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  1. Kerbals swim and float, Nokias do not.
  2. Yep, Use to be able to "deploy drills" Why it's gone I don't understand.
  3. H,mmm, Sounds like a case of "Tyler syndrome"!
  4. Not impressed. Especially of the first five minutes of contrived failures.
  5. I'm not your type.
  6. I'd go back in the house and make a stiff drink!
  7. Post card perfect! other side reads: "Wish you were here!"
  8. I like your positive approach but, What is an "ITS"?
  9. Being from Michigan, all it means to me is "Upper Peninsula".
  10. Sounds like a personal problem
  11. Nice fenders, Are they for Mun mud? Why not some Mun mud flaps and some inappropriate chrome inlays? Just kidding. Love the folding wheels concept.
  12. i thought I saw a staging problem I did, I did see a staging problem!
  13. My sympathies, I've got the same problem, only worse! Got a contract to retrieve an XL-3 from the surface of Minmus. I've tried (in test conditions) to pick it up with the Klaw to no avail. Seems the Klaw just doesn't consider it to be a part.
  14. I bought KSP in late 5-13 from the store. Almost 4 years ago. But now, if I want the (expansion pack) or the (update), depending on what terminology you agree with, I'll have to pay "x" amount for "what it's not really clear yet" at what yet date, (Not really clear yet either) . It just feels so unfair. Am I alone here?
  15. OMG,Roller Coaster Tycoon gone wild!