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Found 24 results

  1. I've been given @N3h3mia's blessings to officially support his excellent collection of Science Mods for KSP 1.x as he is currently unable to find the time to continue these. Please raise bug reports for this build to myself and not to N3h3mia. Official Thread (out-of-date)- overview and tutorial videos Micha's Development Thread- continued revision history, source code, bug reports, feature requests, help and support, ... Download links Updated to 0.7b1 on 2017.06.19 GitHub SpaceDock CurseForge Overview This set of mods consists of 4 main components: Kemini - early-game orbital science experiments in the Mk1 pod requires ModuleManager KEES - later early-game orbital science experiments for basic orbital stations. requires KIS recommends K2 / Corvus or similar 2-Kerbal pods OMS/KLS - full-station experiments, requiring heavy lifters and significant station infrastructure. The basic premise is that experiments are run in "Labs". Labs, Lab Equipment, and Experiments are launched separately. Equipment must be installed into the correct lab, and Experiments can only be run on certain Equipment. KEES and Kemini are simpler variants with some/all of the equipment/labs pre-integrated. Once an Experiment has been installed, it can be "Run", which will take some time. The idea is not to time-warp to completion, but to run other missions in the meantime. When done, an Experiment can be "Finalized" and must then be returned to Kerbin. Quick Tutorials Kemini KEES OMS / KLS
  2. I am fully aware that this question has been asked before so I apologize, but every forum post I've found has not worked for me. I am a heavy modder but this problem never happened to me before the 1.3 update. I've tried loading with mods only for 1.3, verifying game files via Steam, reinstalling KSP, and wiping KSP clean. However, after Module Manager finishes, the game just crashes and the error log says it has to do with mono.dll. Here are the logs: If it helps, it seems KSP crashes on the first mod that adds aerodynamic parts (or possibly parts in general).
  3. I noticed in KSP 1.3 that parts using ModuleResourceHarvester type = 2 (atmospheric) no longer appear to harvest any resource if surface speed is exactly zero, such as if the craft is attached to a launch clamp or has wheel brakes engaged. If there's any motion, such as a heavy craft wobbling on its clamps, or with brakes engaged but can still be tilted side to side, then it'll harvest the resource. This seems to happen regardless of abundance. This differs from air intakes that can still take in a fixed amount of IntakeAir if perfectly stationary. I originally tuned my harvesters to match whatever the corresponding air intake would harvest in IntakeAir while stationary, then re-tuned that to match the IntakeAir rate times whatever MinAbundance was (assuming MinAbundance and MaxAbundance were equal). Now it seems I'll have to re-tune that based on a fixed non-zero speed. Or maybe there's an option for a stationary atmospheric harvester to still work. Where can I find changes to ModuleResourceHarvester?
  4. June 19, 2017 Released to correct the mini AVC version file. No other changes. June 18, 2017 Released Some minor changes/updates, please see the change log below for details. As always, please post any issues you find, or questions/suggestions you have. I hate to see really great mods languish, so I'm going to try to bring NovaPunch up to date. The original mod thread can be found here. I know, "No pics, No clicks". So here's a start, with some of the sample rockets: ![]() Imgur Gallery with other images: (Nov 20, '16 Updated to include a sampling of the engines) Change Log Next Major Step: Start working on getting the legs functional (Gotta learn Blender and Gimp, so this won't be quick. Still to do overall: (In no particular order) RealPlume support Other stuff as I think of it Listen to your comments and suggestions Look at other requested mods once I get this one fully up to date. Tiberion's shuttle parts has been requested. I'm up for that, but I need to get a handle on Blender & Gimp. Interested? It's on Spacedock only, for now. Known Issues: Credits: License: CCA-SA4 The contents of this mod are copyrighted by their respective original authors and released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You can read the full terms of the license on the Creative Commons webpage by visiting Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  5. I've looked in the folders for Kopernicus planet packs and found out that they contain no dlls, only cfg and info files and textures. So why are 1.2 Kopernicus planet packs not working with 1.3, and how to fix that? Cfg files are text, so it might be just a find and replace thing, or am I wrong? Particularly I'm bothered by the fact that there's no other star systems translated into 1.3, only the rekerjiggers of the Kerbol system. I want to do this reconfiguration myself. How to do that and what do I have to edit?
  6. So here I am again, lets hope I don't abandon it again This is my first career in 1.3, so it will be a report from the early part of a career to whenever I feel like ending it (hopefully a very long time) I already have the next part almost ready!
