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  1. That's very good. This mod already simulates orbital decay quite well for a game like KSP. In order to accurately simulate orbital decay it would be necessary a complete overhaul of KSP's gravity handling. This is fine. The reentry time due to orbital decay is a bit unpredictable. IRL we can only calculate the impact point (and reentry time) just a few days or weeks in advance due to upper atmosphere variations.
  2. Do you have JSI installed? You can make a patch to add TweakScale to the parts you want, it is quite easy @PART['Part name here'] { %MODULE[TweakScale] { type = stack //or other TweakScale type like free or surface or something defaultScale = 2.5 //or any default size you want } }
  3. It kinda works with ksp 1.2.2, I'm updating the cfg files to add compatibility and those updates will be release by the end of this month.
  4. @doogie1987, this is a patch to replace TAC LS resources with USI resources keeping the same duration. //Patch made by MarceloSilveira;02-may-2017 //Gets the original amounts of supplies and mulch for eachpart that has some of them. @PART:HAS[@RESOURCE[Food]|@RESOURCE[Waste]]:NEEDS[USILifeSupport]:FIRST { origFood = #$RESOURCE[Food]/maxAmount$ origWaste = #$RESOURCE[Waste]/maxAmount$ } //To keep the same duration the coefficients are 29.538607 and 324.78077 //To keep the same resource mass the coefficients are 1.08472 and 11.9279077 @PART:HAS[@RESOURCE[Supplies]|@RESOURCE[Mulch]]:NEEDS[USILifeSupport]:BEFORE[USILifeSupport] { @description ^=:$: Has TAC LS patch.: RESOURCE { name = Supplies amount = #$../origFood$ maxAmount = #$../origFood$ @amount *= 29.538607 @maxAmount *= 29.538607 } RESOURCE { name = Mulch amount = #$../origWaste$ maxAmount = #$../origWaste$ @amount *= 324.78077 @maxAmount *= 324.78077 } } //cleanup @PART:HAS[#origFood[>0]|#origWaste[>0]]:NEEDS[USILifeSupport]:AFTER[USILifeSupport] { !origFood !origWaste !RESOURCE[Food]{} !RESOURCE[Water]{} !RESOURCE[Oxygen]{} !RESOURCE[Waste]{} !RESOURCE[WasteWater]{} !RESOURCE[CarbonDioxide]{} } This patch will apply to EVERY part that has Food or Waste
  5. It is made to work with TAC life support. Is has enough resources for 45 Kerbal*days, you can replace the TAC LS resources (Food, Water, Oxygen, Waste...) with USI resources (Supplies, Mulch) yourself
  6. This is simply... Amazing!
  7. Most of the Orbital modules have an embedded ModuleDockingNode. There is also the 'Soyuz/Progress 7K Docking Port' wich might help you.
  8. It already has an :NEED[TweakScale] flag. and a :NEEDS[RemoteTech] for the other one, just saying. @blackheart612 you are free to add my cfgs to the mod if you want
  9. I recommend either removing the RT default patch or adding a FINAL check in it
  10. Patches! Patches for everyone! Hello everyone! When this mod was still in development I made some patches for compatibility with widespread mods. Since then these mods were updated and the Space Shuttle was released for ksp 1.2.2 (hooray!). The patches were compiled in a single file uploaded to dropbox and need Module Manager to work. The patches add compatibility with the following mods: Mechjeb for autopilot and stuff HullCame VDS for docking cameras with the docking ports Community Resource Pack for better fuel cells and a more realistic EDO RemoteTech because the stock communications are too simple KIS container to the airlocks, making EVAs more practical TAC life support but not kerbalism or USI life support; those will be added soon™ Ok, now to the shiny link Space Shuttle - Patches Enjoy
  11. New patches! Still warm from the oven! The first patch configures the compatibility with TweakScale for all Airplane Plus parts. maybe not all parts, I may have forgotten some Airplane Plus - TweakScale (Dropbox) The second adds a simple RemoteTech to all the command pods in the Airplane Plus, this antenna has 350 km of range. If you want a longer range, just change the OmniRange value to the desired one. Airplane Plus - RemoteTech (Dropbox)
  12. Very interesting!
  13. @ragusila For the people trying to add ScienceConverter to Salyut, you can try this code below. Simply adding the modules by copying the stock's science lab would not work properly. MODULE { name = ModuleScienceLab //the ModuleScienceContainer is the 6th module, therefore containerModuleIndex must be 5. containerModuleIndex = 5 dataStorage = 400 crewsRequired = 1 canResetConnectedModules = True canResetNearbyModules = True interactionRange = 5 SurfaceBonus = 0.1 ContextBonus = 0.25 homeworldMultiplier = 0.2 RESOURCE_PROCESS { name = ElectricCharge amount = 10 } } MODULE { name = ModuleScienceConverter dataProcessingMultiplier = 0.5 // Multiplier to data processing rate and therefore science rate scientistBonus = 0.50 //Bonus per scientist star - need at least one! So 0.5x - 5x researchTime = 6.8 //Larger = slower. Exponential! scienceMultiplier = 5 //How much science does data turn into? scienceCap = 300 //How much science can we store before having to transmit? powerRequirement = 4 //EC/Sec to research ConverterName = Research StartActionName = Start Research StopActionName = Stop Research } I also recommend you change the CrewReport and mobileMaterialsLab masks by replacing the original ones with the code below. The new masks will require a crew inside the part and the experiments cannot be triggered by EVA.
  14. A long time ago BobCat made a very good model of the Apollo LRV for his American Pack with folding panels and seats for 2 kerbals. However it was made for 0.25 (or something) version so the wheels are completely borked.