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  1. The back section im almost certain is dead according to rules, i looked inside it and didnt see any probe cores besides those on missiles which do not count. That said, i did leave it intact, so i guess i left you with the ability to utilize that thing in the next turns. Also, i dont really know what the state is of the front, i hit it dead center with your own missile i pirated off the rear, but since it was pitch black i couldnt really identify damage (a lot of debris flew off of it but those may have just been a missile or 2 that desintegrated). Anyways, good luck with your move...
  2. So with the rectifier surviving to an extent, the next regulator moved to intercept the enemy ship in a highest orbit. After successfully rendezvousing and using up the vast majority of on board fuel, the ship engaged with the experimental tripedo prototype and the single hit cut the enemy in half. After firing, it was clear that more fuel was needed to reach friendly ships in the inclined orbit, so the ship klawed itself onto the rear section of the split enemy vessel. Before extracting fuel one of the enemy weapons was used to hit the front section, but since it was pitch black the actual damage done was not confirmed after the hit took place. Hopefully its a clean kill, but with no engines or fuel left, its very unlikely the ship is any sort of threat. After firing and extracting as much useable fuel as possible from the wreckage, the regulator burned into an orbit to get near the other 2 ships. And as usual persist here:
  3. Its fine, i think ill leave it up to you, i dont know how your brother managed to get the rendezvous (i think its quite likely he used alt-f12 menu as i cant think of any other option unless he found fuel from the destroyed regulator in turn1, actually i just gave you a hint as to the only way to reliably counter my playstyle now, find fuel from damaged/destroyed ships). If you like you may repeat the turn (but please document HOW you/brother does the rendezvous with at least a few pics in map view or whatnot as you do the move just so i can learn how to do more efficient maneuvers myself ), or if you prefer i guess we can continue where the persist is now (i am now ahead on kills provided that i can take out a ship every turn). Anyways, i have guests coming over my house for a few days so ill likely not have any time for KSP until middle of next week or so, so you have until i get back to decide what you like to do next be it continue where we are, or redo the turn (ill make my next turn when i dont have people i need to tend to). Also, here is a very helpful graphic someone made that shows how to rendezvous 2 targets in orbit if you would like to know how to do it yourself (its not necessarily the most fuel efficient method but it does get the job done). Basically what you need to do burn towards one of the purple triangles near the AN/DN until the angle becomes less then 1deg (0 is ideal but not absolutely necessary). Then you do the rendezvous like any other vessel by setting up a maneuver node where you think is a good spot and shifting it around until you get a close intercept. Hopefully that helps a little bit with the concept, GL...
  4. Just checked damage to rectifier, its not anything like you described? Both bridges are fully operational, AND all the engines are functional? Perhaps you gave me the wrong persist file? Anyways, one more very curious thing id like you to explain, HOW did that ship manage to intercept the rectifier using LESS THEN 90 fuel units? I dont normally look at other people's ships in detail until the battle is over for fairness, but i fail to see how you could have pulled off the required rendezvous maneuver and still have almost all of your fuel reserves on a ship with so little internal fuel after taking a look at the ship in question? Perhaps im overreacting (i have nothing against loosing games as thats expected with my experimental ships) but i believe you either used hyperedit to rendezvous your vessel to mine after the game started (which is illegal btw according to rules, Hedit/alt-f12 may only be used on teh first move to deploy ships, no using it to rendezvous once game has started), or you managed to pull some sort of crazy efficient maneuver that i cannot seem to replicate (and im not a complete noob at orbital maneuvering in KSP)? Anyways, an explanation would be good, one the persist does not reflect the damage described, two, i just cant understand how you pulled off the rendezvous (no pics or anything) without using even half of your fuel when my warship used like half of its fuel to do that maneuver and it has like way more dV compared to the ship that attacked it (and i checked the debris in the persist and there are no fuel cans/droptanks or anything that was dropped which may have had fuel in it to assist the maneuver near the ship or anywhere else)? Ill wait with my turn until i at least understand how you did what you did and why the rectifier isnt damaged like you said (most likely you sent me the wrong persist)...
