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  1. Questions about mods themselves should be here.
  2. Xbox 360 is kind of obsolete now and I don't think there would be, since the (told to be crappy) existing version is for Xbox One
  3. Deported B.V. = (legally) Squad. That should have been included in EULA.
  4. Oops glad to see you back. Actually I can add you to co-authors at SpaceDock to make things easier, if necessary.
  5. Please use a more understandable title next time EDIT: All right that's my fault, sorry about that. It's just that generally we don't ask questions in Welcome Aboard.
  6. I guess this should belong to Technical Support, not Welcome Aboard
  7. (From March 18 KSP Weekly)... Plus mission creation and historical flights That we can share, and play through the nights Vostok, Gemini, Apollo and more Crafted by Roverdude, so no eyesores ... (From March 25 KSP Weekly) Now Squad reveal their latest mystery The expansion named “Making History” We’ll roleplay the Soviets, Americans too Don’t worry China, we’ll get round to you. I don't know if that's enough but everything takes steps, including this one.
  8. This should belong to Fan Works and moved here
  9. I'm sure there will be, referring to this they revealed last week
  10. 注册需要上线不需要
  11. I just realized that without sal we don't have a new poem this week
  12. I guess a log file can help the developer to see what happened if it doesn't load, not to see if it caused a crash
  13. 你这么说会不会给人一种