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  1. Oh, I grow my scallion, parsley, basil, and, the latest addition to the family, grape tomato. It's still small, but so far is enough for one or two salads a week for both me and my wife By next year we'll have moved into a house we're going to build in a family's land plot, there I'll have real space to grow stuff; so far I'm thinking more tomatoes, lettuce and rocket, maybe kale. Similar weather here, 1000m ASL. The tomato is quite fond of it, it seems. Too bad bugs love it
  2. Hey, everyone.

    I know BDArmory and Vessel Mover are beloved mods, but unfortunately Bahamuto has been away, as explained here:


    So, please, stop filling his profile page with requests for updates. Others have picked up where he left, and if you search for BDArmory Continued, you'll find this:


  3. Esquenta não, é só pra dar sabor. Garçom, há uma operação de colonização na minha sopa
  4. We're always okay with it if the content is still relevant
  5. The one on the foreground looks angry! I have another abandoned illustration gallery, but this one is at least more recent. Nowadays, the most I'll draw is this: Some thoughts on an algorithm for semi-spherical semi-Voronoi diagrams based on a halfedge mesh structure, some rocketry equations, a relationship graph between rocketry-related variables (TWR, dV, Veff, etc), work stuff... and doodles!
  6. Are there? I can't think of any. However, I've more than once attempted to hit backspace to re-center the flight camera, because of habit, with disastrous results, so I agree it was detrimental.
  7. Oh, but the experience with crewed IVA is still awesome
  8. More modders, yay! Welcome to the forums.
  9. There is a mod called "Quick View" by @Malah that can be set to disable outside-the-craft view, but only for craft that have IVA. Another mod called "Probe Control Room" created a sort of IVA for probes, and when used together they did exactly what I believe you want... except that Probe Control Room hasn't worked for a while And if you're using Quick View, do use Raster Prop Monitor together with it Oh, addendum: You need RPM for the cameras, quick view only disables the external cam. The cameras are parts you place on the ship, they don't switch automatically but you can set different IDs and cycle them on the monitor. Probe Control Room also used RPM to make its interface with the probe.
  10. Garfield and friends
  12. I. Am. So. Sleepy. Right. Now.


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    2. WinkAllKerb''


      dunno it's 2.25 am i just woke up and it's not rare i stay awak 24h 36h 48h straigth ... so ... i m another celestial bodies daycycle rdy sort of ^^

      while sleeping more often very short period like 2h 4h and when exhausted after a few week sometime it happen 2 day i could slepp 12h ... but most people can't get it i guess until it happen everyday since long ^^ i took the part to just laugh a it ^^

    3. Urses


      It was joke:wink:

      And insomnia is a  ...(use a swearword at will)

      G'moin @all /*wave sleepy and wildly around*

    4. WinkAllKerb''


      np np ; ) joke as well of some others layers ^^

  13. Same here when I first heard about it! Welcome!
  14. Indeed, we are, and betting bigger!
  15. I know just enough to make up the grammatical structure on your avatar, but apart from common words like pronouns and "Kopf", "nicht", "kann man" etc I have no idea what it says
  16. Some off-topic content has been removed. Please, keep off the sociopolitical content and respect each other
  17. Best kind of Kaboom there is Wilkommen!
  18. Can I complain that it's still 30 minutes till I can get back home from work?
  19. Sure, they could. But Perlin/simplex planets look terrible.
  20. Yeah, my wish was that Mission-Builder-made missions were Vanilla-KSP-compatible ("any player" there meant, "with the expansion or not") But, anyway, thanks for answering. Will have fun with it, still
  21. @JPLRepo hey buddy, my question got drowned in the early thread
  22. E aqueles posts de Autômatos e Machine Learning, cadê?
  23. Banido por achar que ausência de reação é ausência de percepção. E você ainda não percebeu que isso é uma punição?