,,, Is that extra ore worth any kerbucks if I return it, or should I just jettison it ?
  8. More "further ado".
  9. Aw man, all this time I thought he was eye-balling his new pool cue!
  10. Yeah 5th, Nice catch. Useful to many players for sure
  11. That is one sweet pic! I like it.
  12. "So, without further ado," more ado
  13. I'm no expert in this and judging by the response to your thread, Hmm, All I know is, it would certainly help if you had a HG-5 on your lander. And a high polar orbit for the octo probe