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Found 155 results

  1. On Xbox One, placing a symmetry group in the VAB fails if it would make the part count exactly equal to the part limit for the current VAB upgrade level. However, it succeeds if it would make the part count one less than the current VAB limit. To work around this, in order to achieve a part count exactly equal to the limit, the last part placed must be a single part and not one of a symmetry group.
  2. Hello, forums! I'm running several mods, but up until recently, I could go into Mission Control and look at my mission archives to see completed, failed, etc. missions. They are now all missing. The most recent mods I added were the full Interstellar Fuel Switch and the Surface Experiment Pack, but I've also updated a couple others, as well. I can still see the missions to accept, and the missions I currently have, but once I complete something, it just disappears from the list rather than becoming a completed contract. I've checked my recycle bin, and there's nothing other than the old version mod files from updating. Current mod list: [x]Science Toolbar Community Tech Tree Orbital Science IFS KIS/KAS EngineerRedux Mk2 Plane Expansion OSE Workshop (haven't used it yet) A few USI part mods MKS, but haven't started Kolonization and have only used MKS as much as saving Kolony Kerbals VesselViewer Raster Prop Monitor Universal Storage Final Frontier Planetary Base Systems Kerbal Alarm Clock SCANSat and Pathfinder Where in my game folder can I find the relevant files, or does anyone know something that could help? I've checked the various mod threads and through this one, but it seems to be a new problem. ETA: On more playing, completed contracts are going into the list again. All the old ones were purged, but it seems to be working again. Still curious what may have happened, but it's not much of a problem anymore.
  3. I have this one problem where all stock RCS tanks are gone. Now I have super thin modded ones. And stock landing legs have 100000000 stress tolerance. I don't know which mod causes this and if its intentional... PLS NO. I am so liquided cuz my entire Mun base is gone because it "contains inexistent or locked parts" I want to have mods that don't exploit the game like the weird durability on landing legs. Here are the mods I use: Airplane plus, Atmosphere autopilot, BDArmory, Cryo engines, DMagic science, Docking port alignment, Feline utility rovers, Flag decals, Fuel tanks plus, Glass things, KAS, KIS, Kerbal planetary base systems, Kerbal atomics, Kerbonov, Structure pack, MK4 spaceplane system, Modular rocket system, Near future construction, Near future electrical, Near future propulsion, Near future solar, Near future spacecraft, OPT, Orion, PlanetShine, SpaceY lifters, SpaceY expanded, SSTU, Station parts expansion, Tweakscale. Anyone know what causes the above?
  4. After re-installing KSP after a while, I noticed a strange bug where all oribts are displayed wrongly: planets are not on their trajectory and AP and PE signs are also off... I only use mechjeb, KIS, KAS and tweakable. Thanks for your help.
  5. Hello all. I just started playing this game on Xbox 1 (I don't have a computer capable of running the game) and I'm hooked! It makes me want to join the Airforce, Nasa, or SpaceX. Having said that, those 3 goals seem just as arduous as dealing with these bugs. Here's my list: 1. Not able to select parts- sometimes it just takes more clicks than 1. Sometimes nothing is clickable except start menu and flight controls. Often happens when transferring fuel. 2. Saves loaded from quick load do not give right save. I workaround by always loading from space center. (This is not that bad, really). 3. Rovers bounce uncontrollably on warps 2, 3, and 4. This often results in destruction of the vessel. 4. SAS does not hold prograde or retrograde or anything other than stability assist while cursor mode is active. Annoying, not the worst. 5. Vehicles explode on load. In orbit, on the ground, and always previously stable. Also, Vehicles sometimes randomly explode. On a mission to Eve I successfully managed to fall with chutes (maybe not necessary) and during the descent the ship started to shake and rotate, then pull itself apart, resulting in an achievement for escaping eve's orbit... Maybe someone can help me navigate to a reporting page or give me a previously solved post. I hope the devs have fixes for this issue. Enjoy the game still, but don't fault folks for wanting money back. It's terribly frustrating to dedicate an hour or two to unfixable catastrophic failures that aren't a fault of user error.
