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  1. The Planetary Society organises today the March for Science, basically a call to all humanity and governments to support science and our strive to reach for the stars. Since there is no march organised in my country, I thought I could at least support the initiative with a poster (KSP is a great way to do this and right on topic):
  2. Ion powered landers and transport ships, with Kerbals
  3. Acheron Station around the Mün. In the back is the refueller docked, nicknamed "Starfish", that hauls thousands of units of fuel at a time from the surface. Sideways are 2 shuttles: one meant for landing and returning to the station and the other one, ion-powered, with tons of delta V for transporting 2 Kerbals at a time between stations. I'm planning to build a similar station around Minmus to serve as a midway station in my interplanetary trips. The cost is pretty high (over 2 million kredits with launch into low Kerbin orbit in one go), so, for now, I have to complete more contracts to fund these monsters.
  4. Safe travels and have a great time! If you decide to visit Transylvania, send a message
  5. Hmmm, maybe mine will arrive next week. MUST NOT CLICK HIDDEN IMAGES Thanks for the spoiler warnings I'll also be back with details.
  6. Sounds like the thing I need. At least until Protractor rises again from the dead. Many thanks!
  7. Thanks for the info. No hurry then. Seems to be a special delivery. A little hype train here too
  8. The Mohole Report KISA (Kerbin International Space Agency) has just received the new batch of images from "Icarus" mission on Moho. Everyone holds their breath while the crew attempts a landing to explore the deepest volcanic funnel in the solar system, the infamous Mohole at the North Pole, source of wonder and legends, gateway to hell or the scientific secrets of Moho. Thanks to a small group of robotic drones designed to follow the astronauts and record everything, we here on Kerbin can see what they see. The ship in orbit! Landing is comencing: A pass above the target... Touchdown! Deployment of the outpost that shields our Kastronauts is successfull. A special platform designed to explore the Mohole delivers the first sets of data. What's at the bottom? Apparently the South Pole! That's how deep it is! Slowly, slowly... and we have a lock in the walls. Still South-Pole-deep! For the last stretch of the funnel, a smaller probe is being deployed. Decouple! We now have completely mapped the geological structure: over 4,6km into Moho's crust! So, what else is at the bottom, besides the South Pole and rocks and dust? Well, starlight! Plenty of it seeping in through the huge mouth of the Mohole, enough to power our devices and science the heck out of Moho. No need for fuel cells. It's getting late, our scientist at the bottom of the Mohole fears that her Snacks might get cold back at base (Editor’s note: no way, never going to happen on Moho). Off she goes! Aaaaand... SHE MADE IT! "Moho Base, this is Allela Kerman. I'm back from the pit! No Hades there; confirmed they are just stories to scare little Kerbals. You better still have all my snacks there, I'm starving." Inspiring words for all Kerbalkind! Mission complete!
  9. @Badie Any news on delivery dates? It has been over 2 months now...
  10. Same here. Guess we'll have to wait a little more. So much suspense
  11. The mod hasn't received an update in months now. Please, please, don't let it die! I haven't found a replacement. I need a mod that shows me what planets will come in range next for a transfer. Transfer Window planner and MechJeb only allow you to select a planet and play around for a transfer, but they do not show you what the next planet will be best for a transfer and when it will happen. This kind of sucks and I always planned my ships depending on the planet that would come next for a transfer. I don't really like time-warping years at a time without having multiple missions going on in between. With Protractor I could send other ships out to multiple planets while waiting for the first to arrive. I'm really hoping that this mod gets an update and is made compatible with the latest version of KSP.
  12. Interesting! There are a lot of great mods that add planets and even change the whole solar system. I've seen a while ago one that adds whole new stars and makes interstellar travel possible (not sure if it still works with the current KSP version). Now that is expanding your horizons!
  13. You can still show off your contribution here:
  14. It would be nice to see a Steam Award for KSP, regardless of the nomination type. To be honest, I would have prefered to see KSP in other categories, but then again there are a lot of nominations in those categories that makes you simply ask "what?" In the end it's an award that gets the attention of new potential explorers of space and maybe they will be touched in a positive way by the bag of science KSP has to offer, like so many others here in this great community.
  15. Start voting for KSP: