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  1. I've been playing around with Infernal Robotics for the first time since restarting KSP (a few months ago). Something you can do to secure the arm so it doesn't flop around is to put KAS Struts on it, and secure it before take-off and re-entry. Of course that requires having someone go into the cargo hold while still on the ground. Another option would be to secure them with Stock Struts to a small decoupler. That's what I used on this rover to deploy the rocker-bogie wheels. Something else that can help with getting a robotic arm to fit, is instead of using girders, use Infernal Robotics Pistons. I've only got a Mk2 SSTO built so far, but this was a way to squeeze in a (tweakscaled) robotic arm into the cargo hold. Ignore the landing please.
  2. Not sure how that happened. I haven't touched the file in days. Could have been a copy/paste error by someone.
  3. I'm not sure which version you have, but here's a link to the Dev Build. It's different than on the forum thread.
  4. If you're using Infernal Robotics, make sure to use the KJR Dev Build, otherwise it'll jam up IR.
  5. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. The GitHub manual states biologists can do research. I don't see that happening? Do I need to level them up more, am I bugging out, or is that out dated information?
  7. You could bring up the shuttle, do the first module, park the shuttle at the garage, then do the next part on your next turn.
  8. Excellent mod. Getting use to the constraints of build times. Quick question. What's the current fix / work around for having a recovered spaceplane spawn standing on its tail? I tried to ease it down, but it went timber and crunched. I could hack gravity, but I'm worried what that might do to other stuff I have parked around KSC.
  9. Done. Added some crew cabins and power generation to my Munar Bus. When fueled up (if we can fix the mining rig), it should still have enough delta-V to get to Duna and back (barely), with 2811 m/s. Probably a good idea to re-fuel there or burn off some RCS during the prograde burn. Note: I noticed two decouplers between the ore tanks and drill. I set cross-feed to Enable on them, but didn't see a difference. Might have to try putting an ore tank between the drill and the rest of the station. Here's the launch, mis-docking, and final docking. I took myself off the top of the list. I took the liberty of putting Joseph Kerman on the queue, since he forgot, and put myself on after him.
  10. Yes. Only way to keep the part count to 5 that I could think of. Maybe our descriptions should also include the parts we used. 53miner53, would it be possible to add a link directly to the Parts List on the original post? Unless I missed it, I need to click on the Save File link to find it.
  11. I didn't make it, but if I recall, the opposite facing Mainsails are something from Mass Effect. I already noted the Munar bus I added, and will probably just add a couple of passenger cabins, and solar panels so it can generate power en route to the Mun or Duna.
  12. I thought RS-25E or RS-25F were to be made as replacements for the RS-25. They (Aeroject Rocketdyne) haven't even started manufacturing them.
  13. Please don't leave the SSTO parked at KSS due to part count. There's a parking garage 30km Prograde. A 3.6 - 4.0 m/s retro burn at apoapsis should set up a rendezvous 1 orbit later at apoapsis.
  14. Sounds great to me. You can de-orbit with just the RCS thrusters (it'll take a while), and lose the engine to get the part count to 5 (assuming you have 1 RCS block on the end). I was going to put up a 5 part escape pod, but it could only hold 3. Instead, I'll probably add PV and a battery to my Munar Bus, as I realized there's no way to make power when the Twin Boar isn't going.
  15. Funny how often my kOS autopilot script *lands* me here (get it?).