  7. I keep getting the comm-net connection lines drawn in flight mode. About half the time when I switch from map to flight view I see a fat green line stretching off into the distance. Is it some kind of bug or is there an option somewhere that will disable it?
  8. When someone wants to add a new language dictionary to KSP 1.3, they make a short plugin that tells KSP what language ID to use and provide a dictionary.cfg for that language. But what happens when an add-on that supports localization doesn't have a dictionary for that language? Does KSP fall back to some default for those?
  9. The Internet Problem I looked at the weekly challenge and said, "This will be easy!". I was wrong. At first, I took what I like to call the direct approach. I decided to modify a Stratolauncher to carry the groundstation. I quickly dismissed this idea due to aerodynamics. I then thought to build a cargo plane. Then I realized the Stearwing A300 existed. I used it instead. Whenever I tried to eject it out the back, the antenna struck the tail and exploded, since a part of the tail sticks down into the cargo bay. I moved it into the BOMB BAY. It fell back into the cargo bay upon deployment. With its parachutes, it descended safely into the ocean with no damage from a height of 3km. Then I realized it had to land within 200m. *sigh* I downloaded Bon Voyage. Will it work now? Can I drive it into Position? Find out next time! Oh yeah, I have to make a truck!
  10. With kind permission of @blizzy78 , and continuing on from his excellent work, I've taken on this plugin which is otherwise essentially the same as before This is a minimalist plugin that allows to adjust the ambient lighting on the fly. This should come in handy when you can't see your docking ports because you forgot to bring lights. It should also be useful to Youtubers and streamers that want to brighten things up a bit for their viewers. This plugin optionally supports Toolbar Plugin version >=1.7.0 (no longer bundled with the download - don't forget to grab it separately if you want it) How to Use You have two settings you can toggle between. To adjust the ambient lighting in the current setting, click on the toolbar button to open the slider. Then drag the knob of the slider around. Click the toolbar button again to hide the slider. To reset the ambient lighting in the current setting to KSP default levels, right-click the toolbar button. To switch to the second setting, click the toolbar button using the middle mouse button. Each time you click using the middle mouse button, you toggle between those two settings. Both settings are persisted between scene changes and KSP restarts. Download Ambient Light Adjustment Plugin :- Github KerbalStuff Spacedock Source code on GitHub: This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. Change Log - Rebuilt for KSP 1.3.0 - Applied fix for toolbar wrapper assembly parsing - Rebuilt for KSP 1.2.0 - Rebuilt for KSP 1.1.3 - Rebuilt for KSP 1.1.2 - Rebuilt for KSP 1.1 - Added tooltips to Reset and Toggle buttons. Added Null pointer check around RemoveModApplication when destroying button. Updated assemblyinfo version. - Changed default position when using stock toolbar. Save slider position to settings.dat. - Added buttons for toggling between setting A and B, and for resetting current setting to default ambient level. Fixed proliferation of spurious applicationlauncher buttons after changing scenes. - Rebuilt for KSP 1.1.0 prerelease Added support for stock applauncher - Rebuilt for KSP 1.0.5 - Rebuilt for KSP 1.0.4 [*] - Rebuilt for KSP 1.0.3 - Rebuilt for KSP 1.0.2 - Added toolbar button on spacecenter scene. - Rebuilt for KSP 1.0.0 - Fixed incorrect mod name in AVC version file. - Switched to timmersuk fork - Updated for 0.90.0 - Switched to KSP-AVC/mini-avc for versioning - no longer retrieves current version from 1.2.0, 2014-08-21 - The plugin now also works in the tracking station. - The slider will now auto-hide automatically after a few seconds of inactivity. - The toolbar button is now only accessible in the relevant game scenes rather than all game scenes. 1.1.3, 2014-07-27 - The plugin now does an automatic update check, and also gets KSP versions from the update check server. In case the currently running KSP version is one of those versions, the plugin will not complain about being incompatible with this KSP version. This saves both players' and the plugin author's time. - Updated for KSP 0.24.2 and Toolbar Plugin 1.7.6 (included.) 1.1.2, 2014-07-18 - Updated for KSP 0.24.1 and Toolbar Plugin 1.7.5 (included.) 1.1.1, 2014-07-18 - Updated for KSP 0.24.0 and Toolbar Plugin 1.7.4 (included.) 1.1.0, 2014-03-06 - Added the ability to toggle between the current and the previous setting by clicking the toolbar button using the middle mouse button. - Both settings are now persisted between scene changes and KSP restarts. 1.0.0, 2014-03-05 - Initial public release. The Ambient Light Adjustment plugin is licensed under the GNU GPL v3.