  5. Its fine, i didnt exactly name my ships all that well so its possible you mistook one for another (they were all in similar orbits and had the same name). Lets just not worry about it though and call it a kraken attack/rng. Anyways, i made my turn using the undamaged regulator, and i managed to neuter (not necessarily kill) one of your ships. First i took one of the kerbins from the destroyed regulator and stuck him in another regulator since i need him to aim the guns when im dumb firing. Then I fired the heavy 1.2m ASM prototype i armed my ships with (thats so being shelved in future as it sucks compared to even my V0.22 original tripedo which is lighter and does more dmg) and knocked off one of the 2 nuke engines, then i fired the 2 RT-5s doing absolutely nothing (i knew that was gonna happen looking at how you armored your vessels but i may as well not drag that useless mass around when escaping), then i fired 1 SRM and vaporized the entire rear destroying what remained of the propulsion. and unless im mistaken and you hid some sort of backup engines inside it, its not going to go anywhere far without those 2 nukes on the rear. This is the result after 4 hits from the regulator's arsenal... After the attack, i basically knew that leaving my ships where they are was suicide since all of your ships carried so much ammo that armor or not i was going to loose 1 ship every turn, so i decided to do the one thing i knew i could do in such a situation and play mobility warfare. I put all 3 remaining warships into various orbits to try and limit your ability to engage them at least until i got a kill lead. While i cant guarantee that your ships will be unable to perform a rendezvous, i feel fairly confident (looking at how much armor and guns you got relative to me) that you will be on fumes by the time you intercept any of the 3 remaining ships, and that i can basically evade long enough that you either run out of gas or i manage to kill everything off in the long term. Lets hope i dont get another ship vaporized next turn ... And as usual, persist located here:
  6. Ok looks like 1 of my ships died, but another one of them has been damaged? Since that 2nd ship didnt make any moves (and its illegal to attack 2 different targets in 1 go) ill replace the slightly damaged ship (missing the upper bridge and some wing paneling) with a new identical ship and place it where it was. Then ill make my attack... Actually im NOT going to repair that ship (no idea where the damage came from but whatever, i guess random kraken attack or something). I have a plan to win this despite loosing 1 ship from the get go and then having another one take damage from who knows what. Expect my move later today or like tomorra if i dont get the time.
  7. Btw, before you start our battle would you mind adding 1 kerbal to the secondary bridge on my warships (each of them has 2 bridges, one external and one inside the ship)? KSP by default doesnt fill ships to max and i just realized that i completely forgot to add the 2nd crew. Given i rely on that crew member to one, aim the bloody guns on all my ships, and 2, act as commander in the very likely event the primary bridge is vaporized, id basically be putting myself at a huge disadvantage if my ships arent fully crewed. Also, when it comes to my armor, if your weapon has alot of shrapnel it will likely be effective. My armor design is fauirly unique on here (at least ive yet to see anyone else build ships similar to mine internally) in that it relies on super skinny skeletal design with alot of empty space to minimize the odds of anything critical being taken out. That said, if the weapons have alot of shrapnel its often the case that most of the internal equipment (engines, weapons, ect) gets shredded even when the exterior remains fully intact itself. Hopefully it wont happen too often, but its one of the drawbacks of my armoring style, good vs high powered AP weapons, not that good vs clouds of shrapnel/flak ammo...
  8. Actually here is my persist file. Given the amount of shifting around i dont really know who im fighting, but i have ~350t of starships deployed total and i have 4 ships so whoever wants to eat me alive can feel free to do so (i dont mind if you go 10-20t over or under). I dont exactly play KSP 24/7 (its but one of the games i play/mod) and ive been fairly busy recently with a few IRL projects and finishing up a mod i am working on (SciFiVE needs to get updated asap as the current version looks pleh compared to what i havce in the works), so dont expect me to make my turn instantly, but ill defenetely get around to it sooner then later since i do usually check this thread at least once a day or so and killing someone's ship doesnt exactly take that long ...
  9. Im here... I just fixed my ships so i think i can battle now (and if i loose so what, its not like any of the ships have been fully tested so yeah). Ill setup tomorra when i have a bit of time (been busy trying to get a microcontroller to bloody work right for last 2 days irl). I have 1 ~70t and 1 ~150t, i think my fleet will be 3 70t and 1 150t, so total of ~450-470t. Im not picky so if you 10-20t over or under i dont mind. If you dont have 4 ships to fight at that weight range i can always use one of my outdated ships, but most of them would require a refit weapons wise.
  10. If you want start up go ahead, i need1-2 days to make a few minor alterations to one of my ships before we go anyways (discovered a fatal flaw yestreday, and id rather not get it 1 shotted by a bloody single ibeam). Also, what is the total tonnage and ship count? Im asking since i have relatively few ships right now that id be willing to use (i have 2, 3 if im willing to bring the SK-105 which is a piece of trash, good armor but it always looses most of its guns/engines on the first hit). I can flex around quite a bit with the vessels tonnage wise as i can always drop/add guns/fuel as needed, but generally my ships are 70t and 150t with a bit of wiggle room depending on what i arm them with. I also have a 12t starfighter that is harder to knock out then my capital ships (insanely tiny and takes like 10 or more direct hits with ibeams to do anything to), but im not going to fight with that as it uses certain "exploits" to achieve said armor levels (not to mention its armed with pulse cannons as i cant spare a single extra part count) and i dont feel right using it against someone who has normal ship designs.
