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  1. Cubic Octagonal Struts. I've used them for everything from making anything radially attached to making skids out of them. Need to make a weird shaped structure? Good for that too!
  2. Why not just change the default keys? Before getting back into KSP, I was playing Elite: Dangerous for a year and a half (at least). Since that has translational controls too, I just switched my KSP controls to match what I was use to. I should note, I play with a HOTAS. Same mini-joystick to translate, rudders for Yaw, stick for pitch/roll and even the same buttons for lights, gears, and brakes. Makes it much easier switching back and forth.
  3. Curie Station has gotten even bigger. It's getting kind of crowded. Got 2 tankers docked, 2 nuklear tugs, 1 RCS tug, 1 SSTO, and a new Space Station en route to Mun (picking up personnel). I also brought up more "re-entry kits" to de-orbit debris / empty capsules / rescued capsules. The Munar Bus passenger trailer is connected at the end, as I'm going to use the Bus drive section to haul the new Henrietta Lacks Munar Orbital Laboratory out. I plan to add a truss with more radiators. For now I can't run the PDU 100% as it gets too hot. I'll likely add solar panels and batteries to the truss, so I can cover all my power needs via solar.
  4. Quite the blast from the past. Technically, I'm still playing this save-game. It's the same one I'm currently doing a big rescue mission for. Check my sig to see the mission report / cinematic if you like seeing my builds. I'm taking a little break right now. You might get a kick out of my current space station in 1.2. The main station consists of an MSL, Hitchhiker, MKS Akaedemy, MKS Power Unit, various life support parts. Currently there's a crappy SSTO attached, 2 nuklear tugs, an RCS tug, 2 tankers, and the new Munar orbital station (contract), docked to pick up personnel and get a tug to Munar orbit.
  5. Instead of learning to land my horrible, horrible SSTO, I've decided to make an autopilot landing script in kOS. Many, many hours later of debugging (~600 lines), and tuning PID Loops that all interact (speed/throttle, ascent/descent, and hold altitude), I finally got something that heads back towards KSC. I'm not even going to show you when I accidentally set the landing zone to 70 meters below sea level (I get those -/+ signs mixed up a lot).
  6. Thanks for the advice. I've since unlocked a few more super-sonic parts. Great idea with placing the cockpit back. I actually did that with Science Hot Rod. I went with the MkII as I needed the cargo hold to put in command chairs for rescues.
  7. Finally unlocked the Whiplash in my current game. Until I get a chance to build a new SSTO, here's what I've got (barely) in orbit using the Panther. I have yet to land it successfully (nobody killed). I can get it to 72 x 72km with about 30m/s delta-V left. And that's using a complicated 10 step ascent sequencer I wrote in kOS. Here's an earlier version, where I couldn't even get it off the runway. I've got it docked to my space-station. The SSTO needed a boost from a tanker to get up to this altitude.
  8. Showing my age, but I had that toy.
  9. So right now, I've got the SSTO berthed (on top), 2 fuel tankers with those great looking (high part count) inflatable tanks (replace when I unlock Mk. III fuselage), the Heisenberg Nuklear Tug below, and half of the Bohr Munar Bus (passenger trailer / aka "Short Bus") on the left. Neat animation of launching the MKS Akademy module along with a truss with attached de-orbit pods. Here's more detail on the construction. Edit: It's getting kind of crowded. Got 2 tankers docked, 2 nuklear tugs, 1 RCS tug, 1 SSTO, and a new Space Station en route to Mun (picking up personnel).
  10. Curie Orbital Akademy and Gas Station has taken between 3 to 6 launches, thus far depending on how you count. I'm learning / messing with MKS, hence the akademy module, and power distribution module. The original launch consisted of an MSL and Hitchhiker Can as a habitat, along with a set of Nom-o-Matics. While launching the second module of the Ada Lovelace Munar Kolony, I stopped by Curie to grab a couple of scientists, and also brought along a small truss with an inflatable mini-habitat, and the newly invented Docking Ports (not Jrs). I attached it with the Jr. Port on board. This truss also had an antenna, as I sort of forgot one on the original launch. Having accepted a contract to rescue some kerbals, I figured I could bring them down on my crappy SSTO which I have yet to successfully land. Crappy SSTO, "Reliant" I found after orbiting it at 72km, I didn't have the delta-V to get it up to 150km, where Curie lives. I was already getting ready to launch my first tanker, and figured I could rendezvous and refuel it en route. The tanker launch vehicle had extra lift capacity, so I included another Truss segment along with 4 de-orbit pods. The Truss had 4 docking ports around the middle. Turns out, my SSTO docking port was right at about the CoM, so instead of refueling it, I just attached it to the tanker's front docking port, and pushed it up to Curie. At that point, I realized I couldn't dock the SSTO to the truss docking ports, because there wasn't enough room. So I attached it to the end of the truss for now, with plans to bring up docking tubes in a later launch. On the 2nd tanker launch, I included hardware to de-orbit any other capsules I get on rescues (heat-shield, probe core + batteries, parachutes, and Konstruction Docking Port Jrs). The next big construction launch was to send up the MKS Akademy and required Power Distribution Unit (turned out to be overkill). This would be used to train up Kolonists for the Ada Lovelace Munar station and future Minmus kolony. I included 4 docking tubes along with an RCS tug to help put them in place and with future berthing operations. Here's an image before I de-orbited the last engine stage. I realized later I should have disassembled them for MKS parts, but oh well. So right now, I've got the SSTO berthed (on top), 2 fuel tankers with those great looking (high part count) inflatable tanks (replace when I unlock Mk. III fuselage), the Heisenberg Nuklear Tug below, and half of the Bohr Munar Bus (passenger trailer / aka "Short Bus") on the left. The drive section of the Bohr is picking up an empty 2 kerbal passenger compartment from a previous rescue, which I'll convert into a de-orbit vehicle for a tourist and rescuee. This was necessary, as I originally planned to bring them down on the SSTO in the lawn chairs in the cargo hold, but realized the tourist can't EVA to it. At this point, I realized I can't run the PDU for too long, while in sun, as the heat build up is too high. I included Konstruction Ports on the PDU with plans to attach trusses with Gigantor Panels once I unlock them to take the strain off the nuklear reactor. That should help make the fuel last longer. With the heat issues, I'll also throw on some more radiators.
  11. Them Dukes! Them Dukes!
  12. Here's my Rocker-Bogie suspension based rover. The system is the type used on the JPL Mars rovers. Ground tests. Deploying on the Mun After a 300km drive, the joints look a bit janky, but I was still able to use it as a bulldozer. Probably not so good for it.
  13. This is a triumph. I'm making a note here.
  14. Until I unlock more stuff in Roverdude's Modular Kolonization System, this is my completed station, "Curie Orbital Akademy & Gas Station." Main points Mobile Processing Lab to convert that data into science and life support recycling Hitchhiker habitat to for habitat/life support 2 attached Liquid Fuel Tankers (using MKS inflatable tanks, since I haven't unlocked the Mk. III parts yet Inflatable Habitat for more hab/life support Newly attached set of trusses with 8 de-orbit pods and an RCS tug Tundra Akademy to train up the kerbonauts Tundra Power Distribution Unit with nuclear fuel / waste storage Here's a clip of bringing up those last few parts. I've currently got a pathetic SSTO attached, which couldn't even make it to this 150km orbit. I've only unlocked up to the Panther, and could get it barely to 72km in orbit. Docked it with one of the tankers which brought it the rest of the way. Here's a still to get a closer look. Note, I hadn't jettisoned the booster attached to the Akademy module.
  15. Actually, he forgot to buckle his seat-belt.