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  1. Might try and add or use some of these lines when I get a chance will take a look CenterOfBuoyancy = 0.0, 0.8, 0.0 CenterOfDisplacement = 0.0, -0.3, 0.0 buoyancyUseSine = False buoyancy = 1.1 but not the numbers those are from the MK 1-2 pod
  2. I find it funny when people want to talk about how many mods there running really ? You talking about a folder a cfg just how many have plugins ? and many have more then one part in it just how many mods you are running doesn't tell any one anything funny how people want to say i'm runny 2000 mod o yah i'm running 2001 lol ya are true kerbals But back to the thread well KSP has got less funny to play for me and spend more of my time playing around with parts or getting old mods to work in 1.3.0 I think there are more problems now in KSP then there was and left thinking what KSP was thinking there getting less real then they was, I thought this was to be a simulator now it's turning into a kiddy game
  3. Well just guessing because not sure what mod your using but looks like its the heat FX on the engine some engines glow like there getting hot if you look stock didn't even fix all there stuff MODULE { name = ModuleAnimateHeat ThermalAnim = TF1Heat <---------------- } Would be replaced by MODULE { name = FXModuleAnimateThrottle animationName = TF1Heat <--------------- responseSpeed = 0.001 dependOnEngineState = True dependOnThrottle = True } Haven't seen these modules be really pick but the effects they can be picky sometime there before ModulEnginesFX and some are placed after if you can PM me with what mod or send a file would help to look at it as it was.
  4. CST-100 just a part mod should work in 1.3.0 there are a small handful of Dragons the dreamchaser is old and might need work.
  5. The FXModuleAnimaterThrottle replaces ModuleAnimateHeat and on the FX it matters where you place them in the cfg KSP is picky about that on somethings EDIT- O and T_T as you have posted would be the name of the transformer in unity
  6. Are you using a plugin them ? I think ksp only lets you set one suncatcher if you have more then one you will need to look at a plugin like Has a good one for solar panels But that's just a guess what it is with out look will try it and see
  7. Going to be hard to match the cartoon look of MKS but just looking for legs AIES Aerospace had a good set to pick from but they look far better IMO
  8. Why would it have to be a procedural part couldn't you just change the mesh like some engine you can turn a tank butt off and on ?
  9. Need to learn GitHub but think I have some stock files there for stock game this are just for test and for some one that wants to help in balancing them have fun
  10. You have CoMOffset = 0.0, -0.0 -0.0 now look at this CoMOffset = 0.0, 0.8, 0.0 CoPOffset = 0.0, 1.2, 0.0 CoLOffset = 0.0, 0.4, 0.0 there from the m1 cockpit you are missing the , should be CoM0ffset = 0.0, -1.0, -0.0
  11. If they want I write a stock cfg if they want to do balance testing
  12. Yes delete or // in font of all of it EDIT- Do you have a plugin folder in side the FASA folder ?
  13. I don't see the plugin in the download anymore but if you can edit a cfg your looking for the MODULE[ReflectiveShaderModule] or you might be running some cfg the using TextureReplacer if that's the case your looking for MODULE[TRReflection] you could write a MM to delete both if there found hope it helps
  14. Well that's a little hard to tell are the lights on in the picture or off ? They look on
  15. To stop the crashing there is a plugin folder in the Soviet pack zip it up or delete it and it will load