  11. Aviator arsenal works if you remove the .dll and dont use the stuka siren (or if you recompile that for 1.3, but personally i cant be bothered with a feature i dont use since it just doesnt work with the planes i make). One change that you might wanna do to AA is add tracer frequency in the weapon.cfg (look at NAS and how their AA turrets do it) since all of the guns fire pure tracers and its a huge eyesore to watch (i dont think any nation in WW2 or like ever had pure tracer belts in MGs or cannons). NAS turrets all work fine, but the things like CAL resizable ammo boxes DO NOT. You can use the mod fine but you might need to make your own ammo boxes (not that hard, just take the default cannon shell box, resize as desired in the cfg, and add a different ammo type into it), or edit the turrets to have built in ammo stores (most come with some ammo but usually not enough), or just alter the guns to use BDA's built in cannonshells ammo resource (non authentic mass/size but theyll shoot it no prob). Its alot of work if you want to make every gun useable, but if you only care for a few of them like me (i generally dont use anything larger caliber as i dont build that big, just a few of their guns like the 105mm and smaller calibers). Also, NAS bombs work fine, but ive never used then in 1.3 so i cant be entirely sure about this (i did use some of them in 1.2.9), and as for things like torpedoes, i dont know as ive never used them in KSP (i dont really build water ships, just starships and dont use BDA on those actually anyways). Btw, make sure to remove all .dll files from both of those mods or the game will crash/refuse to start. They are located in plugin folder i believe. Ive never used NKD so i cant really comment on it, but the other 2 mods ive used (and do have loaded in KSP now) work fine with some minor tweaks even in 1.3.
  12. Well im ready to setup whenever you guys are ready to get started, so just ask me to put my ships in teh save once we are actually starting. I just waited since i had the impression a large number of people were still developing their vessels for the battle and we wouoldnt actually start teh fight until a week or so at the minimum...
  13. Cant say i approve of "random" disasters that would cause stuff to fail for no reason, same way i do not support the concept of "random" part failures either (scipted part failures as like in the expansion would be interesting, but completely random, no thanks). That said, what i would like to see are limited weather effects. Even something as simple as very gently winds to make aircraft takeoffs/landings more difficult or make launches into space require a minor compensation to keep them flying straight in the wind. Id even like to see stuff like rain/snow which might add a small drag to craft just to keep it interesting, and the somewhat random nature of this would allow you to either launch during bad weather (albeit id make the effect fairly minimal so it doesnt make going somewhere impossible, just somewhat more challenging and or less fuel efficient), or wait for it to pass by. Ofc on the extreme end things like hurricanes do sound fun on higher difficulties (but not destroying buildings as thats just plain annoying), especially on laythe, it always struck me like something akin to that cloner planet in star wars where there were hurricanes and rain and generally crappy weather.
  14. I think the new parts are pretty nice, and the few personal issues with them i can always photoshop out (not a big fan of that green color on engine butt that seems random and doesnt fit with any other stock KSP part). Granted i dont care one bit about the other things in the DLC (mission builder is kinda pointless when i play sandbox all day and make up my own missions as i actually have an imagination and creativity), i think ill probably get it just to support a game that i really enjoy as its arguably my fav game atm, especially since its unique in that i can do anything from arcade style combat flight sim (BDA + planes/tanks/flak guns) to starship battles (and even the very rare occasional peaceful mission that doesnt involve vaporizing something), at least when using the correct mod. That said, my one biggest issue with this game over the last year or so has been the utter lack of old part overhauls. While im not one to say the old art is worthless, id really like to see some sort of consistency in the game, and right now its all over the place with parts from porkjet, nova, and other developers thrown into the mix with little thought on how they'd look together. The biggest issue is really the modeling, which is completely broken in a few places (mk1 and mk1-2 pod are prolly the 2 biggest eyesores to the point i NEVER use them unless its a pirate/rebel/redneck vessel that i intentionally want to look like it came out of a garbage can that was in a garbage pile) and could seriously use an overhaul. Especially annoying is the fact that (i may be wrong as i dont know everything thats being worked on) it seems that DLC parts are being made to look good, and most of the old parts are basically being left behind to be forgotten. I understand the DLC is priority, but id really love to see the mk1-2 pod redone in a similar style to that capsule that was released last week in the art preview. That feature alone would really make KSP 100 times better and more enjoyable, where every part was at least somewhat good looking and most of all didnt look off when combined with other parts. That said, its probably nothing more then a dream of mine that will never be done, a point where every stock part looks reasonably together and there are no more obviously broken models that dont even match up correctly (why do some of the old pods have different sized end connectors that mook terrible with anything attached but the parachutes that are too small anyways or the 1.2m docking port that is also too small for proper 1.2m connection)...
  15. I dont see the issue, when i pick a target im gonna go into the tracking station, and basically look at whatever i feel may be killable by my ship (obviously if i see some monster im not gonna waste my turn shooting at it and doing jack) and they fly my ship over to it and hit it. Its kinda hard to "hide" your ship when anyone can go into the game and take a quick glance at every ship on the battlefield anyways. Now in real time MP i totally see this as viable and even necessary since you can deploy countermeasures in real time and you have a chance the enemy will target the wrong thing. Doesnt do much (besides maybee annoy people and make a turn take slightly more time) so i say its fine to use (albeit pointless use of part count in turn based). Myself i have the capability of probe spamming, but i dont see why id want to do it as noone is actually going to target those things... Also, im 100% ready to deploy, but im still wanting to make a few minor tweaks to the weapon loadouts before i put my ships on the battlefield. Im not gonna be that gujy that deploys last, but ill take the little more time i have (since not everyone is ready atm) to improve the torps (especially the tripedo-II, it works but its not quite as lethal as i was hoping given its mass and part count).