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  1. Nothing, i swear!
  2. Banned for rushing a delicate process.
  3. , or
  4. without
  5. i secretly start my own space program, and arrange an ambush on Mars.
  6. True. Who was i kidding? The game looks lame without visual enhancements. Screw the framerate. The user below me is British.
  7. Panned for fat bun.
  8. You "hid" it by unknowingly shoving it into my pocket. What i said earlier about my cookie being a mockup, was a lie. It's the real thing! P.S. joseph kerman's cookies, my cookie.
  9. Banned for joining the forum.
  10. i haven't seen any cookies. That object sticking out of my pocket is just a cookie mockup.
  11. Banned for destroying tanks.
  12. Collected science from duna. what else?
  13. Banned for letting Kerbinorbiter off the hook.
  14. Suits me. 10/10. Of course i'm a human, how could you even question it?! Look, i even wear crocs, like the rest of you humans like to:
  15. True! The user below me is evil.