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Found 100 results

  1. Career Evolution Contract Pack The smart contract pack that fixes many of the issues in stock career mission progression. I only play Career mode in KSP because I need to have a direction, a mission, a plan. The contracts give me something to do so I can plan my missions around them. However, I have not played stock career mode since my first career. Thanks to @nightingale and his Contract Configurator mod, I haven't had to. There are amazing mod packs created by @nightingale, @severedsolo, @inigma, @Yemo and many many more. The issue I had with all of these modpacks is that they work together to some degree, but the do not necessarily progress logically because they are all from separate packs. WHAT IS THE CAREER EVOLUTION? It is a Contract Pack that takes the player from uncrewed launches like sounding rockets, to the first satellite into crewed launches that explore the solar system. There are contracts for uncrewed exploration of the solar system as well as crewed exploration that includes space stations, surface bases and more. It uses a logical progression so you will explore your nearest planetary neighbors before getting contracts for the rest of the solar system. You crawl before you can walk before you can run. WHAT ARE THE MISSIONS? Early Space Program (No Crew) Satellites (No Crew) Mun & Minmus Exploration (No Crew) Crewed Milestones Planetary Flybys, Orbits & Landings (No Crew) Space Stations (with MUCH influence and code from @severedsolo great pack) Crewed Flybys and Landings Surface Bases (with MUCH influence and code from @severedsolo great pack) WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO KNOW? These contracts support all modpacks where the HomeWorld is the 3rd planet from the Sun. This means Stock, and stock resizes, RSS, all RSS resizes as well. This currently does NOT support Galileo's Planet Pack but I am looking at ways to remedy that. I HIGHLY recommend Stock with Outer Planets Mod by @CaptRobau or one of the RSS variants. The contracts are designed to take advantage of the extra planets. You MUST use a Unmanned first Tech Tree. These are the ones I recommend: Historical Progression Tech Tree by @pap1723 (me) Unmanned Before Manned by @Yemo REQUIRED MODS Contract Configurator from @nightingale Module Manager OTHER INFO This is still in beta. I am playtesting through it as we speak, but I ask for help with anyone willing to Beta test and give me feedback. Do the missions progress correctly? Are the payouts fair? Are there things I missed? Is anything broken? DOWNLOADS Beta available on Github
  2. Strategia - A Brand New Strategy System! Description Strategia is a revamp to Kerbal Space Program's strategy system. All the stock strategies are removed, and replaced with new and unique strategies. The first set of strategies are special mission strategies. These strategies will give you advance cash and bonuses to certain milestones for completing a high level objective as part of your space program. They are dynamic, so they will work with mods that change the stock solar system by adding or changing celestial bodies. Be warned though - if you cancel one of these strategies without completing the objective, you will face a heavy penalty! Crewed Missions Once we've proven we can get a Kerbal to orbit and back, we need to continue to break new barriers. We have a choice of nearby bodies that we can get to. We choose to go to <insert celestial body here>, not because it is easy, but because it is hard. Uncrewed Missions The costs of sending a Kerbal to another planet are astronomical compared to those of sending a probe that we can leave behind. Why don't we send some probes to our neighbouring planets to gather science autonomously for us? The remaining strategies are the standard strategies - these give a bonus while active, and can be active for as long as you like. Astronaut Training Program Our standard training procedure is to treat newly hired astronauts as a disposable commodity to greatly reduce the cost of unscheduled disassemblies. Still, some argue that training our astronauts before putting them on top of a top of a ton of explosives will result in a lower mission failure rate. The cost of setting up the program will be high, nevermind the cost of actually training the astronauts. What do you say, do we want the right stuff, or the almost-good-enough stuff? Massive Scale Launches We've found some investors who are willing to sponsor us if we're able to launch colossal structures into space in a single launch. We'll have to employ some truly Whackjobian construction techniques to get these things into orbit. Contract Slot Machine These agencies seem to think they're doing us a favour offering by us these ridiculous contracts. Why should we be penalized for being choosy? By closing our books to the public, agencies will have no idea what we're willing to accept. There might be a little chaos in the contracts we see under this model, but if we're only choosing the best ones, then who cares?!? To Boldly Go If we want to get the most research possible done out there, we need to explore as many new biomes as we can. Government grants from exploration programs will ultimately help us fund further exploration and research. Probe Frenzy If we want to do some research, then probes are the way to go. What we save on sending Kerbals out there can be spent on a vast fleet of autonomous probes. Local Science There are so many research opportunities right in our back yard. We should focus on local research to bootstrap our space program. That way when we do make it further out there, we'll be sending the best technology we can. Stagnated Research There are several conservative groups on Kerbin that think we've gone too far, too fast. We're not about to shut down the space program, but maybe slowing down our development of new technology to appease these groups will get us some goodwill and ensure that they don't burn down KSC? Free Ice Cream We've come up with a crazy idea - giving out free ice cream at the space center. The public will absolutely love us. If we push the program far enough, we'll get better rewards for rescuing Kerbals (they'll get ice cream when they land!) and maybe even be able to get a discount on hiring new astronauts. FREE. ICE. CREAM. Media Circus To make a reputable space program, we need to ramp up the media involvement. Cameras everywhere, coverage 6 hours a day, 426 days a years. Of course, this could easily backfire if we have any... accidents. Pilot Focus Clearly the most important role among our astronauts is that of the pilot. Without a skilled pilot, nobody is going to space today (or any other day). Shall we build our space program around our brave pilots? Engineer Focus Where would we be without our engineers? They make sure everything is in order to get the other astronauts up and down safely. Shall we build our space program around the skilled engineer? Scientist Focus The scientist is the key role that we need to focus on. A skilled scientist knows exactly which sample to send back to maximize our science gain (we can only fit so many Mun rocks in those capsules). Shall we build our space program around our brilliant scientists? Download CKAN: In CKAN, select and download the mod "Strategia". GitHub: For the direct download option, please ensure you have all the dependencies before raising a support request: Contract Configurator is a required dependency and can be downloaded from its release thread. Custom Barn Kit is a required dependency and can be downloaded from its release thread. ModuleManager is a required dependency and can be downloaded from its release thread. Strategia can be downloaded from GitHub. Source The full source is available on GitHub. Change Log Special Thanks sarbian - For mods like ModuleManager and Custom Barn Kit that make my life a lot easier. smjjames - For the ridiculous amount of bugs he found during the beta phase. License Strategia is licensed under the MIT license. Like what you see? Consider donating to the coffee fund! It will not go directly to supporting this or other mods under my care, but it may keep my motivation up!
