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  1. why are you using action groups? Staging them does the exact same thing and the cross works perfectly fine for everyone else.
  2. no because then it's not soviet
  3. None of the textures are missing. As @Cheesecake said it's supposed to be all white except the nozzle. I can even see in your picture that the nozzle is grey. Don't post bogus bug reports when it's acting as designed. It's not even a pure white texture, it's supposed to be more off-white. The editor since the KSP update makes part colors look washed out, load the parts on the pad to see the true color.
  4. He is here and he's taking a break from KSP. As for him knowing/caring the "most about realism", that is simply not true and is basically a spit into the face of everyone else who works on the project. There are plenty of people who know less than him and plenty that know more than him. This is especially true with the insane amount of work being done in the past few months by a couple of very dedicated members. The project has ALWAYS been a collaborative project and at this point MOST of the work on it has been done by others, not him so discounting all the work done by everyone else is insulting. Him being here or not has absolutely NOTHING to do with the release state of the mod. He was never even the one who released these mods anyway. Most of the configs are made by independent contributors and the actual releases can be done by anyone in the upper management project team. For the past long while this has been @stratochief66 and he is very active on the RO project both internally and on IRC. On a side note, RO has been ready for release for months now, it is the dependencies NOT CONTROLLED by the RO team that are holding it up. So you really should be complaining to those mod authors not belittling the team here by ignoring the work they have been doing. So I'm going to say this again for the 100000th time, stop asking for mod release updates, it's against the forum rules anyway.
  5. Most engines don't throttle IRL unless specifically designed to like the LEM engines, or the RD-171. You CAN edit the config files for this but you'd basically be cheating as the engines aren't meant to work that way. If you are getting extreme G forces on your upper stages you aren't designing your rockets properly.
  6. Never, the whole project was cancelled, the team was abducted and the mod servers exploded. That is never ever ever ever going to happen ever. I could explain why but I'm not going to because it's been beaten to death countless times already, just know it won't happen for reasons.
  7. that's not how it works. The fundamental way the wheel objects are set up in unity has changed and the models themselves are bad. no amount of config editing will fix it. That's not true. All of his stuff has either been replaced by better parts(his soviet stuff) or taken into a larger pack and updated there(his american parts).
  8. Thank you for pointing that out. It will be fixed in the next RO release.
  9. Because most of those probes are one part? You can't assemble a single part craft?
  10. All of my mods require kerbal joint reinforcement because they are larger and heavier than any of the stock parts. Without that they will wobble all over the place. You shouldn't be using struts at all.
  11. A memory access violation means you are running out of RAM and the game is crashing so either you are using the 32 bit game, or your computer is just not good enough to use these mods.
  12. Warheads are now in the game and have configs for North Kerbin Dynamics nuke modules.
  13. Finished the R-36 Mirv warhead. This particular version carried 10 of these 0.55Mt warheads. These warheads are each individually controlled by 4 single axis engines to the target. I'm not sure how a player would be able to control 10 of these at the same time in the game though as they will quickly go outside of physics range of each other, plus controlled 10 ships at the same time to hit 10 different targets by hand is pretty much impossible. I'm guessing you will just have to control one and let the rest hit a random target. Only image of real mirv warhead I could find, this is what I used for reference: