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  1. If you're willing to put the time and effort into it, TweakScale requirement can be completely removed.:)
  2. Combination sounds really great, as well as being an option so people and use the method that best fits their play style. I'd be using time to unlock for both myself
  3. I agree about 1.2.2 KSP. Also might be good to have some notation about 1.2.2 and 1.3 for the build as I can see easy confusion since most are not backward compatible. This causes a presumption a 1.3 mod will not work on 1.2.2.
  4. Any part using TS would be reset and no KRnD upgrades would apply. as a result any part using TS is blocked out from having KRnD doing anything with. So unless you remove the cfg's so only required parts use it, that means pretty much everything.
  5. I think one of the biggest holdbacks to this being more popular is the problem between it and changeable parts such as with TS or IFS and the like. If that could be worked around somehow I think this would see much greater popularity in general.
  6. It's just you. If you wanted to use it now you can get off CKAN and install yourself, then give feedback to make it better. It's only a couple of clicks with the links on the first post.
  7. I believe they are in KCT_Presets. as long as you don't pick a name that gets included it wouldn't be deleted unless you delete it when doing an update
  8. Ditto. Have 1.3 for testing but 1.2.2 in a separate install for playing
  9. No problem A lot of good things going on and neat improvements, but important to make sure there's a backup in case something goes boom
  10. Of course make a backup first of your save in case something goes wrong. That never happens But baring something going kaput with the install or build there is no problem installing in an ongoing game. There will be nothing retroactive taken into account but from the install time onward you will have all the functions of the mod. You may want to spend some funds or science points for extra upgrade points depending on how much of the tech tree you have already unlocked though.
  11. I was actually looking for the answer to this exact question. Since it isn't here looks like I'll be downloading and seeing if something blows up
  12. Being able to sell off unneeded parts will go far in reducing any bloat! I haven't been able to get into detail on what it tracks (4 weeks left got my MBA). Does it track the aspects of the part, ie ISP values, thrust, tank capacity, dry mass? If it does, it might need to be listed on the future GUI for selling off "old" versions after upgrades have been done such as with KRnD (love that mod! ), if they aren't it can just be considered upgrade applied in maintenance
  13. Wouldn't storing information on every part lead to late game bloat and lag as parts storage grows after multiple ships and designs are built and recovered?
  14. I'll keep an eye on it and see if it happens more and if so if there is any pattern to it. with luck it's just some weird glitch. Those never happen
  15. Only tried the KRASH simulation once. Second time was trying to reset the "simulation active" notice that was looping in every screen. And it didn't work.