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Found 101 results

  1. I started a new career game (v1.2) and put all reward slider (Funds, Science and Reputation) at 10%. My goal: to unlock the entire tech tree with the difficulty on ultra hard mode! Mission reports 1. Introduction (this post) 2. Minmus, Mun and Duna Flyby 3. Visiting Gilly and Cash Cowing Minmus 4. Visting several biomes on Duna with a drone 5. Jeb and Bobs' radical adventure to Bop and Pol 6. Biome hopping Mun with new equipment 7. Biome hopping Vall 8. Biome hopping Laythe <NEW> Introduction In this thread I will report on the progress of my mission. I've already been working on the career for a couple of days and I didn't take pictures of all large events, so my apologies if my story looks a bit inconsistent. I will not report on every single contract I've accepted, since that would become real boring, really fast. Instead, I will just talk about the approach I've used and talk about some cool stuff that happened along the way. So let's get started, shall we? The beginning With all slider on 10%, money is a real issue. I had to carefully select contracts, because many of them did not return any profit. Landing my ship near the space station is also very important. This way, I could minimize profit loss from the ship recovery. I would also try to use single stage ships as long as possible. My first goals was to unlock basic rocketry, and Engineering 101. Getting science was pretty difficult with the reward slider on 10%. After several missions I saved enough science, from biome hopping, to unlock basic rocketry and Engineering. This also unlocked more contracts. With liquid rockets unlocked, I could start collecting the science near the KSC. I earned money by performing: Tourist missions Crew report missions Test stuff in flight Flying sub orbital tourist missions was very profitable ( ~1300 Funds/ mission). I just flew straight up and landing near the KSC again.Crew report missions near particular zones were less profitable because of distance I landed from the space station. I used these missions to collect the science on different biomes! In a short period I retrieved most of the science from Kerbin's biomes, which wan't much ( ~ 8 science points or something). I would have to visit the moons in order to progress any further. However, I wasn't able to get to the mun with my current available techs, so I asked the people on this forum to help me out. Many people had great ideas of increasing my science output and there were even two designs posted that would give me a Mun flyby ( thanks to @Cunjo Carl and @Streetwind for the help!). I eventually chose Streewind's design because of its simplicity. I really recommend everybody to check cunjo carls design as well. It's really something special and way past my designing capabilities. This is the Munshot, designed by Streetwind I used it to perform a Mun Flyby: After the Mun flyby I almost had enough science points to get the survivability tech unlocked. I was lucky to find a contract that gave me 1 science point after completion which is quite a big deal on ultra hard mode. Now I could unlock the barometer! With the barometer, I visited most of the biomes again to get all science points (0,4 per biome). After that, I started performing missions to earn funds to upgrade the astronaut complex, which costs 150k... I performed many test XXX mission, which gave me approximately 2000 funds per mission. I have to admit.. performing these missions over and over was a bit boring. After many of flight hours, I finally saved enough dough to upgrade the facility. I then put Jeb into polar orbit and from there we started performing EVA reports on all biomes we flew over. This gave me ~0,6 science points per biome! Hurray for me! My next goal was getting enough science points to unlock the Terrier! That thing is essential for space travel! But 45 science points is very expensive price to pay, so we'll have to think of a way to up our science output. Luckily I didn't have to think for long... After several contracts, I received a test a terrier on the launch pad mission!! Naturally I was overjoyed! I didn't accomplish the mission, but instead.. I made a rocket that hopefully could get into orbit around the mun (and perhaps minmus?). I shamelessly used part clipping to make the ship more compact. It had approximate 5200 m/s delta v. We flew towards the mun and successfully into orbit. We even had enough juice to get home! From here, Jeb made tons science points on EVA reports while skimming the surface. I don't have any pictures of this mission. We then flew home and received many juicy science points After that, we refuelled the vessel and flew towards minmus, the science goldmine of the solar system. Here, Jebb also made several Eva reports and then headed back towards the KSC. I had enough science points to unlock advanced rocketry and could ditch the terrier contract. After unlocking the tech, I optimized the ship and squeezed an extra 600 m/s delta v out of it, making it able to land on Minmu. I also received a contract for landing on minmus which would give me ~35k funds : Now, I've got enough science points (69) to unlock the tech. I'm still not sure what I'm going to choose. I'm thinking of picking Basic Science, because of the science jr module. I could also wait and save up to unlock the spark or skipper What do you guys think? Thanks for reading!
  2. The Physics Conundrum, or I hate 1.0 Aerodynamics So, I was doing the scenic route challenge, you remember, right? *FLASHBACK INITIATING* Today I rage quit. Here's a recap. Scenic view challenge attempt 2 going up *FOOTAGE MISSING* (99% of payload outside fairing, leansing at 85 degrees) Why you little [REDACTED] [REDACTED] impossible unless autostrut [REDACTED]. That's what I get for using SpaceY. Try again tomorrow with a smaller rocket.
