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Found 7 results

  1. Introduction This mod allows you to build any vessel directly on a surface of any planet from a DIY (Do It Yourself) Kit that contains all the high-tech components, needed equipment and blueprints, using only raw materials produced on-site, energy and kerbal workforce. The major benefit of the Ground Construction is that it allows you to build big, heavy, asymmetrical contraptions that aren’t meant to fly at all. Buildings, or even blocks of buildings; heavy rovers; huge rockets held by launch clamps — all this could be built with Ground Construction anywhere on any planet. Features Build anything: any ship, spaceplane, or really any construction you come up with in Editor. Even with launch clamps! Build anywhere on the surface: the assembled ship will appear right where you’ve placed the Kit. No complex logistics, no special production parts required: all you need is a habitable compartment with enough space, raw materials and qualified kerbal personnel. Background operation: fly other missions while construction takes place on a far-away planet. Days, even weeks may be required to build something complex, but you don’t have to babysit your workers. Wireless transfers: fill the assembled ship with resources and crew before you launch it using dedicated UI. Centralized UI for progress tracking and fast switching to construction sites. Requirements ModuleManager CommunityResourcePack AT_Utils (already included) This includes the core components of ConfigurableContainers And its game content, located in GameData/ConfigurableContainers/Parts subfolder. Note, that it can be safely removed. Downloads Spacedock is the main download site for releases GitHub have sources (MIT), assets (CCBY-4.0) and also releases CKAN is supported How it works First, you need a simple mining operation already running near the spot where you want to build something. So you need: a Drill, an ISRU, some storage tanks for Ore, Metals and any other stuff that you want/need to supply the newly built ship with; some space to work in (hitch-hikers can, science lab or a big passenger compartment will do; we’ll call it the Workshop) and, last but not least, kerbal engineers that will build things. Second, you need to assemble the DIY Kit with required materials (good luck with finding enough Blutonium for RTG on Minmus), tools and components. This is, fortunately, the simplest thing: in Editor you have a special part, namely the DIY Kit Container, which allows you to “load” any previously created and saved ship inside of it. The container is automatically resized to fit its contents, which are much more compact and weight much less than the original ship. Third, you need to attach this container to a carrier or store it in a hold of a cargo ship and fly it across the Void to the construction site. Then, all that’s left is to summon the control UI of the Workshop, deploy the DIY Kit, add it to the construction queue and order the kerbals to work (day and night, no holidays, no weekends!). Getting technical How a ship is converted into a DIY Kit In Editor, you add the DIY Kit Container part to the carrier you’re building. In its part menu select “Select Vessel” to open the standard vessel selection dialog. Once selected, the ship is loaded into the Kit as follows: For each part of a ship, its complexity is calculated as a function of dry mass, cost and number of modules the part carries. The complexity determines the fraction of part’s dry mass that could be manufactured from Metals. Most resources are stripped away. The exceptions are: Solid Fuel, Ablator, all non-tweakable resources (cannot be transferred) and resources with zero density (EC, for one). Everything that’s left is packed into the Kit. Thus, a set of Part Kits is produced, which (along with the blueprint of the ship) constitutes the contents of a DIY Kit. A DIY Kit usually weights much less than a ship that is constructed from it, but, except for the resources, costs almost the same. How a DIY Kit is converted back into the (new) ship First of all, you need to land the kit somewhere on a flat surface, and, preferably, detach it from the carrier. For that DIY Kit Containers are equipped with their own simple decoupling mechanism, which is located on the top side, marked with yellow arrows. Then you need to Deploy the Kit. This could be done by a kerbal in an EVA suit or remotely from a nearby Workshop. A deploying kit detaches any part that is still attached to it, then gradually “grows” (imagine that kerbals assemble working scaffolds inside the box) until it have the size of the ship that will be constructed; then it is attached to the surface, so it cannot be moved any more. It doesn’t matter how the Kit was oriented. As far as it lies on one of its sides, the deployment dimensions and the orientation of the launched vessel will be automatically chosen to correspond to the surface. A deployed Kit can be processed by a nearby workshop with kerbals, but there are some limitations: The workshop should be at most 300m away. The kerbals that will be working on the Kit should be inside the Workshop, not in other parts of the same vessel. These kerbals should be engineers. Scientists or pilots don’t count. The skill level and number of workers do count: a 5-star engineer works literally as much as five 1-star ones. And five 5-star engineers perform spontaneous miracles. The distance from the Workshop to the Kit affects construction efficiency and, consequently, the time needed. So it’s best to make Workshops mobile and get as close to the Kit as possible. The amount of free space per kerbal inside the Workshop also affects efficiency: a small compartment with a place for a single kerbal