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  1. Some of MJ's modes, such as Launch to Rendezvous, adapt based on prior attempts. If I've landed the same ship on the same planet repeatedly shouldn't Mechjeb be able to improve my CCIP estimate?
  2. I checked, just turn off the radio button that says "Enable Extra Groundstations" under the Advanced difficulty settings.
  3. I'd have to check, but I'm pretty sure the ground stations can be turned off in difficulty settings.
  4. I have noticed this too, mechjeb tends to zero the horizontal velocity and start the suicide burn too early. If I turn it off and just let the capsule coast, it still has plenty of altitude to stop when it passes over the VAB.
  5. Just a quick suggestion, would it be possible to add vernier engines to this pack? I love building rockets with these engines, but the stock verniers run on LF/O, so they can't be used on a stage with one of these babies, which means hauling extra mono-propellant for RCS quads.
  6. I figured it was something like that, why else would the issue have persisted this long, right? I guess I should give up trying to stick a Dragon on the VAB helipad, lol. A warning in the GUI when attempting a propulsive landing in an atmosphere might be a good idea. TBH, I assumed that because there wasn't a warning it was just something that wasn't working as intended. Maybe the "VAB" and "KSC launch pad" landing coordinate presets should be replaced with just a single "KSC" preset, since MJ doesn't have the accuracy to actually hit either of those targets anymore.
  7. I noticed a minor bug, if you revert a flight it will advance to the next mission number.
  8. speaking of landings, I'm finding that while Mechjeb landing guidance works great on airless bodies, if I attempt a propulsive landing on Kerbin it puts me down as much as 20 km short of the target. Something seems to be off with the aerobraking calculation. I've seen this happen fairly consistently in modded and unmodded installs since they updated stock aero.
  9. I don't think he has plans for adding The Phoenix any time soon.
  10. well, that's a dumb reason to block a site. Are you trying to play KSP on a work computer or something? You're pretty much screwed, this forum doesn't support local pic attachments.
  11. It would probably help if you had a picture of this SSTM, but my first guess would be that the camber of the wings is too low.
  12. Try more of a Delta wing on the MiG.
  13. such is the tyranny of the rocket equation. One of the major hangups in real SSTO design is the low payload fraction compared to expendable rockets. Based on your numbers your payload fraction is about .03 to .04, which is about average compared to real life rockets. But of course, this is Kerbal Space Program, your results may vary.