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  1. Wrong. @eloquentJane will lock this thread next.
  2. The site is always down.
  3. This is not a joke, the thread has been locked.
  4. It was a joke thread, much like 'ban the user above you' and is why it was in forum games. It has now been locked.
  5. And humanity cements its place in history as a plague across the universe.
  6. So you take out....maybe a few thousand from this planet....then you end up overcrowded on two planets.
  7. Your mod powers are no match for my MOOD powers. Behold!
  8. @Benjamin Kerman Don't post in locked threads. Its not nice!
  9. Remember when @Ted locked this thread, and everyone was all like 'Cool'. I miss those days.
  10. Last time we leave you alone with the forum overnight, @Dman979.
  11. And it appears to be gone.
  13. And this for the close, Sorry.
  14. The barn was a joke.
  15. I don't see any trolling....
  16. If that were true I can't think of a LOT of businesses that would have folded long ago.
  17. Dres is as fake as round kerbin.
  18. Locked. ~=[,,_,,]:3
  19. It's funny how a lot of the objections were not added until edits made after it was announced squad was going with a new console dev.