  6. Hi all, I am hoping desperately that someone might be able to help. Whilst editing parts I know that the QWEASD keys all rotate on various axes and the use of Shift refines that from 90 degrees to 5 degrees by default, but not anymore, not for me. For some reason my new angles appear to be approximately 30 degrees and less than 1 degree with the use of the Shift key. I cannot tell you when this first occurred because I was re-using previously saved designs I had created a while ago and only recently had to create a couple of new ones. Does anyone have any solutions, such as editing a config file to change the angles of rotation, or maybe someone has had the same problem and has since fixed it? The rotation wheels still work as they should, but the key bindings have the above fault.
  7. Hi all, It is knows that the move to Unity 5 has caused a bug with the shadows. It is a kind of striping bug that is very noticeable and ugly. Does anyone know if this is being looked at or if a fix is even possible because I have heard little from the devs on it. And I know it is a minor bug but it would be nice to know its going to be addressed. Thanks for reading and let me know here if you hear anything about this. MJ UPDATE: Here is the state of shadows in KSP unity 5.
  8. I'm not sure If anyone else has this problem, but can you inflate the inflatable habitation modules (with USI) during flight? The button seems just to be not there. I wanted to get a habitation ring in orbit for my journey to Duna, but I cant extend it mid flight (space). Thank You!
  9. Hello ! I have this hugly things on all light in my KSP from I have installed this mods. I have already try with CKAN and manual. Could someone have a solution ?
  10. (not really sure where to post this) I seem to be having an issue making an image into a link. Now, if you'd click on either of the images in my signature you'd see that they are links, and they work. But, for some reason, I am unable to add an image to a post and then make it a link. As a matter of fact, the "Link" button does absolutely nothing if I have an image highlighted. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I reported this months ago. Squelch from QA acknowledged that there was something wrong but still did not confirm that it was a bug. Quote "Thanks for reporting this. There is certainly something not right here, and there appears to be log entries that haven't been seen before in any tests, or indeed other reports, so this could well be an edge case. Could you please upload a pre-dock save to aid in debugging what happens with the vessel identifiers? " I gave all the data required. If I load the save in Linux or Windows it is still broken so it isn't OS specific. As the BugTracker is run by QA I have to wonder if the devs are even aware of this bug. I think I have been patient long enough. How about a response from a Dev?
  12. So I was planning to manually uninstall my mods and manually reinstall them, so I did that and i was careful not to uninstall the Squad Folder. I installed the mods and created a new Save file and started up the editor and encountered a weird bug i've never seen before. I had clicked on a part category and selected a root part and i tried to switch categories and it wouldn't switch. I mean i could click it but it stayed that part category. I tried everything from restarting the game, restarting my computer, and updating my software. IT DID NOTHING. Quick Note: I am on a Mac running latest version OS with KSP on Steam. Mod List: Mechjeb2,KER,Realplume,USI mods (Minus asteroid refinement, otter and malemute), Kw Redux, Color Coded Cans, OPM, That Mod With The dwarf Star "Valentine", Kopericus, SVE, Burntogether,PBSI,Lynx Rover, and Editor Extensions. Anybody Have any answers to this?
  13. Hello! So day one of playing this on an Alienware 17R3 I have this weird diagonal line issue where it is almost like the fullscreen mode is split into two equal parts but one lags behind the other just a bit. I looked around online for a solution but the only one i found said "No other users have this issue". So I took a video: Specs: Windows 10, Intel 530 integrated gpu 1GB, Nvidia GTX 970M 1gb, 16GB RAM, Intel i7 2.60 GHz. That should be all the pertinent data. Any help would be great!
  14. I am having problems with KSP lately, my spacecrafts wont launch anymore after loading it just floats away sloaly. after some time the craft shakes and explodes. I have video and logs, but cant seem to upload it here
  15. Hi! I wont be surprised if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything on the topic. Every now and then, when I go back to KSC, the menu buttons dissapear (the ones in the lower left of the screen). Also the game do not respond when I click the buildings, which means I have no option to enter the VAB or Tracking station. Any fix for this? Is it memory leak?