  3. Once upon a time, I ran the Doing it Apollo style challenge. Maybe it's time for a reboot. The challenge is to get a Kerbal to the Mun and back. But not just in any way - we are doing it Apollo style! Your Mun-mission hast to fullfill the following criteria: - Everything has to be started with a single rocket (no building ships in orbit or refueling in orbit) - You have to fly a LOR mission (you need a Command Module [CM] and a specialized Munar Module [MM]) - No automated piloting (no mechjeb, do your flying by hand) - BYOR (Bring your own rocket) - The rocket must be your own design Just for fullfilling theese criteria you will get thirty points. (+30) Mods are allowed, but will be listed in a seperate leaderboard. Please be so kind and document everything that is point-relevant with screenshots. (F1 for KSP-made-screenshots, F12 for Steam-made-screenshots) Also: Please, calculate your points yourself! I'm far too absentminded to do this for all of you with any accuracy. You can gain (or loose) point by achiving the following design or mission-goals Goals - 3-man Mission +10 - 2-man Lander +10 - 2-stage Lander (leave the decent-engine on the Mun) +20 - Main rocked aspargus'd? -10 (Wernher von Kerman does not like aspargus!) - Launch escape system in place? +10 - Lander stored behind the CM during ascent +20 - Lander tucked away behind some kind of fairing? +5 - Free return trajectory to the Mun +10 - Flawless landing (no parts broke off, Neil Armstrong is watching you!) +10 - Got a Munar Roving Vehicle (MRV) on board? +15 - After succesfull Mun landing dock CM and MM in munar orbit (no swapping ships without docking them first) +10 - MM disposed by crashing it into the Mun (remove Kerbal first!) +5 - Plant flag on the Mun (no cumulative, i.e. two flags don't get you 6 points) +3 - Spashing down on Kerbin (land on water) +5 - Kerbal dies -20 Additional Goals: - Deploy munar sub-satellite before returning to Kerbin +10 Points Landing accuracy (not cumulative) - Land within 5 km of Neil Armstong Memorial (NAM) +5 Points - Land within 500 m of NAM +10 Points - Land within 50 meters of the NAM +15 I was roving on the Moon one day... (not cumulative) - Test drive - drive beyond 100 meters of you lander +2 Points - Proper shakedown +5 points - Drive beyond 2.5 km of the lander - Gone drivin' +10 points - Drive beyond 5km of the lander - Are we there yet? +15 points - Drive beyond 10km of the lander MSEP - Munar Surface Experimental Package (not cumulative) MSEP must have power, probecore and at least one science-thingy - Minimalist +3 points - Deploy one experimental package at landing site - That'll do +5 points - Deploy two experimental packages at the landing site - For science! +10 points - Deploy two experimental packages 1 km from the landing site (and at least 1 km from eachother) - Science extravaganza! +15 points - Deploy four experimental packages 1 km from the landing site (and at least 1 km from eachother) Stock Leaderboard IncongruousGoat - 218 points sdj62 - 218 points Mesklin - 213 points Martian Emigrant - 198 points Numerlor - 193 points SuicidalInsanity -188 points W.Kerman - 143 points sevenperforce - 143 points Modded Leaderboard Scarecrow - 193 points foobar - 145 points Kertech - 143 points smotheredrun - 128 points
  4. We have found out at a meeting at the TGT Ind. HQ, that the Mün has a very big abundance of pure and efficient fuel making compounds. We need many rovers deployed to scan the surface of the Mün to find the deposits of this useful material. Please only use visual and informational (Stock visual enhancements, Kerbal engineer redux, etc.) mods, but there are exceptions for making it more difficult: RSS, Deadly reentry (if you want to recover your vessel). Very easy mode: send a rover to the Mün that has a surface scanner. Easy mode: send a rover to the Mün that has a: small/big drill an ore tank half full for comparing (for weight) 2 surface scanners and a narrow-band scanner. Hard mode: Send 3 different rovers on the same spacecraft that doesn't have asp. staging (you can't do fuel transferring either), and have these extra parts along/instead the normal mode parts on all of the rovers: Big drill a manned comm. pod Super mode: use an SSTO to do this (recover the SSTO as well), do it in IVA mode, land in a 0.5km radius of a waypoint/other craft, do it in career mode, use RSS, land on another planet's moon etc. just try and impress me. Required screenshots with UI open and that kind of stuff: craft in VAB (just curious), craft on launchpad, craft on it's way to space, craft on the Mün intercept course, before landing, the 1 or 3 rovers on the Mün with the ore tank's status panels open. Hope you like my first post! Good luck!