  3. I'm starting a new career mode playthrough in 1.2 on YouTube, with the goal of making Kerbals a multiplanetary species! I'll be using a handful of mods, including Roverdude's USI Constellation. I'm hoping to post a few of these a week, so please check back on my channel!
  4. Field Research - Get paid to do science! Description This is a Contract Pack that gives contracts to perform various science experiments. There are contracts for: Biome studies - collecting results from a number of experiments in a single biome. Climate studies - performing various climate experiments on bodies with atmospheres. Geological studies - performing geological experiments on various biomes of a celestial body. Experimental studies - run one experiment under multiple conditions (including experiments from mods). KSC Science - contract to go around and collect all the various small science around the KSC. Scientist Ferry - bring a scientist to a specific location to perform a specific experiment. Rare Science - contract with suggested location for difficult biome/situation combinations (eg. Splashed down at Kerbin's Mountains). Re-run experiment - contracts for science completionists - re-run an already done experiment to get a little bit more science out of it. Notes: The contract pack works for RSS and planet packs - you will receive contracts for any celestial body that is loaded in the game. This mod disables the stock "Collect Science" contracts, as they become somewhat redundant when this is installed. Download CKAN: In CKAN, Select and download the mod "Contract Pack: Field Research". GitHub: For the direct download option, please ensure you have all the dependencies before raising a support request: Contract Configurator is a required dependency and can be downloaded from the Contract Configurator release thread. ModuleManager is a required dependency and can be downloaded from the ModuleManager release thread. The Field Research Contract Pack can be downloaded from GitHub. Waypoint Manager is an optional (but highly recommended) dependency and can be downloaded from the Waypoint Manager release thread. Optional Stuff Crowd Sourced Science - You're likely going to be getting a lot of science reports with this mod. Why not make the reports into some more interesting reading with hundreds of unique science reports. Science Alert - Never miss an opportunity to collect science. Also includes a super convenient UI for collecting multiple experiments. [x] Science! - Contains a great GUI for tracking how much science is remaining for various biomes/experiments/etc. No More Science Grinding - Get 100% science from running stock experiments (no more need to re-run experiments multiple times). Waypoint Manager - For viewing contract waypoints in-flight to much more easily hit your target (recommended for the scientist contracts in particular). Source The full source is available on GitHub. Change Log Special Thanks arkie87 - For giving me the idea and getting me started on making this. DMagic - For providing code and general KSP science systems support. xEvilReeperx - For providing a great block of code to get the list of science subjects out of KSP. amorymeltzer - More general science support! ObsessedWithKSP - For all the things you do. Everyone else who posted in this thread where the idea got started. Zeenobit - For his very cool mod Historian, which I used to put together the images for this post. License The Field Research Contract Pack is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 Like what you see? Consider donating to the beer fund! It will not go directly to supporting this or other mods under my care, but it may keep my motivation up!