  16. hello, please see the link below for all info and pictures on my suspected glitch. version 64 bit. never crashes. Hope someone can help! Thanks!
  17. New to the game, starting at 1.2.2, I found it surprising that they worked like this (when I tested the 250 on the launch pad). Lf+Ox mode supplemented the output rate (and ore consumption) from the individual Ox and Liquid fuel modes. (The referenced control window, for clarity.) A friend who's been playing KSP for longer said this definitely didn't used to be the case, and thought it a bug. So is this deliberate, accidental or other...? Thanks.
  18. Hi all, When I do the tutorial, To the Mun Part 1, I get to the second screen and it asks to place a maneuver on the orbit. This does not work. The orbit just turns gray, and I cant continue the tutorial. This was also verified by another user on a Steam account. Version (WindowsPlayer)
  19. Whenever I completely destroy my current vessel the camera shakes wildly. It stops when I zoom out and view the area from above. I've been able to reproduce this with mods as well as a fresh 1.2.2 install. Can I have some help? TiA
  20. Hello fellow commanders. I'm getting weirdo things on trying to make landing gears on KSP 1.2.2. I already read the old posts, the new posts, and tried to do reverse engineering on the game stock parts, opening .mu on Blender than maya, knowing the diference of Up axis, and in a given moment, it worked, but the moment i think i was done, and try to put the same wheels on same model again, it got wrong again, tried to switch axis, orientations, locators, nulls, hierarchy, etc, etc, etc. But non of then seams to work. Tried to replicate the exactly stock gears, no good. Is there a good soul that can help me with a detailed schematic, with pictures to go in the right way? I thank you in advance! Cheers!
  21. I recently migrated to Linux (had enough of MS shenanigans) and restarted KSP. Now I tried to recreate my rover lander, but could not fit the 2.5 service bay UNDER the fuel tank, i have no idea why. Previously I tried to place the rover into the already fitted service bay with no success. Well, of course I could fit it in the bottom but not to the top. So I prefit the rover into the bay as sub assembly, which worked fine. Strangely enough: - I can fit the same stuff ABOVE, see screenshot, no matter how impossibly impossible it might be. Legit, eh? - when I tried to make a screenshot of the stuff when trying to place it under the tank (while it´s red cuz it never got green :P) the whole everything just crashed. I mean even the op system. Tried 2 times, then gave up. So no screenshot of that, but will make a video if needed. - I used the same design under win in the past, and it worked fine. So nothing else has changed ever since just linux. I´m using no mods, and don´t even want to. Any ideas how I could overcome this? Thanks in advance!
  22. so, i was re-entering kerbi when i saw this.
  23. Installed v1.2.2 on my system and started importing my craft files into the save folder. Noticed that all the strut endpoints are protruding from the surface location they're attached to. Looks rather clunky compared to their historical behavior from 1.2.1 as far back as I remember them being added into the Alpha versions of the game. Not sure if this is intentional or a by-product of the following item listed in the 1.2.2 changelog: * Fix for strut connectors attaching below surface on SRB-KD25k. Anyone else noticing this? I know a lot of players (including myself) relied on their previous behavior for aesthetics when creating structural "frames" using struts. I know you can use the offset tool to move around the origin endpoint, but the destination endpoint is stuck outside whatever surface you attach to.
  24. I did a search and couldn't find anything, but I was wondering if/when this one is getting addressed? It's about the most frustrating thing for me right now, I don't want to suffer from it in campaign so I just stay in the sandbox which makes me feel like I'm missing out on something.
  25. When I try to launch vehicles using certain, parts the game tells me I don't have that part researched yet, even though I do have the node unlocked in the tech tree. When I look in the tech tree I see multiple duplicates of the same item. How do I fix this? It would only let me insert one photo so here's a link to the other one