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  1. Left, actually/
  2. This made me smile a lot!
  3. @Dman979
  4. Thread locked for maintenance EDIT Ok, think I got everything now. Going to try this again.
  5. Darn right it is.
  6. Locky McLockface
  7. "Real(ism)Life" An overhaul of sorts
  8. Had some tornados Tuesday, another strong storm left me without power Thursday morning and knocked a tree down blocking one of my driveways, good thing I have two. Week started off hot, almost freezing this morning.
  9. Alright folks, deep breaths and back on topic please.
  10. @NSEP you made a banana cry
  11. He's getting pinged by this thread @adsii1970
  12. Some questionable content has been removed, keep it clean and coherent please.
  13. But never any for Crown polish.
  14. Where's my sun tan lotion?