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Found 27 results

  1. Are you tired of your bases being small and uninspired? Have you ever wanted to create a realistically looking colony on Duna or Mun, but didn't want to install part heavy mods that break the stock style? If the answer to at least one question is yes, Planetary Domes is a mod for you. Planetary Domes is a collection of parts that is intended to use with either stock parts or another base building/colonization mod. It adds a number of transparent, empty domes and matching floors, where you can attach functional base components (like crew cabins, laboratories, ISRU converters etc). Connect your domes together through airlocks and tunnels to get an awesome looking base! Here is a release video (but don't take it too seriously): And a review done by Kottabos: DOWNLOAD: On SpaceDock LICENSE: GPLv3 FUTURE PLANS: Proper IVAs, more dome types, Kerbalism support, MKS compatibility/functionality. KNOWN ISSUES: Large bases on uneven terrain don't cope well with timewarp, as they end up partially in the ground. This is a very first mod that I made in any game and actually my first ever 3D modeling project. I have absolutely zero skills in either modeling or modding, so please be mindful that there might be some rough edges in this mod and don't throw sharp objects at me. That said, I hope you'll enjoy the mod!
  2. NOTE: I play in Sciene Mode, with Cheats, because of my time. Hello! I love space, and space projects. I am very interested in so i decided a project like this, Let's get started! Laythe is very very likes each other with Kerbin, like Earth and Europa-Ganymende and Io moons. But I can't trust the moons geography, so i send a Lander here named Gaia II (it is my second build of another probe) And, here is Laythe, ı use four parachutes for stabilised landing, it is too difficult landing on continents, to my luck, i have succes landing on continent named "Dansen" There is no chance to communicate with mainworld without any Relays, so i make Uranoos. It is orbitting in Jool now. I transmitted all of informations about Laythe for Space Center. I gain lot of TP's after transmit Tomorrow, i'll try send a passenger file and edit this thread. I plan build first village in here. I wait your proposals and comments! Have fun! Regards.
  3. I am wondering if there is a mod like this already, or if it is even possible. After thinking on the subject a bit, I came to the conclusion that my ideal base construction mod would NOT be something based on any sort of parts themselves. Instead, it would be something that lets you build actual buildings (i.e. the same kind of object that the actual space center's buildings themselves are). Once a building is constructed, it could either be upgraded with funds (if on Kerbin/a populated world), or with some sort of "Parts" or "Supplies" resource (if on NOT-Kerbin/an unpopulated world). At its core, it could simply be a mod that lets you build the Kerbal Space Center the way YOU want it to be layed out. You would start out with a single building that lets you purchase/place another building, in a vaguely sim-city style, where you want said building (in a career mode, the first one you'd get would probably place would be the rocket launchpad, and some of the administrative buildings, which for purposes of balance would all cost 0 for the level 1 version). The starting building itself could be upgraded to increase the number of different buildings you can build. A necessary aspect of the mod would be the launch button in the vehicle designer bringing up a short list of all nearby launchpads and runways (in case you decide to build more than one, such as having two runways facing different directions). Another necessary aspect would be the ability to switch between different space centers, and a part that allows you to build the lowest level version of the building you build all other buildings from (in a sense, using the part places a new space center at that location). So you could build another KSC on the north pole if you wanted or something. Lastly, there would need to be a tag or value for a planet that basically tells the mod whether or not it is a populated planet, so that you can't just construct bases on other planets that work the same way that the KSC does. Either way, once you had this, the next step would be to apply it to other planets. On other worlds, instead of currency, there would presumably be some combination cost of ore (easy to get there), parts/supplies (have to bring with you until you have a building capable of manufacturing it from ore and energy), and in some cases construction time based on energy and how many kerbals are there to work on it. In the event a building is destroyed, it would leave rubble behind that you can select and repair for the appropriate resources, just like the default buildings. If the mod were to just keep itself light, it could be that you can only build structures for things like hangars (buildings that store/unload a nearby vessel until you want it to be spawned again either outside the hangar, or at the base's launchpad), habitation (basically, like the training center except you cannot recruit new astronauts there, only store the ones you have so you can put them into any ships you take out of hangars). If you wanted to go further, you can also have VABs and/or SPHs, which could only use parts that you actually have there, or which can only work if you have some sort of factory building to produce the parts there (the level of which could effectively correspond to what research level of parts can be used there). I could go on listing various things that could be cool, but I've already rambled enough. Are there any mods that let you build actual BUILDINGS? Not just building-like parts, but true, proper buildings? .