  5. Tired of the same old stock career, which lacks balance and incentives to really consider your spending and design choices? Modding is a lot of work, if you are interested in the continued maintenance and development of the SETI mods, please consider supporting them via patreon. SETI-UbM Career Challenge Tired of the same old stock career, which lacks balance and incentives to really consider your spending and design choices? Where funds are piling up so fast, that they are at best only an early career issue for facility unlocks, but not for vessel design. Where even early career science is so abundant without farming, that it does not really matter what you unlock next. Where design restrictions beyond the 30 part 18ton limits are pretty irrelevant. Where contract progression is a bit too procedural. Where you routinely put a kerbal into orbit with one of your first launches. In a 1 kerbal capsule (0.8tons) which is much, much more mass efficient than the later 3 kerbal capsule (4tons). Where all powerful magic reaction wheels fix every control issue right from the start, so you never have to think about it. Where you don't need any life support at all for manned missions, but have to consult a calculator/spreadsheet to find out your commnet sat ranges. And so on... Well, it is pretty impossible to change everything. But if want a bit more balance, a bit less basic mod install hassle and a bit more incentive to design efficient vessels, while being willing to learn and adjust to something different than stock, this might be for you. What is the challenge? Play career with a specific meta mod pack and game settings and thus face decision and design challenges: What mission to select next, and is it really necessary to unlock a tech node or rather save the science in case a later mission needs specific tech? Spend the funds on a facility upgrade, or rather keep them as a reserve? How to control your vessel without magic reaction wheels (you will get them later for convenience, after you are able to do it without them)? Is it worth it to send a 1ton probe with all the expensive experiments for this flyby mission, or would a 300kg probe suffice, and then bring the experiments on the landing mission? etc. What designs do you use to complete the contracts (SETIcontracts are numbered)? How much tech unlocks did you need for them, what are their costs, masses, part count and dV? Would you use them again or design them differently the next time? I'll start with 2 of my designs 02.1 18km Manned Altitude mission, 14500funds, ~5tons, 23 parts: Jet engines are below the wings, in hindsight the tail is too exposed for landing on a dirt runway, and it needs more roll control). 03.0 Orbit Kerbin, 4800 funds, 6tons, 17parts, 3200dV + ~700dV from monoprop: First artificial satellite, no magic reaction wheels (because at this tech level you do not have any). INSTALL: 1. Make a clean copy of your KSP folder, so it does not interfere with your other careers/updates etc. 2. Make sure that your GameData folder is empty except for the Squad folder. 3. Install CKAN (thank you very much CKAN team, this would not be possible without you! @Olympic1, @linuxgurugamer, ...) 4. Search for and select SETI-Rebalance, nothing else, and then click "Apply changes" and "Apply". 5. Leave all recommendations checked and click continue. Select all suggestions with a click in the lower left corner and click continue. 6. Wait until all those mods are installed and start the game to check out if it works. 7. Missing at the moment is AnomalySurvey mod from @nightingale (not yet updated to 1.2.2), it provided a very nice diversion from all the other contracts. Visiting the island, the pyramids and the mun arc and so on... OPTIONAL: 1. Install visual mods, in ckan or manually. Planetshine and RealPlume are already installed with the recommended mods. 2. I use CKAN config installs of Stock Visual Enhancement at the moment. It produces some flicker on the start screen but works in game. Choose at your own discretion. 3. Of course you are free to add mods like kOS and KCT, I have just not tested playing with them for some time 4. Other contract and part packs might integrate well (CTT is used anyway), I simply can not guarantee it (eg NearFutureSpacecraft configs, and InterstellarExtended mostly uses the later tech tree which is not affected) CAREER SETTINGS: There are no changes to any mods necessary. Just a list of changes from stock (what to expect) and how to alter them. And then the career start options to get a challenging, yet not annoying game. Please provide feedback on the challenge here and/or gameplay/technical feedback on the SETI/UbM mods in the SETI thread linked above. I would also like to thank all the mod authors who made this meta mod pack and thus this challenge possible! 1 House rules 1.1 TweakScale can bridge part catalog gaps, or it can remove the challenge to tinker with your design, use with restraint. 1.2 No excessive science (KSC, Mun, Minmus) and funds (completing new contracts with existing vessels) farming, if you want a challenge. This is a guiding framework, not a rigid corset. You can farm KSC and science hop minmus, but if you are not interested in tech progression and decision challenges, why not start with lots of science and funds in the first place? KSC science can be a fun rover aside, if you just need a bit more science or are really not interested in surveys with aircraft etc. As with every open world game, self control and role playing are advisable for certain experiences. 2 Facilities 2.1 Action Groups, Maneuver nodes (from Mission Control) and 2 strategies are available from the start. 2.2 Kerbal hiring costs are 60k, fixed. 2.3 Many facilities have more levels, no size restrictions from the launch pad (only mass restrictions). 2.4 You start with 3 contract slots, 30 parts and 9ton max vessel size, and R&D can research nodes up to 40 science. 2.5 With efficient designs, you can gather science from "High above the Sun" (SETIcontract 04.2), i.e. leave Kerbin SoI without any facility upgrades. Though I would recommend the first tracking station upgrade to do a flyby of Mun and Minmus. 2.6 So be considerate how you use your funds and science and how you design your vessels. 3 Contracts 3.1 The SETIcontracts are numbered, and may depend on earlier SETIcontracts completion to be available, but you can check their requirements in MissionControl 3.2 For the full experience, I recommend reading a little ahead, eg looking at the contract hierarchy picture in the SETI thread. 