  5. I think that in the career tech tree, unmanned probes should come BEFORE manned crafts and parts. It makes no sense to send kerbals up before satellites. (That is, if you can get "Stayputnik" not to stay-put :P) It would be way more realistic and easier starting, since you don't have enough money to keep hiring and killing more kerbals. -Thanks for reading
  6. I have long considered putting up a career game writeup, a recent savegame mashing mod switch has given me just the opportunity I needed. I run a pretty heavy mod list comprising a mix of realism (make it harder) mods, and parts/diversity (make it easier) mods. I hope that by holding myself to maintaining this writeup I will curb my incessant urges to swap and change mods about which results in many many restarts Although I use realism mods, I do not try to recreate historical craft, I build from scratch to perform the job-in-hand. I have played Kerbal quite a while, but not yet long enough that a SSTEloo is "Just something I knocked together" I am still pretty new to some of these realism mods, so I will be learning as I go. (What better way to do rocket science?) Modlist; Difficulty Mods 'Other Mods' (Parts, pretty-fiers etc) Custom difficulty settings, 100% science and reputation, 120% funds and with 200% penalties on all. No respawns, (sorry Jeb you will have to shut the cloning facility) reverts and quicksaves only for glitches and simulations, any human errors will be lived with (or not) and be part of the story. All other options on hard. All launches are from KSC unless otherwise stated, the other sites are there for remotetech ground stations. Notes on Kerbal Construction Time, I put all my starting points into a single VAB buildline, giving me 0.8 buildspeed, I will make a note in each post about if/when I add points to this. So without further ado, let the explosions commence! Progress Updates 1st quarter Audit. 2nd quarter Audit Launch Vehicle Comparison @ Day 227 3rd quarter Audit End of Year 1
  7. This mod does what it says on the tin... it introduces a budget system to Career Mode KSP. Unlike some other budget mods, which just add money on top of what you already have, this one will cap your "maximum budget" based on your repuation. I'll explain what I mean further below. Features Monthly Budgets: Every 30 days (configurable) a monthly budget will be allocated to you, primarily based on your reputation (although it takes into account a couple of other factors). If your current funds are less than the budget allocation, your funds will be adjusted to match the new budget. (So, if you say have 100k funds on hand, but the mod was going to allocate you 500k, your funds will be topped up to 500k. If you held 600k, your costs would be deducted, but no budget would be awarded this month. Contracts will (usually) not have a cash payout/advance. Instead, whatever you would have gotten will be converted into reputation instead (at a conversion rate of 1 rep for every 10,000 funds) when you complete the contract. So you get it in the next budget cycle. The exception to this is contracts that pay out when you complete a parameter. You'll still get the funds for the parameters (mainly because I haven't figured out a way to make it transparent that the payout is 0 on these, without just pulling the funds away when you complete it, so the game will tell you you got paid, but you didn't). You'll also still get payouts for World First milestones (cause thats kinda the point, to encourage you to go exploring rather than worry about contracts). New to Version 2.0: This can now be disabled. Kerbal Deaths are punished. When a kerbal dies, a hefty reputation penalty is applied. The Kerbal government takes the lives of it's astronauts very seriously... so your funding will be slashed if you have many deaths. (reputation is reduced by a quarter, so a high rep program has more to fear from this than a low rep program). Massive thanks to JPLRepo for this bit, as he basically wrote it for me. Costs Running a space program is expensive, kerbals need to be paid etc. When calculating your budget, costs for wages and any active vessels will be deducted before the budget is awarded. If no budget is awarded, the costs will be deducted from your available funds. Configurable - Most aspects of the mod are configurable. See below for more details. *NEW* Emergency Funding - So you need to mount a rescue mission, you are running out of life support, but you've blown your budget. What do you do? With version 2.0 you can now access "Emergency funding" for 10% of your reputation (and therefore next budget). This has diminishing returns, and will completely cease if you access it 10 times in a row. If you don't use it for a few months, the levels of funding will gradually recover. Configuration: Most options are configurable. Options can be set in the stock difficulty menu. If that's not flexible enough, look in your save for "BudgetSettings" and the options are there. Licensing Licensed under the MIT License Icon made by Freepik from Download Not mandatory, but I've balanced the default values assuming that Kerbal Construction Time is installed - so would recommend that mod. Source
  8. Career Mode Fixing Discussion Please someone suggest a better name Contributors: Sequinox | John FX Pthigrivi | Workable Goblin tater Kaos juanml82 How to Submit: State your idea with an explanation To submit, go to this link, If you want your name on the contributors list, please include your forum name along with your suggestion. Red - Not a good idea for stock and is likley to never be added, but a good idea for modders to look into. The list is under development. Science: -Science experiments should be more involved, such as studying the results. - Most experiments as well as crew and EVA reports should be automatically gathered and stored to await transmission to reduce clickiness. - Other experiments aught to require some specific flight action by the player, rather than just being clicked. - Data should be in principle 100% transmittable. To encourage crewed return missions surface samples should not be transmittable, and their science value should be much higher by comparison. Transmission losses could be handled entirely by the new dish setup. - Experiments should open new information to the player outside of unlocking the tech tree, such as making heat-bars visible and producing biome maps. - Different Biomes aught to offer different science multipliers on the same world, so as to encourage site-specific landings. Tech Tree: -Tech tree should be less linear. Game Mechanics: - Kerbals should either automatically level-up in flight