  4. So I am trying to make a base on the surface of the Mun. I am not using infinite fuel, but I'm in sandbox mode so I have infinite funds. It needs mining drills, and solar panels (duh), also maybe some sciency stuff. Any suggestions?
  5. I WANT TO SEE YOUR BIGGEST, MOST TERRIFYING ROLLING BEASTS OF WAR AND/OR SCIENCE!!!!! Example - H.U.L.K.K. III (incomplete) - Kerbal-X links are appreciated
  6. HI I am having issues with Kerbal Planetary Base Systems. I can't get the Hab 2, Greenhouse or Science modules to deploy. I have used older versions of this with no issues. I can't even get the deploy option in the Action Groups in the VAB and SPH. Right click just gives me Autostrut and Rigid attachment. I am currently running KSP 1.2 and 1.2.2. Have the latest module manager and the latest version of other mods. Mechjeb and Docking Port Alignment Indicator. I have left a note for the developer, just wanted to know if anyone else has this issue? Thanks Space Monkey
  7. Hey, there's a launch window for Duna coming up fairly soon and I'm looking for inspiration for my first ever Duna Base. Looking around on line there are lots of nice looking configurations, but they mostly make use of mods. As I play on an aging laptop, I like to keep things stock (apart from Better Burn Time) to keep performance up. I'd be grateful if you could post some pics of your stock missions to Duna, especially those including a base, so I can steal get some new ideas. Cheers, Clipper.
  8. So ive been working on a mun base recently. ive designed the modules and did the maths. but i still have a problem: resupply missions. i have usi life support installed and crew cant just stay there forever (ive made it self suffiecent using planetary base systems, but usi ls also includes hab and home, so u need to change the crew every now and then). thing is, that im not the best with accuracy landings. i also know that mechjeb can do it for u but im a type of guy that enjoys lko station resupply missions. so, how do i transport kerbals and supplies from lander to base? are there any tools to show you more accurate landing predictions? should i move that to another thread? tnx for reading and (hopefully) responding.
  9. Mission Slot 704: The history of Kerbal missions. May 17 1957 (our time: May 14, 1381) The kerbal was bored...he had nothing to do and he had destroyed the bottle rocket store...with the store's bottle rockets. He was going to buy a book to read when he saw something in the sky. "What is that...?" he thought. The thing was getting closer and closer to the ground. It had something that looked like blue-purple fire coming out of it. He realized it was going to crash, stepped back as it hit the ground with a small explosion. The kerbal walked over to it. There was writing on the three parts of the ship "LV-T4 Model 3" "FL-T50 Model 1" and "Manned Command Pod Mk1v2" He checked there was noone dead in the pod. There was noone there. There was also a small piston in the pod "Backup Fuel" He then realized something. This five-meter-tall thing wasn't alien was a space rocket! This rocket, the XJ-T3000, was made by the Galactic Empire in 4222 BC (our time: 16888 BC), which had collapsed after a rebellion 1,500 years ago. He realized it could be repaired. He took it to his house and started working on it. May 28 1957 (our time: May 18, 1381). The ship was ready to launch. He had learned how to make fuel, if in small amounts, and fix the damaged parts. Through this he had also experimented and made his own ship, the J1, which was a small unmanned ship using a replica LV-T4 and his own special fuel tank. He was going to present this to the Kerbal Science Commission. May 29 1957 (our time: May 18, 1381 (later)) "Hello, Alec" the manager said. "What have you got to present?" "This. It crashed a couple of weeks ago and I fixed it and made a small unmanned variant, for safety." "Why not manned?" "I am working on a parachute; if there is no parachute, the ship is unsafe in the event of an emergency." "Ok." "This is the J1." "J1?" The manager looked surprised. "It's a space rocket, in theory. I have tested it, it has reached 6,000 meters and landed safely." "So with further development, the ship could reach, say, Jool, theoretically?" "Yes." "I'm sold. Give me a demo..." Alec explained the tech of the ship and how to make parts and fuel. "Here it is." He lifted the small, two-metre-high J1 onto it's pad. "It launches off this pad and lands roughly near it, about a 20 m accuracy." "How does it launch and fly?" "You send the command to launch with this little control panel here. You type "launch-rocket" and the rocket will initate pre-launch proceedings. Type "launch-rocket-actual" and it will launch. You tell it to change direction, etc. I'm working on a autopilot setting." "Great, can I see it fly?" "Totally." He typed in the commands and the rocket flew off. "How do you know where it is?" "You see this map and those numbers? The map is where the rocket is. The numbers are the altitude. You can lower or raise the rocket controls..." Kerbals started appearing in their hundreds and news reporters started to arrive after people heard the rocket take off. "Here, have the