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  1. Last post was February. Perhaps this mod isn't as popular as I thought it might be. I might have thought that no posts in a few months might mean that everyone was happy with this mod but the last two posts suggest otherwise.
  2. So... on my 1.22 game. Can I now uninstall my manual installation of KIS and have CKAN reinstall the correct version for 1.22?
  3. Is it true? Is it really your fault? Do I owe CKAN an apology?
  4. It happened to me too. I'm using 1.22. I just posted this in the CKAN thread.
  5. I have a 1.22 install of KSP. I have KIS installed by CKAN. CKAN told me an update for KIS was available. I trusted CKAN. It installed a version for 1.3 into my 1.22 game. It broke my game. KSP wouldn't even finish loading. I had to manually reinstall the older version of KIS. BAD CKAN. SHAME! Yes, this finger of shame is pointing at you.
  6. Only on those occasions where I have to select one to put it on a ship. The instant I click on one in the parts catalogue, the error shows up. If I then pick one up which is attached to the ship as to move it or remove it, the error shows up. It would make more sense if I had a mod which changed the size of parts.
  7. BoxColliders does not support negative scale or size. The effective box size has been forced positive and is likely to give unexpected collision geometry. If you absolutely need to use negative scaling you can use the convex MeshCollider. Scene hierarchy path "strutCube/model/cubestrut"
  8. Mechjeb likes you to match planes with Mimnus before you do the "Hohmann Transfer to Target"
  9. From your FILES GUI go to 'view' and tick 'Show Hidden Files' or ctrl-h You should now be able to see '.steam' Folder. (it has a dot as first character to show it's natural state is hidden. Inside select 'steam' Folder (no dot as first character.) Inside that folder is, among others, 'steamapps' Inside that folder is 'common' Inside that folder is 'Kerbal Space Program' So the path is home/username/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program
  10. Been too busy pulling tufts of hair out of my ears. The user below me sways to a 4/4 but tap their feet to a 6/8.
  11. Oh Dear me. things are not so good at Mimnus Station. Sigrie Kerman has been taken ill. She has a bad case of Mimnus Mumps andmust be evacuated at once. The escape pod leaves the station. Tanmin the medical science officer is accompanying Sigrie. They plot a course for a direct route home. They bid a fond farewell to Mimnus and the station. They left Mimnus SOI and Tanmin talked bout how these lo-tec pods would be around for years. After a quick check on the course, Tanmin was happy. He knew it was all automatic but he still like to feel as though he was involved in the act of getting his patient to safety. They were about to enter the atmosphere. Good job the old Pod has a thick skin. We should be fine. We will not be needing a drive system any more. That will burn up in the atmosphere quite nicely. Nice! Jettison the cowling. Jetison the docking mechanism and pop the parachute. Still a little too fast though. We will need to get rid of the extra weight. Much better. Gently into the water.. Don't want my patient rattled. Ok.. I've found the tea... now where's the biscuits? Sigrie's case of Mimnus Mumps was one of the worst any one had ever seen. After a few weeks in a bath of goo, she was as right as ninepence.
  12. When you load your save. press escape and select SETTINGS Scroll down and select AVANCED TWEAKABLES Then you will see what I am talking about.
  13. This rocket will almost fly itself to orbit. The tanks have been set up so that they are used from the bottom upwards helping to keep the rocket top heavy. Most of the ablator has been removed from the heat shield as it will not use very much on re-entry. Set the tank fuel priorities and the ablator of your heat shield as I have done here. I did not remove the monoprop from the pod. To keep it the same neither should you. Launch this rocket with or without launch clamps. Wait a few seconds for the physics to settle down before turning on SAS (T) and applying full thrust. (Z) Step 1 : apply SAS (T) and full Thrust (Z) Step 2: Stage the engines (Spacebar) Step 3: As soon as the engines fire tap your (D) key 10 times quickly. Tap it. Don't hold it down for a second. Step 4: When the rocket reaches 60m/s turn off SAS (T) That's right -turn it off. Gravity will slowly turn your rocket toward the east as you fly. Step 5: When the first stage runs out of fuel Stage the rocket twice (Engines stop then STAGE count 1-2-3 then STAGE again) This will help stop the stage you just dropped from being blown up by your engine. Step 6: At 30000m cut your engines (X) By this time your rocket will be experiencing some heat. and heat indicators will be showing. Don't worry about it. Step 7: Go to map view (M) now you have an apoapsis well above 70K. Set a node at ap to circularise the orbit. Step 8 Go to ship view (M) and turn on SAS (T) Step 9: aim for the blue node you created in step 7 Step 10 Circularise the orbit. I have just now built this ship and tested it several times in the manner listed above. If you carry out the instructions as I have given them to you, you should have no problem getting it to orbit.
  14. I installed some mods and started a new game the other day. Today I took Jeb and Bob down to the surface to test their new lander and pick up some data from a probe.
  15. 1) How do you know when you are in orbit? Check your map. The blue line which shows your course must be above the height of any atmosphere (on a world with an atmosphere) and above the height of any high ground (on worlds which don't have an atmosphere.) In the case of Kerbin it must be higher than 70K. Both ap and pe on the blue line. ap is short for apoapsis. That is the highest part of your course. pe is short for periapsis. That is the lowest part of your course. If you can not see a pe at all... then it is still below the surface of the ground of the planet and you are not in orbit. 2) Once in orbit, how do you get out so you can get back to earth? Do you need a rocket? In KSP The craft will stay in orbit for ever. To get back you have to point your ship the other way and fire your engines until your pe goes below 70K. How far below 70K determines how fast your ship goes back down. You need fuel to go up to orbit and you need fuel to come back down again. If you are in an orbit which is going around in the same direction as the planet is spinning it as called a 'prograde orbit' if you are going around the opposite way to the direction that the world is spinning it as called a 'retrograde orbit' You came up to orbit by flying east and thrusting 'prograde' and so to return you must thrust 'retrograde.' This will make your pe fall on the opposite side of the world to you It will eventually go into the ground and you will not be able to see it any more. Your pe will be a negative number. With a rocket you will usually detach the fuel and engine before entering the atmosphere so that your heat shield can protect your capsule as it comes back. With a space plane your you return the same way except that you need a longer descent. Your ship will feel the heat of re-entry longer but not get as hot as quickly as a rocket. 3) What is the difference between orbit and ground speed? Orbital velocity is how fast you are flying through space in orbit compared to the speed that the ground is moving below you of whatever world you are orbiting. If you go into your street and throw a ball straight out in front of you. Going for distance rather than height. It will go so far and then come down to the ground again. But it's flight path was an arc. Now imagine that the arc was bigger and eventually the ball would fall over the horizon. If you throw it so hard that the horizon falls at the same speed as the arc of your ball (and air wasn't rubbing against it slowing it down) then it would be in orbit. If you threw it too fast, it would escape the gravity of earth completely and go off into outer space. Any more problems.. let me know.