or some method aught to be offered to allow them to do so. - The mechanics of gaining experience really needs better visual feedback, so that players can see what they need to do to gain experience and see when they've achieved it. - New abilities could be added for higher level kerbals, such as aerocapture and landing site prediction for pilots and perhaps simple KAS-like abilities granted to engineers. - Loans -Kerbonauts should spend time for training at the KSC. Training would cost money. Only after their training is complete they can fly on missions. -Kerbonauts can have more than one skill based on their training. -A mission planner and organizer: Set times to launch missions, name your missions, etc... Misc.: -Add more flexibility. Ex: Play with reputation but not money, science and money but not EXP. -Ability to play against other space programs, much like a space race type thing. -Procedural Engines: You can build your own engines and get breakthroughs in science. You can sell blueprints to other companies for funds. If you want to buy a pre-existing engine(which would be developed by other companies) you must buy the blueprint from another company. It would take science and funds to build an engine, but would give you science in return. This mechanic could be used in a part testing feature and the engine could have a chance to fail. Building Tiers: - Fill out the 4 tier system so that the step-ups are more manageable, with costs both distributed and reduced. - Tighten up the size and weight limitations for lower tiers on the LaunchPad and Runway. The runway aught to increase in size, but not smoothness. - Add an Alarm Clock and Mission Planner to the 2nd of 4 tiers at the Tracking Station and Mission Control - Add Delta-V and TWR to the the 3rd of 4 tiers of the VAB and SPH Missions, Contacts, Strategies and Milestones: -There should be a delineation between "Missions," designed by the KSC staff (Linus and Werner, et al), and commercial Contracts -System for generating non-commercial contracts. Ex: Set goals for the mission, time limit, etc... and the game will generate a budget for you if the mission is accepted. Mission acceptance will be based on rep. For more explanation, see Tater's post below on the 1st page. - Contracts could be categorized by the body they pertain to so players could more easily sort and plan missions. (Sort of like a hierarchy system. Kerbin -> Mun -> (Contracts and milestones) - Strategies that are already active should be adjustable at any time without disabling the strategy. For Modders: You are absolutely allowed to use this list to build a mod upon. You do not have to give credit to this thread if you do not wish to. Resources: Kaos's "Unify Game Modes For Greater Configurability"
  9. Contract Pack: Historical Progression This contract pack is designed to take you through the history of the human space program. This entire contract pack was inspired by Whitecat106's Historic Missions contracts. He has created an incredible selection of close to 700 missions! For me, that is too much, and I wanted to go through the history of human spaceflight and progress how we have done in real life. I did not want to have to launch a mission that was almost the smae thing over and over again. This contract pack takes you from the first sounding rockets to New Horizons and into the future. You will be tasked with recreating some of the most ambitious missions like the Apollo Program, Voyager and the International Space Station. It is up to you to guide the Kerbals into the cosmos through a historical progression. Some of these contracts are very involved and require you to use gravity assists to accomplish the contract parameters. Others give you the option to complete certain goals in order to gain bonuses. For example, in your Space Shuttle contracts, you get bonus funds if you land your shuttle on the Runway back at KSC. One of the best examples of this is the MESSENGER contract. It requires you to enter a polar orbit of the first planet in the solar system. We will use the stock system with the Real Solar System planets as an example. MESSENGER Contract Parameters General Goal: Design an unmanned craft to Orbit Moho (Mercury) with a minimum Inclination of 70 degrees Design an unmanned craft with an antenna (also with 3 SCANsat scanners if you have the mod installed) Launch MESSENGER Enter Orbit of the Sun OPTIONAL BONUS: Flyby Kerbin (Earth) for a gravity assist OPTIONAL BONUS: Flyby Eve (Venus) for a gravity assist OPTIONAL BONUS: Flyby Eve (Venus) again for a gravity assist OPTIONAL BONUS: Flyby Moho (Mercury) for a gravity assist OPTIONAL BONUS: Flyby Moho (Mercury) again for a gravity assist OPTIONAL BONUS: Flyby Moho (Mercury) for the third time for a gravity assist Enter Orbit of Moho (Mercury) with a minimum Inclination of 70 degrees Transmit Science Data from Space around Moho (Mercury) If you have SCANsat installed, have 80% mapping of Low Quality, Biome and High Quality Most of the missions are not that difficult or that involved, but MESSENGER was launched in 2004 after more than 50 years of spaceflight and we knew some new tricks to help us achieve an orbit. HISTORICAL PROGRESSION CONTRACTS REQUIRED MODS Contract Configurator - Module Manager - HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED MODS These are not nessecary to use the contract pack, but it makes the pack much better Historical Progression Tech Tree @Yemo Unmanned Before Manned - This lets you start with the proper probe cores instead of manned missions, the contract pack might not be possible to complete without this or something similar Outer Planets Mod - If you are playing with stock KSP, this will give you the extra planets that simulate the outer solar system and will allow you to explore these places with contracts like New Horizons and Voyager 1 and 2 Real Solar System If you are up for it, you can recreate some of the most famous missions in different scaled Real Solar Systems Real Solar System - Half Size Real Solar System - Stock Size Real Solar System - DMagic Orbital Science - This gives you more science experiments to use on your various missions around the solar system SCANsat - This provides you with parts to map the planets in the solar system. The contracts have support for Scanning missions if SCANsat is installed. Life Support Mods There are many to choose from, but I reccomend picking at least one of them. Some of these contracts are setting new duration records in space and there is no real challenge to them without having Life Support of some kind. OTHER MODS TO CONSIDER There are many part mods to consider that will give