manual..." He handed him one of the two copies of the manual. There were thousands of Kerbals around now. "OK...7,000 meters, lets land..." He expertly piloted the controls until the ship was landed a couple of meters away from it's pad. "Semi-reusable, you get the engine and the pod back. The fuel tank can't be reused." "Oh. I need a couple of seconds to think about the proposal..." The manager exclaimed a couple of seconds later "Your proposal is accepted! Let the Space Age begin!" Tens of thousands of Kerbals were here now. , "I've made 8 J1s. Here's technical information and info to make your own rocket." Alec and the manager moved the three J1s into the office, the one that had already flew first. The manager then put a ring around the J1s. "Don't want them to get damaged by the crowd." Alec replied "Yep." Alec cut the rope and thousands streamed in. News cameras were everywhere taking pictures of the J1s. Some news programmes were airing to television early. Jun 7 1957 (our time: May 30, 1381) By June 7th, news of the J1s reached the Maxina Central Government, and were met with excitement. On June 15, the Kerbal Space Development Association was created with a K$5 million (U$$ 7.5 million, UK£ 6.5 million) per year budget. Oct 31 1957 (our time: July 11, 1381) By now, the formatory years of the Space Age had started. Alec in partnership with the KSA created the J2 rocket, which had an autopilot option and could fly up to 21,000 meters. The KSDA had created the X-1 rocket, which wasn't quite as successful as the J2, reaching only 14,000 meters, but still went higher than the highest J1 flight (8,500 meters). J2s were selling in the hundreds to eager Kerbals who wanted to create their own rocket and launch it. These J2s, being piloted by inexperienced pilots, had a setting that could only be turned off once you had done 3 successful landings: autoland. If the J2 was going to crash, it would take away from user control and land itself. Only 2 J2s crashed because of this. The J2 had a more powerful LV-T7 engine, and the rocket community created the J2-3, J2.5 and J2X, more powerful variants of the J2. May 4 1958 (our time: September 6, 1381) By now, Alec and the KSA had perfected their J2 design, creating the J3 and the manned J3-M. The KSDA had created the X-2, with a prototype solid-fuel booster, the T30. J3s were sold as kits, as J2s, but also as fully assembled rockets. The highest J3 flight was a modified J3, the J3-T, reaching 48,341 meters. The normal J3 reached 41,214 meters. May 18 1958 (our time: September 11, 1381) von Neumann at the KSDA was talking with some of his other colleagues when he had a idea. "Why don't we, for Project XS-1, use pulse engines?" "What's a pulse engine?", Yoko, one of the colleagues, replied. "A engine that is like our current liquid engines, but it can be turned off during flight, instead of having a minimum thrust of 20, 30, 40%. And it can use more than one tank." Another colleague, Ishihara, replied. "And, why don't we develop a smaller engine, and then stack the small engine on top of the larger ones, so we can activate the small engine in space, and then get more longevity out of the rocket?" "Yeah...Would management agree though?" "Make them watch the first launch." So the eight colleagues developed in secret the XS-1, which they also surmised could be sold in kit form to compete with the then-under development J4, which only reached space after four months of release. Mar 31 1959 (our time: Feb 22, 1382) The XS1 prototype was complete. Ishihara looked at it "So much work...finally complete..." "Let's ring the upper management." They invited their upper management to a party and announced their project. Management were angry, then surprised, then excited. " will see XS1 launched. We plan to develop a orbit-capable XS1 in the very near future." The XS1 had a LV-703 engine and FL-T100 as its first stage and a LV-Z10 engine (a derivative of the LV-T10) and 2x prototype FL-T200s as its second stage. It could be manned or unmanned. The XS1 had so much power when it lifted off that it caused a few dozen civilan Kerbals to arrive, despite the distance being over 800 m from the nearest street. One of the upper management exclaimed "We need to build a space centre..." Within about five minutes, hundreds of kerbals had arrived from the neighbouring city. Alec arrived, the J1-4 creator, and walked in. Yoko said "Hey Alec, what are you doing here?" Alec said "To congratulate you guys on reaching space before us." "What...?" Yoko checked the altimeter. "72,194m. Second stage on 81% fuel. First stage disconnected at 58,444m. Estimated distance: 214,813m. " Yoko shouted. The crowd went insane, screaming and shouting. Alec said "Is that reusable completely?" Yoko replied "Only the top stage. The bottom stage, everything apart from the fuel tanks and decouplers." Alec said "You could get that thing into orbit..." Yoko replied "We are going to do that next launch." Alec replied "Oh..." The crowd was bigger than the J1 one. Near the front, three teenage Kerbals stood, with their huge bottle rocket that failed a lot. "Damn." one of them went. "I know what job I'm getting." Their names? Jebediah, Bill and Bob.
