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  1. Mount & Blade: Warband I don't think that and KSP have a single thing in common, so I can't imagine a merged game.
  2. The cake is a lie!
  3. Exactly the same as all the other LFO engines, 9:11
  4. 1. It is an option in settings, which is now off by default. 2. It can be toggled in game flight mode. 3. Tex_NL
  5. This; which is why the rocket equation is: dV = (Isp * G) * LN(Mf/Me)
  6. As far as I know there's no way to determine that in stock
  7. Well no, this is the sort of data that Squad doesn't want to have stock because it would make KSP a game of numbers, instead of fun and experimentation. The game provides exactly two tools for this sort of thing - the map mode and manoeuvre nodes. Stock = play around until you get an encounter/rendezvous. None of this helps unless you have a reference ship in orbit already and from which you can plot the nodes. Launch-to-rendezvous is a whole other step.
  8. Don't forget that the googol (not Google!) is out there "somewhere" ^^. (10 ^ 100).
  9. The other option is Action Groups Extended (AGX) which, amongst its awesomeness, allows you to see your action groups settings in flight. It also lets you edit them, all 250 of them ^^.
  10. If you use the RPM mod (which you should, it's great!) the cockpit displays all become useful. Amongst other things, they'll display the vehicle description, just as you want.
  11. Already been done: While we're at it, all of you "pure" types who also think a dv map is cheating, like Long Finger: do make sure you don't use log tables in your dV calculations, won't you. Unless you work everything out, from first principles, with nothing more than paper and pencil (pen is cheating. unless you make it yourself), you will never get to heaven. *eye roll*
  12. As you say, it's really hard to believe that less than 10% of people have been to KSC.
  13. Dirty NASA cheats, putting an autopilot on all their ships, they should be ashamed. If you had touched MJ more than once, or read anything about it, you might have noticed that it only does anything for you if you activate that specific function. It is entirely possible to run complete flights, in KSP, without using any aids at all. Pretty much unlike real life. What, exactly, do you find to be proud of, launching the same vehicle for the 40th time? Touch MJ every production launch. Proud to have repeatable flight-data and reliable, well tested, vehicles that even an autopilot can fly (although not as well as me). Lots of people have no idea what MJ is or how it works. As RoboRay said, it's amusing. Does KER calculate your interplanetary transfer windows, or do you look them up elsewhere? What do you people think of VOID - Dirty, rotten, cheating info mod because it isn't KER? RPM - Disgusting, cheating, working cockpits?
  14. My answer to question 1 is 'yes'; I have travelled across the solar system. Question 2 only calls for an answer is I haven't. It is therefore not applicable, as I have. Question 3, similarly, depends on my answer to question 2. As I haven't answered question 2, I can't answer question 3.