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  1. Cake is fine...though lobster better
  2. Some more Posts have been removed.
  3. Whatever the arrangement between SQUAD and its employees/contractors is, it is between SQUAD and their employees/contractors and is of no business to anyone else.
  4. Some edits have been made and some posts have been removed.
  5. Alright folks, it's high time this thread move away from who did what when and get back to Spacex's current missions and future plans.
  6. Lockity.
  7. Some off topic posts have been removed.
  8. Firstly, I don't think KSP was on steam in 2012. Secondly:
  9. Are you sure you have it set to 'Remember me'? Or "stay logged in"? I can't remember which it is.
  10. I assume you men 'Logged in' then. No you should be able to log in with both. I am now in fact.