you the ability to construct realistic looking, or in some cases replicas of the spacecraft that are simulated in this contract pack. Bluedog Design Bureau (NASA / ESA) FASA (NASA) @raidernick Awesome Collection of Mods Skylab US & Soviet Solar Panels Pack Salyut Stations Soviet Spacecraft Soviet Probes US Probes Pack US Rockets Pack Antares & Cygnus Tantares NOTES The contract pack removes the World Firsts and Explore Body stock missions as we are already covering this with the pack This contract pack works with all planet packs, but you will experience some weird contracts if your Home planet is not the 3rd rock from the sun Full support for Stock, Stock x2, Stock x6.4, Outer Planets Mod Full support for Real Solar System, Half Size Real Solar System, Stock Size Real Solar System I do not know how this will play with other Contract Packs unless listed below, as it is designed to go through all major "firsts" of our space history so will duplicate similar contracts from other packs Most missions cannot be cancelled nor will they expire. There are a set of optional missions and more will be coming down the line. These optional missions can be cancelled and do not need to be completed. COMPATIBLE CONTRACT PACKS Anomoly Surveyor AntennaRange Relays Clever Sats Field Research Giving Aircraft a Purpose (GAP) Kerbal Academy Maritime Mission Pack RemoteTech Contract Pack SPECIAL THANKS @nightingale for creating Contract Configurator as well as helping me with many questions along the way @severedsolo for answering some questions I had about some contracts @Whitecat106 for inspiring me with your Historic Missions pack @TheReadPanda is streaming a career with the Contract Pack active DOWNLOAD Github Spacedock INSTALLATION Make sure you have Contract Configurator and Module Manager Installed as they are NOT included with the download Download the Contract Pack Copy to GameData folder Enjoy! FUTURE PLANS Add Remaining Missions Falcon Flight 20 - First Powered Landing of First Stage of Rocket Moon / Mun contracts will require specific biomes to be reached (want to stop players from landing on the far side) Add a requirement to deorbit and destroy Space Stations after Add additional SCANsat mission support Add additional DMagic Orbital Science Mission Support Add OPTIONAL MISSIONS Additional Mars / Duna Missions Landers Phoenix Insight Orbiters Mars Global Surveyor MAVEN Rovers Spirit Opportunity Curiosity ISS Construction Apollo Applications Program Manned Venus Flyby (this was a proposed mission using Apollo hardware) Future Missions OSIRIS Rex Asteroid Redirect Mission Mars Sample Return Mission Europa Mission Red Dragon Mars 2020 LICENSE CC-BY-NC-SA ( CHANGELOG
  10. Find Easter eggs and other anomalies! Description This is a Contract Pack that gives contracts to go search out the various Easter eggs that are included in KSP. There are 14 one-time contracts included in the pack of varying difficulty. There's some bonus new content that is only available as part of the mod. If you want to see it then you will need to finish both the Kerbin and Mun monolith contracts. Download CKAN: In CKAN, Select and download the mod "Contract Pack: Anomaly Surveyor" GitHub: For the direct download option, please ensure you have all the dependencies before raising a support request: Contract Configurator is a required dependency and can be downloaded from the Contract Configurator release thread. ModuleManager is a required dependency and can be downloaded from the ModuleManager release thread. The Anomaly Surveyor Contract Pack can be downloaded from GitHub. SCANsat is an optional dependency and can be downloaded from the SCANsat release thread. Waypoint Manager is an optional (but highly recommended) dependency and can be downloaded from the Waypoint Manager release thread. Optional Stuff It is highly recommended that you install In-Flight Waypoints, as most of the contracts involve visiting a specific place with a high degree of precision. In some cases the Easter egg is big and hard to miss - but some are very small. If you use SCANsat, then the contracts will have an extra requirement before they show up - you must have done a multi-spectral scan of the area in question. To offset this, if you have SCANsat, the contract rewards are slightly better. Source The full source is available on GitHub. Change Log Special Thanks 5thHorseman for the video featured on this page. He did an absolutely incredible job! Nicholander, who gave me permission to use his monolith part for the final Jool Monolith contract. License The Anomaly Surveyor Contract Pack is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 Like what you see? Consider donating to the coffee fund! It will not go directly to supporting this or other mods under my care, but it may keep my motivation up!
  11. Hi ! First, I'd like to say that this is a really great community and I'm happy to take part in it ! So I just started playing KSP a couple of days ago, messing around in sandbox mode, I also played in career mode, but it seemed fairly hard up to some point... My question is : What's the best best way to learn KSP, by playing in sandbox, career ? What "essential tasks, mission should I do, in order to learn the basics ? What other advice can you give me ? Also, I'd like to point out that I've been playing Orbiter for a long time and have a fair understanding of orbital mechanics Have a good day, Luca S.
  12. I expect a lot of us will be starting new career saves after the release of 0.90. So in anticipation of that day, and because the idea of grinding science on the launchpad makes me sad, I give you Sounding Rockets! This mod adds a series of very simple 0.35m parts to the start node, including: Two SRB engines. One with high thrust, one with high efficiency. Neither have decouplers, but will instead automatically jettison when out of fuel (this is especially handy for the upper stage below your payload). A nosecone containing a basic parachute, gyro system, and control module. Note: These run off of StoredCharge not ElectricCharge, and by design cannot be recharged. You will have enough juice for a short mission, but don't expect to get to the Mun with it. Four new science experiments to serve as payloads for your sounding rocket. Note, that trying to stack more than one will likely exceed the parachute's capacity. Enjoy! Go forth and find bees, feedback rocks. Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license. Assets, including Models (*.mu) and Textures *.png/*.dds) are All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use any of these assets in your project, just ask nicely Pick it up on GitHub!
