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  1. Locky McLockface
  2. "Real(ism)Life" An overhaul of sorts
  3. Had some tornados Tuesday, another strong storm left me without power Thursday morning and knocked a tree down blocking one of my driveways, good thing I have two. Week started off hot, almost freezing this morning.
  4. Alright folks, deep breaths and back on topic please.
  5. @NSEP you made a banana cry
  6. He's getting pinged by this thread @adsii1970
  7. Some questionable content has been removed, keep it clean and coherent please.
  8. But never any for Crown polish.
  9. Where's my sun tan lotion?
  10. A few posts have been removed for derailment and personal attacks. Going along with what @monstah said, lets stop that please. Also @passinglurker you have several other threads dedicated to your list of complaints, there is no need to continue to derail other threads with them.
  11. Heh, same birthday as my father and ex-mother-in-law
  12. More like a padawan lock!
  13. My lock is better!
  14. Jesus, did localization kill your father or something?
  15. You can take my modly powers, but you can not take my posting in locked threads!
  16. Everyone spam @Vanamonde to make this a thread of the month.
  17. The forum has now, and has for a while, a lot of shortcomings.
  18. In my experience the site is laughably insecure. And that's the least of its problems.
  19. Please do not start new threads on this at this time.
  20. Please do not start new threads on this at this time.
  21. The only two ways to undo it would be Roll back the entire forum to the last backup before this happened (Sometime yesterday IIRC) Manually split 9,335 posts into the proper threads.
  22. It appears the SpaceX, Orion, and Blue Origin threads have merged