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  1. I reported this months ago. http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/13314 Squelch from QA acknowledged that there was something wrong but still did not confirm that it was a bug. Quote "Thanks for reporting this. There is certainly something not right here, and there appears to be log entries that haven't been seen before in any tests, or indeed other reports, so this could well be an edge case. Could you please upload a pre-dock save to aid in debugging what happens with the vessel identifiers? " I gave all the data required. If I load the save in Linux or Windows it is still broken so it isn't OS specific. As the BugTracker is run by QA I have to wonder if the devs are even aware of this bug. I think I have been patient long enough. How about a response from a Dev?
  2. I have several thousand hours on KSP. I play the game as it was intended to be played. I played in vanilla. I designed ships for individual roles. Often spending hours on a single design. Interplanetary ships were built in orbit using modules. I haven't played since November of last year. Three months ago I reported a Spontaneous Explosion bug in the Bug Tracker. http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/13314 I provided all relevant files as requested. I explained that this bug hits me on most of my games at some point. The only response I received was "There is certainly something not right here, and there appears to be log entries that haven't been seen before in any tests, or indeed other reports, so this could well be an edge case." I tested this 'Edge case' save game in both Linux and Windows and the bug exists in both platforms. The report hasn't even been 'Confirmed' I am most definitely a KSP addict. As this has caused me to stop playing KSP for three months and I find I don't need a 'fix' quite as much as I did last month then I suppose I am on my way to being cured of my addiction. A silver lining perhaps? I posted this here because each week I check this forum for fixes and updates, hoping against hope that this bug would have been addressed. I dare not look at the rest of the forum as I once did, for fear that it would start the cravings again. Alas this post is doing that very thing. Perhaps I posted it here in the hope that an actual Developer might see it and do something wonderful? I'll check again next week (Probably before too) to see if there is any hope. If not, after another week I must start getting used to the idea that it's 'Game Over.'
  3. I have already mentioned this in Bugtracker. http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/13191 For me, it happened in stock simply by switching to a ship in interplanetary space headed to Duna.
  4. This won't cause a problem on LInux?
  5. Try each and all of the following. Copy the whole of the KSP Folder to another Drive or Folder and try to run it from there. Turn off any antivirus programs while running KSP. Don't run KSP through Steam and make sure Steam is turned off when launching KSP directly from KSP's Folder.
  6. So now you are less inclined to punch your monitor.
  7. I run linux Mint and all I have to do is dblclick the KSP.x86_64 file and it works (in as much as KSP can be called working). I stopped playing through Steam Aaaaages ago. When I first started using chatterer. It would crash sometimes on loading. When I stopped using Steam the game ran hundreds of percent better. My first bit of advice for people who play through Steam is... Don't.
  8. There are times when I'm testing Mk3 space planes particularly when I will have to use your MemGraph. I'm pretty sure that all the 'Return to Hangar' confuses it sometimes as after numerous test-flights it has crashed to DT mostly during a test-flight. Still best not discuss such things in this thread or it will get moved to modding discussions and I'd like to keep this in the Unmodded Tech Support forum so that the fingers keep pointing where they belong. I would have said what I said about Engineer to Cybutek but people sometimes don't understand when you giggle at them like a schoolgirl
  9. You could always score on [REDACTED] or even [REDACTED] but if anyone [REDACTED] then you can [REDACTED] all of their [REDACTED]
  10. I only send as many kerbals that are needed to do any work required of them. I only have a lot of kerbals in one place when they are ; 1. Somewhere to gain experience 2. Waiting to be selected for a mission at my station at Mimnus. 3. Are on their way in a transport to facilities which will enable 1 or 2.
  11. I just learned that it's not just me... Excellent! Love your Engineer mod in a completely unnatural 'my life isn't the same without it' kind of way.
  12. It's been a week and a half since the OP. I know someone is out there.. I can hear you breathing.
  13. I Like the look of this mod. Does it have any problems with Linux 64?
  14. Not at all. I am merely answering responses to things that I have said. As is my right and the very nature and heart of the internet. If mod makers didn't want to hear or respond to comments about their mods, they wouldn't. As the artists that many of them are, some are more temperamental than others and @TriggerAu seems quite reasonable especially when compared to many who ask for criticism and then have a tantrum when there is the slightest negativity. Some artists like their work to make their world a better place. Some are merely tagging the post office door. I believe @TriggerAu is in the former category. But when a developer actively requests user input other users can be out of place by responding as though the suggestions are anything other than that. I cannot and will not make demands of a guy who freely gives up his time to improve a game that we all love. I have made my suggestion and right now can't think of anything I'd like to add at this point. However I do reserve the right to respond to anyone who answers my posts because, as I see it, losing that right is akin to ripping the heart out of the purpose of the forum and indeed this thread.