  13. Forgotten Space Program Latest Post: 2017-02-25 - Infinite Departures -- It's happened again. Those well meaning kerbals ran off and completely forgot about their space program. Maybe there was a global crisis. Maybe they ran out of funds. Maybe the Kraken ate the ship Jeb and the Bs were in. Or maybe it was just snack time and the cheese dip was really, really good. Unfortunately nobody remembers what went wrong because nobody remembers being there. Space? Whazzat? And so years pass. Eventually an eccentric millionaire stumbles on the ruins of the long-forgotten program. Trailers. Sheds. Run-down labs. A dirt runway. Factories scattered here and there in the nearby countryside. Exploding barrels of fleas. Sharp metal bits. Gumball machines. Nuclear waste. The usual rust of a long forgotten industry. A few quick phone calls and some thousand signatures later and The Boss became the owner of their very own space program. And that's when the fun started. -- -- In something of a departure from my usual routine, this will be a mod-"heavy" playthrough focusing largely on the wonderful Engineering Tech Tree. Expect frequent and smaller posts, usually the same day of the mission or a very short time later. I will attempt to keep this save going for the indefinite future, but can make no promises that I won't forget what I've done and start over again. Again. And, seeing as none of the kerbals know what's out there, we may see some relics and wrecks from my previously forgotten space programs. Difficulty is my usual fare, a Career Mode game with the normal difficulty settings, no crew respawn, etc: Mods in Use (as/of KSP v1.2.2) Note: Many parts from mods not listed (or listed under previous versions) are still present on spacecraft, in flight, but are "retired" and have been edited (by me) so they no longer appear in the VAB. Aviation Lights Distant Object Enhancement DMagic Orbital Science Docking Port Alignment Indicator Engineering Tech Tree Engine Lighting EVE (Waz's Build) Flag Decals Hullcam VDS KAC KAS KER KIS kOS Mark One Laboratory Extensions Module Manager Persistent Rotation Planet Shine Raster Prop Monitor Real Plume (Stock) Reentry Particle Effect SCANsat Scatterer SpaceY Heavy Lifters SpaceY Expanded Surface Lights Trajectories Texture Replacer (RangeMachine's Build) Older Mods in Use (for previous KSP v1.1.3) Older Mods in Use (for previous KSP v1.0.5) Let's get this show on the road now, ok? -- The Hydrogen Flights The "exploding barrels of fleas" were apparently not made of fleas, but were instead created to dispose of them. (Which might explain the fire and smoke.) As far as the geniuses in the engineering department could determine, the intent was to aim the open end of the barrel at the fleas and "watch them burn." The Boss thought of a different use after three interns and one such barrel flew violently through the wall of the lab and into the waters of Booster Bay. The little green geeks quickly dug around to find the parts they needed: gizmos to measure air pressure, a gumball machine painted a dark grey with a "computer" stuffed inside, a flea barrel to strap it all atop, and a large silk blanket to carry the gizmos safely back to the ground. The "computer" was little more than a couple of vacuum tubes and an alarm clock, all held together with loosely assembled wires. The clock was to ignite the flea barrel, trigger the gizmos and detach the gumball machine; the vacuum tubes were there to make it look awesome. Lacking a clever naming scheme, The Boss painted "Hydrogen 1" on the side and the three formerly flying interns rolled it to a nearby mound of dirt. Only they must've messed up the clock while moving the H-1, as the flea barrel ignited late, flew off in a weird direction, and the gumball machine detached early. Regardless, the gizmos took proper readings and proved The Boss right: These barrels weren't built for killing fleas, but for helping them fly. Science points galore! Somewhat unexpectedly, a representative from the Kerbal First Record Keeping Society showed up to give The Boss a few shiny plaques: First Launch, new Speed Records of 25m/s and 80m/s, and First Landing. The prize money was spent on some bags of corn chips and the interns were sent back to work. There was still time enough in the day for another launch. Same gumball machine with a big barrel of science (which had been previously tested on the mound), all atop yet another flea barrel. The Boss named it the "Hydrogen 2" and everybody lined up to watch it fly. The H-2 flew higher and slightly faster than anything yet recorded (that one catapult accident doesn't count), resulting in yet more plaques from the record keepers: Altitude records of 500m and 2km. The money was just enough to buy some queso dip to go with the corn chips, and The Boss kicked in a few extra kerbucks for soda. And so on the first day they partied, and The Boss was happy, for The Boss saw it was good. Navigation: Next Post
  14. This is a new game compared to my KSP 1.0.5 career thread. Some things have changed in KSP 1.2, some mods are no longer available, and other mods have come into existence. Plus, there's the new features that KSP 1.1 and 1.2 brought. The newest mod that I'll be using is one of my own creation called Stock Antenna Balance. It's basically a lite version of RT that works solely through modifying the antenna power / mass / cost / energy requirements of Squad's stock antennas. It puts a larger emphasis on relay satellites as the direct-connect antennas can no longer reach back from Eeloo to Kerbin. All the magic is done through ModuleManager patches so it reuses existing components that Squad (or others) have provided. I also use some welded parts created through UbioZur Welding Continued, which are then modified to have the storage capacity that I want, or add USI-LS storage, or tweak costs / dry mass or other things. The welded parts are maintained at my GitHub repository. Selective use of welded parts helps reduce wobble and part count. The third is a set of MM patches that creates modified versions of Squad, Modular Rocket Systems, SpaceY, or other parts to add things like battery capacity, USI-LS storage. This is mostly done to reduce part count and these new or modified parts have mass / costs increased to balance out the additional capabilities. Current list of addon DLLs (from KSP.log): kOS.Safe v1.0.3.0 kOS v1.0.3.0 CCK v1.2.1.0 CLSInterfaces v1.0.0.0 ContractConfigurator v1.0.0.0 / v1.22.2 ContractParser v1.0.5.0 / vv5.0 ContractsWindow.Unity v1.0.7.2 ContractsWindow v1.0.7.2 / vv7.2 DMagic v1.3.0.6 / vv1.3.6 DockingPortAlignmentIndicator v1.0.0.0 DPAI_RPM v1.0.0.0 Firespitter v7.3.6195.32439 HaystackContinued v0.5.2.1 ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib v0.86.0.518 / v0.86.0 KerbalAlarmClock v3.8.3.0 KerbalJointReinforcement v3.3.1.0 KolonyTools v1.0.0.0 Konstruction v0.0.0.0 kOS.Safe v1.0.3.0 kOS v1.0.3.0 KSPRescuePodFix v1.0.0.0 MechJeb2 v2.5.1.0 / vDev #675 Sarbian / v2.6.0.0 MiniAVC v1.0.3.2 ModuleDockingNodeNamed v1.0.0.0 ModuleManager.2.7.5 v2.7.5.0 ProgressParser v1.0.6.0 / vv6.0 SCANsat v1.6.0.11 / vv16.11 ShipManifest v5.1.3.1 SmartParts v1.7.0.0 USILifeSupport v1.0.0.0 USITools v1.0.0.0 [x] Science! v5.4.6185.40021