may be more efficient than a big one packed with two dozen passenger chairs. Note 1: the crewable parts that have Workshop capability have the “Ground Workshop” module (could be seen in part’s extended tooltip in Editor), which shows the efficiency of that part. Note 2: the efficiency of any generic habitat is capped at 50%. To be more efficient you need to use the provided Mobile Workshop part and build a rover with it. If you want to benefit from background construction, you need to make sure you have enough power and Metals to work with, as resources are not generated in the background. When the Kit is complete, you can “wirelessly” transfer resources and crew to it from the Workshop using dedicated UI. Then you can Launch the assembled ship, which will appear at the exact place where the Kit was. Acknowledgments My patrons on Patreon. Thank you for your support! eL.Dude Bart Blommaerts Layne Benofsky Issarlk SCESW Kevin Casey Bob Palmer Ryan Rasmussen Matthew Zaleski Patrice Hédé Steve Victory
  2. Want some new bases on Kerbin? First, backup GameData and saves. You know the drill. Then go look at the downloads and get what you want. DEPENDENCIES Say thanks by donating? Want to say thanks for the mod with hard cash, wonga, dosh etc.? All donations go to the caffeine fund. INCLUDES Kerbin-Side Core, Kerbin-Side MainBases, Kerbin-Side Ground Control, Kerbin-Side Kampus, Kerbin-Side Skyways, Kerbin-Side KSC2 and Kerbin-Side Air-Race Last Update: 6th May 2016 | Version: 1.1.0 | Requires: Kerbal Konstructs Download from Alpha Strike Games | Download from SpaceDock Want to launch from somewhere other than KSC? Grab KerbinSide, install it and then look for the KK icon in the VAB or SPH. Click that. Click a launch site. Launch! KerbinSide uses the Kerbal Konstructs mod to add a number of new bases to Kerbin. Helipads, runways, launch sites and more. Please note that Kerbal Konstructs is NOT included. You'll need to get that separately. Last Update: 22nd April 2016 | Version: 1.1.2 | Requires: Kerbal Konstructs Download from Alpha Strike Games | Download from SpaceDock Kerbin-Side KSC2 is a supplement for Kerbin-Side but it can also standalone. The original Kerbal Space Center, sometimes referred to as 'The Old KSC' is updated into a large spaceplane base with two runways. The old launchpad is available for rocket-launches again as well. Please note that Kerbal Konstructs is NOT included. You'll need to get that separately. Last Update: 22nd April 2016 | Version: 1.1.2 | Requires: Kerbal Konstructs Download from Alpha Strike Games | Download from SpaceDock Kerbin-Side Kampus is a supplement for Kerbin-Side but it can also standalone. Operational hangars, apartments and a business park are added to your KSC. You can utilise these new facilities in a career game through the Inflight Base Boss of Kerbal Konstructs. Please note that Kerbal Konstructs is NOT included. You'll need to get that separately. Last Update: 22nd April 2016 | Version: 1.7.1 | Requires: Kerbal Konstructs Download from Alpha Strike Games | Download from SpaceDock Kerbin-Side Air-Race is a supplement for Kerbin-Side but it can also standalone. Adds three air-racing tracks, one near KSC and two others close to bases from Kerbin-Side. Kerbal Konstructs includes support for time-trial air-racing. Please note that Kerbal Konstructs is NOT included. You'll need to get that separately. Last Update: 24th April 2016 | Version: 0.3.1 | Requires: Kerbal Konstructs Download from Alpha Strike Games | Download from SpaceDock Ground-Control is a supplement for KerbinSide, but it can also stand-alone. It makes use of the latest features of Kerbal Konstructs to update some of the facilities provided by KerbinSide, so that they can function as tracking stations, and as receivers for communications from vessels in the Kerbol system, using an inflight Downlink. Please note that Kerbal Konstructs is NOT included. You'll need to get that separately. Last Update: 23rd May 2016 | Version: 1.0.3 | Requires: Kerbal Konstructs Download from Alpha Strike Games | Download from SpaceDock A stream-lined set of core assets and bases, providing basic airstrips and helipads scattered across Kerbin, with about a quarter of the RAM foot-print of the complete KerbinSide. Includes runways, helipads, control towers, hangars, taxiways, fuel tanks and radar stations. Please note that Kerbal Konstructs is NOT included. You'll need to get that separately. Last Update: 22nd April 2016 | Version: 1.3 | Requires: Kerbal Konstructs Download from Alpha Strike Games | Download from SpaceDock Just the static assets. None of the bases. If you want the bases, you want Kerbin-Side Complete, not this. If you don't want to learn how to use the Kerbal Konstructs editing tools, you want Kerbin-Side Complete, not this. For use if you don't want the bases included in Kerbin-Side but you do want the static assets to make your own bases for your own personal use OR you make and distribute bases using the assets in Kerbin-Side; you point to this as a requirement for your base pack OR you've been pointed to KerbinSide Core as a requirement for a base pack you want to use. Please note that Kerbal Konstructs is NOT included. You'll need to get that separately. Last Update: 28th April 2016 | Version: 2.1 | Requires: Kerbal Konstructs & Contract Configurator Download from Alpha Strike Games | Download from SpaceDock Adds several contracts for transporting kerbals to, from and between the bases in Kerbin-Side, usually with a visit to or close to spaaaace!. Also adds the first four missions of a campaign revolving around ancient places on Kerbin, with espionage and intrigue in spaaaace! Intercept an unregistered satellite. Escort an informant to KSC. And more! Many. Check back regularly.
