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  1. Yes I think I can work on it (and I think I will work to update all my mods this week, I finished all my exam this day ... with an happy ending).
  2. It also does this without QuickSearch? If yes, I think the mod which has this, needs to add support of the stock search feature. If not can you send me mods which does this?
  3. It's already done (a month ago) but never released it will be for the next update.
  4. Hello, it's a long time that I haven't posted or updated something, sorry. My dev training takes all my time (the end in 2 weeks) and I've lost some of my motivation with the confirmation that KSP won't be translated to French in the 1.3 :'( Only QuickExit needs some work for 1.2.9/1.3 (a dialog issue), all others have no issue in the compilation. I've completely reworked how QuickMute mute the game to use the master volume and to add a quick volume edit. I work on new feature for QuickSearch like a search history, it isn't finish. At this time, it works on the editor and needs a little work on RnD. All others mods have been compiled for the pre-release without change. I haven't yet deleted the support of LanguagePatches but I've planned to switch it on the stock feature. If you want to see what have been done and what is planned: I will release nothing for the pre-release, if you want to have an update, you can download compiled and untested version in the master:
  5. Je ne suis pas certain de l'utilité d'une sous section fr vue le nombre de poste fr (environ 1 à 2 par mois) et le fait qu'il n'y ai aucun modérateur francophone, joue aussi.
  6. Huge thanks @sal_vager for all your work for the KSP linux community
  7. Thanks @nestor & @sal_vager I wait an announce like this since the first announce of the language done (some people on the french community are angry because they haven't gotten this sort of information before).
  8. It was on a previous KSP Weekly ...
  9. Hello, to correct @monstah as Probe Control Room hasn't gotten an update since many month I deleted the support of it on QuickIVA
  10. A mod developed for stock KSP will work for KSP with the extensions? Mission Builder will be based on the work done for the tutorial?
  11. Nice and now, when is planned the French & German translation?
  12. Each time I see this argument, it comes from someone who has gone to school which has learned him the base of the language, lots of bad faith. It's easy to say "you can learn" but you don't help ...
  13. How many games have you played in a language you didn't know?
  14. Yes, or as the french community which needs a translation ... As we are to many, we need 3 forums.! Please, can you respond, when the french translation is planned ?
  15. It's not like an official translation ...