  15. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting for your entertainment and delight, Exploration Plus - an overhaul of the stock Exploration Contracts. So, I really like the new Exploration contracts introduced in 1.2, but they aren't without their problems. Do I really need to prove that I can rendezvous or dock around every body before I can move on? Aren't the skills transferrable? I also feel like your progression can get bogged down, as you only have one of these contacts at a time. So here is an attempt to fix this: Features Multiple exploration contracts at a time. The moment you perform a flyby of a body, the mod will encourage you to push to the next one, while offering follow up contracts for the body you just reached. Works better with Monthly Budgets. The stock exploration contracts make heavy use of parameter level rewards, which my Monthly Budgets mod doesn't like, as it can't intercept the rewards. This pack only uses contract level rewards, so if you are using Monthly Budgets the budgeting system will work better. Better Progression. No more "must perform a rendezvous/docking around x body before you move on" - You will be asked to demonstrate your skills once around the homeworld and then we assume you know what you are doing. Even if you are dragging your heels on that mission, the other contracts will still generate. In addition, if you miss any of the "minor milestones" (returning, planting flags etc) you'll get a follow up mission to finish it off. Obviously this will disable the stock Exploration Contracts Fully Planet Pack compatible - The screenshot above is from Galileos Planet Pack, as that's what I'm playing at the moment. I can safely say, if it works on that one, it will probably work on almost any planet pack. If you do find any issues, let me know. Known Issues: Rewards have been generally balanced against what the stock contracts would pay you, but there may be some hiccups. For instance, "Mopping Up" assumes you have missed all the potential milestones and pays you accordingly. If you find any others, please report them. [Not really a bug] - You'll get a "perform a spacewalk" mission, even if you've already done it without the contract. Unfortunately I can't check for this. Licensing CC-BY-SA 4.0 Download First you'll need Contract Configurator Then grab the pack from here Acknowledgements As ever thanks to @nightingale for Contract Configurator.
  16. Initial release of the revamped, scaled down, Additional Progression Contracts mod. This is a replacement for my old "Advanced Progression Contracts" mod, since most of the contracts in it were merged into the base game by Squad. DOWNLOAD Requires Contract Configurator 1.15 or higher. Contracts included on launch: Send the first probe to another planet. Send the first manned flyby of another planet (and return). Send the first manned landing on another planet (and return). Land a rover on the Mun. Land a rover on Minmus. Land a rover on another planet. Perform an EVA in Solar orbit. Future plans: More contracts itemized for planet moons. Jool-system specific contracts (Jool 5 challenge, etc). Repeatable "send a probe to X planet" generic contracts - the ones in stock are often a bit too specific, and don't usually help career-mode missions get funding. Unmanned probe sample-return missions (to Mun, planets, etc) More stuff to do with rovers - distance records, etc (as soon as I get the contract scripting logic for it to work correctly) In-atmosphere aircraft circumnavigation. (as soon as I get the contract scripting logic for it to work correctly) Ideas people suggest/request Released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
  17. Does anyone here practice KSP and space-related things in real life too? Are you aerospace engineers, rocket science amateurs, aviators, pilots, airplane mechanics or whatever? Personally, I am going to get a Master of Science in Space Engineering - currently working on my thesis. I wonder if someone else here is mad enough to kerbalize his life to this point!
  18. I've decided to play two career games in parallel. One is my long-term career that has already been started, in which there are 44 celestial bodies (not including the sun) and a large amount of other mods too. The other is this. This is going to be a playthough using the New Horizons planet pack (as soon as the 1.2.x version is released, which will apparently be soon), except I will also be using Sigma Dimensions to scale up all planets and orbits by a factor of 6.4. This is directly inspired by the 6.4x scale mod that became popular a while ago, but I am extending that concept to use the New Horizons pack. It is likely to be quite an interesting experience, as I will have to gauge delta-v information by first conducting flybys, then orbital missions, and then finally landers and return missions. Everything will be experimental, rather than designed for a known delta-v map as is the case for the stock system and outer planets. It will also necessitate large rockets, and in fact one of the main reasons for the increased scale is because I enjoy making large rockets. Mod list: I'll start out this thread by scaling up the stock system and playing around with launch systems to figure out how to orbit Kerbin. Once New Horizons is released for 1.2.x, I will begin the series properly. By the way, if anyone knows how to multiply all antenna ranges (stock and modded) by 5, this knowlege would be greatly appreciated.