  11. Lambda Station Decals This is mainly a repackaging and expansion of DeltaDizzy's Flag Pack. It consists of 11 flags by me and 14 by @cratercracker. Now compatible with Decal Stickers by @blackheart612. blackheart612 had no role in this mod's development. If you encounter a bug, report it with the Github Issue Tracker. If you don't, it will be ignored! You can use it in 1.3, but it has not been tested. cratercracker's flags are marked with the prefix "CC". Mine are Marked with the prefix "DD". It is compatible with all versions of KSP that support PNG flags. It only contains flags and the config files for the Decal Stickers. My flags were made in, and cratercracker's were made in MS Paint. Examples: All code is licensed under GPLv3. If you have contributions or suggestions, comment here: DOWNLOAD: Github The Curseforge link has been removed since I no longer have the time to maintain it. Anyone who would like to maintain the Curseforge page, please PM me. These mods can improve your experience: You will need this if you want to take advantage of the brand new compatibility. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. DeltaDizzy's Flag Pack This thread has been moved and renamed at @cratercracker's request. The new thread can be found below.
  13. Hey I`m running a fairly heavy modded version of KSP and most recently I got crashes as soon as I try to launch something. I can view/build the vessels in VAB but as soon as they are loaded on the launchpad the game crashes. The error log is here: Error Log I hope it`s of some help and someone can help me out on that problem. greetings, Tuck Edit: Through try and error removing parts I found out it`s a problem with a specific part pack (ModularPods). I don`t know if it`s not compatible with other mods I got or a problem of the pack itself. But not using parts from it resolved it. @TiktaalikDreaming tagging for you to see.
  14. So I'm running a fairly heavily-modded installation of KSP. Upon the most recent update to 1.3, I can't get past the initial loading screen. Everything seems to be going fine, then *poof*!.. crash to desktop. Can someone with more technical skill than I take a look at my log and tell me what's causing the trouble? I figure it's a mod that hasn't been updated for compatibility yet, but I don't know how to tell which mod... Thanks in advance! Log is located here.
  15. Hello there, I am the guy that (almost) never posts, but I wanted to help the community at least a bit, so here's a list of which mods have been updated to work with KSP 1.3 Disclaimer : Not all of the listed mods have been tested. Most have just been updated and I included them here. Reply with the name of any "compatible" mod crashing the game and I'l remove it, or with a mod not included here and I'll add it List of mods in the spoiler, sorted by alphabet in sub-spoilers. WARNING: It's really long By the way, I'll be updating this list as often as I can Last Update : June 26th, 2017
  16. Hello people of ksp! I have been having a problem with loading up ksp. its in both 1.2.2 and 1.3, and here are the mods I have: BDArmory, Cameratools, Hullcam VDS and scatterer. How do I post the crash log? thanks.
  17. Hello, I'm running the steam version of KSP and while I am able to run the 32bit version any attempt to start 64bit has resulted in an instant crash before even entering the loading screen. I have attempted to start in clean versions of both 1.3 and 1.2.2 to no avail. I am running 64 bit windows 10 version 1703 build 15063.296 with 16GB of RAM, Intel i7-4790 and a Geforce GTX 1060 SSC with MSI afterburner v. 4.3.0 and Rivatuner at v.6.5.0. 1.3 Crash logs 1.2.2 Crash logs If any other information is needed please ask. *UPDATE* Updated Rivatuner to 7.0.0 Beta 19 and Nvidia driver to 382.33. Issue has subsided, remove at earliest opportunity or leave open for future reference.
  18. Dear KSP Team, KSP was working fine for me for months, now with the 1.3 it's crashing at every start at the same loading step ( I think after asset-loading). Here's the stack trace:
  19. Testing out KSP Update 1.3 with some mods that are very important to me, and then this happened: These tiles of terrain just started disattaching from the rest and began floating off into the distance. I still am terrified.
