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  1. Finally got around to working on the du802 more. It's 99% done being modeled now. I just need to add some small bolt details here and there and texture it.
  2. Hi Raidernick first thanks for your beautiful creations for KSP. I just have a little question will you make an Ariane rocket pack? I think it can be a great idea.

  3. if you have the aerobee folder from my pack and haven't deleted stuff in it, all the parts are there in both stock and RO. RO can't disable parts only mark them as non RO, but they will still be there. The part is a small white ring with 3 vertical white bars sticking down from it at 120 degree intervals. There are several sizes of these rings for the various aerobee widths.
  4. As i've said many times before, the prices are placeholder values because I don't care about/like career so I don't balance for it. Feel free to balance them yourself and make a PR I will add it to the next release.
  5. they purposely don't have bottom nodes because the stage they attach to has the node the decoupler below attaches to. If the engines also had a node it would make attaching the decoupler much harder as it would keep snapping to the wrong part.
  6. Updated for KSP 1.3 also on CKAN v7.2 Changelog: Update for ksp 1.3
  7. UPDATE v1.4 Changelog: Update for KSP 1.3
  8. UPDATE v1.3 Changelog: Update for KSP 1.3
  9. UPDATE v1.2 Changelog: Update for ksp 1.3
  10. UPDATE v0.8.7 Changelog: Update smokescreen for KSP 1.3 to fix crashing
  11. It's a problem with smokescreen, the launch effects partmodules weren't tested in ksp by those in the thread that says it was ok in ksp 1.3. Any part using them crashes the game during load. For now if you want the game to load go into the cfg for that part and remove any partmodules that say ( KM_PreLaunchEffect_SmkS ). Smokescreen will need to be updated.
  12. The km launch effects part modules(e.g. KM_PreLaunchEffect_SmkS ) crash the game during load for any part using them in ksp 1.3. I made a github issue:
  13. I reached out to linuxgurugamer about this after suggestions from the RO irc and he was nice enough to get it merged for me right away even though it's not his job to be doing that. Once the ckan meta bot runs the issue should hopefully be resolved minus the texture replacer issues. That mod has been taken over and over again by so many people the netkan files aren't being updated fast enough. I expect the mods to install but I'm not sure the current version of TR has working reflections. EDIT: CKAN meta bot just ran and indexed the new netkan files. The issues should all be resolved now I checked in the ckan program and for ksp 1.2.2 I'm only seeing the latest 1.2.2 version of my mods not the 1.3 versions.
  14. Yes it is and for the final time for everyone to see here. I am NOT responsible for ckan installs. Currently CKAN is installing the 1.3 versions of my mods on 1.2.2 games and breaking them. I've had a PR open on the ckan github for weeks now to update the version numbers and the people there seem to be AWOL recently. I am being blamed for this breaking people's games.