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  1. Wow. You must be psychic! @mrmcp1
  2. Unity can "easily" incorporate Oculus Support. It would be great if the Oculus Touch controllers could be used as 3D mice in the VAB. Even if full VR support isn't included (no headset, as the GUI can get wonky). Alternatively, if anybody knows a way to emulate a 3D mouse with the Touch Controllers, that would be great.
  3. There's not a lot of source material on the Thunderbolt on-line. I lent my copy of the DVD set to a friend, so I couldn't go and re-watch them for those scenes. I may give it another whack when I get a chance. If I ever install BD Armoury, I'll have to put in that gattling gun.
  4. To be fair, if you average out the locations of the vessels, it's a direct hit. This has been my philosophy in First Person Shooters. Whenever two enemies show up, I take the average, and aim between them. So, statistically, I'm winning.
  5. Nice! Great use of the spaceplane fuselage parts. I'm still getting use to using clipping for my builds. Turning those winglets to 45 degrees may help a bit with vertical stability, which is I'm guessing might be an issue.
  6. Fixed that for you.
  7. I'm sure I'm the first guy named Soda to make a Babylon 5 aerospace fighter.
  8. It is definitely a cool name. You got pics up yet?
  9. Set an Alarm Clock when playing. I don't mean Kerbal Alarm Clock, I mean an actual Alarm Clock, like on your watch or smart phone. Otherwise, you'll spend way too much time on the game and not get enough sleep.
  10. I'm not a big spaceplane builder, but I've made a few. I've never used the cheat menu for re-entry or general gameplay. Of course this may be a consequence of not having made a large spaceplane in a while. The bigger, the worse the ballistic co-efficient What is your decent profile? You may be going in too quickly. I usually set my PE to about 35 km and that gets me through OK. You may want to try keeping it up, and doing the high AoA trick to keep lift up.
  11. If that were true, why does this thread have more views than my build with a video? Naw, I'm not resentful at all...Shucks, it was only my first replica build...
  12. I was transporting 9 kerbals to Jool and still in the process of getting them back in KSP 0.235. I was running RemoteTech2, and needed at least 6 on the craft to remote pilot the probes without setting up an interstellar network with a 7 minute signal delay. So that's why I needed a big craft. Also, I'm not a minimalist kind of guy. I recently launched a 2700t, 23,000 m/s orbitally assembled space asparagus to rescue a kerbal I stranded on Tylo. This was before stock inflatable heat shields were a thing, so I used the one from Deadly Re-entry (I think). I had my 4 Nukes sticking out of the side of my tank, with the heat shield at the end. You could put a docking port and attach new ones there. My mission had 2 stacked, one for Jool, and one for Kerbin return. Here's the mission report. Skip to Part 3 to see the aerobraking. Pic of the craft. Pic of aerobraking at Jool.
  13. Cool shuttle! I have yet to try to build a proper one. I'm either using expendables to send up big payloads, or SSTOing up small ones. I recently started using KSP Trajectories. I'm not sure sure how you feel about mods, but it's a much more efficient way to estimate your landing site. Should make hitting KSC a snap.
  14. Making these Cinematic Narratives is a LOT more work than I thought. So as a bit of a break, I thought I'd try something I never have in KSP, make a replica sci-fi ship. It was also an excuse to play the actual current version of the game not involving building sets. So I had Wernher and Excel try out my first replica build, which is the Thunderbolt Starfury aerospace fighter from Babylon 5. So if you like my builds and want to see these guys in space, check out the video, "KSP Babylon 5 Thunderbolt Our Last Best Hope to get to Orbit." Expect Part 3 of THIS series in a week or two.
  15. This is my first attempt at building a replica. I chose the aerospace fighter from Babylon 5, the SA-26 (or SA-32A or maybe SA-23) Mitchell-Hundyne Starfury "Thunderbolt" from Babylon 5. I was inspired by We Can Game if We Want To's Starfury build. I'm not sure where they got the original source, but according to this fan RPG data, it can accelerate at 2G for 16 hours. That's 565,000 m/s of delta-V. I guess that's what 200 years of technological advance gets you. I'm including 3 versions of the craft. The first version flies better than the others in atmosphere, but doesn't look as much like the Thunderbolt. The other 2 are identical, except the final version includes the rotating washer from Infernal Robotics. Action Group 1 toggles the top engines on and off, which are useful for landing. AC #2 switches RAPIERS to Closed Cycle mode and closes the intakes. AC#3-5 toggle the sets of intakes. Versions Thunderbolt Version 1 Thunderbolt Version 2 Thunderbolt Infernal Robotics Here's the build video with some "dog-fighting" with We Can Game if We Want To's Starfury.