  19. This plugin will give you funds and reputation for each science report you transmit or bring back to the KSC, thus enabling you to play career without having to deal with the contracts. Download from SpaceDock or Github. The source code is available on Github in the public domain. The v1.3.0 update is all johnqevil's work: a big thank you for updating the mod in my absence! Customize the amount of funds / rep by editing the settings.cfg file right next to the dll (they are proportional to the science points). No pics, no clicks? No care.
  20. Not the most original move ever, but Scott Manley's new series has me itching to try a playthrough of this mod. I'm keeping the mods light for now, attempting to imitate Scott's Interstellar left me leery of big part mods. We'll see if the huge distances to be covered are beyond the ability of stock parts. Difficulty Options - Custom No Restart, No Respawn. Dead Kerbals stay dead. Fly Safe. Individual parts have to be unlocked within a tech node - unlock Aviation , for example, by spending 45 science points, each part within that node must then be researched with funds if you want to use it in your designs. 20% Funds Penalties, 30% Funds Rewards The last point means that building upgrades cost just 20% of normal, however funds rewards for contracts are also greatly reduced. So, the expensive things in my game will be the vessels themselves. Need to ensure high re-usability in most missions. Our first launch earns a busload of science, as such things tend to do - We unlock Engineering 101 and Flight control, but only the tier 4 techs have any kind of steerable fin. Till then, I'm not happy launching a larger rocket if it can't be steered. We get a contract to test the stack separator after landing and Flea booster on the launch pad. Since there's no point zooming to 9000m again, I casually reduce the amount of fuel in the flea. Tragedy strikes however. The nerfed rocket only takes us to 100 m, which is too low to give the parachute time to open, but high enough to kill Jeb. Previous parachute fatalities have always been due to coming in so fast the chute is destroyed or because the velocity is too great to be arrested when it does open. I'd not realised they actually take a few seconds to unfurl and had been lulled into false security by our relatively low velocity. Lessons Unfamiliar vessel types should be tested unmanned first when modifying a proven type, make small changes, don't reduce fuel load by 90% in one step! Val has to complete the Damp Squib programme. She then mines the runway for a bit of science.. ..and fulfils this test contract that gets us over the 45 science mark. Even I couldn't find a way to kill anyone on the last two missions. Well, we now have Aviation tech. Let's see what that brings..
  21. Honestly, this mode strikes me as almost impossible given the sheer amount of contract grinding and the expensive base upgrades. I can't get to orbit on the default launch pad and I'm just not used to not having maneuvers to work with. I always seem short on money and science. Does anyone have any choice advice or suggestions on how to have a successful run at it? is there something extra I need to do re: Management Strategies or am I just not good enough for hard mode? The only career mode tutorials I've seen are either not hard mode or don't have the 1.2 science trees. I find some of the surveying contracts to be extremely aggravating, especially the ones that happen BELOW a certain altitude, because it feels almost impossible to point a rocket there and reach it. I don't even get the sightseeing ones, am I expected to put a civvie in the cockpit? Some of those contract rewards don't even seem to be worth the money cost in putting them into action.
  22. a pole about career mode
  23. After playing KSP for a while, I noticed something. After playing career mode for a while, Science mode can feel too easy. After all, you start with all building upgrades, so you can gather much more science faster, and build bigger vehicles, right at the start. Without the limitations placed on you by building upgrades, Science feels like there's not enough progression. I propose a mode that is similar to Science, where there aren't funds, contracts, strategies, or reputation to manage. However, the buildings would start at Level 1, and would be upgraded through Science. They could either be unlocked in the tech tree at certain tiers, or be purchased like they are in Career, with early-game science yields perhaps boosted slightly to account for building-upgrade purchasing. I think that this would be a good mode to have, as it places some restrictions on Science mode while not having any other stuff to manage such as in Career mode.
  24. Prologue: Explorers Chapter 1: Going to Space Today Chapter 2: Jeb's Flight Chapter 3: Technical Difficulties Chapter 4: Winging It Chapter 5: Shoot For the Mun Craft can be found on Kerbal X, and they are usually released in the order that they appear in the story. A new chapter will be uploaded every Thursday (or thereabouts), unless I forget about it.
  25. This is my new as-stock-as-possible-without-driving-me-insane career mission report! ATM the only mods are Kerbal Engineer Redux and Kerbal Alarm Clock. Chapters: Chapter 1 (This post) Chapter 2 (The post just below this post) Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14, Illegitimately Acquired Cheese Chapter 15, The Cheesy Escape Chapter 16, Kommunications Emergency Chapter 1 That only took a hour to write * RMKK = Random Mission Kontroller Kerbal ** KSB = Kerbal Serial Bus, a Kerbal version of a USB (Universal Serial Bus) *** WFOPK = World's First Organization Phone Kontroller