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Found 7 results

  1. This is a place where the KSP community can gather to share, discuss and promote their Favorite MOD lists, a place where new players can come to find sets of MODs that work well together. This place is in other words, a place where experienced players and the new players can come together to help each other and to teach each other. What is the MOD docket? It is a list of lists. Below you will find a list of all the add-on lists in the MOD docket. (Or at least you will if users contribute) Each category contains (or will contain soon) several links that will take you to a user recommended list of MODs that both work well together and share a common theme. So I want to contribute to Lists what do I need to do? (Optional), I recommend that you give your MOD list a Name. No rules for this outside the general Forum rules for good behavior. List the most recent version of KSP that you have used this list on. This is very important so that players do not try and use these add-ons on incompatible KSP versions. This is especially necessary if your list contains add-ons that have not been updated to the version of KSP listed for your list. We are all trusting that you have used it in the KSP version you listed so please make sure you have verified functionality before you list a non update add-ons. When sharing your add-ons it is required that you list the version of KSP that the MOD is updated for. If you choose to share an older version of a MOD you must ensure doing so does not violate licensing of the MOD. You must provide a link to the add-on. Either to an official download site provided by the MOD creator or to the release thread. Preferably you would provide both. Keep in mind that any forum of sharing must be in line with the licensing of the add-on creator. (Optional) let us all know why you think each add-on belongs in your list and how you feel this list is tied together. Significant artistic licence is not only allowed but encouraged in the regard. if you choose to contribute more than one list please maintain only one post for all of your lists that you may share. What role do you play in all of this? I will be maintaining the OP. My job is to keep the user generated lists organized and user friendly. When I share your list I will share your user name, a link to your MOD list, and the name of your mod list if provided. So I want to have a discussion about the list, is that OK? Oh yes! I so very much hope we have many, many discussions here. Please discuss, as long as it is on topic and does not violate forum rules or the rule below: Without further ado: The Busy Father’s Essential MOD’s by mcirish3. "Some career mode enhancements with utilities and some VFX mods." Stockalike Mods for Sandbox Space Explorers by Red Iron Crown. "A tiered list of mods for the space-focused sandbox player." Realistic non Realism Overhaul Real Solar System Mod list by Gaarst. "An alternative to the Realism Overhaul MOD list, for realistic game play." Avera9e's Visual Ultimatum by Avera9eJoe. "49 non-part mods to enhance stock visual sound and veteran career gameplay." Realistic Progression Zero (RP-0) by NathanKell and pjf and Many others. "Lightweight career add-on and associated Mods for Kerbal Space Program's Realism Overhaul" Realism Overhaul by NathanKell and pjf and Many others. "Realism Overhaul is a mod that makes Kerbal Space Program behave more like real life. contains a very RORealism Overhaul does this by modifying other mods and stock parts to perform as their real-life equivalents." large coherent list of mods and as such I feel it should be right at home here in the MOD docket. Community Career Framework (CCF) by CCF. "A Standards Cooperative for Career Games (Standard Career Progression and Part Balance Recommendations for Mod Authors and Players) Tech Trees | Contract Packs | Stock-alike Recommended Standards for Part Mods" Eloquent Spacecraft Systems 1.2.x Modpack byeloquentJane. "This is the collection of mods that I use in my long-term 1.2.x career. They are required to make all of my 1.2.x vehicles function, or give them a location to function, or simply make them look better." Low end Macbook Modpack [1.2.2](WIP) by MaxZhao "I play KSP on a low-end Macbook Air with 1.4GHz Intel i5 and 4G RAM so performance is essential to me. I hope this modpack can help people who wants a range of parts while still keeping their game from becoming a slideshow. Note that not all mods are up to date but they all function relatively well in 1.2.2. " Special Thanks To: Red Iron Crown for helping me set this up and giving thoughtful advice and idea's for the opening page. My Wife Christine for all she does and for giving me the time to do what I do
  2. For everyone interested in updates to their favorite add-ons, please do not pester modders in the add-on thread, modders volunteer their time and requests or inquiries for updates just derail threads and will not make updates come any sooner. Check the first post of an add-on thread for news. If there is no news in the first post there is likely no update. Modders are asked to keep their first posts up to date so their fans can stay informed. Thank you.
  3. I'm thinking of building a web service to help people simplify their mod installs/updates process. Functionality: Mods would be submitted to the system with their name, link to github/curse download links, description of mod, etc. Users would be able to search for and add mods to their basket. When all their mods are added to the basket, they would be able to download a zip file of all the mods properly organized into the gamedata folder. Then just unpack this one zip file and overwrite the 'gamedata' folder to update all their mods. The mods you selected will be saved for the next time you want to upgrade. Groups of mods can be shared by developers, or by popular channels. Imagine watching a video, and then being able to download their exact mods list in a few clicks. Feasibility: The basic software to make this is not overly complicated. I'm just wondering if this sort of thing would be useful, or if someone has already done something similar?
  4. An Alpha release of the website. Questions answered below. Q: What is the website for? A: Hosting mods...thats it. Q: Whats the domain? A: CURRENTLY THERE ARE NO MODS UPLOADED, I BROUGHT THE SITE ONLINE TO ALLOW MOD DEVELOPERS TO UPLOAD THEIR MODS AND TO TEST THE WEBSITES STABILITY.
  5. KerbalStuff was one of the biggest 3rd party Kommunities for KSP add-ons and mods. Would you support its return?
  6. I suggest that it is obligatory to include the date of the last version of the Add-On (Mod / Plug-In / Parts) in the title of the thread. Most threads have only the version, having no reference to the day it was updated. This makes it difficult to view and search for new versions of mods, considering most users do not have to write down or memorize all versions of installed mods. PS: If this post is in the wrong place, please move it.
  7. This might not be the right place to post this but....Oh well. I was wondering if i could get any advice on a mod i was trying to develop. the mod basically is a beautification mod. You know the steam you see before a rocket launches from fuel boil off, I was trying to replicate that in KSP. I think that it might be a fairly simple project to start of modding. I was looking for advice such as: What software is used, How long it might take, or were to post my mod once done. any help would be much appreciated. Happy game play. Cheers.