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  1. we're still talking tens to hundreds of tons of TNT. Those are still big booms.
  2. ok, I guess I assumed 20 kt as a nice round number, but you're probably right. I've never seen the actual numbers for the proposed Orion "pellets"
  3. You make it sound like after one goes off, it'd leave the casing intact except for the end the charge was directed towards. Using your numbers, you still get 20% of the energy radiating in all directions. That means that even with a "small" casaba howitzer, you still get a couple thousand tons of TNT equivalent blast in all directions.
  4. it might help if we could see whats in the picture better, but I'm totally at a loss for this issue, in addition to all the stages being blank, it also appears that they are all stage 4.
  5. unfortunately, IR is the only game in town.
  6. TBH, Gimbal isn't really important to me unless I'm building something asymmetrical. In most cases, on smaller rockets the T-30 works fine when paired with sufficient verniers or tail fins.
  7. Ive noticed this on a few mod parts that are rigged for flags as well, such as the KSO.
  8. the AN/DN are the points where your current orbit passes under the tundra orbit. The reason they're fluctuating is because your current "orbit" is on the ground and the target orbit is highly eccentric. You'll find that once you're in a stable orbit the AN/DN will settle somewhat. Since this is a very high delta-v insertion though, you're best bet is to launch when the Ascending Node is directly overhead.
  9. yeah, it's likely that the other pellets would be vaporized before their cores could reach criticality. You might see partial fission, but not full order detonations.
  10. if you're running the x86 version of the game it only supports 4 gb of RAM, so the game will crash on the loading screen if you have too many. if your computer can support it, run the x64 executable instead.
  11. The IACBM port is orientation dependent, but not the clamp-o-tron.
  12. I usually keep fiddling with a design until either it flies or it's clear that it never will.
  13. If you are using Connected Living Spaces, you have to right click on the docking port and select "open hatch" in order to transfer crew. But as they said above, that is only the case with CLS. In the stock game you can move crew wherever you want without worrying about hatches. I'm not sure what construction ports are either, those aren't in the stock game, so they sound like parts from a mod. There are only six docking ports in stock, the Clamp-o-Tron, Clamp-o-Tron jr., Clamp-o-Tron Sr., Inline Clamp-o-Tron, Shielded Clamp-o-Tron, and Mk-2 shielded Clamp-o-Tron. Interesting side fact, docking ports in game are paired by size, so in most cases you can mate any mod or stock port to any other port that is the same diameter. Although there are a few cases where modders cheated by using keyed geometry and other tricks so that they won't fit other ports.
  14. No, you should get it towards the middle of the tech tree, it's under precision propulsion. Sepratrons are tiny solid motors with only 4-5 seconds of burn and 8 units of fuel. They can be attached radially and can be pointed in any direction, so they are good for kicking a spent booster clear of your stack to prevent it from colliding as it tumbles away.