3.3 Sure you can complete the Mun flyby contract and then accept and complete the Mun landing contract with the same craft. The contracts are a guiding framework, self-control might result in a more fun game. 4 TechTree 4.1 Use search function in tech tree (thanks to quick search mod by @Malah), if you do not find the part you are looking for. 4.2 Unmanned start, rovers @engineering101 for 4 science (you can place Kerbals in the command seat), planes @stability for an additional 4 science. 4.3 No reaction wheels until miniaturization, use fins, winglets, RCS, gimbals, etc. until then (Unmanned before Manned Challenge mod). 4.4 No fuel lines for a long time and later 2.5m engines, use engine clusters and efficent rocket design until then (Unmanned before Manned Challenge mod). 5 Part rebalances 5.1 Background processing is one of the mods installed, so take enough battery capacity with you 5.2 Many masses, costs and entryCosts are rebalanced, many experiments can be transmitted for 100% 5.3 Many small things, like larger integrated batteries and smaller + radial materials bays. 5.4 Magic reaction wheels are nerfed considerably, you can manually delete the SETIrebalanceReactionWheels folder if you really want the stock ones back 5.5 MysteryGoo and MaterialsBay are not inteded to be collectable (SETIrebalanceMaterialsGoo). If you want to science spam in the late game, the StationScience Cyclotron? can help with that 6 Special Parts 6.1 SETIprobeParts provides a bunch of useful stuff, especially for the early career, eg engines, tanks, etc. 6.2 Cyclindrical probe cores, which are better protected by 0.625m heat shield and have inbuilt thermometers 6.3 RCS tanks with built-in thrusters and small linear RCS 6.4 Early Mini Alkaline Fuel Cell @survivability, once activated, only uses resources when there is EC demand. 6.5 The Hybrid Rocket Booster by @Lord Aurelius is more expensive than an SRB, but you can throttle it 7 Remote Tech 7.1 KSC range 900Gm, equatorial ground stations cover keostationary orbit. Defined in SETI-RemoteTechConfig mod. 7.2 Signal delay is off by default, you can turn it back on per in-game RT settings or just refrain from manually controlling vessels outside of Kerbin SoI. 7.3 If you want probe control to depend on an active connection, just uninstall SETI-ProbeControlEnabler mod via ckan. Otherwise you only need a connection to transmit science, comsats are still useful for comfortable science transmission beyond equatorial Kerbin orbit. 7.4 RT antennas are relabalanced, most stock dishes are not rebalanced yet. Usually too heavy/costly/EC consuming for their range/cone. 8 TAC Life Support 8.1 Recycler descriptions amended, so that you know what fraction of the original resource demand is necessary. 8.2 US recyclers are for 1 kerbal, small TAC ones are usually for 3 kerbals, 2.5m TAC ones are usually for 9 kerbals 8.3 SETIgreenhouse provides a food recycler, please consult the graphic in the SETI thread on how it works. 9 Career start options
  6. Hello Kerbanauts! I have a challagne for all of you! The highest current world absolute general aviation altitude record, propelled aircraft is 37,650 metres (123,520 ft) set by Alexandr Fedotov, in a Mikoyan Gurevitch E-266M (MiG-25M), on 31 August 1977. One of the leading test pilots of his era, Aleksandr Fedotov was a Major General in the Russian Airforce, he graduated from Flight School Stalingrad in 1950. He was a pilot in the air-force from 1950 to 1957,graduating from the Aravmir School for Military Pilots in 1952 and worked then as an instructor pilot. In 1958 he graduated from testpilot school and worked for the OKB Mikoyan. In 1965 he worked for the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI). Between 1961 and 1977 he achieved 18 world records, including three absolute records on E-166 and MiG-25-jets. He held since August 31, 1977 the world altitude record for planes that take off under their own power (123,524 feet). Between 1976 and 1978 he was involved in the EPOS "Spiral"-Program. In 1977 he performed the maiden flight of the MiG-29. He died in a crash of a MiG-31 (together with V. S. Zaytsev) in 1984. He became a Hero of the Soviet Union in 1966 and in 1969 a Meritorious test pilot of the Soviet Union. So what's this got to do with the challenge? Well, all you have to do is build and fly a Plane to the highest peak the fastest, there is also a land category except I would only expect you to climb the mountains by the KSC. Rules : Well the rules are as follows ; No engine mods, Stock propulsion only. Wing mods are fine, wings don't add speed, just control. The plane or Land thing must be MANNED, if not expect to be added to the "skrub list" I want some form of proof as I will be making a badge, video is better but screenshots will do I want the plane's take off and a few mid flight ones too and finally the flight report with the landed plane. Yes you heard right you gotta land too! Here is the formula to work out score :Max altitude / Parts * 100 = A score so for instance, 400 / 90 * 100 = 444 Badges are won so to be given a shot you gotta be one of the leaders (in top 5) of a weight classes below, (I will make a leader-board as the entries come in :D) Feather = Under 5T Light = Under 10T Medium = 11-15T Heavy = 16 - 30T Behemoth = Over 31T Safe Flying, Kenji Info found here on Aleksander -
  7. I saw a challenge like this some time ago, but couldn't find it, so... Simple challenge, simple rules: Your task is to construct a vehicle in Kerbal Space Program that utilizes no more than one of each part. This means engines, fuel tanks, struts, you name it! Only one of each allowed. The goal of this challenge is to see what you can come up with under these restrictions. Will you be able to create a space station? A Comms system? Or maybe you'll visit Jool, or Eve, or (God forbid) Dres? It can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, we won't judge. Let your creativity flow and see what obscure craft you can create! Post it here, and let us see your creation. Pictures and Videos aren't required but very welcome, especially if you wish to claim a feat. 1. No Cheats - The broadest rule here, anything that alters the game unfairly or ruins the spirit of a challenge will be regarded as a cheat. Mods will be allowed, but only if they are visual/don't alter game mechanics. 2. Upload to KerbalX - This is mainly for validity, but also for those wishing to get into this madness as well! 3. No Spaghetti/Abusing Kerbals - While this doesn't have to be manned, please don't abuse the infinite EVA propellant if you do happen to have a Kerbal onboard. 4. Anything else I forgot to mention, edits pending. Those were the basics! Now, if you decide you want a challenge, feel free to make your own or challenge others. Land on Tylo, Visit Eeloo, whatever pleases you. The point is to have fun. Here's my old craft for reference: Proof that a simple design goes a long way (Eeloo & Jool, Woo!) I'll post a updated craft sooner or later ^^