  3. This may already be a topic, but after a quick search I couldn't find anything related. Is anyone else having a problem with extreme instability with docked space-stations and bases? Much more so than any previous version? I currently have a space station around Duna and am trying to piece together bases on Ike and Duna. I first really started seeing this issue with the Space station. If I try to use SAS to hold the station in a specific position, the base would soon start to oscillate back and forth until it eventually ripped itself apart. I tried to disable most of the SAS modules on the various remote guidance units I had on each station piece, but it still seems to wobble out of control. I then built a base on Ike. Put down a ISU converter piece and a driller piece and docked them with a few fuel pipes and a main communication battery. It seemed stable at first, but when I returned to the base after a few days, the station wobbled completely out of control and ripped itself apart in about 3 seconds. I was able to "fast-forward" and resume over and over to keep the station long enough for me to disable all the drills, retract them and undock the drill unit from the rest of the station, but it was a really frustrating process. Is anyone else having problems with really unstable docked stations? Any way of avoiding/getting around this? Thanks!
  4. I've been thinking about this for a while and my question is: What is your opinion on there being a natural base or counting system? Taking a Platonic view of the universe, is there any 'system' to the universe regarding numbers, not just 'there are x apples'? I mean, we might just be measuring the universe wrong. Most people would probably default to either base one or binary (base two), but why? Is there any reason that the numbers one and two are special? This brings us to my second questions: Integers. Why are they considered different and get precedence over other numbers? What is even the definition of an integer, I mean even though the number 5 doesn't have any decimals in base ten, if written in base Pi, it's irrational. It might also be that x whole apples are necessarily an integer number of apples, but the operating word is whole and it might just be us that are centred around whole, full and integer, even though they might not be different or special in any way. -T (P.S. Maths counts as science in this forum right?)
  5. As a relatively new KSP player, I find it hard to get to places like the Mun and other planets easily with bases and such. It would be awesome if you added an option to instantly spawn the base you built in the VAB or the SPH onto a planet and location of your choosing. The same with satellites and stations.
  6. I don't often find much to complain about with the game but I do have one major gripe and I really hope its at least on squads radar in terms of some kind of improvement. Bases! I continually see contracts to construct surface bases but I really hate the current system of wedging rocket parts together with docking nodes. Dear Squad and devs, if you read this, please please look at giving us some dedicated surface modules with a sensible means of connecting them at the landing site. It can only make KSP an even better experience. Thanks for reading.
  7. Advanced building 101 I recently found a problem, and I would like to know if there's someone else out there with the same problem. I am building colonies at every world. Some are older and are, therefore, bigger. They have been built in career mode, so they are made up of a mix of attached blocks through docking ports, on the surface. One of them, my minmus fuel factory, has grown in size quite a bit, the latest addition was a nice landing pad, placed quite far from the main building, via a long pipe which was assembled, in place, in 3 sections. What happens is that, since terrain is not level and there is yet to be done a mod that allows for buldozzers or terrain levelling, the landing pad, when I warp time, clips the terrain mesh a little. this is enough, however, to make parts of the landing pad exploding and jumping into the air. the reason why I adopted the "no legs" building process is that it is easier to standardize equipment, since, independently of local gravity the port height for each block remains the same, unlike when we use legs. Besides... It looks better... Knowing if port height matches is, as you can see, of paramount importance before sending base components to be assembled millions of miles away, and if I have to design this for each scenario, instead of using default design for all, it's a pain in the ass... but.... The no legs approach is giving me this problem... What do you suggest? Using legs will prevent this on larger ground bases? Is it worth the pain? Anyone knows when bulldozer mod will be available? Maybe making smaller bases (in terms of area)? How have you overcome this problem, if you ever encountered it? I can think on a number of alternatives, Imwould be interested in knowing thenless painfull ones eheh