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  1. Think this was the last time, I played around with it All credit to BahamutoD
  2. changing that when you have solar panels on you would have to watch where you placed them RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = ElectricCharge density = 0 unitCost = 0 hsp = 0 flowMode = ALL_VESSEL transfer = PUMP isTweakable = true } RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = SolidFuel density = 0.0075 unitCost = 0.6 hsp = 920 flowMode = NO_FLOW transfer = NONE isTweakable = true } If you try that you would want flowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW or flowMode = STACK_PRIORITY_SEARCH EDIT- And making it like SolidFuel would just be a battery full you couldn't get any out or in
  3. Have you seen And you might look at And try and use Near Future Electrical and play around with Capacitors ?
  4. Why not just kill ModuleAlternator with a MM ? And if have to make it a small battery if it needs a charge ? Edit- whoops had to edit that it came out all wrong
  5. Tried many thing and none worked and remember there have been alot of sound plugins and looking back they all kind of just stop getting worked on here is one
  6. Why you say that just look at a stock engine that don't use ModuleEnginesFX
  7. AIES Aerospace which looks like got nuked in the last forum's bug but you still can get off of curse and also Horizon Aeronautics and also Launchers Pack - SpaceX Pack V.4.1
  8. If some one was going to add this plugin to other old mods is there a tool we can use to get the settings we need to change or how can one come up with them ?
  9. O Kerbal that wasn't in the folder i linked will see if i have anther that he might have put it with the download
  10. Could some one recompile this for 1.2.2 ? Edit- I see the downloads don't work any more so here is a link to it
  11. So you made a model And ran it through unity ? Or are you using a mod's fairings ?
  12. @Stavell @oliezekat Changed textures to dds and restructured parts folder all credit to Stavell Released Under GPL3 License.
  13. Looks like a part from But think you just have your MM wrong but would have to see the cfg of the part
  14. What i mean is if both textures are the same you could put both MU files and cfg's you would have to change the name of one part.cfg to part2.cfg or just make it one cfg, I will try and make the changes and see will get back to you.