  8. This is a continuation/expansion of a Challenge posted a while back by @jasonden reacting to Elon Musk’s scheme to launch 100 passengers to Mars and return to Earth in a reusable spacecraft. The original is here: The goal is simple: Take 100 Kerbals (or more) to Duna and return them safely to Kerbin in a reusable (or mostly reusable) spacecraft. The Rules Are: No Cheating (Debug menu, Hyper-edit, Hacking the save file, any “cheaty” mods, etc.) Informational and control mods are OK. Purely visual mods are OK. Entries using modded parts will be scored separately. (Unless the difference is really small) Kerbals must be in pressurized containers, at least during atmospheric flight and interplanetary travel. Scoring is based on cost per Kerbal, which is: Fuel Cost + Cost of any parts launched but not recovered on land* One Craft To Duna. Multiple Launches are OK, Multiple Landings are OK, but the sections must constitute a single craft for the trip to Duna and the trip Home. Fuel Recovered doesn’t count against cost. ISRU is OK except on Kerbin. (i.e. no launching the ship empty, drilling for fuel, then claiming you have no fuel costs) *As discussed in the original, rockets recovered from the water aren’t really reusable, so to count, it has to land on land. Exceptions include: Landing on a floating platform, some other landing scheme where the rockets are protected and you can tell a good story about why they would be OK For my first attempt I copied Musk’s Plan as closely as I could, but there were other good solutions too! Be creative! I’m getting the scoreboard started by pulling in the entries from the original, but hopefully we can add to it! I also want to open it up to other planets/moons as well, so If anyone wants to have a go, I’ll put up some separate categories: Easy Mode: Mun, Minmus Laythe Mode: Laythe Little Moons: Ike, Gilly, Pol, Bop, Vall Big Rocks: Moho, Dres, Eeloo Bigger Rock: Tylo Expert Mode: Eve** **Before I get too many replies saying “You Maniac!” Yes, I realize it is quite impossible (or at least wildly impractical) to have a reusable ship to Eve and back. But therein lies the challenge! Sure, you’ll need some monstrous beast that sheds most of its stages to get to orbit, but how cheap can you make those parts you leave behind? I don’t know, let’s see if anyone can do it at all first. Score Board: Duna - Stock: 462: NoobTool --- 150 Kerbals. Single Launch in a fully reusable Spaceplane 532: Clancy --- Followed Musk’s Plan, No wheels, No Parachutes. Landed Booster on floating platform, refueled with 2nd Launch. Lots of careful aerobraking 1640: Thomas H. --- One launch, SSTO booster, Minmus refuel, careful atmospheric entries to avoid needing heat shields 2240: burner_nn --- Many distributed launches, modular design, link up in LKO for Duna transfer, modules separate again for Duna/Kerbin EDL --- I’ll add and update the score boards as more entries come in. Happy travels!
  9. Challenge: Safely re-enter then land a vessel with 1 stock part and an external command seat (with a kerbal riding it). If either the part or command seat are destroyed, the attempt is a failure.
  10. Check out the amazing and creative space stations of our last challenge! This week we have another theme for you: "Have you found a green monolith yet?" If you have found one these rare easter eggs or more share your screenshots, videos or images. We want you to have fun and share it with the whole community! Thanks to @Just Jim for the idea and help! Now we have a new thread so you can share your ideas for new challenges!
  11. The Moho Challenge We neet to talk. About Moho, this tiny, obscure rock close to the burning ball of plasma that is Kerbol. When it comes to exploration, Moho is often dismissed as too tiny, too hard to reach and too hard to land at. But still: Moho is a planet in need of exploration! I challenge you to send a mission to Moho! Scoring You will get 30 points just for reaching the Moho SOI. So even a flyby qualifies for this challenge! However, a lot of additional points can be earned: Mission parameters: +10 points: Reach Moho SOI with a manned craft +40 points: Land your craft of the surface of Moho +10 points: For each landed Kerbal (capped at 30 points) +40 points: Return (i.e. land or spash down. If a few parts rip of, it's fine. But not just crashing) at least a part of your vessel to the surface of Kerbin +10 points: For each Kerbal returned to Kerbin from the surface of Moho (capped at 30 points) Science: +10 points: Transmit some kind of science from the Moho SOI (not cummulative) +10 points: Transmit some kind of science from the Surface of Moho (not cummulative) +10 points: Return some kind of science from the Moho SOI to Kerbin and retrieve it. (not cummulative) +10 points: Return some kind of science from the Moho surface to Kerbin and retrieve it (not cummulative) +20 points: Return a surface sample from Moho and retrieve it. +30 points: Collect science from two different biomes +20 points: Explore the Mohole (use your own discretion on what accounts for "explore") Misc: +5 points: Plant a Flag at Moho +10 points: Leave behind a science station (need probe core, energy, sciency thing and antenna). Mods that grand additional information (e.g Kerbal Enginer) are fine, as are cosmetic mods and so on. No part mods or mods that automate flying. I open to suggestions for more goals. Leaderboard Stock Foxster - 215 points Physics Student - 125 points Modded -
  12. Easter Egg Hunt By: Dr. Dank The Challenge: Visit each and every Easter Egg in the game. CHEATS are enabled! The fastest time wins! Categories: Legit Uses only stock parts. And, no MechJeb Modded Uses modded parts. MechJeb is allowed! Computerized Stock, but with MechJeb Rocket Engineer No cheat menu, stock parts Winners! Legit Category Modded Category Computerized Category Rocket Science Category
  13. I think it would be cute to see a kerbal zipping around the ksc on a tiny ( or gigantic), hover board. Once you get your results, I would love to see them down below. Look forward to seeing that soon, and have fun. Requirements for Challenge Allowed: Mods, sas, kerbal has to be visible in command seat, must hover above ground, must have video or picture of kerbal on top of VAB with hoverboard, can use jet or lift surface spinner, and you must have fun doing it! Not Allowed cheats, wheels( this is supposed to hover), must be intact after course is finished. Mission Guidelines 1. Start on runway 2. Go through one of the R&D tunnels 3. Circle the mk1 memorial in the center 4. Go to the launching pad 5. Align on top of pad 6. Hover up into the air until over VAB 7. Land on VAB helipad 8. Plant flag 9. Land on edge of runway where you started. 10. Have fun!
