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Found 5 results

  1. The Jet-of-the-Day Collaboration A collaboration between NorthAmericanAviation and Servo Recently, @NorthAmericanAviation and I have been working on replicating every U.S. military jet, from the first P-59 Airacomet to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. We will be posting one a day, in the order that they entered service, along with photos, information about the plane, and of course, a download link. June 1943 - Bell P-59 Airacomet The Bell P-59 Airacomet was the first U.S. Jet fighter to see production. It was first flown in 1942, and the first production models were delivered in June of the following year. Test pilots, including Chuck Yeager, flew the P-59 and found it to be unsatisfactorily slow, though they noted that it flew very smoothly. Ultimately, the P-59 never saw service due to the multitude of problems the design faced, including slow engine response time (accurately modeled by the Juno engines on the replication) and lateral instability. In order to disguise the P-59 from aerial reconnaissance, a plywood propeller was used to prevent spies from realizing that the P-59 was a jet fighter. Despite these shortcomings, the P-59 was a pioneering jet in many aspects. It was the first jet to integrate the engines and intakes into the fuselage - prior ones such as the Gloster Meteor and the Me 262 carried their engines in nacelles under or on the wing. Additionally, the experience the U.S. gained with turbojet design would be shown in later fighters, such as the F-59's immediate successor, the P-80 Shooting Star, and later, the F-86 Sabre. Replica Stats: Builder: Servo Service Ceiling: 10km Part count: 71 Crew: 1 Mass: 9.5 tons Powerplant: 4x Juno Top Speed: 140m/s Dimensions: 4m x 11.7m x 10.2 m The P-59 flies pretty well, though like the original, it is a bit clunky. Due to the engine position, it is slow to respond to pitch controls. Additionally, the rear landing gear are almost directly above the center of mass, so landings have to be really gentle. Apart from that, the P-59 is really easy to fly, stable without SAS (given a little bit of trim), and at high time warp without too much trouble. Download Link: Tomorrow's craft: Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star Find the spreadsheet with all craft here
  2. Hello everyone, and welcome to my latest overambitious forum project: EMULATING REAL LIFE IN KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM This idea was conceived by me, @TheEpicSquared, and my friend, @Oliverm001x. Description and information of this project CURRENT UNIVERSAL TIME OF SAVE Year 1, Day 35, 0h, 0m CURRENT LAUNCH MANIFEST RULES (IMPORTANT! READ CAREFULLY!) INFORMATION LAUNCH PROVIDER INFORMATION PAYLOAD PROVIDER INFORMATION INFO REGARDING THE GOVERNMENT LIST OF LAUNCH PROVIDERS LIST OF PAYLOAD PROVIDERS CRAFT SUBMISSION THREAD MOD LIST CREDITS Thanks for reading this far. If you have any suggestions, they are gladly welcomed. Post it in this thread or PM them to me and/or @Oliverm001x, and we'll see what we can do.
  3. I'm looking to make some relatively simple structural parts. Just plain cylindrical tubes with attach nodes on each end. A few straight sections, and a few small bends. Like these, except solid. Who wants to model them? I'll do the textures and .cfg and whatnot. I'm thinking 10cm diameter, or whatever the width of the "PB-NUK" RTG body is, minus the cooling fins. Seems an appropriate size. I want to use them for roll cage pieces for rovers, and landers. And as just a nice addition to the current structural pieces... That could seriously use some uniformity. We could then, of course, release them as a simple mod. Should be relatively future-proof, being simple structural pieces. But I'd be glad to manage any upkeep, if necessary. Anyways, the punch-list: 10cm x 1m tube, straight 10cm x 5m tube, straight 10cm x ? tube, 45* 10cm x ? tube, 90* 10cm x ? tube, 135* (Not necessarily in order of importance) Anyone down to help? EDIT 11/23/16: Work is under way, thanks to some help. In the meantime, I trimmed the fins off the RTG, effectively, and so we have an example. A poor one, but hell. I just wanted to share . THIS IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE INTENDED MOD, just a mashup of barely working stuff to kinda show off how useful this might be to rover fans.
  4. Hello everyone! I am planning on starting a series of collaborative mods to replicate vehicles (space, ground, and air) from both Halo and Star Wars. What this means is: I need to know who's interested. So, if you're a modder (modeler, coder, texturer, etc.), and you're in, please tell me in the thread below: 1) What you do (Modeling, coding, texturing) 2) What you've done (Rookie or experienced, with a list of mods you've worked on. Don't let this discourage you if you're a rookie, though. Rookies are welcome.) 3) How much you can do (Devotion to project) This is intended as a way for rookie modders like myself to work with and learn from experienced ones, while simultaneously making an awesome end result. Thanks everyone, and may the mass times acceleration be with you!
  5. Me and a friend of mine have been working on a Orzammar/Gondor (Dragon Age: Origins / Lord of the Rings) like castle, and I've decided I'd like to see more people help make it bigger and better. I know, asking for help on Minecraft on a KSP forum which is almost complete PC (and or master race) is stupid, but I've heard bad things about the Minecraft forum, so I'll steer clear and make this request in a friendly environment I can trust. If you can help, let me know and I'll let you know when I can "host" this server and you can help Lastly, if you know a way to port the map as is to the PC version, let me know. Or if you want to remake the map in the PC version, again let me know. Yes yes I know porting from Xbox 360 to PC isn't *exactly* possible since the PC has infinite worlds and the Xbox 360 doesn't. I'm aware, but maybe someone made a port which can, idk, just an idea. So if you want to help, let me know. If you want to friend me on Xbox Live, I'm ZooNamed. Just shoot me a PM on Live and tell me who you are and that your from the forums wanting to help.