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  1. Can you make "mars"-3,4,5,6,7 probes?


  2. I will be adding several new parts to this pack within the next couple weeks that were abandoned a long time ago with an open license. I am fixing these for shimmythejj to stream with and decided to make them available to everyone again. They don't fit with any of my other packs so they will be going here. I am completely redoing the textures on all parts to be more realistic(if it even had textures to begin with) and fixing any colliders that are concave. The first of these is the Bigelow b330 inflatable habitat module. It is not quite ready for release yet.
  3. Working on a new upper stage for the Dnepr rocket. The stage is the DU-802 and is intended to make the Dnepr actually USEFUL as a launcher as the upper stage it has now is terribly optimized for non-MIRV payloads. This should make the rocket work better as a satellite launcher in game. So far it is about 60% done being modeled.
  4. RO is balanced for RSS only. While it would technically work without it, the parts will not be optimized correctly for the planets and atmospheres.
  5. since the new version for ksp 1.2.2 is ready to release already you are unlikely to get help with an older version in which the bugs may have already been fixed sorry.
  6. create a pull request on github and someone will review it there
  7. don't use % for the curve use @
  8. As I've posted many many many times already in this thread, you need to get the updated version of the mod which is now available here: Despite the repo name it does support stock ksp 100% not just realism overhaul. This link is even posted in the OP on this thread.
  9. UPDATE v1.1 Changelog: Add new custom made lander tanks These lander tanks were made for twitch streamer ShimmytheJJ. I decided to include them here as they don't fit anywhere else. The smaller tank is the ascent stage and fits inside the 2 larger tanks which are the descent stages. All 3 tanks have a removable foot platform/grate. These were made for realism overhaul and are not balanced well for stock.
  10. UPDATE v0.8.5 Changelog: Update dependency plugins Fix x405 texture
  11. UPDATE v0.65 Changelog: Surveyor leg modules use G key again Add Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Add LADEE probe Add scansat compatibility for ladee and LRO(separate part called ladee scanner can be used on both probes)
  12. UPDATE SOVIET ROCKETS v2.4 Changelog: Add alternate textures for Dnepr to allow it to be used as r-36m(texture switch) Add MIRV warhead for r-36m(this is a WIP) Add Briz-M stage(no adapter for proton yet) Add adapter for Zenit-2 allowing the use of block d as a zenit-3sl fix dnepr gimbal range for third stage
  13. UPDATE v1.6.5 Changelog: Fix LK legs to use g key to deploy Replace lk rd858 and rd859 with new redone engine models(old engines are marked as deprecated but still included for now)
  14. Load it up yourself and look at the parts to see if they are supported. That's never going to happen. Part mods are never going to be added to recommended list.
  15. FASA v7.0 has been released for KSP 1.2.2 finally. I will eventually make a new thread for this but for now you can get the release here: