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  1. Try Greenskull's custom spacesuits.
  2. It seems to me that the Rocket Equation should be helpful here.
  3. The orange path is the trajectory immediately resulting from the maneuver you've set up, that's the path your ship is going to follow after the maneuver. The green line is the trajectory after you pass the mun (purple line) and return to kerbin's SoI. You can reduce your burn time either by using a more powerful engine or creating a maneuver that uses less delta-V. This maneuver you have pictured is still a very high delta-v maneuver because of the extreme vector change. You might want to try a different part of the orbit to see if you can get it lower.
  4. This diagram is no longer accurate though. A third petal was added to the SM fairing.
  5. Alternatively, you could import the sub assembly and then save again it with your new name and description.
  6. You need to install Module Manager to get any mods to work. I'm kinda surprised it wasn't packaged with EVE
  7. If you're on steam, right click on Kerbal Space Program in your Games list and select Properties, then click Verify Integrity of Game Files. That will check and redownload any missing or bad stock files without having to reinstall the whole game.
  8. ahem, links to common suggestions
  9. this looks cool, not having any hatches on the modules though is going to play havoc with rescue contracts.
  10. This glitch appears to have corrected itself,
  11. I'm not sure there are any mods that can do that automatically.
  12. Ok, I did a few test flights to check some possible scenarios. Launching to a -6 inclination without setting to launch to target plane does the same thing, but launching to +6 works correctly. However, I tried launching to the target plane of the ship I put in a +6 inclination orbit, and it got weird. For some reason, even though the target was in a +6 inclination orbit, the new ship launched into a -6 inclination and then flipped to +6 on circularizing.
  13. Nope, try again. What about @Frybert?
  14. I expect a little deviation from the planned trajectory, but what I'm seeing is it consistently switching the minus for a plus, going from a -6 inclination to a +6. The normal tweak you're seeing is probably the maneuver correcting for any loss at the apsis you're not trying to change that may happen during the burn.