  10. First of all,if this has already been mentioned/proposed in another thread, then I apologise. Had a quick look through recent posts and couldn't find anything like this. My idea for an expansion is basically a coming-together of various mods in one smooth experience. I would like to see the option to purchase pre-defined plots of land on Kerbin, and beyond, These plots can then be expanded (with cash or contract completions to there) to create other Space Centres/Aerodromes, in the same way as the KSC is now. These bases also unlock the CommNet for that part of the planet (on higher difficulty). Contracts are generated that go between them. Examples:- Fly x units of liquid fuel to the Arctic Base Fly a Secret Agent from point A to B, but stay below x metres altitude. Take 2 Kerbals to SW Crater Mun Base, then change them for 2 more, and return them. I feel that this will give aircraft more of a purpose than waiting for the dual-purpose engines and gunning it skywards, or those 'take a reading' contracts I've only just started properly learning how to create planes in KSP (after 150 hours), and feel that this is an opportunity to bring in another style of gameplay. Feel free to expand on this, or tear it apart!
  11. Hi again guys =) Is there a way to keep bases on the Mun and Minmus not jump up and down? I thought I finally got a stable general design until I drove a rover within 500 meters from them and heard explosions. =( Regards
  12. Hate the Kraken? Do you hate him for destroying your beloved craft? Go and show him who's boss! In this challenge, you will have to build a base on the dead Kraken on Bop. The base can NOT have any parts touching anything that is not the Kraken. Rules: Cheats are not allowed EXCEPT clipping. Base has to be @ least 100 parts. Hyperedit IS ALLOWED, but you can only teleport to a Jool orbit that is BELOW the orbit of Laythe. Mechjeb is allowed, except when your altitude is less than 1000m above SURFACE. Multiple launches allowed I will need: List of all mods Screenshots of part count, krew, and flag placement, and the base as a whole. Mods: Prizes: Easy: Hyperedit & Mechjeb are used +100pt Less Easy: Either Hyperedit or Mechjeb is used +150pt Medium: No Mechjeb or Hyperedit is used AT ANY TIME +200pt Hard: No mods used +250pt Xtreme: One launch (with mods) +300pt Xtreme+: One launch (stock) +350pt Extra points: Flag on the Kraken's fallen-out eye +50pt Poking any eye of the Kraken with a drill +200pt Part count +1pt/part Kerbals +10pt/kerbal Best-looking base (determned by me) +100pt Badge: Person with most points (after May 1) gets a special badge! Leaderboard: @JebsDead: +250pt for awesom thing @Just Jim: +50pt for flag in eye @Galacticvoyager -1000pt for praising the kraken @LaytheDragon +2255pt! WE HAVE A WINNER! @JacobJHC +3236!!!!! New best!
  13. 【Kerbal Protection Association,you say? We have alraedy blew it up just now!】 Venus has a excting atmosphere, airship is pretty perfect for base,We plan to have 2 main ship,several littie ship,1 mining ship, (infect if your kerbal EVA at noon……it's too hot……)
  14. In your opinion, which planet is the best for a base? For me it would probably Minmus because it has really flat places.
  15. Hi there! First post of my account yet I'm full on ideas ready to challenge the community. So, I propose the following: Create a base similar to the ones of SOMA And, as always, there are requirements: -Make at least 3 bases -Such bases must be separated at minimum of 500 m from eachother -They must be relatively big bases -Mods are "allowed" but will most likely be shunned -Extra points for lights, names and other Well, let's see who can beat this challenge first!
  16. Hello all! I am working on reverse-engineering a mod and I have run into an issue with my understanding of C#. The mod has this method: public class CivilianPopulationRegulator : BaseConverter { public override void OnStart(PartModule.StartState state) { if (!HighLogic.LoadedSceneIsFlight) { base.OnStart(state); return; } if (this.vessel == null) { base.OnStart(state); return; } //do some stuff later base.OnStart(state);//Not sure what this does at the moment. } } Looking at the "base" keyword, it is used to call a method in the base class that is being overriden or it is used to call a constructor. Unless OnStart is a constructor, isn't this going into the extended class (BaseConverter, which extends PartModule) and run OnStart again? At the end of which, OnStart will be called yet again. And so on infinitely? So since the code is not infinitely recursive, I must be mistaken in either my understanding of OnStart or the "base" keyword. Would any of you guys know why this works and/or where I could learn more about this?
  17. Is there a planetary base mod (or something similar) that is working with the current patch? I think it's 1.1.2. Preferably one that works with TAC Life Support. If so, please link below and thanks!