  14. Hello guys ! Would you be interested in a small YouTube series of a Stock, single-launch Grand Tour ? Anyways, here 's a trailer : (hope you like because there are more to come !) I also hope this is the correct place to post this. If not please accept my dearest apologies. LeXav
  15. COMPETITION CLOSED Welcome to the official 2017 G.K.R! In this challenge, you have one goal: to drive a rover to the exact north pole and return back to the KSC as quickly as possible. Rules: There can be one kerbal on board. The only non-stock parts that may be used are FAR, mechjeb, or KIS(or any other autopilot systems) The only propulsion systems that may be used are rover wheels, jets, and mono prop engines. It must not (intentionally) leave ground level. You must post pictures showing MET at start and finish. It ends on 3/25/17 Have fun!
  16. A lot of people knows what is the Jool 5 challenge. I've know. Land on all the five moons and return to Kerbin but if you're starting KSP and you at least pro for dock and land on Mun and Minmus why not land on the two moons of Kerbin and get back to Kerbin? Dificulty ranges: Easy: Refuel allowed, Hyperedit allowed, all sizes allowed and no maximum weight allowed. Normal: No Hyperedit, all sizes allowed, refuel allowed max weight 60 tons. Difficult: No Hyperedit, max size 3.75 meters, no refuel and max weight is 40 tons. LEGEND: Max size 1.25 meters, no refuel, max weight 20 tons only, no IRSU and no docking . The Ultimate!: Maz size 0.625, no refuel, max weight 5 tons only, no IRSU and no docking No Hyperedit Obviously... Stock mode!: ANY mod is not allowed even MechJeb or Kerbal engineer. let's say that is a Ultimate mode with pure stock KSP! The Clock mode!: It's easy because all sizes are allowed, also Kerbal Engineer or MechJeb BUT! You need to complete this mission on 20 Days! I've do it at the difficult mode. Can you complete the LEGEND mode or a very difficult mode?? Put below in comments Lot of thanks to TheGamerAlchemist who maked the challenge on YouTube! : Also thanks to Agencia Espacial Kanada - Kanadian Space Agency...! : And I forgot to share this thanks to Teil Teilnehmer! Who was the first to put it on Youtube !:
  17. a challenge with story: you have some rich housing marketers and landlords that'll invest BILLIONS. but before they'll invest they tell you: "The housing market is going crazy. A house worth 6 months pay 5 years ago now costs 40 years pay and we want YOU to fix it. We want you to expand the housing market to other planets. We'll invest in you space program but you need to prove that you're capable of this expansion. If you can launch a REAL 4 kerbal house, and not a silly looking base but a real looking house to the mun then we will invest that 2 billion kerbucks and start planning for the expansion. AND if you can launch a 6 kerbal house, again realistic looking to a planet, other than kerban of course. Then we will invest triple that and give you half of the houses you land to own, as well as paying for getting the houses there. We'll even pay double that if you can get it to eeloo." That's exactly what they said and its you job to complete it. Unless you DON'T want that 2 or 6 or 12! billion kerbucks and chance to own half of all the housing outside of kerbin. good luck:)
  18. this is a challenge to crash into the sun as fast as you can. you have to have a video of you doing it, from launch to crash, the timer will be of the real life time it took so no speeding up video and no physics warp. time warp is allowed. only rule: no cheats, stock or non stock but must be said which. it can be any controllable payload. if you just can't have a video then post a picture of the complete craft and the time, what my time is shows you what kind of time I'm looking for. my attempt, which won't count towards the leader board: leaderboard: 1. Cunjo carl with 3:15
  19. Mission Challenge: Build an Interplanetary Ship that can go until Jool, Use it to Drop 1 Ship on each planet Sun - Jool, also the moons, that needs to land, an perform atleast 1 Science Experiement! Manned! Im trying now for 3 Hours and i still havent managed to do this! Mods are allowed as long they are: 1. Ballanced //Well... 2. No Warp Drives etc. 3. no Supply Systems ONLY for Building //i think you need to assemble this in orbit, The Drop Ships for each Planet dont have to be the same, also on planets you cant land you dont have too... (Jool, Sun, etc.) Have Fun HurricanKai
  20. In an exercise in precision landing and both over-engineering and micro-engineering, I go to the mun and back THREE times in a single launch without using any docking, mining, refueling or gameplay mods! A lot of testing and work went into this video so I hope you enjoy it!
  21. Stock Weapons Challenge! Contrary to public misconception, stock weapons ARE a thing, and I want to see your creations! The Challenge: Build & Deploy a custom weapon using only stock KSP parts. WATCH THE STOCK WEAPONS CHALLENGE VIDEO TRAILER BELOW INSTRUCTIONS Build a STOCK weapon and deploy it against a specific target. You may only use parts from Stock KSP, no BD armory of course, other mods are ok as long as they don't provide any unfair advantages. You must use KSP Version 1.0 or later. To complete this challenge you must meet the following requirements: 1) Picture, GIF, or Video of your weapon. 2) Picture, GIF, or Video of the aftermath of your deployed weapon. 3) You MUST call your target (ex: VAB building, or a specific craft, or "ENTIRE RUNWAY") 4) You MUST prove your weapon works (accuracy be damned!) Impress me!