  20. In settings.cfg, at the bottom, I've always made a custom terrain settings with Medium/High terrain detail but Low ocean detail. It makes the game run much, much better on my laptop. As of 1.3, I see a small bug. Adding my custom setting doesn't work like it used to. I can add my custom terrain preset, so it seems, but the name doesn't come up. It instead repeats High (i.e. there are two settings called High). When I select the second High setting (presumably my custom setting), click Accept, then return to the graphics settings, it says "New Text". When I try the game, however, I can see that my custom setting has been correctly selected. Also, when I try to change the Low, Default, or High preset names themselves in settings.cfg, the name change does not show up in the setting menu in game. Can anyone reproduce this? If they can I'll submit it to the bug tracker.
  21. I thought, when I heard of the new 1,875 stock parts based on the Gemini missions, "Why not make a 1.875 m 2 Kerbal pod?" Then I thought, "What might everyone else like to see added to the new update?" That is how this thread was born. Vote on the poll above or voice your opinions in the comments below. SPOILER IS FOR MODERATORS ONLY
  22. This thread is not for speculation. If you wish to speculate, please do so in this thread: Discussion of confirmed features is still welcome! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Original post in spoiler below: Now that Squad has confirmed several things upcoming in 1.3/1.2.9 it seems fit to change this to a features thread. So, without further ado, let's begin! EXPERIMENTALS CAME THURSDAY, MARCH 16! Please report any features I missed to me! Expeimentals are for PC only. The changelog for experimentals can be found below: Confirmed Features 1. Localization. Talked about for a long time, this feature expands the demographic of the game to a larger part of the world, creating more revenue, which in turn means moar development! The devs have had to change and reorginize a lot of code to make localization work, such as biomes, science, vessel situations, and celestial bodies. The Kerbal name generator has also been overhauled to make it work for all four new languages. The four languages are: - Russian - Chinese - Japanese - Spanish 2. Intergration of Asteroid Day. The Asteroid Day mod, an offical Squad mod (that should totally be a catchphrase) that brought you the HECS 2 probe core and many other parts will be fully stock! So, the SETINEL Infared Telescope will be added, which is the "final part to make the main game" as all other parts in the mod have been added already. 3. Ambient Light Adjustment will also be added. This adds a "Boost" value to the ambiet light setting, which brightens the render engine, causing darker objects to become lighter. Yay for better screenshots! 4. Bug fixes. Something we always need. The most notable are the fixes of terrain seams (especially on the Teir2 and Teir3 runways), the correction of ablator darkening on heat shields, and flagpole interaction fixes. The save corruption issue on consoles has been fixed as well. See the changelog in the spoiler above to see the full list 5. New art. New art is being worked on for an undisclosed purpose. We have been told that they are working on a nebula, which might mean new background images or images to look at with a telescope. Eyelids have also been mentioned for animated Kerbals, so the Kerbals in IVA may actually be able to blink! 6. KSPedia additions. Tutorial videos have been made. 7. Adjustable sturts. Struts can now be picked up from both placed sides without deleting the premade strut, allowing you to edit your extendive strut networks. 8. Coherent contracts. Contracts will actually make sense now. Console Exclusive 1. Better UI. Radial menus have been added on console, for better compatibility with those platforms (via Bitworks). They also look pretty cool! However, more still needs to be done. The VAB tools are still unavaliable for use. DLC 1. KSP Making History. KSP's first paid expansion, this DLC will add all sorts of new features to the game to make it more fun and challenging to new and old players alike. Some additions include: - Mission builder. This allows you to create and plan missions for you or others to complete. You can add part, mass, price and size constraints as well as random failures. - History pack. A bunch of pre-made additions for you to complete. You can relive missions from mankinds earliest space exploration. - New parts. A bunch of new parts will be added like farings, fuel tanks, adapters, decopulers, and command pods. These new parts are inspired by the US and Soviet space programs. - New astronaut suit. - Personal Kerbal parachute. - Highly customizable and moddable. - Results and successes sharable with the community. - Simple building interface. - And more! Stay tuned for more updates as more information comes out about the DLC! For anyone intrested about the offical announcement, look in the spoiler below. Unconfirmed Features (talked about by the devs, but not a confirmed offical feature as of yet) None at the moment. Outside of game features 1. The bug tracker has been updated, so bugs can be more efficiently reported and squashed. If I missed anything, please say so (use @Garrett Kerman to alert me, otherwise I won't see it). You can also PM me if you wish. GK
  23. So, if you're wondering how those tracking stations look like. I'm going to assume they're all the same. This is Harvester Massif. It surely is massive! Look carefully. (Here's the enlargement on imgur). That white speck, just below the right-most leg... That's Jeb. The dish rotates as well. Pretty cool, and worth a visit!