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  1. Hey there, @Deltathiago98, thanks for this offer! I'm moving this thread to the Add-on Development, since it's not a release.
  2. Heh, seems to me you've solved the riddle Which mods are these? I want those settings too!
  3. Hah, got me. No, that's not rude, but out in the open it's almost 3.3. You're stepping up, boyo! (oh, no, posted over Dman's lock. Mod powers, and all. Thread still locked!)
  4. NEIN
  5. Post no blog! \o/ WOLOLO
  6. I'll be in South America, as usual
  7. And they keep SPAWNING >:O
  8. I'm wondering how long I can keep this locked while simultaneously aggravating users, not drawing the other mod's attention, and having people think it's still Dma- Oh, crap, did I say that out loud? Attention drawn
  9. I get exactly what you mean. I guess then you haven't ever watched Priscilla, then? As for complaining, my vacation from work is almost over, yet one of the crucial electronics I've ordered for my cockpit 4 months ago still hasn't arrived, and my project advanced nothing I planned for this free month
  10. I'm the mathematician, and I guess you're the computer scientist? Anyway, I'm just here to see @Whackjob reach the same speed without Hyperedit.
  11. Wilkommen! I knew some Deutsch at some point in my life, but now I can count my vocabulary on my hands...
  12. Locked at OP request
  13. Or, if you're early in the game and can't even EVA yet, you can just recover the whole vessel. If you recover the science parts, the science will still be in them (if you haven't removed it with a Kerbal)
  14. Hey, barely back when "airbrush" meant an actual physical tool!
  15. Nothing gets me faster on a KSP Forums mood than logging in after a long hiatus and reading one of @Snark's wonderfully verbose posts Anyway, on one hand, I understand Snark when he says it's more than a just couple hours of coding. On the other hand, weighing more, is the fact that any improvement is welcome in this area. Sure, your Better Burn Time mod might not be perfect, but damn, it's a blessing. If they just integrated it as-is (with your permission, obviously), or better yet, with just the minor tweaking necessary to ensure that it's actually integrated in the core code and not a "tangential" mod-hook code (is this more than a few hours?), I believe everyone would gain from it.
  16. Long time, no see!

    Things have been... interesting these two weeks. Some bad news, my wife's grandfather died, then her uncle had a heart attack (he's better, now).

    Not all is bad, tho. We've met with our architects, and if our financial situation improves (i.e., she has a job again) we'll start building our house this year. They're also probably going to do a reform on the house we live at currently (which belongs my mother-in-law).

    Also, I'm on vacation from work, which means apart from household issues I had some time to work on my KSP cockpit, using @stibbons's Kerbal SimPit plugin. There's no cockpit to speak of yet, and I don't even have any materials for the actual structure yet, just the electronic parts (and even those, not all of them), but I've got the LCDs to display game numbers and the buttons to stage/abort, so eventually I'll fly a ship :D

    I admit I haven't been on the forum for quite a while; even lurk mode has been reduced to just checking out if there has been update to the SimPit plugin (and amusingly, more than once I'd check his git to find out he'd been pushing commits mere moments before!).

    On the other hand, I've played a lot more KSP than I had in the previous months; began a new career using Strategia and a monthly budget mod (whose name I forgot), it gives the game a very different feel from stock (I wish KCT was ready, tho... OR IS IT?)


    I'll try to appear more often, but if I don't, worry not: I'm taking a time off from most things until late next week, when I'll be back to work, but things are OK. I'm just enjoying a different rhythm this month, taking things slowly, but you guys haven't been forgotten :)

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    2. adsii1970


      Sorry to hear of your family's loss.

    3. monstah


      Alright, catch y'all later then. Possibly tomorrow, at most in two weeks.


    4. stibbons


      Sorry to hear you've been through a rough patch, but glad it's looking up.


      There's no cockpit to speak of yet, and I don't even have any materials for the actual structure yet, just the electronic parts (and even those, not all of them), but I've got the LCDs to display game numbers and the buttons to stage/abort, so eventually I'll fly a ship :D

      Pics when you return please! :D


  17. We do get a message sent to the Arduino at the time the scene changes to flight, already, so you could have your code enforce the ship to match the cockpit state at that moment. Be careful with your landing gear! Otherwise, they will just be out of sync, no big deal. Great! I'd like to be able to ask the state of the vessel at any time, like an Echo message.
  18. Moved to the Lounge. Beautiful videos, both with and without music.
  19. The arduino function to send basic commands (abort, stage, RCS, etc) to KSP sends a byte, and I noticed on the defs they're powers of 2. If I OR them together, can I send a bunch of activations in a single message? Say, to enforce the panel is synchronized.
  20. Thread moved to Spacecraft Exchange
  21. Hi there! Since this post is in Russian, I moved it to the Russian sub-forum where it will get better help I read it on Google Translate, and I can tell you this: 1.3 is the version which will have internationalization, but it isn't available yet. 1.2.9, the one you seem to be playing, is available and already has the internationalization, but it is a beta version and not a release version, which means it may have some bugs and problems. The latest release version is 1.2.2, and is only in English.
  22. Done! All seems to be in order.
  23. If you could make something I'd actually use, unlike the stock subassembly thingie, such wow.
  24. I've noticed this week that you've pushed commits at about the same time I was finally giving this a spin Got my 'duino some time ago, but halted the project because I didn't have a good enough communication with the game (I was using Telemachus back then, and got bored writing the python middle-man script), and because not all my parts had shipped (and I'm still waiting for something to help me with the multitude of IO pins needed). Recently I was keeping an eye on this, and on this week on vacation I dusted off the electronics and gave this a spin. Eagerly awaiting for a proper release with complete telemetry! I've managed my hello worlds and first prototypes, now I'm just waiting for this to update and for the multiplexer to arrive to start something more serious