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  1. That's all right there would be like a week before an update comes out, so feel free to check them again. I'd put meanings of those words/phrases in comments of that Google Docs file, which may help a bit.
  2. That's quick and thank you! I'd check paragraphs again and add this in next update, and would you please reply in my thread in Russian forum that it's finished?
  3. Здравствуйте! Мы, разработчики оружейного мода Naval Artillery System (NAS), думаем, что Вам будет интересно увидеть его и на Русском! Но для этого нам нужны добровольцы, желающие помочь с переводом! Требуется перевести описание частей и подобные тексты. Для перевода, перейдите по этой ссылке - но не забудьте указать ваше имя на форуме (или другой псевдоним), если Вы хотите, чтобы мы отметили вас на доске почета! Спасибо! ========= Hello, We're looking for volunteers to help with localization of our mod (BDArmory addon) Naval Artillery System (NAS), and would anyone please help us with translation of part descriptions and other texts? I'd be grateful if anyone would do us a favor. Anyone could edit this file, so please leave ID in the quotes for us to credit his/her contributions. LOCALIZATION FILE LINK Thanks! EDIT: Now it's finished and thanks to @Next_Star_Industries! // с переводом этого текста помог Kerbal101
  4. Updatelog (FIX) - "Crossroads" * Special thanks to forum user fitiales, for his Spanish localization texts! Updated part list. Tweaked overheating rate of 10 cm/65 Type 98 Naval Gun. Tweaked deviation angles of all guns (once which were too accurate) to make them more realistic and still somehow player-friendly, based on following rules: ~ Any medium to large caliber weapon (larger than 75 mm) would have a deviation that would match the average length of the same class ships at the edge of effective range. ~ Side cannons, except 15.5 cm/60 3rd Year Type Naval Gun Triple Turret (cruiser gun), would use a destroyer template, large caliber AA guns use 2/3 of maximum range as effective range. Fixed localization path of 28 cm SK C/28 Twin Turret. Added localization support to Spanish. P.S. We're still seeking for Russian speaking volunteers to help us with localization of NAS. Anyone could edit this, so please leave your ID in the quotes for us to credit your contributions. Русский: DONE ON 2017/06/27
  5. Speaking of this, I've worked out a set of empirical formulas to calculate approximate power of my bombs. It's not that accurate but it works quite well. [P = cannonShellPower ≈ 6 * m^(0.4) (m stands for the shell's TNT equivalent of bursting charge, kg)(Recommending 7.5 * m^(0.4) for 75 to 155 mm guns)] [H = cannonShellHeat ≈ 10.5 * m^(0.4) (Recommending 13.125 * m^(0.4) for 75 to 155 mm guns)] [R = cannonShellRadius ≈ 21 * m^(0.8) (Recommending 4.2 * m^(0.8) or 8.4 * m^(0.8) for medium to large caliber cannons)] [P = 5.75 * m^(1/3) (Bombs & Missiles) (m stands for the shell's TNT equivalent of bursting charge, kg)] [R = K * P (Bombs & Missiles, K ranges from 1.25 to 1.75), H=0.9 * R] Hope that this can be a reference.
  6. Log: Since Spanish localization is completed and we've done some more tweaks about deviation of naval guns, like @SpannerMonkey(smce) mentioned some time ago, they were much too accurate. I've done quite a bunch of calculation and balanced out reasonable deviation angles, now they'd be more realistic. If we can't get a full Russian translation on this weekend we'd reveal Spanish-localized version only, it depends, and hope that any Russian speaker would help us with the work that we definitely cannot deal with alone.
  7. The part translation should take a bit more time, I don't really mind that, just keep your own pace and it'd be neat EDIT: Fixed a missed sentence in KSPedia config
  8. AFAIK it's up to your actual display results, a line break should be okay anywhere.
  9. Added Chinese translations to Github branch, waiting for approval.
  10. See the "Changelog" tab on SpaceDock page, it's always there.
  11. Yeah, it would still heat up the part being hit if not penetrated, just without full damage and exploding effects. You can simply use 1.2.2 plugin with the new version parts under 1.2.2, it's totally okay, I've tested that.
  12. This would change the damage mode, and add actual armor thickness detections to all large caliber guns. It would affect a lot if you don't have thick enough panels. Just modify weaponType = ballistic to cannon and remove // before those three cannonShell settings in case you don't like it anyway
  13. We have a new version of Naval Artillery System (NAS), which has got Chinese and Japanese localization implemented, and we need help from the community to get the localization progress set and done. EDIT: Spanish is done and many thanks to @fitiales! EDIT2: Russian is done with the help of @Next_Star_Industries.
  14. Updatelog 0.6.5 (IMPORTANT) - "Crossroads" *Special thanks to forum user eboshi, who greatly helped with localization progress of NAS! Updated plugins for compatibility with KSP 1.3, and added the function of setting depths of all torpedoes/depth charges on board (UI localized in simplified Chinese and Japanese). Updated to latest C.A.L++. Tweaked Fritz X Guided Anti-ship Glide Bomb so it can work more smoothly. Removed LoadingTipsPlus configuring file. Rebalanced small caliber AA weapons, now they should be about 1/3 less powerful, and buffed range of Type 96 25 mm AT/AA Gun Triple Mount. Overhauled all the tags, now it would be easier to search any parts. Applied new exhaust effects to all torpedoes/rockets and Fritz X, now they behave normal. Applied armor piercing settings to CA/BB guns, and rebalanced their powers. Added localization support to simplified Chinese and Japanese. Sorry that we only have speakers of these two languages among our team members and volunteers, please help us with all these untranslated texts. Added 2 new parts: - Kriegsmarine: 28 cm SK C/28 Twin Turret - US Army: 14-inch M1909 Twin Turret (Fort Drum Type) P.S. in case anyone didn't see the announcement above, after discussions we decided that it should be better to open our localization files pending translated to the community, which would be more convenient and community-alike, also we can gather more help easily. Anyone could edit this, so please leave your ID in the quotes for us to credit your contributions. Español: DONE ON 2017/06/20 Русский: DONE ON 2017/06/27