  22. this is a challenge to see how many probes you can get into kerbin orbit in one launch. rules: 1. the probes can be intended for what ever you want. 2. ONLY ONE LAUNCH, that's the point of this challenge. 3. the probes all have to be on one craft at some point. has to be one vessel getting into orbit, then the satellites will be released for it to count. can't be just a big launch station on the ground. look to rule 4. 6. it has to be at least a 200 km orbit. 7. you have to prove that you did it, preferably a video of the launch but pictures are fine as well. 8. proof that you didn't cheat. no infinite fuel or anything. 9. the probes have to be self sustaining. you can't just launch a load of small probe cores and call it good. 10. each probe must have: the ability to gain and store power, an antenna (not just a built in one), the ability to orient itself with some sort of reaction wheel (built-in or not) and the ability to control it. when you make an entry there will be two categories: modded and UN-modded. if you have any modified parts on the craft its considered modded. there will be two running scores, each for the categories. if you have a question just ask. even more so when it comes to rules. lag has besieged my attempts. good luck. p.s. how do you post pictures? the modded winner so far is: TheEpicSquared at 16 satellites. the UN-modded winner so far is: doctor davinci at 225 satellites. my record: 240 Un-modded
  23. While going through the forums, I found a thread for a challenge mission to send a manned craft to Comet ISON in Kerbal Space Program. I found that very interesting, but just one problem: No comet. So I though, "How about creating a mod that adds in comets for different level of KSP challenges?" You probably can guess where that idea went to... The Process The Kopernicus Komet Challenge Mod is both a planet pack, but a challenge too. It will add in 5 new comets to the Kerbol system, living up to what that other thread couldn't live to see. Each comet is a different difficulty level, from super-easy (depending on your Kerbal's cooperation) to highly difficult. There will also be different objectives that you can incorporate into your mission. After completion, a participant must list the following: Game version (Duh) Mods used (more on that in a sec...) Amount of Kerbals (If you used any) SCIENCE gathered Mission time Your destination These factors will determine your score. If someone were to do the easy comet and the easy objective, they would get little points, and vice-versa. They will also get a Badge of Completion (once I can make it). A participant is free to compete as many times as s/he wants to. It is allowed to try to beat your score from the same comet and/or difficulty level. The Comets! As said before, the KKCM will add in 5 comets. This is a list of those comets, in order of difficulty: Enecke: The Comet Encke analogue and the Level 1 comet. Its orbit does not vary much, going from a region slightly closer to the Sun than Eve to the orbit of Dres. Enecke has a radius of 55km and has 8.35% the gravity of Kerbin. Its surface is rather smooth, making landings slightly easier. Bordelly: The Comet Borelly analogue and the Level 2 comet. Its orbit is similar to Enecke's, stretching from Moho to Dres. However, this comet is smaller (radius of 31km), has lower gravity (6.2% Kerbin's gravity), and has a shape which makes landings more difficult. Hallali: The Comet Halley analogue and the Level 3 comet. Hallali's orbit is much more extreme; the periapsis is around Moho's orbit, while the apoapsis is 1.3x farther out than Jool. The advantage is that Hallali has a radius of 72km and 9.76% Kerbin's gravity, along with a relatively smooth surface. Luvoy: The Comet Lovejoy analogue and the Level 4 comet. Luvoy's orbit varies from 3.5 million km to 213.87 million km. It has a radius of 40 km and 4.91% the gravity of Kerbin. Encountering this thing is pretty challenging! KISON: The Comet ISON analogue and the Level 5 comet. KISON has the most extreme orbit, getting as close at 450,000 km to Kerbol, and as far away as 563 million km. This comet is rather large (88km radius) and has somewhat strong gravity (10.6% Kerbin's gravity), but the surface is covered in peaks and fissures. KISON is a comet for only the most confident and experienced players. Scoring The 5 comets are worth the same amount of points as their level. For example, going to KISON will immediately give you 5 points. As said earlier, their are different objectives that can give you certain amount of points. Here are the objectives and how many points they give: Probodobodyne Run: Take a probe to a comet and mine at least 20 units of ore (Adds 2 points). Science Fest 1: Send an unmanned vessel to a comet to collect at least 1500 Science (Adds 3.5 points). Science Fest 2: Send a manned vessel to a comet to collect at least 2500 Science (Adds 4 points). Kometary King: Using a manned vessel, collect every possible science situation (Ex: gravity scan in space low over midlands) with all the reproducable experiments. (Adds 6.5 points) System Jumper: Take a probe that will hop between at least 3 comets and collect more than 5000 science (Adds 7 points). Jeb's Challenge: Take a kerbal to more than 3 comets, collect science from every location on/around that body, and aquire more than 10000 science (Adds 10 points!). All of these objectives require the vessel returning to Kerbin one way or another. Depending on what mod you use, however, your score can drop. Mods listed in green will subtract just 0.5 points. Mods listed in blue will drop 1 point. Mods in orange drop 2 points, and red mods will delete 5 points. Kerbal Engineer/Kerbal Engineer Redux MechJeb Other calculative mods Tweak Scale Star Packs (IA-Revived, Other_Worlds, etc.) Kethane and other resource mods Extraplanetary launchpads Planet packs that add other bodies inside the Kerbol system Mods that change the KSC's location New Horizons HyperEdit Kerbodyne Plus Uncharted Lands Kerbalkind's Destiny (when it's released) Space Y and Space Y Expanded Near-Future Propulsion and Near-Future Electrics DMagic Orbital Science There will be different categories based off of score: Bob Level (1-3 points), Bill Level (4-7 points), Val Level (7-10 points), and Jeb Level (10+ points). The Best of the Best Bob Level: None Yet Bill Level: None Yet Val Level: None Yet Jeb Level: None Yet Planned Features Over 4 biomes per comet. Particle trails I dunno? Suggest something you guys want to see!