  18. Hello everybody! Many months ago I was trying to put together a base in KSP 1.0.x and it was a nightmare. So I've decided to wait for 1.1 and do it again. So here it goes: Better viewed directly on imgur :
  19. I have a contract for an Eve surface base. The (relatively) new hydrodynamic model got me thinking of putting it in the oceans. Has anyone ever landed a floating base in the oceans of Eve? I'm wondering if the surface of the ocean counts as the surface. Some thoughts: How would one go about assembly without rovers, maybe with RCS? Lining up the docking ports would be easier. Would ISRU work there? Do the oceans contain ore? I know there was a rumor going around for a while that the oceans were made of rocket fuel... Feel free to take this as a challenge and post pictures of your own floating Eve base! (Or Laythe if you're into that)
  20. Hello, I created a spreadsheet to assist on defining which parts are necessary for my base, so it can sustain itself (for instance, how many drills I need?). For that I´ve added the inputs/outputs of the parts, calculate the inputs, outputs and do the balance. I took stats from the USI mods (USI-LS/UKS/etc) and Extraplanetary Launch Pads but it can be easily expanded to include other mods. Not sure if this is the proper sub-forum, but since it´s mod related, why not? Let me know if you have any suggestions.
  21. Just curious to see where everyone else establishes their interplanetary bases. Mun or Minimus are in the Kerbin system and don't count.
  22. Landed the core module of my new Minmus Base, sent Valentina outside, destroyed 3 of the 4 solar panels and realised i didn't bring a ladder. Kill me.
  23. Hi. I'm building a new surface outpost on Duna and I've decided to document. For fun and stuff. I've developed a pretty nice look for my contract bases this game that I think is worth showing off a little bit. The new models with 1.0.5 have opened up a bunch of new design possibilities that I've been very happy with. Also Ike, but I haven't started working on that one yet. Sadly, I have no compelling or engaging back-story for my current space program. It's a normal career game. Stock. I have no particular goals or constraints; I've just been goofing about until 1.1 rolls around. The tech tree has been filled out for some time now, all facilities are fully upgraded, and I have 5 or 6 million funds on hand to throw at something fancy. Winter Owl Aircraft Emporium offered the contract to bankroll a Duna outpost and I felt like taking them up on it. I figured it would be handy and fun. That was over 12 years ago. It's funny how easy it is to get distracted by other stuff. Gene and Mort have been very patient with me, but it's about time to get it done. Also Ike. Probodyne Inc approached me 5 years ago with that contract, and I've been slacking on it, too. I don't really have a plan (aside from checking off the boxes on the contract to keep my sponsors happy), but I figure the modular components I need to develop for Duna should allow me to throw something suitable together without too much trouble. So that's where things stand. It's year 14, day 30. The next transfer window to Duna is around day 125. Let's get to work. Part 1 -- Initial Planing and Prior Works This is what I have in mind so far. It's sort of a rough sketch to serve as my guide for building the individual components. Winter Owl wants housing for 8 kerbals, a science lab, cupola, and 6,000 units of liquid fuel reserves on-site. I don't want to haul that much fuel down to the surface and having a strong refueling capacity would be nice anyway, so I'm adding in an ISRU assembly. A solar array and some refueling docks are going in too, and that's about all I've decided on so far. It's general style is one I used earlier in this game for contract outposts on the Mun and Minmus, so a few of the components are already pretty polished. Earlier Projects: Lutha Crater on the Mun, initially built for the Experimental Engineering Group, with a housing expansion commissioned by STAEDLER Engineering Corps. Sanena Basin on Minmus, initially built for FLOOYD Dynamics Research Labs, with a lab and housing expansion for the C7 Aerospace Division: Come to think of it, both of those facilities could use some freshening up at this point. I've been kind of neglecting them since, well, forever. In the next installment, I'll be looking at the first round of finished launch packages and start throwing stuff into orbit to wait for the transfer window while I figure out the rest. In the meantime, here are some archive images from the launches of the Mun and Minmus outposts shown above: Thanks for reading!
  24. launch a base with 4+ kerbals, and a space station, lander, rover, and satellite in ONE LAUCNH scoring system: +1 for each kerbal +2 for each satellite +10 for TAC life support -1 for planetary base systems -1 for each dead kerbal -1 for near future propulsion +1 per escape pod +0 for a mun base +1 for a minmus base +2 for a duna base +5 for a joolian moon base +5 for an eelo base -1 for a mod planet base +1 for a gilly base -50 for BD armoury +100 for only SRBs and no parachutes someone make a badge for this, and take a screenshot of your rocket.