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  1. Based on being focused, I'd guess they're not omni. The question is, can they be used as Relays with CommNet?!
  2. The JPL built Mars rovers have all used a "Rocker Bogie" suspension system, which allows all 6 wheels to remain grounded. Though, I've built this type of thing in Besiege, and even in VR with Fantastic Contraption, I've never made one in KSP. After installing Infernal Robotics, and having free spinning washers, I realized I finally could. It's called a Rocker Bogie, because it uses 2 wheel bogies (like on a train), which are connected with rockers. There pivot points are completely unpowered, with just gravity keeping the 6 wheels on the ground. My previous Besiege build used a differential gear similar to the one on Spirit and Opportunity to keep the rover body upright. Without gears, I ended up making a Differential Bar, like what was used in Sojourner and Curiosity. Here's some quick clips of the thing. First up is my proof of concept rovering around Kerbal Space Center. Though robust, I could still use bigger wheels. Hopefully, getting this thing on Mun will help me get more science to further unlock the tech tree. In order to get it to fit a bit better into a 2.5m rocket with the smaller fairings (haven't unlocked 3.75m yet), I opted to use some Infernal Robotics sorcery to make it fit, along with taking advantage of the free spinning rear bogie to stow up unpside down. I also loaded it with the life support parts I needed for a long stay, as I'm running MKS. And here it is on Mun. I've never seen a "Lode," so I landed near one and checked it out. At that point, I was just under 300km away from Munar Station Ada Lovelace. So time to start roving. I was expecting it to be a tedious drive, so I've been working on a Rover Autopilot system made in kOS. I've been playing with PID Controls for Cruise Control. Problem is, I tuned it around flat ground near KSC, but it needs a lot of adjusting for the hilly terrain on Mun. I'm averaging about 5m/s, so it'll be a while. About half way to the station now.
  3. I built a Rocker-Bogie suspension system for my Rover I plan to land on the Mun. Same system JPL has used on their Mars Rovers. The Rocker-Bogie system first flew on the "Sojourner" on the Mars Parthfinder, then on the Mars Exploration Rovers, "Spirit" and "Opportunity," and finally on the Mars Science Laboratory, "Curiosity." It's called a Rocker-Bogie because it's able to rock (duh), and it uses 2 wheel bogies, like a train. The system should allow all 6 wheels to stay on the ground under most circumstances. Probably overkill for KSP muns. Sojourner and the MERs used a differential gear between the two main rocker joints to keep the rover aligned with the average pitch of the main rocker arms. I previously used this when I made one in Besiege. I couldn't figure out how to build a differential gear here, so I went with a differential bar. It was good enough for the Curiosity Rover. Wish I thought of that when I made one in Fantastic Contraption. The joints were made using Infernal Robotics Free moving Washers. The main rover body was from Wild Blue Industries. I'm not sure if the wheels are from Wild Blue Industries or Modular Kolony System.
  4. Still too early in the tech tree. I haven't unlocked ISRU, or even KerbNet scanning yet. My previous games in older versions, have used ScanSat and Kethane, so I'm curious to see how this all works. I haven't done anything with KerbNet yet. It's fine to set up the relay network, I've got a contract to set up a satellite in Munar orbit anyway. That can easily act as a relay station, even if it's not 100% coverage yet.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Good to know I don't need to bring it in as a resource. I think you're right about the coms shadow, I just remembered, it was bright out, and it's a New Mun back on Kerbin, so I must be on the far side. Crap, I just realized I've made a huge mistake. The Mun's tidally locked, so I'll need to setup a relay network. I'm new to CommNet, as my main game I've been playing is pre 1.0. In a previous game, I managed it with Remote Tech, so it shouldn't be too hard. Edit: Typo, meant "Duna Pioneer module"
  6. I'm new at MKS myself, and had the same thing happen with a Ranger Agricultural inflatable. This was over the Mun where I was about to land my first MKS setup, so my craft had space to attache the inflatable. I EVAd out an engineer with the drill equiped along with Bob to have enough kerbals to move the heavy object. I very carefully position my Kolony ship to within 2 meters of the inflatable, grabbed it, and attached it to my Scout Lander. I was then able to get the rescuee out, and had a bonus agricultural module! Unfortunately, I realized later, adding that module broke my Build a Base on the Mun contract, as it wasn't considered a new part. No good deed goes unpunished. If you want to see my craft with the attached module in space, I've got it on Imgur. But, hey, while I'm posting here, I've got a few newbie questions. This first kolony has got a Duna Pioneer module and a stock MSL on the Scout Lander. I've got them connected by flex-tube, so they register as one "craft." I've got an antenna on the MSL which happily transmits science. But when I try Training on the Pioneer, it tells me there's no Antenna. Does a separate antenna need to be on the Pioneer. It's also possible the Pioneer is unpowered, as I'm not sure sure if the MSL solar panels provide power without cables attached. I guess the question is, do I need an antenna, or is it the lack of power? One last thing. I may be reading things wrong, but I wanted to build out a module, but need "machinery" which I understand I can send in a cargo pack, but it also states "1000 Construction" and I can't find "Construction" as a resource anywhere. Thanks
  7. I gave it a shot. It didn't work out too well. I tried heating him up directly with the propelling rocket. Turns out kerbals explode if you heat them past 800 kelvins. Mainsail was insta-death. Went smaller, and he tended to blow up within a second at full thrust. I suspect kerbals, like all parts have a core and a skin temperature. In the plane, I was able to evenly heat him up below exploding temperature. It's tougher to get that right with my Kerbal Kannon. Anyways, here's a quick video of a representative attempt.
  8. Likely to settle a bet.
  9. I'll second Science Mode. I'd actually suggest start in Science to get the hang of it and learn the tech tree a bit, without worrying about funds. Get to liquid fueled rockets, and by that time you should have a good handle on things. At that point, start a Career game as the contracts will give you better and better challenges.
  10. I'm a bit confused. I wrote no such thing on the date in question. I'm guessing it was Soda Popinskulan being quoted. Or it could have been Vodka Drunkenski. People get us confused all the time.
  11. If you put a decoupler on to release him from the chamber, it could shoot red hot kerbals! I foresee a GIF coming tonight.
  12. What sorcery was used to connect the RAPIERs with nothing but struts?
  13. Probably easier to make a "kiln" with a mainsail firing directly onto Jeb. Sort of like a Kerbal sauna or spa.
  14. The cockpit got really hot. When I popped him out after landing, I was surprised to find he was red hot. I wish I got the screenshot 10 seconds earlier, as he was glowing brighter. After 5 seconds after the shot, he cooled off enough to stop glowing.
  15. Though I meant to finish my 0.235 rescue mission before letting myself get started on 1.2, I couldn't help myself. Just starting career, and haven't unlocked much in the way of super-sonics. This one on the Wheesly barely breaks the sound barrier. It does run a little hot. As you can see Jeb is literally glowing with black body radiation.. Doesn't help I've got the cockpit adjacent to the engine. Maybe I should add some radiators. Here's the craft file with the added radiator (not yet Stock). If you want to give Jeb back that healthy glow, just remove the radiator panel (below the cockpit). If you want to give the thing quite a speed boost, remove the parachutes so it'll hit (almost?) mach 2. P.S. I don't think Jeb can get back in once he egresses. The rear stabilizer blocks the port. That's fine, I haven't unlock ladders yet, so he can't even get back up. I've got a probe core in the trunk. Shoot, I just realized I made this for testing my autopilot, so the current craft file has the kOS scrip module, so you'll need kOS. I'll upload a version without it later.