  24. At this time, i'm almost ready to succeed the reddit w30*2017 challenge in hard mode - launch a ship from Kerbin, land on Eve, mine Ore, take off and bring 300 Ore to Gilly. Still struggling to bring the ship from Kerbin orbit to Eve orbit (in one launch)
  25. May Someone In The Community Volunteer To Create The Badges Please! Thanks! Hello everyone! I'm Rebooting the old Eve's Rock Challenge. If you want to see the original thread, Click HERE Landing on Eve is simple. Landing a Kerbal on Eve and returning him safely back to Kerbin, however, is the closest you can get to the challenges NASA was facing in the real-world Moon landings. Your rocket need not only be big (though it necessarily will be), but it has to be well-designed to boot: you need to strike the right balance between enough thrust and enough fuel. The surface of Eve is littered with the debris of launchers that were almost good enough. Trying to include any kind of safety margin will quickly inflate the project to ridiculous levels -- and keep in mind that you somehow need to get your lander up from Kerbin and to Eve in the first place, and put it down in Eve's high gravity without creating a debris field then and there. There will be no scoring system and no leaderboard because really, returning from Eve is quite a feat of itself. However, there will be a badge for you to keep once you have completed the challenge. (Badge in Process) And to spice things up a little, there will be several levels of achievement: Level 1, I can do this: retrieve a soil sample from Eve and return it safely back to Kerbin. Level 2, Let's get serious: return a sample from Eve's oceans as well. Level 3, Going all the way: land at (and launch from) an altitude of less than 500m. Jebediah's Level: all of the above, without parachutes, wings, or control surfaces. For Science!: ignore all of the above, but strip-mine at least three biomes for their science and return the results to Kerbin -- in duplicate! Rules & Restrictions: - stock physics - no glitch exploits (do I even have to say this?) - only stock parts, except where I don't care (see below). - part clipping: be conservative. - there have to be pods/hitchhikers for all Kerbals involved. No seat-only lifters. -Multiple Launches are allowed (Please show pictures of every single launch) There will be 2 modes. A stock one and a Modded one. The aerodynamics on Eve has changed quite alot since the old thread, I will enable Part Mods(Info Mods such as Mechjeb/KER counts as stock. I should be able to access your craft file without installing any mods). You MUST Clearly State What Parts Mod You Are Using. Mining on Gilly will be alright, but ramscoops will be not. Mining on Eve itself is not OK. Talking about refueling: in LKO, I will be content if you showcase your solution once. After that, you may resort to magic. No need to actually fly a dozen boring milk runs. However, I do want to see a solution that seems halfways adequate. Don't tell me you'd deliver the fuel a spoonful at a time. About the "For Science!" level: Basically, you have to return two command pods full of experimental results (science containers are explicitly forbidden for this one). Overachievers may also land at sea level without parachutes, but there's no extra points for that: this level isn't about the biggest baddest lander, it's about making a sensible mission. Submission Guidelines: I want to see a well-lit money shot of every vessel involved (ideally, one should be able to recreate your craft from screenshots), and enough material to give me a good impression of what your mission looked like and how it played out. I don't need to see every single maneuver node and all of your twenty asparagus stages in action, but you should provide one picture every thirty seconds or so. Leave the altimeter, navball and resource panel open during ascents, and if you use MechJeb/KER, also keep the delta-V and orbital info stuff on the screen. Launches from Kerbin need not be as detailed, but I want to see that you launched and didn't just teleport into orbit. I reserve the right to request stockified craft files of your vessel as it is awaiting liftoff on Kerbin and/or Eve before accepting your entry. If you use rovers / planes / whatever, please don't go over the top with pictures of your vehicle in action. Of course I want to see how it works (especially how it reaches the ground, and any specialties like entering the water or sumsuch), but for purposes of what you did, a single map view with a few annotations easily beats one hundred pics of a rover between dunes. Please be kind to other people's bandwidth: use a gallery if possible. If you absolutely have to spam a dozen pics in a forum post, have the decency to convert them to JPEG. Short videos of key events may be helpful, but the emphasis is on "short": seconds, not minutes. Provide the following data: - weight and part count of the vessel on the launchpad - weight and part count awaiting liftoff on Eve - the approximate price tag of your entire mission, if at all possible - game version - mods used (Please include info mods such as Mechjeb) - tell me how you found your landing site. "I tried until I got lucky" is perfectly alright, but inquiring minds want to know. - if there's anything that your are especially proud of, be sure to point it out (provide a direct link to a picture if applicable). - please also mention the things that didn't work out so well / required a lot of saveloading / you would do different next time. PEOPLE WHO MADE IT Stock: Modded: